Legal Elite Awards 2024

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 7 Best Cross-Border Legal Solutions Enterprise 2024 & Most Innovative Law Firm Networking Organisation 2024 Lex Mundi Put simply, Lex Mundi is paving the way as a legal hivemind. Founded in 1989, it is a leading network of high-quality firms poised to solve legal problems across the globe. Its member firms provide expert service to any market and location and form the largest group of its kind. Here, we speak with Brice Wiley to gain a sense of what makes Lex Mundi stand out in its field as award-worthy competition. Lex Mundi connects international law firms, bringing them under one banner to tackle a vast breadth of localised and cross-border legal problems. It serves its member base by, as Brice puts it, bringing together “preeminent law firms within an inclusive and trusted relationship, providing them with global reach.” Brice explains that Lex Mundi “enhances the capabilities of each member firm, augmenting their competitive edge and their contribution to the communities in which they operate” with the goal of remaining the “top legal network in the world.” In doing so, the company offers clients a unique opportunity: “to create their ideal global legal team.” Lex Mundi’s approach to legal solutions is unique; the firm covers a large, comprehensive member base while upholding the highest standard of legal services. The team therefore caters to an expansive range of legal markets and locations while providing clients the “convenience of a single firm.” Brice highlights the innovative approach Lex Mundi uses to achieve this, drawing attention to the Lex Mundi Equisphere, its bespoke project management solution. Tailored to its users’ requirements, the Equisphere enables seamless international collaboration between member firms. It is a powerful project management platform which brings the network’s services together. With the help of the Equisphere, Lex Mundi’s “peerless coverage, market knowledge and consistent quality” allows them to “act as a single entity for a client.” Lex Mundi’s mission also extends to being part of the greater conversation around law. To maintain its market edge and provide the best possible service, Lex Mundi “works with industry partners,” such as Legal500 and Lexology, to coordinate cutting-edge roundtable discussions. It operates confidently at the forefront of legal developments and emerging markets, establishing it as a legal thought leader. Atop this, the company wears its values loudly, providing support to those solving high impact social, economic and environmental change. Through the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, it offers nonprofit support towards positive, sustainable social change. Despite its impressive scope, Lex Mundi comprises a small team, allowing for nimble, adaptable service. Brice proudly describes this team as “strong communicators” and “high performing, selfstarting individuals.” Its culture is described as an “inclusive and compassionate work environment” and as a “collective body, able to act as one.” Seamless teamwork is the cornerstone of the company’s mission, and this translates to its impressive history of client success. Brice also speaks to the rewarding nature of the work this team carries out, praising its “top-tier member firms” and lauds that Lex Mundi’s staff base can “work independently” and “remain nimble.” Between such an excellent team and Lex Mundi’s vision, it follows naturally that with the company wins awards for its innovation. Lex Mundi is a prime example of just what is possible when a talented group of people works as a well-organised team towards forward-thinking goals. Brice encapsulates this by saying that “no single firm can match the collective reach of Lex Mundi and its member firms.” Contact: Brice Wiley Company: Lex Mundi Web Address: