Legal Elite Awards 2024

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 6 As evidenced by his book and public speaking, Joe is committed to spreading awareness of immigration law in his future endeavours. He is not content solely to navigate uneasy legal waters for his clients. Joe feels the need to advocate beyond the courtroom and in the world at large, which may not always understand the challenges those face trying to anchor themselves within the US. With more outspoken professionals like Joe, however, that would soon change. Joe Adams stands front-and-centre in the immigration law scene, serving high-profile clients to attain their visas Immigration advocates form an extraordinary part of international law. Without such people, stigmas may go unchallenged, lives unlived, and many people feel defined in society by their disadvantages. Joe Adams is a fierce advocate for immigrant communities, and his body of work proves his dedication, as well as his recent bestselling book, Extraordinary Aliens: Twelve People Who Pursued Wealth, Fame, and the American Dream, which celebrates America’s rich history of famous immigration. oe Adams prides himself on supporting immigrants to live their American dream. From his office in Los Angeles, he specialises in providing legal support to artists, entertainers and businesses, including a specific focus on worker visas, obtaining green cards and permanent residency and assisting immigrants to attain their citizenship and find their place in the US. As an advocate for “the little guy,” Joe serves clients aspiring to work or make a home in the US. This encompasses the full breadth of immigration queries, earning his clients a variety of visas, even including extraordinary ability visas which admit a client to America on the basis of great skill or achievement in their field. He is especially committed to enabling the talents and reach of clients within the arts, fuelled by a belief that everyone should be allowed their shot at making it. Boasting over a decade of experience, Joe is a titan within the immigration law niche, having fought for the needs of a huge number of clients spanning over a thousand court cases, from whom he has received a wealth of positive feedback and recommendations. Joe’s unique strength is a passion for this work. Eager to share his knowledge about the subject and spread awareness, he has relished the opportunity to speak before students, guilds, advocacy groups, emerging artists and fellow attorneys. This passion compelled Joe to write Extraordinary Aliens: Twelve People Who Pursued Wealth, Fame, and the American Dream. The “number one new release” book explores the plights of famous immigrants fighting to live and work in the US, distilling Joe’s years of experience by using these stories as a guide to a complex and fascinating legal landscape. It delves into the history of America’s relationship with the green card, the visa, and the struggle of fighting for a place in the land of opportunity. Immigration Legal Advocate of the Year 2024 – USA J and green cards, benefitting the public with his vast knowledge, and doing all of this with a core value in mind: to fight for “the little guy.” Joe has made that fight his profession and is pleased to allow his clients their shot at the American dream. Contact: Joe Adams Company: Joe Adams & Associates Web Address: