3 Digitalization Strategies Driving Supply Chain Resiliency

With the considerable supply chain disruptions brought on by the pandemic and amid escalating inflation, supply chain resilience is more critical than ever before. The unforeseen pandemic of late has presented a range of challenges that many supply chains were clearly—often admittedly—unprepared for. Labor shortages, shipping cost surges, new patterns of production and consumption have all played a key role in disrupting business logistics, upending markets, industries and whole economies in the process.

Why Packaging Hold the Key to Becoming a More Sustainable Business

Packaging is perfectly primed to catch the eye of a consumer. Studies into the psychology behind purchase decisions reveal that aesthetics and feel are key motivators. Consumers may (consciously or unconsciously) seek out a colour and cue associated with a brand or, increasingly, more sustainable materials (like choosing paper over plastic for their favourite products in store).  

Supply Chain Issues & Staff Shortages: Six Handling Equipment Essentials to Maximise Efficiency Within Your Business

Supply chain issues have affected businesses in every industry, both across the UK and globally. Some experts predict the continuation of backlogs and shortages for up to at least another year as the impact of volatile global markets continues to have an effect. Most recently, industrial action at the UK’s largest container port in Felixstowe threatens further delays in the movement of goods.

How to Build Supply Chain Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

The world is more connected than ever before, and the challenges of the future are ones that we will have to face together. Climate change is one such challenge and has the potential to cause severe disruption to global supply chains if directors do not plan proactively against it. Whilst manmade disasters, such as the Ever Given container ship blocking the Suez Canal, demonstrate how easily a single disruption can deeply affect global shipping infrastructure, multiple disruptive climate events occurring simultaneously in different locations have the potential to be even more devastating for businesses.