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Contents. 4. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law: Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada): Joseph A. Nagy 6. Joe Adams & Associates: Immigration Legal Advocate of the Year 2024 – USA 7. Lex Mundi: Best Cross-Border Legal Solutions Enterprise 2024 & Most Innovative Law Firm Networking Organisation 2024 8. Blue Zone Legal: Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Costa Rica & Eddy Perez: 9. Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024 10. Inter Vivos, PLLC: Best Full-Service Estate Planning Law Firm 2024 - USA & Leading 11. Legal Mind in International Planning 2024 (USA): Glen Wagstaff

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 4 1. Experience The first thing that stands out about Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is that each of the firm’s injury lawyers has more than 20 years of experience. So as a client, your injury lawyer will have the vital experience you need. Each injury lawyer has also successfully resolved tens of thousands of injury cases. That is quite a track record and another real benefit for would-be clients. As the firm’s trademark says: 2. Personal representation with one dedicated Injury Lawyer Unlike most major injury law firms, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law will not hand your case off to less-experienced lawyers. You won’t have a free consultation meeting with a firm’s partner only to discover your injury claim is actually being handled by junior lawyers. The same knowledgeable and experienced injury lawyer will handle your injury claim from your first meeting until it’s successfully resolved. You benefit from that personal representation. Having a dedicated injury lawyer means your injury lawyer will know you and know your case. The firm takes pride in keeping each client informed about the progress of their case, answering each client’s questions promptly, and meeting each client’s unique personal needs for support. The firm’s lawyers understand the trauma a client goes through following their accident and injury, only to be confronted by an injury claim process they may not fully understand. They see their job as lifting the burden of proving insurance claims so that their clients can focus on their own health and recovery. 3. Expertise Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law only represents people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents in central and northern Alberta. That specialization also means their lawyers have dealt with just about every imaginable type of car, truck, bicycle, and pedestrian accident. They have helped clients with just about every imaginable type of injury resulting from vehicle accidents, from traumatic brain, spinal cord, broken bone, and minor injuries to wrongful death, chronic pain, PTSD, and more. Mar24351 Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada): Joseph A. Nagy Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is proudly an Alberta-based injury law firm. Their lawyers know the laws, regulations, and judicial decisions that will impact your claim. That knowledge is based on more than researching in online databases or reviewing case law decisions. It is the knowledge that comes with handling multiple cases where those specific laws, regulations, and judicial decisions impact the compensation their clients will receive. They know how to use that knowledge to help their clients. 4. Fighting spirit Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is imbued with a fighting spirit that clearly starts with its founder, Joseph A. Nagy. Joe enjoys fighting for the little guy against the big insurance companies. As Joe says, “When we represent you, our job is to be your powerful ally. We will protect you, ease your stress and financial hardship, and obtain the maximum possible compensation from the insurance company.” Most injury claims place the injury victim against large, wellfinanced insurance companies that can draw on a team of personal injury experts to keep compensation payments down. It is an unfair fight. Everything tilts to the advantage of the insurance company. The lawyers at Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law know the insurance companies that operate in Alberta. They know how those insurance companies evaluate claims. They know the tactics insurance companies use to reduce compensation payments. They have the knowledge, experience, and resources to take on the insurance companies. They level the playing field and make it a fair fight. They know how to maximize their clients’ claims. That’s why they are so successful. 5. Preparing cases for trial Terms like “winning strategy” and “building an injury law case” are very important to Joseph A. Nagy. That’s why, unlike some injury law firms, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law prepares each case as if it was going to trial. To prove damages, the firm’s lawyers work with top-notch personal injury experts who are qualified by the Alberta Court of King’s Bench to testify in their respective areas of expertise. We chose Joseph A. Nagy of Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law as our Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada). What sets Joseph A. Nagy and his firm apart from its competitors? Every major injury law firm will claim it has the experience, knowledge, and track record to represent injury victims. Every major injury law firm will offer free consultations. All the major firms are successful. How is Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law any different? Let’s look at how Joe manages his firm. Accidents and Injuries Happen... They Get Resolved Here.™

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 5 Joe explains what “building an injury law case” means to him: “I prepare cases to go to trial. I build an injury case by using scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts who are prepared to testify at trial. Insurance companies know I build injury cases that increase their risk of not settling. The outcome is that the insurance companies settle most claims. My clients receive more compensation after my fee is paid than the insurance company was originally offering. I take great pride in standing up for the little guy and making insurance companies pay fair compensation. I like that my clients have more money in their pockets.” 6. Flat Contingency Fee Like other personal injury law firms, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law charges a contingency fee for the legal services it provides. The firm is only paid if it successfully resolves a claim. That means the firm is very motivated to help you obtain the maximize fair compensation you deserve. But there is a difference with Joe’s firm. Most injury law firms charge a graduated contingency fee. Some also charge a retainer fee. And some charge interest on the disbursements they pay. Joseph A. Nagy charges a flat contingency fee. There is no retainer fee. There is no interest charge on payments for disbursements. That can make a big difference in the compensation each client receives. As the firm’s website says, “Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law’s contingency fee means more money in your pocket!” Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada): Joseph A. Nagy Among its competitors, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law stands out for its unique blend of experienced injury lawyers, personal representation with one dedicated injury lawyer, expertise handling motor vehicle accident injuries, fighting spirit, strategy of preparing cases for trial, and charging a flat contingency fee. That’s why we are proud to have selected Joseph A. Nagy as our Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada). Contact Details Contact: Joseph A. Nagy Company: Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law Web Address:

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 6 As evidenced by his book and public speaking, Joe is committed to spreading awareness of immigration law in his future endeavours. He is not content solely to navigate uneasy legal waters for his clients. Joe feels the need to advocate beyond the courtroom and in the world at large, which may not always understand the challenges those face trying to anchor themselves within the US. With more outspoken professionals like Joe, however, that would soon change. Joe Adams stands front-and-centre in the immigration law scene, serving high-profile clients to attain their visas Immigration advocates form an extraordinary part of international law. Without such people, stigmas may go unchallenged, lives unlived, and many people feel defined in society by their disadvantages. Joe Adams is a fierce advocate for immigrant communities, and his body of work proves his dedication, as well as his recent bestselling book, Extraordinary Aliens: Twelve People Who Pursued Wealth, Fame, and the American Dream, which celebrates America’s rich history of famous immigration. oe Adams prides himself on supporting immigrants to live their American dream. From his office in Los Angeles, he specialises in providing legal support to artists, entertainers and businesses, including a specific focus on worker visas, obtaining green cards and permanent residency and assisting immigrants to attain their citizenship and find their place in the US. As an advocate for “the little guy,” Joe serves clients aspiring to work or make a home in the US. This encompasses the full breadth of immigration queries, earning his clients a variety of visas, even including extraordinary ability visas which admit a client to America on the basis of great skill or achievement in their field. He is especially committed to enabling the talents and reach of clients within the arts, fuelled by a belief that everyone should be allowed their shot at making it. Boasting over a decade of experience, Joe is a titan within the immigration law niche, having fought for the needs of a huge number of clients spanning over a thousand court cases, from whom he has received a wealth of positive feedback and recommendations. Joe’s unique strength is a passion for this work. Eager to share his knowledge about the subject and spread awareness, he has relished the opportunity to speak before students, guilds, advocacy groups, emerging artists and fellow attorneys. This passion compelled Joe to write Extraordinary Aliens: Twelve People Who Pursued Wealth, Fame, and the American Dream. The “number one new release” book explores the plights of famous immigrants fighting to live and work in the US, distilling Joe’s years of experience by using these stories as a guide to a complex and fascinating legal landscape. It delves into the history of America’s relationship with the green card, the visa, and the struggle of fighting for a place in the land of opportunity. Immigration Legal Advocate of the Year 2024 – USA J and green cards, benefitting the public with his vast knowledge, and doing all of this with a core value in mind: to fight for “the little guy.” Joe has made that fight his profession and is pleased to allow his clients their shot at the American dream. Contact: Joe Adams Company: Joe Adams & Associates Web Address:

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 7 Best Cross-Border Legal Solutions Enterprise 2024 & Most Innovative Law Firm Networking Organisation 2024 Lex Mundi Put simply, Lex Mundi is paving the way as a legal hivemind. Founded in 1989, it is a leading network of high-quality firms poised to solve legal problems across the globe. Its member firms provide expert service to any market and location and form the largest group of its kind. Here, we speak with Brice Wiley to gain a sense of what makes Lex Mundi stand out in its field as award-worthy competition. Lex Mundi connects international law firms, bringing them under one banner to tackle a vast breadth of localised and cross-border legal problems. It serves its member base by, as Brice puts it, bringing together “preeminent law firms within an inclusive and trusted relationship, providing them with global reach.” Brice explains that Lex Mundi “enhances the capabilities of each member firm, augmenting their competitive edge and their contribution to the communities in which they operate” with the goal of remaining the “top legal network in the world.” In doing so, the company offers clients a unique opportunity: “to create their ideal global legal team.” Lex Mundi’s approach to legal solutions is unique; the firm covers a large, comprehensive member base while upholding the highest standard of legal services. The team therefore caters to an expansive range of legal markets and locations while providing clients the “convenience of a single firm.” Brice highlights the innovative approach Lex Mundi uses to achieve this, drawing attention to the Lex Mundi Equisphere, its bespoke project management solution. Tailored to its users’ requirements, the Equisphere enables seamless international collaboration between member firms. It is a powerful project management platform which brings the network’s services together. With the help of the Equisphere, Lex Mundi’s “peerless coverage, market knowledge and consistent quality” allows them to “act as a single entity for a client.” Lex Mundi’s mission also extends to being part of the greater conversation around law. To maintain its market edge and provide the best possible service, Lex Mundi “works with industry partners,” such as Legal500 and Lexology, to coordinate cutting-edge roundtable discussions. It operates confidently at the forefront of legal developments and emerging markets, establishing it as a legal thought leader. Atop this, the company wears its values loudly, providing support to those solving high impact social, economic and environmental change. Through the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, it offers nonprofit support towards positive, sustainable social change. Despite its impressive scope, Lex Mundi comprises a small team, allowing for nimble, adaptable service. Brice proudly describes this team as “strong communicators” and “high performing, selfstarting individuals.” Its culture is described as an “inclusive and compassionate work environment” and as a “collective body, able to act as one.” Seamless teamwork is the cornerstone of the company’s mission, and this translates to its impressive history of client success. Brice also speaks to the rewarding nature of the work this team carries out, praising its “top-tier member firms” and lauds that Lex Mundi’s staff base can “work independently” and “remain nimble.” Between such an excellent team and Lex Mundi’s vision, it follows naturally that with the company wins awards for its innovation. Lex Mundi is a prime example of just what is possible when a talented group of people works as a well-organised team towards forward-thinking goals. Brice encapsulates this by saying that “no single firm can match the collective reach of Lex Mundi and its member firms.” Contact: Brice Wiley Company: Lex Mundi Web Address:

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 8 Apr24016 Blue Zone Legal performs standout work for Costa Rica and takes deep pride in its connection to the country. The firm helps expatriate and business communities. It excels in its niche and provides stability to those seeking to plant roots in paradise. We’ve had contact with Blue Zone Legal and got to hear the team’s feelings about its expat legal services. Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Costa Rica & Eddy Perez: Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024 Blue Zone Legal Awarded Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Costa Rica for the second year in a row – with two additional awards won by Eddy Pérez: Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024 and CEO Cristina Guerrini: Strategic Leader of the Year 2024. As a boutique firm, Blue Zone Legal provides specific services to existing and aspiring members of the Costa Rican community. In the company’s words, it “serves those who seek to invest, reside, or establish business in this vibrant region.” Its team does so according to their core values of honesty and transparency with a view to foster trust and client satisfaction. Staying ahead of the market is a challenge to any law firm, but it is one Blue Zone Legal turns to its advantage. Their narrow scope of legal services provides a hyperspecialized suite of services that cover Costa Rica Real Estate, Corporate and Immigration. This ensures the firm is honed on its expertise with a focused vision that establishes no doubt for those that use their services and that the Blue Zone Legal team understands its niche and their client better than any firm. Both Senior Associate Eddy Pérez and CEO Cristina Guerrini have earned 2024 awards for: Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024: Eddy Pérez Eddy is an expert in corporate law, banking, and real estate. His role as the Blue Zone Legal Senior Associate and Public Notary—handing over a thousand transactions—reflects his commitment to legality and client service. Strategic Leader of the Year 2024: Cristina Guerrini Cristina is Blue Zone Legal CEO and Founding Partner and leads the team with precision and empathy. As an expat, she strives to bring the service to her clients that she would expect for her own family. She is also a leader in her field and a board member of Italian-Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She brings extensive European legal acumen to the firm, is fluent in multiple languages, a veteran in navigating cross-cultural legal terrains with ease, and offers unparalleled knowledge and professionalism. Blue Zone Legal’s multilingual staff base benefits from a deep understanding of the local legal landscape, demonstrating the passion for Costa Rica’s development that underpins the firm’s business. Yet Blue Zone Legal is far from complacent, keen to further improve its award-winning service, it is continuously updating its legal practices based on current market studies and client feedback. Blue Zone Legal feels a duty to adapt to the ever-changing post-COVID legal landscape. It takes this in stride by acting as a guide for the expatriate community regarding changes to tourist visas, residency permits, and driving permits. Not to mention, Blue Zone Legal’s extraordinary passion for the local Costa Rican community, to whom it offers pro bono work while doing all it can to develop and expand its excellence. Alongside this, the firm’s corporate offering is evolving just as quickly. Its corporate compliance package aims to keep clients updated on their legal obligations. Adapting to evolving business demands, Blue Zone Legal helps its clients stay ahead of changes such as those to the annual Transparency and Final Beneficiary Registry affecting Costa Rican corporations. All members of the team value their roles in changing clients’ lives for the better, and Blue Zone Legal fosters this attitude by investing in its team of legal professionals. The firm’s “family and mental health first” policy is an example of its outstanding work culture, and it adds to the assurance that each member of the team is supported and well-equipped to handle day-to-day challenges. Blue Zone Legal celebrates its multicultural workforce, and it is an exciting team to pay attention to going forward. Throughout 2024, it will be expanding its real estate legal services to include luxury real estate packages with a focus on making sure you get access to prime properties with white glove legal services. A strong social media presence is also a priority for the firm’s future as it aims to extend its reach through blog posts and informative and relative content that the expat community can understand. They also plan to release the Spanish version of its website by the end of the year. Greater reach is a key element of Blue Zone Legal’s attempts to keep the public informed of legal developments as they arise and connect its niche services with clients who need their services. All aspects of the company’s dedication to mastering its craft have contributed to Blue Zone Legal’s success in our Legal Elite Awards 2024 and we’re sure to see the firm flourishing for the years to come. Contact: Cristina Guerrini Company: Blue Zone Legal Web Address:

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 9 Apr24037 Since 2014, Inter Vivos has been leading the way in high-quality, comprehensive estate planning. Compassion is the name of the game for Inter Vivos, which adopts a meansconscious pricing model, and it has its sights set on the global market, aiming to set new standards for practice in the industry. Best Full-Service Estate Planning Law Firm 2024 - USA & Leading Legal Mind in International Planning 2024 (USA): Glen Wagstaff nter Vivos offers a specialised suite of services across the full range of estate planning. From individual wills, assets and estates to business estates and charitable planning, the team acts for clients who require any kind of end-of-life legal planning. It is important to place the right value on estate planning. Many families face the pressures of an estate falling under court control, and intestate deaths are all too common in the US and abroad. Inter Vivos understands these pressures and has its finger squarely on the pulse, but it is not content to follow the beaten path. Having built the largest estate planning firm in the US, Founder Glen Wagstaff and his team are empathetic to the challenges and barriers clients face when making important end-of-life decisions, and throughout the entire process, Inter Vivos prides itself on being there to help. Inter Vivos’ strength is its commitment to the niche. When tackled in full, estate planning involves plenty of time, consideration and paperwork, both for clients and their representatives. Providing a focused offering of specialised services means that the firm’s expertise and resources are geared towards delivering accurate assessments and thorough plans, all explained plainly. The perfect word to summarise Inter Vivos’ service is personal. The firm pays close attention to individual needs in an industry wherein estate plans are sometimes under or overcomplicated. Inter Vivos believes not just in providing thorough, legallysound estate plans at an affordable price, it believes in not overcomplicating a client’s plan. Inter Vivos understands that along with unique needs, clients also possess unique means, and the firm sets its sights on affordability, offering payment plans to break down service-client barriers. Its view is that the price should not dictate a client’s ability to plan for the end of their life. Dignity plays an important role in a person’s final years, and Inter Vivos values the dignity it provides more highly than its profits. The individuality Inter Vivos recognises is not only financial; it also caters to the evolving needs of modern families and businesses. Its services include, for instance, estate planning for blended families and LGBT estate planning. Importantly, it also offers immigrant estate planning services, aiding clients build and change the relationship between their end of life decisions and their status as a citizen. Looking to the future, Glen Wagstaff’s vision for Inter Vivos extends beyond the United States. Following a successful decade of growth and acclaim, the firm’s ambitious founder intends to establish a presence in every US state, and debut international offices. Glen would like to sway the industry toward the firm’s beliefs in an equitable, client-focused practice. It is an exciting time for Inter Vivos’ team, and it seems like the excitement is set to continue throughout the coming years. Considering its success thus far, it is easy to have confidence in Glen’s mission to excel the firm and leave a lasting impression on the industry. Contact: Glen Wagstaff Company: Inter Vivos, PLLC Web Address: I

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