Legal Elite Awards 2024

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 4 1. Experience The first thing that stands out about Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is that each of the firm’s injury lawyers has more than 20 years of experience. So as a client, your injury lawyer will have the vital experience you need. Each injury lawyer has also successfully resolved tens of thousands of injury cases. That is quite a track record and another real benefit for would-be clients. As the firm’s trademark says: 2. Personal representation with one dedicated Injury Lawyer Unlike most major injury law firms, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law will not hand your case off to less-experienced lawyers. You won’t have a free consultation meeting with a firm’s partner only to discover your injury claim is actually being handled by junior lawyers. The same knowledgeable and experienced injury lawyer will handle your injury claim from your first meeting until it’s successfully resolved. You benefit from that personal representation. Having a dedicated injury lawyer means your injury lawyer will know you and know your case. The firm takes pride in keeping each client informed about the progress of their case, answering each client’s questions promptly, and meeting each client’s unique personal needs for support. The firm’s lawyers understand the trauma a client goes through following their accident and injury, only to be confronted by an injury claim process they may not fully understand. They see their job as lifting the burden of proving insurance claims so that their clients can focus on their own health and recovery. 3. Expertise Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law only represents people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents in central and northern Alberta. That specialization also means their lawyers have dealt with just about every imaginable type of car, truck, bicycle, and pedestrian accident. They have helped clients with just about every imaginable type of injury resulting from vehicle accidents, from traumatic brain, spinal cord, broken bone, and minor injuries to wrongful death, chronic pain, PTSD, and more. Mar24351 Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada): Joseph A. Nagy Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is proudly an Alberta-based injury law firm. Their lawyers know the laws, regulations, and judicial decisions that will impact your claim. That knowledge is based on more than researching in online databases or reviewing case law decisions. It is the knowledge that comes with handling multiple cases where those specific laws, regulations, and judicial decisions impact the compensation their clients will receive. They know how to use that knowledge to help their clients. 4. Fighting spirit Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law is imbued with a fighting spirit that clearly starts with its founder, Joseph A. Nagy. Joe enjoys fighting for the little guy against the big insurance companies. As Joe says, “When we represent you, our job is to be your powerful ally. We will protect you, ease your stress and financial hardship, and obtain the maximum possible compensation from the insurance company.” Most injury claims place the injury victim against large, wellfinanced insurance companies that can draw on a team of personal injury experts to keep compensation payments down. It is an unfair fight. Everything tilts to the advantage of the insurance company. The lawyers at Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law know the insurance companies that operate in Alberta. They know how those insurance companies evaluate claims. They know the tactics insurance companies use to reduce compensation payments. They have the knowledge, experience, and resources to take on the insurance companies. They level the playing field and make it a fair fight. They know how to maximize their clients’ claims. That’s why they are so successful. 5. Preparing cases for trial Terms like “winning strategy” and “building an injury law case” are very important to Joseph A. Nagy. That’s why, unlike some injury law firms, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law prepares each case as if it was going to trial. To prove damages, the firm’s lawyers work with top-notch personal injury experts who are qualified by the Alberta Court of King’s Bench to testify in their respective areas of expertise. We chose Joseph A. Nagy of Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law as our Best Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Firm 2024 - Western Canada & Best Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer 2024 (Western Canada). What sets Joseph A. Nagy and his firm apart from its competitors? Every major injury law firm will claim it has the experience, knowledge, and track record to represent injury victims. Every major injury law firm will offer free consultations. All the major firms are successful. How is Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law any different? Let’s look at how Joe manages his firm. Accidents and Injuries Happen... They Get Resolved Here.™