Legal Elite Awards 2024

NWR Legal Elite Awards 2024 | 9 Apr24037 Since 2014, Inter Vivos has been leading the way in high-quality, comprehensive estate planning. Compassion is the name of the game for Inter Vivos, which adopts a meansconscious pricing model, and it has its sights set on the global market, aiming to set new standards for practice in the industry. Best Full-Service Estate Planning Law Firm 2024 - USA & Leading Legal Mind in International Planning 2024 (USA): Glen Wagstaff nter Vivos offers a specialised suite of services across the full range of estate planning. From individual wills, assets and estates to business estates and charitable planning, the team acts for clients who require any kind of end-of-life legal planning. It is important to place the right value on estate planning. Many families face the pressures of an estate falling under court control, and intestate deaths are all too common in the US and abroad. Inter Vivos understands these pressures and has its finger squarely on the pulse, but it is not content to follow the beaten path. Having built the largest estate planning firm in the US, Founder Glen Wagstaff and his team are empathetic to the challenges and barriers clients face when making important end-of-life decisions, and throughout the entire process, Inter Vivos prides itself on being there to help. Inter Vivos’ strength is its commitment to the niche. When tackled in full, estate planning involves plenty of time, consideration and paperwork, both for clients and their representatives. Providing a focused offering of specialised services means that the firm’s expertise and resources are geared towards delivering accurate assessments and thorough plans, all explained plainly. The perfect word to summarise Inter Vivos’ service is personal. The firm pays close attention to individual needs in an industry wherein estate plans are sometimes under or overcomplicated. Inter Vivos believes not just in providing thorough, legallysound estate plans at an affordable price, it believes in not overcomplicating a client’s plan. Inter Vivos understands that along with unique needs, clients also possess unique means, and the firm sets its sights on affordability, offering payment plans to break down service-client barriers. Its view is that the price should not dictate a client’s ability to plan for the end of their life. Dignity plays an important role in a person’s final years, and Inter Vivos values the dignity it provides more highly than its profits. The individuality Inter Vivos recognises is not only financial; it also caters to the evolving needs of modern families and businesses. Its services include, for instance, estate planning for blended families and LGBT estate planning. Importantly, it also offers immigrant estate planning services, aiding clients build and change the relationship between their end of life decisions and their status as a citizen. Looking to the future, Glen Wagstaff’s vision for Inter Vivos extends beyond the United States. Following a successful decade of growth and acclaim, the firm’s ambitious founder intends to establish a presence in every US state, and debut international offices. Glen would like to sway the industry toward the firm’s beliefs in an equitable, client-focused practice. It is an exciting time for Inter Vivos’ team, and it seems like the excitement is set to continue throughout the coming years. Considering its success thus far, it is easy to have confidence in Glen’s mission to excel the firm and leave a lasting impression on the industry. Contact: Glen Wagstaff Company: Inter Vivos, PLLC Web Address: I