Legal Elite Awards 2024

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 8 Apr24016 Blue Zone Legal performs standout work for Costa Rica and takes deep pride in its connection to the country. The firm helps expatriate and business communities. It excels in its niche and provides stability to those seeking to plant roots in paradise. We’ve had contact with Blue Zone Legal and got to hear the team’s feelings about its expat legal services. Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Costa Rica & Eddy Perez: Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024 Blue Zone Legal Awarded Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2024 - Costa Rica for the second year in a row – with two additional awards won by Eddy Pérez: Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024 and CEO Cristina Guerrini: Strategic Leader of the Year 2024. As a boutique firm, Blue Zone Legal provides specific services to existing and aspiring members of the Costa Rican community. In the company’s words, it “serves those who seek to invest, reside, or establish business in this vibrant region.” Its team does so according to their core values of honesty and transparency with a view to foster trust and client satisfaction. Staying ahead of the market is a challenge to any law firm, but it is one Blue Zone Legal turns to its advantage. Their narrow scope of legal services provides a hyperspecialized suite of services that cover Costa Rica Real Estate, Corporate and Immigration. This ensures the firm is honed on its expertise with a focused vision that establishes no doubt for those that use their services and that the Blue Zone Legal team understands its niche and their client better than any firm. Both Senior Associate Eddy Pérez and CEO Cristina Guerrini have earned 2024 awards for: Best Multilingual Real Estate Notary Public 2024: Eddy Pérez Eddy is an expert in corporate law, banking, and real estate. His role as the Blue Zone Legal Senior Associate and Public Notary—handing over a thousand transactions—reflects his commitment to legality and client service. Strategic Leader of the Year 2024: Cristina Guerrini Cristina is Blue Zone Legal CEO and Founding Partner and leads the team with precision and empathy. As an expat, she strives to bring the service to her clients that she would expect for her own family. She is also a leader in her field and a board member of Italian-Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She brings extensive European legal acumen to the firm, is fluent in multiple languages, a veteran in navigating cross-cultural legal terrains with ease, and offers unparalleled knowledge and professionalism. Blue Zone Legal’s multilingual staff base benefits from a deep understanding of the local legal landscape, demonstrating the passion for Costa Rica’s development that underpins the firm’s business. Yet Blue Zone Legal is far from complacent, keen to further improve its award-winning service, it is continuously updating its legal practices based on current market studies and client feedback. Blue Zone Legal feels a duty to adapt to the ever-changing post-COVID legal landscape. It takes this in stride by acting as a guide for the expatriate community regarding changes to tourist visas, residency permits, and driving permits. Not to mention, Blue Zone Legal’s extraordinary passion for the local Costa Rican community, to whom it offers pro bono work while doing all it can to develop and expand its excellence. Alongside this, the firm’s corporate offering is evolving just as quickly. Its corporate compliance package aims to keep clients updated on their legal obligations. Adapting to evolving business demands, Blue Zone Legal helps its clients stay ahead of changes such as those to the annual Transparency and Final Beneficiary Registry affecting Costa Rican corporations. All members of the team value their roles in changing clients’ lives for the better, and Blue Zone Legal fosters this attitude by investing in its team of legal professionals. The firm’s “family and mental health first” policy is an example of its outstanding work culture, and it adds to the assurance that each member of the team is supported and well-equipped to handle day-to-day challenges. Blue Zone Legal celebrates its multicultural workforce, and it is an exciting team to pay attention to going forward. Throughout 2024, it will be expanding its real estate legal services to include luxury real estate packages with a focus on making sure you get access to prime properties with white glove legal services. A strong social media presence is also a priority for the firm’s future as it aims to extend its reach through blog posts and informative and relative content that the expat community can understand. They also plan to release the Spanish version of its website by the end of the year. Greater reach is a key element of Blue Zone Legal’s attempts to keep the public informed of legal developments as they arise and connect its niche services with clients who need their services. All aspects of the company’s dedication to mastering its craft have contributed to Blue Zone Legal’s success in our Legal Elite Awards 2024 and we’re sure to see the firm flourishing for the years to come. Contact: Cristina Guerrini Company: Blue Zone Legal Web Address: