Heather joined AI Global Media in 2013, AI talks to Heather about her journey with the business over the last 5 years.

How did you begin your career with AI Global Media?

I have known the Directors of AI Global Media for 10 years now having worked with them in a previous role. I began my career at AI Global Media back in 2013, after I was approached regarding a position within the accounts department, and was thrilled to be offered the role. In 2014 I went onto maternity leave after having my daughter Darcey, I was then given the fantastic opportunity of joining the Awards department as Awards Manager, and have loved it ever since.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Every day is different within the Awards department. We host a wide variety of annual awards programmes across our multiple brands, and my team have the important task of researching and organising each programme and have the great task of advising companies they have been successful.

What do you like most about working at AI Global Media?

There are many things I like about working for the company. The management and staff are all friendly and approachable, and there is a good atmosphere within the office. The company make sure there are incentives in place for hard work and run fun activity days both in and outside of work. Recently we did a treasure hunt around the town and are soon to have our own Sports Day.

Within the Awards department it’s really rewarding to know that the work the team put into the annual awards we host, are appreciated by the clients who receive them.

What has been the most exciting or enjoyable project you have worked on whilst working with the business?

It’s hard to think back and remember all the different tasks I have been involved in, however more recently I have enjoyed helping with the layout of the awards section rebrands on some of our platforms.

What has been your greatest personal achievement?

Being in the position I am within the company is a personal achievement of mine, as I previously worked in administrative roles.

In my private life, my husband and I had been renting a house since 2010, and it was only last year that we had managed to save enough money for a deposit on our very own house. We have now been living there for 12 months.

Can you name three things people may be surprised to know about you?

This is a tricky question!

What do you do to unwind?

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my two children and husband, we love to have days out exploring and visiting different places of interest. I also like to read a good book with a glass of wine in my hand, when I manage to get half an hour to myself!

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