GHP Media Pack 2020

Biotechnology Awards 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019 About our Awards We believe that, when it comes to handing out recognition and awards, there are few in the world more deserving than those whose tireless work and dedication change the lives of millions of people each and every day. This is why we, in turn, dedicate ourselves to uncovering and sharing with our 260,000-strong readership, these talented, courageous and innovative people, departments and firms pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the medical world. Our awards recognise all levels and all aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, choosing to focus not just on the obvious candidates - the practitioners and scientists at the cutting edge of these rapidly evolving industries - but also on the supporting cast - from nurses, architects and product designers, to legal specialists and top-level corporate decision makers - without whom many of the life-changing innovations and developments we see on an almost daily basis would simply not be possible. Social Care Awards 2020