Anniversary Marketing Brochure

From all of us here at AI Global Media, we wish you a Happy Anniversary – and many more years of successful business! Logo Bundle This option includes three different styles of logo, one Personalised Digital Logo which will be a square shape, a versatile tool that is perfect for communicating your anniversary through all your online platforms and communications. Perfect to use on social media, websites, business cards, etc. This item is completely bespoke to your needs. Lastly a badge style logo that can be shrunk down for use in printed leaflets, business cards and more. This logo is highly versatile and will be easily re-sizeable depending on where you wish to place it, whilst ensuring it can be read and viewed easily. All of these logos have their own unique differences and benefits. In addition, a banner style logo, again bespoke to your needs, this item is perfect for email signatures, letter headers and footers, inclusion on press releases and also can be used on websites as clickable banner adverts! EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE