AI Media Pack 2020

Testimonials Award Enquiries Laura Hunter, Awards Manager [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0029 Media Sales Elliot Ashbourne, Head of Features [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0010 - Ext. 207 Editorial Enquiries Laura Brookes, Senior Editor [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0037 “Winning an award is a third-party endorsement of your capabilities and should be highly treasured and promoted. AI Global Media have gone out of their way to help me promote the award, they have taken the awards to the next stage. It is not a ‘bye-bye when you have the certificate’ approach, but instead a concentrated effort to ensure that your achievements reach a wider audience. Our award has been seen on all the social media platforms, by clients and competitors, friends and family. The logo is on every email we send out and all of this is due to the encouragement of the team at AI. The award has endorsed our capabilities, made people think more seriously about our work and most importantly has influenced our bottom line. People are more likely to trust an award winner and accept that if you employ an award-winning agency there is a cost for this extra layer of professional advice.” Tricia Topping Carlyle Consultants “As a freelance business adviser, it was a fantastic feeling just to be noticed amongst all the other larger consulting firms in the UK (so you can imagine what it felt like to learn I’d been named as the country’s leading corporate consultant!). I’ve used the award in a number of ways already: to assure clients that they are, and are continuing to, work with recognised excellence; and to assure my parents that their son didn’t turn out all that badly after all! This recognition has also meant that my credibility when submitting evidences and ideas to inform future government policy and wider business support practices is enhanced. Its offered me a great excuse to rekindle relationships with lapsed colleagues and network contacts who reached out to congratulate me on this achievement.” Adrian Ashton 07786 492313 “I published two articles on my coaching company with AI Magazine and I had a very positive experience in working with them. The interaction I had with their staff via email has always been efficient, every reply always within a few hours, with all the necessary details to proceed to complete the work. I trusted them for their professional skills and also for the capability to overcome any issue along the path. I am grateful for the work we have done together and the assistance I had from them!” Cristina Campofreddo, Purpose SUN Coach PCC, Trainer & Author “Kerb Appealz is now in its seventh year of successful business. Dedicated to sellers and buyers we have always gone out of our way to make the journey of moving as stress free as possible for our clients. Acquisition International have always recognised the effort that we have put in to ensuring we give the public an outstanding service. We are honoured to receive the awards from them as we know there is vast competition in our business sector. They value and appreciate the ideas and commitment that we have that sets us apart from other businesses. We proudly advertise our award on a weekly basis, both in the local press and on social media. In turn this helps our customers to appreciate that they are getting a first-class service from us and it definitely generates more awareness and more business. We hope that we are still receiving awards from them for many years to come.” Penny Whitaker Kerb Appealz