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Celebrating your Corporate Anniversary CONTENT YOU CAN TRUST GLOBAL M E D I A

Welcome Corporate anniversaries present a time of reflection, reinvigoration, and celebration for a business and its employees. Each new milestone attests to the experience, quality, and professionalism of your business in succeeding where many others have not and adds a respected heritage to your company. Proven to increase brand awareness, an anniversary milestone is a fantastic time to take on a new challenge! Engage new customers, launch a new product or service, refresh your branding – but most importantly, show gratitude to those who’ve supported you along the way. Whether it’s your long-standing clientele or your most loyal employees, applauding these contributions is a great way to reinforce the values of the heart of your company. With over a decade of experience in celebrating and promoting business excellence, AI Global Media is perfectly placed to showcase your 5th, 10th or 25th Anniversary and harness the full value of your longevity and success. Our portfolio of digital publications comprises 14 unique B2B magazine brands, each with independent readerships covering a multitude of markets and regions across the globe. We are proud to support businesses who strive for growth and innovation, whilst upholding the standards and values so crucial to ensuring business longevity. Whatever your goals for the coming years, we’d like to support you in the celebration of this milestone and advance you towards achieving your full potential. CONTENT YOU CAN TRUST GLOBAL M E D I A

From all of us here at AI Global Media, we wish you a Happy Anniversary – and many more years of successful business! Logo Bundle This option includes three different styles of logo, one Personalised Digital Logo which will be a square shape, a versatile tool that is perfect for communicating your anniversary through all your online platforms and communications. Perfect to use on social media, websites, business cards, etc. This item is completely bespoke to your needs. Lastly a badge style logo that can be shrunk down for use in printed leaflets, business cards and more. This logo is highly versatile and will be easily re-sizeable depending on where you wish to place it, whilst ensuring it can be read and viewed easily. All of these logos have their own unique differences and benefits. In addition, a banner style logo, again bespoke to your needs, this item is perfect for email signatures, letter headers and footers, inclusion on press releases and also can be used on websites as clickable banner adverts! EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE

Trophy The Bespoke Trophy as standard will feature your company name/logo, as well as the year of establishment. An excellent item for your office that will demonstrate your success! Our designer would provide a proof of the trophy prior to production so you can be 100% happy with the final design and layout prior to receiving the item via courier service. This item is also available to order in bulk orders of 5 & 10 or more! Shipping Included in price Web Article A web article is a great way for a business to increase their brand presence, credibility, and be utilised as a promotional tool. The piece will be written by our inhouse SEO trained content writers, focusing on your business success and special occasion. Each piece will include interactive follow links of your choice, meaning Google will be able to index and rank the piece aiding your business reach through improved search engine results. Furthermore, any web article has its own unique URL link and is easily shareable on social media. As standard, the article would contain 500-750 words. If selected, a link would be shared across our social media. (You can upgrade a web article to be published in one of our high quality B2B digital magazines - please enquire for pricing) EXAMPLE EXAMPLE

Social Media Spotlight This option includes a bespoke post promoting your business through our established social media channels. Our social team will craft bespoke post copy to promote your business and utilise a link of your choice highlighting your business to our audience. Our team will also tag any required profiles to aid engagement traveling to your page! Bespoke Press Releases & Email Marketing Campaigns A personalised press release is an excellent way to share the exciting news of your anniversary with the public and your clients. Our expert creative team assists in the creation of this piece, which includes quotes, photos, and information about your company, as well as the selection criteria. A questionnaire would be provided to capture all the content needed. This can easily be shared via your own networks, or if desired, this can be upgraded as an email marketing campaign (please enquire for pricing) Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of communicating with your customers. It can assist you in nurturing leads, increasing brand awareness, and selling your products. A comprehensive strategy is required for email marketing. This is because there isn’t just one type of email you’ll want to send to your target audience. Emails can be used in a variety of ways to help you get the most out of your strategy. This would be conducted by our in-house marketing team, who will help you create an email campaign that truly inspires current and new clients. Main Front Cover Position (Please enquire for pricing) This prime position places you or your company in our most visible, high-profile position! Who doesn’t read the cover story?