GHP Media Pack 2020

Global Health & Pharma is a multi-disciplinary members community and information sharing platform, Global Health & Pharma was established to enhance the communications and collaborative efforts across all fields within the 3 main categories of, Human, Animal & Environmental Health . Our membership develops organically; however, as it is closely audited we notice significant numbers in the categories of Academia, Industry, Public Bodies & Health Systems, Governments & Policy Makers, Funding Agencies & Groups, Investors, Regulatory & Professional Bodies . Operating a novel & proprietary member community, rather than the traditional visitor and reader model, allows us to ascertain, through a process of review, research and feedback, the key themes and topics of interest to our membership, resulting in more responsive, rather than assumptive, content and communications. We have covered concerns including the varied challenges faced across the myriad of industries in the healthcare and lifesciences sectors, intended purchasing decision of key stakeholders, desire collaborations, investment intentions alongside of arising criteria. The value proposition for our partners is absolute; the assurance that your message is communicated to the people you wish to address. ghp Global Health & Pharma