4 Key Business Benefits of Fleet Insurance

In a world of rising inflation and shrinking profits, it is more critical than ever that small and big businesses find the tools and means to reduce costs and boost efficiency. Fleet insurance is one such tool that can make some areas of your business much more efficient to oversee while cutting down costs significantly. Fleet insurance can be purchased if you use more than one vehicle for your business. Fleet insurance can be used by a business in any sector as long as they own or lease at least two vehicles. Here’s a closer look at four key benefits of fleet insurance for your business.

Greater Discount

Fleet insurance can save money for your business from the get-go by making available quantity-based discounts on your vehicles – it is cheaper than insuring each individual vehicle separately. Thus, the greater the number of vehicles operated under your business, the more the discount on your insurance costs. You can further save money by hunting for the best insurance deal for your specific needs from a price comparison website such as Quotezone.co.uk. The UK’s leading price comparison platform, Quotezone offers a one-stop-shop for finding the best fleet insurance via their free price comparison tool. You can thus compare the various fleet insurance offers and pick the one that best suits both your needs and your budget.

More Efficient Admin

Keeping all your vehicles under a single policy is also a good way of simplifying some of your admin tasks. In case of big or small accidents, it’ll be easier for you to contact your insurance provider for help. Similarly, renewals and changes are also far easier when it’s all under one policy. A uniform fleet policy thus involves lesser documentation, lesser follow-up, and much more efficient admin.

Greater Safety

In the scenario of an accident, time can be of the essence. To help your employees and the business with replacement vehicle expenses and other costs, you’ll need your insurance to come through quickly and smoothly without a ton of hassle. Easier access to funds can translate into greater safety and security for your employees and you in the event of an unfortunate accident. A fleet insurance policy can thus help your employees, business, and you when you need it most.

Better Protection from Driver Turnover

A business can sometimes go through periods of high employee turnover. In such a scenario, having fleet insurance is even handier since you don’t have to keep trying to work out the policy for every driver leaving or any new driver joining the team. As long as you recruit drivers that meet the conditions of your insurance policy (such as a prior driving track record), you’ll be able to extend the policy to them without having to keep changing your insurance policy.

Fleet insurance can make it much less expensive to operate your business vehicles while reducing the admin hassle. Fleet insurance is thus an important part of the risk and future-proofing your vehicles and your business.

Top-Tier Vacation: How to Enjoy Visiting the Adriatic Coast Like a Millionaire

If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation destination that’s off the beaten path, consider visiting the Adriatic Coast. This stunning region features crystal clear waters, dramatic cliffs, and charming medieval villages. Best of all, it’s still relatively undiscovered by tourists, so you can enjoy the spoils of luxury travel without having to battle crowds. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to enjoy a top-tier vacation on the Adriatic Coast!

Don’t Miss Croatia!

When most people think of the Adriatic Coast, they immediately think of Italy. However, the region actually spans several countries, including Croatia. This little-known gem is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, thanks to its dramatic coastline, medieval villages, and delicious seafood. If you’re looking for a truly luxurious vacation experience, be sure to add Croatia to your list! Also, Yacht Charter Croatia is the best way to explore the Dalmatian Islands in style. You can charter a yacht for a day or even a week, and the experienced crew will take care of everything from navigation to meals. Additionally, chartering an exclusive yacht allows you to explore the coastline at your own pace and in complete privacy.

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

There are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts dotting the Adriatic Coast, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodations. However, we recommend opting for a private villa rental if you really want to experience the region like a millionaire. Not only will you have complete privacy and independence, but you’ll also have access to your own private pool, chef, and concierge. Trust us, it’s worth the splurge!

Dine Like a Local

The Adriatic Coast is renowned for its fresh seafood, so be sure to enjoy some of the local specialties during your stay. In Croatia, we recommend trying Dalmatian-style seafood stew or grilled fish served with roasted potatoes. Yum! In Italy, you can’t go wrong with spaghetti alle vongole or risotto alla pescatora. And of course, no meal is complete without a glass (or two) of the region’s famous wine. In Montenegro, try the local reds from the Kotor Bay region. Cheers!

Experience the Local Culture

No trip to the Adriatic Coast is complete without experiencing the local culture. In Croatia, be sure to visit Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s full of history and charm. Or take a day trip to one of the many stunning medieval villages dotting the coastline. In Italy, we recommend exploring Venice, Florence, or Rome. And in Montenegro, be sure to visit Cetinje, the former capital of the country. No matter where you go, you’re sure to be enchanted by the Adriatic Coast’s rich history and culture!

Can I be forced to return to work after a workplace injury?

Workers and employees in not only USA but all over now have better rights. The law is doing its best to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment when filing workers’ compensation claims. An employee has power in today’s world, he is no more a slave. You as workers have to realize this power. Don’t allow your employers to behave indiscriminately and unethically with you.

If you have suffered from an injury, for example, a car accident while transporting goods, injury due to a defective machine, or a harmful chemical infection, you are eligible to seek compensation for the same. Now we understand you must be having a tonne of questions like will you be forced to get back to work? Will the company pay your medical bills till you completely recover? Will you lose your salary during the recovery time? We shall answer all these questions in this post.

What is worker’s compensation?

A worker’s compensation is a state program that offers benefits to employees who are hurt or become sick at the workplace or as a result of their daily tasks at work. It functions as an insurance scheme for workers, offering monetary compensation, health coverage, or both, to employees who get ill or injured due to their occupations.

In the United States, several states are largely in charge of handling workers’ compensation. The perks that are necessary vary substantially between states. You can get in touch with a professional lawyer to find out more about the policies of your state.

Common questions related to worker’s compensation.

Now, let us take up some frequently asked questions about worker’s compensation.

Can any worker take legal help for worker’s compensation? Yes! Worker’s compensation is state-approved and is aimed at helping all workers across America. Whether you are a low-wage worker or a manager, if you have suffered an injury on duty, then the company has to assume full responsibility for it.

When to file worker’s compensation? The sooner you do it the better. To get compensation, some proof has to be submitted. Your injuries are the biggest proof. Make sure you take steps with the help of a good lawyer immediately after the accident.

Notifying the worker’s boss of the work-related injury is the initial step in starting the work compensation filing procedure. Additionally, it is important to submit a proper application. These specifics, such as the date, time, and contact information of a few eyewitnesses, should be included in the notice of accident or sickness given to the company.

Will I be forced to get back to work after an injury? No. If your medical condition doesn’t allow you to be able to do a difficult task, no company can force you. Rather doing so will mean your employer is harassing you and he will get into more trouble.

Your employer will certainly offer you a job, you can accept the offer, but can take leave whenever you need to see the doctor or whenever you feel the job is beyond your limit. If your manager seems to give you a lot of work even after an injury, please make sure to inform a superior about this ill behaviour.

Will I lose my salary for the days I take to recover? You will certainly receive wage loss benefits from the company. You will be paid for all the days you were absent due to the injury. How much wage loss benefit you can receive will depend on your weekly salary.

Will the company take care of my medical bills despite me returning to work? Healthcare is a continuous process. Say, for example, you have a fracture in your hand. You will definitely need to visit the doctor a few times until your hand is back to normal. Not to mention that healthcare has become so expensive today. Even if you do return to work, the company is liable to pay your medical bills and other healthcare payments.

Are there any restrictions to claiming worker’s compensation benefits? Worker’s compensation is meant to help the workers and not for the workers to take advantage of it. If the injury was a result of your own carelessness and malpractice then the company is not liable to give you any compensation.

Bottom line

Employees are more secure today than they ever were, we just lack employee education. Not many employees know about these benefits that they can avail of their company. We hope that this post helped you clear all the doubts and properly understand worker’s compensation.

Most Crypto-Friendly Banks in the UK

Which Banks Support Cryptocurrencies? List of Best Crypto Friendly Banks in the UK.

Crypto-friendly banks are aptly named because they permit their account holders to buy and redeem cryptocurrency using their bank accounts. They do not all offer the same services. The most crypto-friendly banks offer crypto-related services and those expected from traditional bank accounts.

Crypto-friendly banks must comply with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Account holders benefit from the licensing regime because it imposes regulatory account safety and security requirements, a fiduciary duty on the banks, and insures their accounts up to GBP 85,000. The leading banks have commented that they take more measures to protect their customers from fraudulent activity than the crypto exchanges.

The rise of crypto-friendly banks also provides a nurturing environment for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that want to incorporate crypto transactions into their operations or are strictly crypto-based enterprises. The continuing reluctance of traditional banks to address this market need means that crypto-friendly banks, powered by SMEs, may be the next disruptive innovation in the banking and finance industries.

Let’s look at the most crypto-friendly traditional and challenger banks.

Traditional Banks

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest

The UK government owns the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and RBS owns NatWest. Their account holders can purchase crypto tokens from crypto exchanges using credit/debit cards and wire transfers. If you execute crypto transactions on reputable crypto exchanges, you won’t experience any problems with these banks. However, if you try to execute transactions on crypto exchanges that have been flagged as high-risk, your transaction may be blocked by the banks. Note, they have banned business account holders who accept payment for goods and services since April 2021.

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)Standard Chartered Bank allows its account holders to deposit and withdraw crypto funds from crypto exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase. However, it does not allow them to purchase crypto tokens using its credit/debit cards. Its investment arm, the Standard Chartered Ventures (SCV), is developing a trading desk and custody operation.

The custody operation, Zodia, is a partnership with Northern Trust and was launched in 2020. Its purpose is to facilitate institutions’ investment in crypto assets (e.g., Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP). SCV will maintain custody of the crypto assets after the institutions acquire them. SCB also has plans to launch a crypto brokerage and trading platform in partnership with Hong Kong’s OSL exchange.

Challenger Banks

Challenger banks challenge the high-street banks’ dominance of the banking industry. They are also referred to as neo-banks and app-based banks.


Nuri is based in Germany. Launched initially as Bitwala and rebranded as Nuri, it has 300,000 account holders. It offers the full suite of services characteristic of traditional German bank accounts. These services are augmented by banking features that help account holders manage, save, and multiply their money. In addition, account holders can create savings plans and get a free debit card with unlimited free ATM withdrawals.

Its crypto-related services permit account holders to buy crypto tokens and receive interest payments on their crypto assets directly from the bank via the bank’s Bitcoin Interest Account. Account holders can purchase Bitcoin and Ether on the app’s platform. They can also instantly redeem their crypto tokens for fiat currency when using their Nuri credit/debit card to pay for things.


Orounda is a Scottish bank that focuses on businesses. It provides them with EU and IBAN accounts that corporations can use inside and outside the EU. Furthermore, It offers both SEPA and SWIFT services to its account holders. In total, its customers can choose from 50 different payment-related business solutions. Its goal is to help businesses accept crypto payments for goods and services.

Account holders can execute non-SEPA wire transfers. They can have multiple accounts and internally transfer funds between them. More than that, the app’s platform has a lot of tools that benefit its users in maintaining their accounts, analysing their spending, and performing other activities.


Fidor is the bank that creates banks. Fidor is used by businesses, crypto exchanges and other financial institutions to launch their operations and get them to market quickly and efficiently. Its claim to fame is that it is the oldest crypto bank in the UK. It has more experience complying with the changing crypto regulations than any other UK bank.

This bank has some impressive clientele. Its account holders include Kraken, Luno, and Bitcoin.de. If you want a fast, seamless transfer from your Kraken account to your account, you should open an account with Fidor.

The bank primarily targets corporate clients, big investors, and crypto exchanges. It has two types of accounts, Fidor Exchange, which focuses on crypto exchanges, and Fidor ICO, which targets firms doing initial coin offerings.


Cashaa has personal and business wallets that work with over 70 fiat currencies and four cryptocurrencies. It also has its own native token, CAS. If platform users use CAS, their onboarding and transaction fees are discounted. CAS users can also stake their tokens and use them for an account upgrade. This bank is especially attractive because it offers EU, USA, and UK accounts. Its UK and EU accounts can process SEPA, SWIFT, and Faster Payment transfers. Bank customers are notified of debits to their accounts via notifications. Furthermore, your crypto tokens and fiat currency can be exchanged internally. This crypto-friendly bank is a heavy hitter. It’s trusted by large, well-capitalized crypto firms like Paxful, Huobi, CoinDCX, and Nexo.

This app-based bank provides its customers with a crypto exchange, crypto wallet, and broker on its platform. It has successfully merged traditional banking and blockchain technology. B2Bs and B2Cs greatly benefit from this marriage of services and technology. Its seamless, borderless transactions across the globe. It can process large volume transactions without moving the market.


Revolut focuses on individuals. It provides its account holders with a card that permits them to withdraw funds from their accounts in different fiat currencies. This is done to help them avoid transaction fees when making ATM withdrawals in countries with different fiat currencies. Account holders can purchase cryptocurrency on its platform using GBP or EUR. Plus, it supports 30 fiat currencies, and account holders can trade up to 5 cryptocurrencies on the app’s platform. Another benefit is that the app users can create a maximum of 5 internal personal or business debit cards to pay for online purchases. They can also set up their accounts to cover recurring expenses. Another helpful feature is the platform’s tools enable its customers to analyse their spending patterns. Unfortunately, account holders cannot transfer their crypto tokens to a private/non-custodial wallet.

It is a full-fledged bank that serves more than 2 million customers. Its services are available to people in the EU and UK. Customers can choose from three different account types (e.g., Standard, Premium, Metal) and get a UK account number. Account holders can execute SWIFT and SEPA transfers on the platform. Besides being able to trade cryptocurrency, bank customers can trade stocks and shares. It can also be used with Google Pay and Apple Pay.


MuchBetter is a crypto-friendly bank for gamers and crypto enthusiasts. It can be used on gaming platforms that accept the app. For those only interested in banking services, it is a one-stop-shop. Its customers can send payments to merchants all over the globe. Furthermore, its wallet easily handles fiat currency and cryptocurrency. Another plus, its fees are lower than its competitors, who offer similar safe, secure crypto wallets.


Most high-street banks are still reluctant to incorporate crypto-related services into their operations. This situation is aggravated by the low percentage of UK people who own or trade cryptocurrency, especially in an automated fashion. Nevertheless, SMEs, crypto exchanges, and crypto-related firms need these services to launch themselves into the market. Moreover, their customers need crypto-friendly banks to do business with crypto firms and manage their crypto portfolios.

At this time, we see that RBS & NatWest, Nuri, Revolut, Cashaa, and MuchBetter represent the diversity in services offered to individuals and companies by crypto-friendly banks. Furthermore, despite the distrust that high-street banks and the UK regulatory authorities have towards crypto exchanges and businesses that choose to accept only crypto payments, crypto-based services and payment structures continue to evolve and fill in gaps in the traditional market. As there are more crypto-friendly banks and partnerships between high-street and crypto-friendly banks in the works, we can expect to see more progress toward integrating the two financial systems in commerce.

Changes to Data Tracking and What it means for Online Businesses

Data tracking is used by online businesses to advertise with precision to boost profits. By using data tracking, businesses can target adverts toward the people most likely to buy their products or services. However, Google is intending to scrap the cookies that enable this tracking, in favour of federated learning of cohorts. Cookies have been useful for companies: they can track items that customers have viewed online, personalise user sessions and recall previous preferences. Below, we explore the changes to data tracking and what it will mean for online businesses.

What Google says about cookies

Google announced changes to cookies in 2021 and the alterations are scheduled to be made around 2022/23. The main change is that Google announced that they’d be blocking third-party cookies in their chrome browser, leaving just their cookies. Instead of using third-party cookies, Google will instead offer a new privacy sandbox on chrome that is said to build a more anonymised profile of consumers’ online behaviour. The privacy sandbox timeline has been announced, and many small businesses are fearing that this will limit their ability to build their behavioural profiles.

What this may mean for you

For your business, this will mean that you’ll have to switch from third-party data to first-party data. No longer will you be relying on external providers for your data tracking, you’ll instead be able to use Google’s new system to generate your own intelligence. This can be optimised with dynamic marketing that encourages people to use your site and provide you with data. By creating a website or social media account that attracts genuine interest – be it through quality videos, well-timed email campaigns, or a wonderfully usable website – you’ll be able to pull customers onto your website. This is symptomatic of the decline of push marketing as we enter a more dynamic era.

Ways to gain insight into your customers

But how can you gather the behavioural information you need from your customers? For a start, you could optimise your website and content with organic SEO. This will help push your content up Google’s search rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find. Alternatively, you could implement a loyalty program. This rewards program will allow you to stay connected with your customers and gather behavioural data as you gain insights from their purchase history throughout the loyalty program.

Google’s data tracking changes represent a significant change – but also an opportunity – for businesses. And by pivoting towards a first-party data tracking strategy, alongside pull marketing, you should be all set to cope with these changes and thrive in the future.

What To Do To Get Compensation After Being Hit By A Commercial Truck

Accidents can happen at any moment. One moment one could be driving peacefully listening to their favourite playlist and the next moment they could be injured due to the negligence of a commercial truck driver. The damage that is done to the vehicle and injuries resulting from a collision with a truck is severe and one might need to empty their pocket to fix this damage.

Understandably, it is easy to panic and create a fuss on the site, but it is highly recommended to try and be as calm as possible. There are some very important things that one should do to not only feel safe after the mishap but also to get the most compensation from the liable company. We shall discuss a few here in this post.

Call 911 We know the compensation is important but so is the driver’s safety. Before anyone else, calling 911 should be a priority, if they are in a condition to do so. If unfortunately, one is not, they should ask someone to do it for them. Try not to move until help arrives. It will help prevent further worsening of the injury.

Get first aid if offered Many people make this mistake when they are not severely injured. They will not accept first aid even if offered by a doctor on-site or someone else. Doing so gives the liable company’s lawyer a chance to point out that the injury was not serious, hence the compensation will suffer. One truth about these cases is that the victim has to manage valid pieces of evidence. If clear evidence is not submitted to the court, the decision will most likely be unfavourable to you. If it is proved that the victim wasn’t seriously injured, they will most likely have to settle on a lesser compensation amount.

Click pictures If one can move around and is not seriously injured, they should try to get as many pictures as they can. Click a picture of the truck, its number plate, the car, people around the car, the location, the injuries, and basically everything. Just fill the memory card, one never knows which image will come in handy to get the compensation.

As we said earlier, the duty of collecting evidence lies on the shoulders of the victim or the one filing the case. So these pictures will really turn out to be useful in court.

Get details from the driver and eyewitnesses Collecting the driver’s license and ID card, if issued by the employer, is another crucial task one must complete. Even though one might feel horrible about taking the driver into this, the corporation they work for is the one making the payments so it’s better if victims keep their emotions aside for a while and think about the expenses, practically. In addition, ensure that the driver receives assistance if he is hurt as well. This isn’t going to help anyone get compensation but as an act of humanity, please ensure the driver’s safety if you aren’t hurt a lot. Also, don’t worry about their hospital costs because they receive worker’s compensation from the company, which means that it will cover both victim’s medical expenses and the drivers’.

They should also ask for the contact numbers and names of the eyewitnesses to make the job easy. An eyewitness is the biggest proof one can present. If one can manage this data, they will most certainly win this case.

Don’t give any recorded statement One will face trouble if they end up saying something that makes them a false victim (even if they are a genuine one). Try not to give a recorded statement to anyone before talking to a personal lawyer.

Bottom line

Most commercial truck accidents happen due to drivers’ negligence, drivers feeling sick, and manufacturing mistakes in the truck. Most companies rectify the manufacturing errors in advance so that their brand doesn’t lose its reputation in the market. One will most certainly get their compensation if there is enough evidence and also because the brands would not like to extend this matter too much. Proper evidence is the key here. If they are able to get some while on-site, they can leave the rest of the job to their lawyer.

We understand that after an accident no one is in a very stable condition to think about future expenses and evidence. However, if one tries to get themselves together and think practically, it will be really beneficial in the future.

3 Strategies for Doctors to Pay Off Medical School Debt

3 Strategies for Doctors to Pay Off Medical School Debt

According to a study by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the average medical student graduates with more than $190,000 in debt. While there are several ways to pay off medical school loans, the best strategy for you will depend on your career, salary, and financial situation.

Medical school can be expensive. The average cost of medical school tuition, fees, and living expenses for a single year is now over $60,000. For many students, that means taking out loans to cover the cost. And while there are various strategies you can use to make paying off those loans a bit easier, here are three of the most important ones:

Make a budget and stick to it

One of the best ways to manage your finances is by creating and adhering to a budget. When you know exactly how much money you have coming in and going out each month, it’s easier to adjust your spending as needed to continue making progress on paying off your loans.

If you are in a high-paying specialty such as surgery or oncology, you may be able to pay your loans off quickly. However, suppose you are in a lower-paying field such as family medicine or pediatrics. In that case, you may consider a longer-term repayment plan that allows you to save for retirement and other expenses.

Whatever repayment plan you choose, be sure to stay on top of your loan payments to avoid costly penalties and interest charges. If you have extra money, use it to make extra payments, or if possible, invest that money so that you can earn interest.

Make payments during residency

You are still responsible for making payments on your medical school loans during residency. Even though you may be struggling to make ends meet, it’s important to continue making payments on your loans. Failing to make payments can result in penalties and interest charges.

If you can’t afford to make your regular monthly payments, contact your lender or a great personal finance company like LeverageRX to see if you can arrange a payment plan that fits your budget. You may also be able to defer your loan payments until you finish residency. However, interest will continue to accrue on your loans during this time, so it’s important to try to pay as much as you can each month.

Make extra payments when possible

There are several ways to reduce the money you have to pay back on your medical school loans. One of the best ways is to make lump-sum payments whenever you have extra cash available.

Many think the only way to repay loans is making monthly payments. But if you have the extra money in your account, that may be an option. The more money you can put toward your loans, the better!


Medical school can be costly, and for many graduates, the debt incurred can be difficult to manage. While there are many ways to pay off this debt, including loan consolidation and income-based repayment plans, for some graduates, the only way is to take on additional jobs.

For residents who are already struggling to make ends meet, taking on additional work can be a daunting task. In addition to long hours and little sleep, residents often have to contend with call schedules that keep them tied up most of the night.

Adding another job on top of this can be overwhelming and lead to burnout. However, some benefits to paying off medical school debt quickly with the help of the best financial advisors will go a long way.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Gold

Amongst increasing living costs and high levels of inflation, one of the last things on our minds might be investing in gold. However, there are some pretty convincing reasons as to why you should.

Capable of transforming Victoria in the gold rush, gold managed to transform the lives of many Australian citizens, providing the highest living standards of all time.

Although a lot of the gold has already been extracted, many believe that is way more out there.

If you’re considering investing in gold, read on.

Why is gold valuable?

How valuable something is, when talking about materials, is normally to do with how difficult it is to obtain. As gold was historically hard to dig out of the ground, it’s been regarded as high value for centuries. In ancient times, gold’s malleability and luster meant it was sought-after by jewellers and even used to make coins.

Years ago, we started using gold to trade, but as time has gone on, there are other methods of trading such as forex and CFD trading that have overtaken gold.

What are the pros and cons of investing in gold?

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to investing in gold.

Some of the advantages include:

It’s highly valuable – in 2022, gold is set to become more valuable than ever and is set to break its previous record of $2,072.50 per ounce

It’s a safe investment – Even during Covid-19, gold has remained popular and is seen by many as a reliable, stable asset. Gold remains in high demand and (has since ancient times!), meaning it’s much less likely to experience price falls comparable to that of the stock market. 

Its protected against inflation – With most of the world experiencing uncertain economic times and high levels of inflation, gold can protect your wealth. Gold won’t depreciate like a currency, so investing in gold will always lead to retention or an increase in value. Unlike bank accounts where money can be rendered worthless, gold can be a savvy backup. 

It’s simple to get started – Unlike stocks and shares that require a lot of knowledge, you can get started by simply buying your first ounce of gold. 

Disadvantages of investing in gold:

It can be difficult to store – As gold is so valuable, it means that it’s often the target of theft. As such, finding out how to store your gold is crucial. You must also authenticate your gold when you buy and sell it, meaning it can be a lengthy process. 

It’s not as easy to release income – You can only yield a return on investment when you sell gold, so it’s not as easy as a stock or share that will pay dividends. 

Lower capital gains – Although gold is highly lucrative, it is unlikely to give you as substantial of a gain compared to stocks, shares, or property. On the other hand, gold is experiencing a boom currently, so you could be in luck.

Data-Driven Customer Experience Solutions

ProximoCX is a customer experience support firm that harnesses call centre data to provide clients with superior data and insights while making a sustainable impact on employees and their families.

Company founder and CEO, Michael McMillan is a customer service veteran with over 25 years’ experience within the industry. In light of his recognition as Most Influential CEO 2022 – the USA in this issue of CEO Monthly, we take a closer look at his career and company.

ProximoCX is a CX outsourced partner which provides outstanding customer experiences on behalf of its clients, with the aim of increasing their customer satisfaction levels. It is a company shifting the way outsourcers do business with its people-first, innovation-driven business model.

With its multi-lingual (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, ProximoCX provides an outsourcing solution for phone, email, SMS, webchat, and social media, ensuring best-in-class customer engagement experiences which result in great savings and efficiencies. It also offers data entry, transcription, and translation services.

To support it in providing such outstanding services, the company utilises the latest technologies to push clients’ customer experiences forward. With AI and machine learning, ProximoCX translates company data into actionable insights they can use to make strategic business decisions.

By putting its clients first, ProximoCX is able to instil a strong sense of brand loyalty in them and facilitate long-term relationships between them and their customers. Michael tells us more about ProximoCX’s mission for its clients: “We aim to create value for you, your customers, and our team members. We do this by equipping our teams with the tools necessary to provide the best possible customer experiences for your customers. In turn, your customers will stay loyal to your brand.”

Indeed, ProximoCX’s team of professionals is equipped to handle high call volumes without sacrificing the quality and service that its clients and their customers expect – taking the pressure off businesses that are strapped in the customer service department.

With over two decades’ experience in the customer service industry, ProximoCX’s CEO, Michael McMillan is known for his expertise in defining customer journey strategies and business development initiatives to optimise sales and create new opportunities. He is highly skilled in building, leading, and mobilising teams of professionals on a global scale.

As an experienced and goal-oriented professional, business owners know they can rely on Michael’s ability to provide exceptional service, resources, and methods to meet ever-changing objectives and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. This is all based on his expertise in the areas of strategic planning, customer retention, outsourcing, call centre (inside sales and customer support), CCaaS and UCaaS platforms, and programme management.

Michael provides profound insights into the latest customer service trends based on his extensive experience to help his clients take their business to the next level. He is a certified speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Team and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of customer experience, sales, AI, brand cultivation, leadership strategies, and more to audiences around the world.

He began his career on the front lines as a call centre agent, worked his way to several C-suite positions, and discovered opportunities to expand the service areas and revenue pools of several different companies including BizSprints, United Bridge Insurance Services, ArenaCX, The Connection Contact Center, Answer Center America, Inc., and Total Quality Communications.

Indeed, it’s easy to see how Michael McMillan has achieved such success within the Most Influential CEO 2022 awards, with such a high level of expertise and experience within his industry. Clients who have worked with Michael and ProximoCX only have positive things to say about their experience, with Parvez Dhillon, COO from Fastlending.com saying, “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael for the last few months. We were able to optimise daily operations to a much higher degree with three easy changes which has a meaningful impact on portfolio performance, both on originations and on servicing. With Michael’s help, the company is on track for revenue generation within the contact centre environment. Thanks for the help!”

Caddius Corder, Director at Verizon Business Group comments, “I’ve worked with Michael for a couple of months now and his guidance and mentorship has really elevated my call centre/telesales senior leadership experience. His view on call centre sales and operations is priceless. Michael is blessed with a particular skillset that allows him to coach, train, and mentor across all levels of any organisation. Truly amazing.”

For business enquiries, contact ProximoCX via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.proximocx.com

Most Influential CEO, 2022 – Tennessee, the USA

Established as a full-service marketing agency, Pretty Creative LLC is a Nashville based company, unique in the industry, taking on a maximum of 12 clients per year. A small business feel that produces mighty results. Led by the professional intellect of Larken Lech – known as the Most Influential CEO of 2022, Larken explains the company, her role and her leadership offerings further.

Pretty Creative LLC is run by Larken Lech, recognized as one of Tennessee’s Most Influential CEOs of the year. Her team at Pretty Creative works predominantly within the hospitality and tourism sectors, serving clients such as Gray Line Tennessee, Clearbrook Hospitality, Loden Vision Centers and Crossroads Medical Group, to name a few.

In addition to these big, branded clients, Pretty Creative serves non-profit organizations like Valor Honey, which is known for supporting Veterans in harvesting 100% authentic USA Honey. “We don’t niche down because we feel like it depletes creativity in marketing. We love a challenge,” enthuses Larken.

Continuing from this point, Larken explains her leadership style and how it impacts work and the company, stating, “Leadership is often confused with management and in worse case scenarios, micro-management. I was a solopreneur for many years, and as I’ve expanded the business and hired new employees, I’ve learned that letting them lead in what they are passionate about is the best form of leadership. I’m here to answer questions and make sure that when they leave our team, people wonder, ‘where did you come from’ and they’re proud to say, ‘Pretty Creative.’”

To join the Pretty Creative team, potential applicants must showcase two essential qualities: adjusting to new situations and being good communicators. “Marketing is often a high-paced, moving target that we constantly have to move through and offers many daily challenges. Our motto is ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’, and we find people with the same attitude,” states Larken.

Overall, at Pretty Creative, the company is run on a foundation that directly links to its internal culture, which is made out of a lot of hard work, tons of laughing, and a safe space to share wants/needs/suggestions that will uplift the business or quality of the office.

Expanding on the offerings of the company and its uniqueness, Larken shares, “We’ve been fortunate that our clients have seen our work and come to us; we’ve never had to ‘sell’ Pretty Creative. Our work speaks for itself. We are unique in that we sit in as a full-service marketing agency, or you can pick a single service, like social media management, and we can work alongside your internal marketing team. We are very flexible, and we treat every client like they are our only client, and that’s how we build retention year over year.”

However, as many businesses across the globe have noticed, the Covid-19 pandemic created a series of challenges that shook various sectors and industries globally. For some businesses, the pandemic was far too challenging to overcome, and its effects crushed them, but for Pretty Creative, the team found that it made marketing more efficient.

Larken adds to this, saying, “Many of our clients had large scale budgets that needed to be readjusted and given a more strategic plan. Some new clients came on because they wanted to look better on social since everyone was home and consuming media every day. We partnered with several HR companies who contracted with us to help gain employees back after the pandemic.”

For Pretty Creative, as the world reopens, Larken and her staff are looking forward to travelling again for clients, summits, events, and speaking engagements. “I’m often asked to speak on marketing panels or on a certain marketing aspect, and I look forward to doing that again in 2022-2023,” says Larken.

With a new title accredited as the Most Influential CEO of 2022, Larken and Pretty Creative are undoubtedly on a successful path that will continue its place as unique leaders within the marketing industry.

For business enquiries, contact CEO Larken Lech from Pretty Creative, LLC via email – [email protected] or on their website – prettycreativeagency.com

A Clean Slate In Real Estate 

Looking for a property can be daunting, but with Deakin-White Real Estate (Deakin-White), it doesn’t have to be this way. As a boutique Real Estate Agent, Deakin-White helps its clients to find forever homes that truly satisfy them and give them everything they need. Here we look at the work its CEO, Ed Restall Harrison, does as he wins Most Influential CEO, 2022 – Bedfordshire, the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2015 by mother and son, Christine and Ed Restall-Harrison, Deakin-White covers the three counties of Herts, Beds, and Bucks with offices in Aylesbury, Dunstable, Hatfield, St. Albans, and Watford.

Aiding its customers with residential and commercial sales, lettings, auctions, and mortgages, Deakin-White has established itself as one to watch within the industry. As members of the Federation of Independent Estate Agents – and with several awards – Deakin-White encourages clients to head towards their dream spaces.

Always happy to help, Deakin-White offers its services at a fair and fine fee as well as taking everything its clients say into account. It doesn’t want to find somewhere that will simply do, it wants to find a place where people can feel happy, comfortable, stunned, and relaxed – every day.

Not only does Deakin-White offer its services of commercial sales and lettings, land and new homes, residential and commercial auctions, and residential sales and lettings, but it also provides help through its divorce and separation services and probate services. Its divorce and separation services guarantee a skilled team of professionals to help with such a difficult time, with true diligence and empathy.

This is the same with its probate services, as this is such a negative time filled with emotion, Deakin-White offers a helping hand with selling a probate property. It guarantees advice and assistance with both sales and house clearance so that clients don’t have to worry. Its extensive knowledge helps it to ensure the best results for people suffering from loss – with its extra services such as renovation and home staging, as well as insurance advice, means that Deakin-White can help clients in their time of need. Of course, this sort of service can be invaluable – especially with regards to the mental wellbeing of a client.

CEO, Ed Restall-Harrison, has now won Most Influential CEO, 2022 – Bedfordshire, the United Kingdom and his success will continue long into the future. He has a fine background in real estate marketing, commercial real estate, property management, and relocation services. His other current roles include:

• Head of Land and New Homes for The Federation of Independent Agents
• Non-Executive Director for Your Marketing Needs
• President of The Pride of Dunstable Business Club
• Chairman of The Friends of Mary Seacole Housing Association
For the future, he is looking to continue steering Deakin-White in the right direction. We wish him all the success.

For business enquiries, contact Ed Restall-Harrison from Deakin-White Real Estate on their website – https://www.dwrealestate.co.uk/

Trustworthy Solutions for Financial Services Providers

Wheelhouse Advisors Limited provides regulatory management, regulatory reporting, accounting and tax solutions specifically designed to reduce risk, save time, and improve costs for firms in the alternative investment sector. Under the leadership of Matthew Crisp, the Most Influential CEO, 2022 – London, the company has thrived, becoming a leading practitioner within its field.

Wheelhouse Advisors gives clients the freedom to focus on their core strengths and business strategy. As a strategic partner to the investment management sector, it services more than 900 clients globally, with over $130bn of assets under reporting. These include financial services firms, their principals and other financial services professionals from start-ups and spinouts through to established firms and multinationals. Whether firms are based in the UK, expanding there, or located overseas and marketing funds into Europe, Wheelhouse can help. Regulatory requirements can be a considerable additional burden for some firms, many of those in private markets, and the Wheelhouse specialist resources and experienced team are on hand to steer clients through complex regulatory and fiscal requirements. The company’s core values have remained the same since its establishment: it believe that its people are its biggest strength.

“A typical client journey starts with a group of investment professionals looking to come together in a new venture or to spin out from an existing manager. They may already be London based or have a UK presence, or be an investment firm based in North America or Asia considering expansion to Europe through a physical presence or marketing their existing investment strategies to European investors,” comments Crisp.

He continues, “Wheelhouse Advisors is an outsourced provider to these firms and we provide specialist advice and services with a strong focus on regulatory reporting and prudential management. Whilst we have competitors in the market, most do not have such an intricate knowledge in the area of prudential management and regulatory reporting. It is due to this specialist focus that we are confident that we are able to provide industry leading solutions to our clients, globally.”

Behind this process is, of course, the highly experienced and skilled Wheelhouse Advisors team. Within the company’s culture is a constant drive to improve – be it personally, professionally and as a team. Crisp testifies, “It all begins with the Wheelhouse Advisors Academy, a programme that all new members of the team benefit from, whether joining us on a training programme as an apprentice or recent graduate, or as an experienced hire with a professional qualification already obtained.”

However, another key contributor to the company’s success and internal culture is the attitude of the leadership team. Much of this stems from Crisp himself. Boasting over 20 years of experience within the industry, Matthew has earned both a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy & Economics and an MSc from York University in Project Analysis, Finance & Investment. Moreover, he is a qualified chartered accountant – an accolade that he obtained during his time at PWC and he is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

“Outside of the Academy,” he continues, “the past two years have taught us all the value of resilience and wellbeing; we provide a range of benefits both inside and outside the workplace to reflect this and work hard to emphasise the importance of being part of a team that learns and shares. We all rise by lifting others around us.”

Crisp views his role as one that should build an environment that pushes the team – not individuals – towards success. “I am continually asking myself and challenging my team to explore ‘what do our clients need from us?’, ‘how can we continue to strive to be the best?’, ‘what else can we do to improve our proposition?’ and ‘what can we learn from others to continue to improve?’” Simply, his goal is to contribute to the company’s mission to help its clients to consistently outperform.

For many, the last few years have been an increasingly difficult time; however, due to its strong background, Wheelhouse Advisors was able to successfully navigate this challenge. The market conditions that spawned from the aftermath of Brexit unintentionally set the company on a path that would serve to benefit it during the pandemic. Subsequently, during this time, Wheelhouse Advisors turned its attention to the digitisation of the company. This transformation has culminated in much broader value creation than cost savings through automation, which has served to benefit both the company’s teams and its clients. Wheelhouse have secured a positive path to continue to grow globally and thrive as a business.

For business enquiries, contact Matthew Crisp from Wheelhouse Advisors Limited on their website – www.wheelhouse-advisors.com

Providing Global Security for Wireless Devices

LOX Network puts the power of device ownership in the hands of owners rather than wireless carriers, its mission being to recover stolen or lost devices through global data sharing. The company’s founder and CEO, Lucas Collins has been recognised by CEO Monthly as Most Influential CEO, 2022 – London, the United Kingdom, so we take a closer look at how he and his team are providing global security for the world’s wireless devices.

Our phones are an important part of our lives. We use them to store our treasured memories, they help us to run our businesses, and especially during these times, they help us to connect with those we love most. Therefore, many of us know all too well the feeling of dread that sinks in when we lose a mobile device. According to Forbes, 70 million mobile phones are lost each year – That’s an eye-watering two every second!

LOX Networks’ founder and CEO, Lucas Collins is on a mission to change that. With a bachelor’s degree in Business/Managerial Economics from Eastern Mediterranean University, and two decades of management and leadership experience working for the likes of Orange, Phones4u, EE, and Dixons Carphone, along with being the business owner of Chase Side Retail and The Brothers Retail, Lucas is equipped with the expertise needed to lead a team to greatness, and the inspiration and desire to protect people’s mobile devices.

Lucas launched LOX Network in the third quarter of 2020 and is proud to have developed the world’s first fully decentralised security network. The LOX network aims to revolutionise mobile security by using blockchain technology to prevent any stolen phone being connected to any other cellular network – worldwide. Without the ability to make phone calls or connect to data networks, phones significantly lose their value.

So, how does blockchain work in all of this? Simply put, blockchain is a decentralised record of digital transactions. When a phone is purchased, the device’s serial number (IMEI) and owner details are added to the blockchain (database). Being decentralised, all networks and phone manufacturers have access to this data, including law enforcement and insurance companies, as well as the general public. No longer will this information be kept hidden – It will be available globally.

When a phone is reported missing, it is blacklisted and will therefore appear as stolen, should anyone activate it. This significantly reduces theft and increases the likelihood of the phone being returned. Lucas comments, “After all, the only deterrent stronger than getting caught is a lack of reward.”

Indeed, LOX is targeting and dismantling the phone theft industry through a decentralised blacklist, and it is bridging its users’ unique digital and physical ownership through unique non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

The LOX token ($LOX), the company’s native currency, is central to its network. Part of its reward structure and incentivises mission success, device owners have the ability to create bounties that are paid in $LOX for the recovery of lost and stolen devices. Additionally, other users who find such devices and return them back to their owners receive a reward paid in $LOX. Users can also receive a $LOX reward when finding a blacklisted device with no apparent owner. These three incentives are designed to increase the recovery of devices.

LOX’s model pairs SmartNFT to SmartLOX NFTs, creating a bond that is at the core of its security network. The user creates an NFT representation of themselves including name and contact information, and then an NFT representing the user’s device is then minted. This records the device’s make, model, and IMEI. By bonding the two on the LOX network, proof-of-ownership is verifiable on the blockchain.

Soon, users will be able to connect to the proof-of-ownership system via the LOX mobile app, enabling the ability to manage the security, whereabouts, and ownership rights of multiple devices on the go.

LOX is also currently developing its nano security tagging, an invisible method that will be used for tagging and tracing items using microdot technology. These aren’t the only projects that the company has in the works; in 2023, it will be introducing new features for smartwatches, laptops, and other high value goods that are prone to theft – all to protect as many devices as possible.

Ultimately, it’s clear to see that LOX Network is a gamechanger within the digital security space and that it is motivated and passionate, truly revolutionising the way people’s mobile devices are protected from theft. And none of it could be a reality without the company’s pioneering CEO, Lucas Collins and his vision and leadership – truly making him an award-winningly influential CEO.

For business enquiries, contact Lucas Collins from LOX Network via email – [email protected] or on their website – https://loxcoin.io/

The B2B Marketing Leader Creating the Next Generation of Unicorns

Bordeaux & Burgundy is a full-service marketing agency specialising in empowering B2B SaaS businesses to scale rapidly. Working with both the current and next generation of unicorns, the agency has generated colossal growth for its global client base and continues to expand its impact in the B2B SaaS world. Here we celebrate its CEO, Alfie Dawson, as he rapidly accelerates this prestigious company and its reputation. Alfie has won Most Influential CEO, 2022 – London, United Kingdom and we want to take a look at the work Bordeaux & Burgundy does.

As a full-service, B2B marketing agency, Bordeaux & Burgundy offers its powerful resources

to businesses across the globe. Supporting companies from Series A funding onwards with their growth, Bordeaux & Burgundy conducts an initial sales and marketing audit and applies its experience to produce a step-by-step process that generates growth, measuring alongside key performance indicators that matter – they don’t care about how many likes you get on Facebook.

When you’re in the world of high-growth funding-backed ‘startups’, you’re held to incredibly high standards by your investors in terms of delivering pipeline, increasing revenue, and generating new logos for your business. Bordeaux & Burgundy understands that this goes beyond simply generating creative marketing campaigns, but spans across assisting fundraising, recruiting, and applying automation across internal operations, whilst continuously generating new business opportunities through sales and marketing activities.

Providing marketing strategies, demand generation, technology assistance, content creation, and more, Bordeaux & Burgundy’s strategy begins with its expert B2B intelligence. Its demand generation is tailor-made for businesses looking to use its multi-channel marketing to increase brand awareness, connect, and educate decision makers within businesses to ultimately increase revenue.

On the same note, its use of technology ensures the avoidance of unnecessary marketing headcounts and, by utilising low-cost and effective marketing to automate 90% of manual processes, Bordeaux & Burgundy can guarantee the best services, allowing businesses to focus on what they need to do to raise funds and advance their products. Its design and content creation enables businesses to project their ideas and values onto their clients so that they may connect with them on a deeper level. With a concentrated lead-generation-focused website, it is entirely possible to attract more clients for the foreseeable future. Bordeaux & Burgundy does just that – it confirms connections between companies and clients so that they don’t have to worry about being lost in the masses of businesses all trying to express themselves to attract a larger client base.

By offering its recruitment and fundraising services, Bordeaux & Burgundy promises expansion and an increase in employees that will all expertly contribute to the revenue and presence of each business. With its ability to establish an in-house marketing team, Bordeaux & Burgundy makes sure that businesses don’t have to rely on agencies forever. Bordeaux & Burgundy believes that fundraising is usually overlooked by marketing agencies and does everything in its power to ensure investment networks and fundraising email campaigns benefit its clients.

Alfie Dawson is the Chief Executive Officer of Bordeaux & Burgundy and applies his knowledge from his previous roles as Head of Marketing which have resulted in several multi-million-dollar acquisitions. After starting the agency early last year, he has grown the business from a small creative agency to a full-service powerhouse with a global presence. This has been achieved through his devotion to generating results for his clients in all aspects of growth, creating a culture within Bordeaux & Burgundy where client success is the only influence on agency success. Alfie has the knowledge to propel any business in the right direction and his achievements are the reason for his status as Most Influential CEO, 2022 – London, United Kingdom. He shows no sign of slowing down as Bordeaux & Burgundy reaches new heights with its plans to open offices in APAC this year.

For business enquiries, contact Alfie Dawson from Bordeaux & Burgundy on their website – https://www.bordeauxandburgundy.co.uk/

The Company Building Its Way To Success

Over the course of six years, Tamear has risen significantly in the challenging construction market of Saudi Arabia. It has even blossomed into a successful business despite the market fluctuations that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, having sustained its strengths and positive cashflows. This is largely thanks to the contributions of the company’s current CEO, Mr. Mohammed Al Mymuni. As such, he has earned himself the title of Most Influential CEO, 2022 – Saudi Arabia – Join us as we explore his approach to business…

Spawning from a collaboration between Al Akaria, the first and the renowned Saudi-based real estate development company, and the Turkish company, Kaya Homes, Saudi real estate construction company, Tamear has overcome significant challenges since its formation in 2016. Due to organisational disruptions and market recession Tamear ran into significant financial crises including the unprecedented reversals in cashflows. However, in recent years, its recovery has been bolstered by the leadership of the company’s CEO, Mohammed Al Mymuni. Indeed, Tamear is now thriving and has since lent its expertise to multi-billion-riyal projects.

Tamear specialises in high-quality construction projects in both the residential and commercial sectors. From hotels to malls, and hospitals to homes, Tamear offers a bespoke service, resulting in unique and highly modern builds. Moreover, the company prides itself on providing a full service, spanning from the initial development of the concept to the finalisation of the project. As such, the company has cultivated an efficient global management team, which – through the usage of contemporary building techniques – allows the company to work on multiple projects at the same time. Further, it ensures that projects will be completed efficiently and cost effectively.  

Consequently, Tamear boasts an impressive clientele across Saudi Arabia, through which it contributes to nationally prestigious projects. This includes The Housing Program, an initiative launched in 2018 that aims to increase access to affordable and appropriate housing. In addition, Tamear contributed its expertise in the Red Sea Project – an iconic tourism project along the coastline. The first phase of the project is set to be completed by 2023, in which it will possess five developed islands and 16 hotels. On top of these, it has extended its cooperation with ROSHN, AMAALA, and many more.

After two turbulent years, the industry in Saudi Arabia is beginning to regain stability. Throughout the peak of the pandemic, the company found itself greatly impacted by a plethora of new challenges. A primary cause for concern was the dramatic increase in costs which was brought about by idle equipment, a lack of manpower, and extra preventive measures, such as daily employee screening, thermal reading, and facility management and sanitising requirements. Additionally, the acquisition of new materials and equipment was drastically reduced thanks to the introduction of social distancing guidelines and the subsequent supply chain disruptions.

Of course, a key element within the success of the company during this period was its highly talented and skilled team. Mohammed Al Mymuni believes that this can be attributed to, ‘team management and team contribution under the leadership of well-versed and qualified executive management.’ Additionally, Tamear has armed itself with a stringent recruitment process, within which it searches for the best hires for its business. Each team member is multi-skilled, maintaining a selection of sought-after traits, including dependability, flexibility, and a solid work ethic. Communication is key and, in turn, such traits guarantee efficacy.

Much of this approach has its roots within the leadership style of the CEO, Mohammed Al Mymuni. He comments that the ‘primary focus should revolve around developing and championing the organisation’s strategy,’ and that a ‘CEO must be decisive, engage for impact, adapt proactively, and deliver reliably.’

Prior to his current role, Al Mymuni enjoyed a brief stint as Tamear’s deputy CEO. Within such positions, he has been able to draw upon his experience as Al Akaria’s executive director, as well as his time as a project director, advisor, vice chairman. This is in addition to his engineering knowledge and leadership skills gained from multiple profitable global organisations by establishing new strategies and initiatives increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions with wide experience. As executive management, he has been a decision maker for national, international, public and private organisations in core establishment of PPP, sustainable development, building techniques, contracting and innovation in construction, affordable housing, projects and portfolios management, real estate development, business strategies, arbitration and international defence and aerospace with critical infrastructure.

An alum of the prestigious King Saud University, the CEO earned a BSc in Civil Engineering, and in 2001, he continued his education, gaining a master’s degree in Building Science and Technologies. From civil engineering to sustainable development, and project planning to construction, over the years, Mohammed Al Mymuni has garnered an extensive understanding of the industry.

His past has been filled with abundance, but does his future promise equal prosperity? The simple answer is yes, it does. There are numerous plans in the pipeline upon which he plans to capitalise in order to boost his own career. He is enacting tried and tested techniques, including setting specific, measurable career development goals, creating and implementing a career development plan, and keeping motivated at work.

On the whole, over the next year, Tamear will be basing its work around the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are numerous opportunities emerging and, as a direct consequence, Trading Economics predicts that GDP from construction in Saudi Arabia is expected to hit 30,084 SAR million by the end of this quarter. Benefiting from this boom, Tamear is in the process of implementing the new company strategy, which has been designed to instruct the company for the next three years. It will be implemented via a staggered approach informed by the ongoing changes caused by the global crisis.

For business enquiries, contact Mohammed Al Mymuni from Tamear – Saudi Real Estate Construction Company on their website – www.tamear.com.sa

EU Business News Announces the Winners of the 2022 European Travel Awards

United Kingdom, 2022 – EU Business News Magazine proudly announces the winners of the brand new 2022 European Travel Awards programme.

This programme is crafted to acknowledge and celebrate leading, revolutionary pioneers in the travel, tourism, and leisure industry sweeping across Europe. Guiding and strengthening these industries, after a tumultuous 12 months, these businesses have reinforced and rekindled our love for travel. They have carried themselves with pride, expression, and vigour with their innovative and dedicated work, and we are here to applaud their devotion.

Catering to adventurous audiences, these businesses have acted as a buttress for the travel, tourism, and leisure industries throughout the pandemic – thus, allowing the industries to flourish once more. People are now wishing to go on their new ventures to places they already love and destinations they are yet to explore. This inspiring awards programme offers a deeper look into the businesses that have changed the way we experience travel, tourism, and leisure for the foreseeable future, so that we can capture our own slice of excitement.

As a brand, Eu Business News takes tremendous delight in awarding businesses and professionals that have altered this ever-developing realm – from relaxation to wanderlust, these entities have made a name for themselves. These awards go to show that their committed work goes a long way.

Our Awards Coordinator, Laura O’Carroll, has commented on the success of this programme:

“Hosting the new European Travel Awards programme has been a pleasure. It has been a significantly valuable experience and it is with honour that I congratulate all the winners of the 2022 European Travel Awards. I wish them all the best for their future plans and further success!”

To find out more about these trail-blazers and learn about what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit https://www.eubusinessnews.com/awards/european-travel-awards/ to access our winners supplement.



About EU Business News Magazine, a publication under AI Global Media

EU Business News magazine is a widely read magazine with audiences of around 78,000 C-suite executives and leading decision makers in EU countries – as well as countries that have free trade agreements with the EU, including Canada. EU Business News is a crucial tool that offers readers the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments in the EU markets – as well as offering insight into businesses that are altering our perception of them.

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The CEO That Works To Make A Difference

On behalf of clients in a variety of industries, Raya CX provides cutting-edge customer service. Indeed, it supplies a range of services offered under the guidance of the company’s experienced CEO, Ahmed Refky. Since his acquisition of the role, the company has grown from strength to strength, earning him the title of Most Influential CEO, 2022 – Cairo, Egypt.

Raya CX is a leading business process outsourcing and contact centre outsourcing provider that serves Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Indeed, it provides a diverse range of services that it is equipped to provide in 15 languages, including customer experience management, seat rental solutions, back-office, and digital services. The company has established its internationally renowned status through working with clients from around the globe – primarily working with Fortune 1000 companies in the EMEA region.

Established in 2001, Raya CX has accomplished a great amount within its two decades in business. By 2006, the company had grown to a point where it had to change location, allowing it to expand from 200 seats to a total capacity of 800. Moreover, it was this year that Raya CX acquired a 25% stake in the call centre company, C3 – in 2008 it would increase this stake to 85%. It would not be until 2016 that Raya CX would land on European soil. Its first European delivery centre opened in Warsaw, Poland, and enabled the company to entre a strategic partnership with a major European airline carrier.

In the current year, Raya CX is a thriving, internationally renowned company with facilities scattered across the globe. Much of this success is thanks to the company’s current CEO, Ahmed Refky, an experienced senior executive. Refky has had the privilege of working in multiple high-ranking positions, such as senior vice president, managing director, and managing partner roles. Utilising the experience that he has gained over the years, Refky has comitted himself to the growth of Raya CX – something that the company has seen a great amount of during his two years as the CEO.

Furthermore, Refky boasts an impressive track record within providing strategic vision and enterprise leadership, with these skills contributing to his knowledge surrounding sales and profitability. In essence, Refky is an innovative, passionate, and results-oriented leader, who maintains a strong capacity to counsel, coach, develop strategies, and, ultimately, lead teams to success.

Upon the Raya CX website, Refky is quoted as saying, ‘nothing compares to the feeling of having the ability to make a difference.’ This quote effectively summarises Refky’s approach to leadership – it is one that has been refined greatly over the years, however, its fundamental elements have remained the same.

Under his guidance, Raya CX is set to have an explosive year in 2022, reaching greater levels of success. Its strategy for this year is centred around the growth of the company, both in terms of its worldwide reach and its services. The company’s primary focus is its digital expansion – it endeavours to meet its clients wherever they are, including within the Metaverse. In addition, a significant portion of this year will be devoted to strengthening the current customer portfolio through improving performance and further increasing customer satisfaction.

For business enquiries, contact Mina Habib from Raya CX on their website – https://www.rayacx.com

Stress-Free Offshore Banking

CEO of globally-recognised offshore banking institution, SUISSE BANK, Wolfgang Zalauf is an accomplished financial advisor, offering expert advice and a broad spectrum of services to help businesses make informed decisions. Being the spearhead behind the success of SUISSE BANK, Wolfgang has been recognised by CEO Monthly as CEO of the Year 2021 – Bahrain, so we take a closer look at his career and what SUISSE BANK has to offer clients.

SUISSE BANK is a reputable offshore banking institution that provides a broad range of services including private and corporate banking, trade financing, cryptocurrency trading, and lucrative investment opportunities. Each service is delivered to individuals and businesses through a straightforward and seamless approach.

With offshore banking no longer being reserved for elites and top-tiered businesses, and with regulations having become more lenient, any individual or business that wants to secure and grow their wealth in a discreet manner now have the option to open an offshore bank account.

For those who are looking to open a private or corporate bank account with SUISSE BANK, they do not need to be present physically or get involved with complex documentation. With a digital KYC onboarding process, it takes just 30 minutes to open an account and get started. Also an interesting feature is the all-in-one wallet which makes it easier to access a wide range of services and benefits in a simple, fast and efficient manner.

Its e-wallet is multi-currency, with customers able to transact in three different currencies – GBP, EUR, and USD. They can have their own IBAN for all incoming and outgoing payments, and the wallet also supports third-party payments and four different languages to enable easier transactions. For high-performing customers, the bank provides high deposit and transaction limits. And most convenient of all, customers can access their account, make transactions, and check their balance from anywhere in the world via the web portal or mobile app.

Cryptocurrency trading services are also accessible, allowing customers to buy, sell, withdraw, deposit, and transfer crypto liquidation amounts to their digital account or debit card. This includes an exclusive debit card, powered by MasterCard, with high transaction limits, and customers can enjoy concierge lifestyle services, personalised travel service, DHL shipping worldwide, and much more.

For new investors, cryptocurrency is the latest fad – opening up possibilities for limitless trading and quick money. The easiest way of investing in cryptos is by trading, i.e., by buying and selling crypto coin such as bitcoin, dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. Cryptocurrency trading is performed via online exchanges that allow investors to open an account and start trading.

However, the market is highly volatile and choosing the right trading exchange is very important to ensure you can store and liquidate the cryptos seamlessly. There are several cryptocurrency platforms out there, although choosing one can be challenging, says SUISSE BANK CEO, Wolfgang Zulauf. The platforms should be compared in terms of exchange, storage liquidation, and other benefits.

SUISSE BANK itself is a trusted cryptocurrency trading platform that provides a simple and hassle-free experience in buying, selling, storing, withdrawing, depositing, and liquidating crypto coins into fiat. The convenience of trading is one of the most important factors to consider in crypto exchange.

Alongside that, security when trading digitally is ensured with SUISSE BANK, which provides high-end encryption and firewall security for all financial transactions and clients’ personal information. This gives customers peace of mind, knowing that their trading transactions are secure and confidential.

SUISSE BANK is led by Wolfgang Zulauf, an expert banker with decades of experience who specialises in offering bespoke private and corporate offshore banking services to global businesses. He is an accomplished financial advisor with rich industry knowledge to provide bespoke financial solutions.

Wolfgang has carved a strong foothold in the banking industry by offering a complete suite of banking and financial services under one roof, all tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. He works to understand the type of business and their financial complexities, and then he will recommend suitable banking, investment and financial services that help meet their goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so SUISSE BANK therefore offers services that are customised to each business’ needs.

Having begun his journey by working with various prestigious financial institutions in Moscow, London and the Middle East, Wolfgang was able to gain proficiency by managing top-tier offshore accounts and financial trading. Thus, he introduced the concept of the all-in-one e-wallet.

A good financial expert is one who continuously updates his knowledge and skills in line with market changes. So is Wolfgang Zulauf. His competitive edge lies in constantly adapting to the latest trends and updates occurring within the banking and finance industry, offering only the best solutions to clients.

From cryptocurrency trading to trade financing or investment portfolio, Wolfgang knows what is working with in the industry and what is not. Based on his expert knowledge, he provides advice to help his clients make informed decisions. This alongside excellent marketing skills and a broad network of industry professionals helps SUISSE BANK to deliver comprehensive financial services to global clients.

Ultimately, it is Wolfgang’s Zulauf’s innovativeness, results-driven approach, and expert consulting that makes him a trusted choice for businesses globally. With his expert advice, he has helped several businesses achieve growth in matters of banking and finance. He continues to expand his reach globally through a strong network of experience introducing agents, traders, brokers, and financial institutions, enabling SUISSE BANK to broaden its scope of service and continue providing an optimal experience to customers.

For business enquiries, contact Sussie Bank via email –[email protected] or on their website – www.suissebank.com

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7 Amazing Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Weddings happen all over the world, but each culture has its unique twist on what should happen on the day. From warding off evil to money dances, guests play a vital role.

Whether you are attending a destination wedding or one for a friend from a different cultural background, these are the things you need to know to keep the couple and their families happy on their special day.

Smashing porcelain in Germany

In Germany, it is bad luck to toast with water. By doing so, you are wishing bad luck or even death upon yourself and the married couple.

Bear this in mind if you don’t plan to drink at a German wedding. You should choose anything other than water – for example, have lemonade or another soft drink if you don’t drink alcohol.

German tradition also includes a night called “Polterabend.”  That means going to the bride’s house the night before the wedding and smashing ceramics outside her door – the couple will clean this away the next day to prove they can work together, making a happy marriage.

Do not worry, your friends aren’t dragging you along for a night of vandalism in front of the bride’s house, you are doing her a favour!

Spot the missing couple in Venezuela

In Venezuela, it is a tradition that the couple tries to run off during the reception without the wedding guests noticing. It is good luck for the couple if they can manage it, and even better luck for you if you spot them.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled, and don’t be surprised if you cannot find them.

Dress down in Korea

Korean weddings are famous for being quick and efficient. They usually last half an hour, just enough time to say the vows and drink the wine – then it is on to a small meal. At a Korean wedding, the guests come first, and as most of them traditionally do not want to spend a day celebrating, the event is a short one.

Guests shouldn’t be too under or overdressed for a Korean wedding and be prepared to leave not long after they arrive. However, one must be close to the family to get an invite. As part of the efficiency, Korean weddings are for a small party of people.

Wish on a rock in Australia

One of the sweetest Aboriginal wedding traditions is to give the couple a rock. Guests place colourful stones into a unity bowl for the marrying couple.

The couple will take this as a gift and keep it in their house as a reminder of the day. Modern weddings include writing wishes or names on the rocks, however, this will depend on the couple.

So, find yourself the best-looking purple rock and wish the wedding couple a happy marriage.

Let your money do the dancing in Cuba

In many cultures, like Poland, Nigeria, and Greece, a money dance is a tradition.

Whether this is pinning money to the couple’s clothing or raining it at their feet, it is a gesture of good luck as well to financially support the couple and their honeymoon.

In Cuba, it is tradition to pin money to the bride’s dress to dance with her.

If you are attending a Cuban wedding, make sure you take money with you to show your celebration and support for the newlyweds.

Steal a bride in Romania

It is a Romanian custom to kidnap the bride on her wedding day. The groom must then pay a ransom to get his bride back.

This payment is not always money. The kidnappers could ask for bottles of alcohol or for the groom to embarrass himself by singing a love ballad for his bride.

This tradition is so popular that 20 brides could be taken to the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest in one night.

As a guest, you can expect an eventful evening, whether that is seeing the groom attempt to get his bride back or partying with the bridal party at the historic landmark.

Avoid wearing red in China

In the Chinese Yugur culture, it is custom for the groom to shoot the bride-to-be with three arrows – don’t worry, the arrowheads are removed beforehand. He then breaks each arrow in two, hoping their love will last forever.

Conversely, the Tujia people expect the bride to cry each day for a month in the lead-up to her wedding. The mother would then join in ten days later and the grandmother another ten days after that.

Wearing red has been a Chinese tradition since the Ming dynasty, and as a guest, you should avoid wearing red on the day.

Insights into the Modern Working World

Exemplary mind in his industry and dedicated innovator, Callum Denyer – the ‘CEO of the Year’ for 2021 in Bromley – has earned this title for his leadership position over Whyness UK. An AI empowered platform making it possible to use the insights of this technology to improve the working lives of employees across all manner of industry verticals, Whyness UK is looking forward to developing meaning and fulfilment in the lives of the contemporary workforce.

Whyness UK has made itself the ultimate career launchpad for the UK over the time that it has been in operation. Fundamentally, Whyness’ priority is to create an inspiring new business model for the future, in line with global societal change. With radical transformation required to protect the planet and those who live upon it, it wishes to be part of the positive change needed to make this happen, helping businesses to adapt and develop to thrive in the changing paradigm. In order to alter themselves to make this happen, Whyness understands how they must rethink their purpose and impact on the wider world; its efforts, therefore, are funnelled into helping them achieve this with diligence and empathy, supporting the growth of their employees.

Primarily, the role of business in modern society is changing as a whole. Gone are the classic office environments of the past, in favour of remote or hybrid working, and messaging that was effective prior to the pandemic has now been rendered totally obsolete. Pandemic notwithstanding, additional changes from political, geographical, legislative, and social developments can easily render a business in need of a serious pivot towards something new and uncharted. Therefore, Whyness wishes to maximise shareholder value in order to create shared value, believing that the future of the workforce in society in one that will be developed from these changing values, purposes, and impacts. However, in order for this to happen – both in the near future and further into the decade – there needs to be a reliable, tangible way to measure these concepts.

Whyness is pioneering solutions and models to empower individuals to uncover new, measurable insights about themselves, creating more fulfilling careers for the modern worker. Nominally, its world-first dedication to innovation prioritises the career progression and future pathways of the contemporary workforce, using advanced AI models in order to interpret an individual’s subconscious thoughts and behaviours when using the platform. This allows employers to get a better gauge of values, principles, and purpose, leading to more fulfilling careers that allow employers to tailor roles to what gets the most engaged response, resulting in an environment of fulfilling work and high-quality services.

All of this has been made possible by the drive and dedication of CEO Callum Denyer. In essence, his ambition with Whyness UK is in cultivating a better future for the professionals of the UK and beyond, using his status as a leader in technology, innovation, and strategy – as well as his history of developing and growing high-performing teams to deliver innovation solutions – to make himself a linchpin of enterprise. Proudly backed by Innovate UK, it is a recipient of the highly competitive SMART Grant, and it looks forward to bringing its technologically adept solutions to many more clients in the future.

For business enquiries, contact Callum Denyer from Whyness UK on their website – whyness.co.uk

Your Home Renovation: Hiring an Architect and a Designer

If you are planning a property renovation and you have been watching videos online, you may have convinced yourself that DIY is the way to go. Social media seems to be full of handy homeowners happily renovating decrepit structures single-handedly, smiling all the way. What’s often left out of those accounts is the sweat, tears, frustration, and mistakes. Unless you have a background in renovation yourself, you may want to consider hiring professionals for some or all of the tasks ahead of you. In particular, both an architect and a designer may be useful to you.

Your Plans

The first thing you need to consider is what exactly you need to do. There’s a big difference between doing a single room remodel and taking a house down to the studs and back again. Electricity and plumbing work add an extra layer of difficulty. Then there are the jobs you could do, but do you really want to? For example, refurbishing hardwood floors means a lot of hours with a loud, noisy, dust-creating machine, plus the possibility of damaging the floors if you do it wrong. Start with a clear idea of the scope of your project.

Your Budget

Your budget is not just about money but also time. If you’re not on any particular schedule and can work on projects as you are able, more DIY work may be feasible. When you factor in the time you’ll spend on it, though, DIY might seem less economical. There’s also the fact that contractors and other professionals may be able to get deals that aren’t available to you and will almost certainly work more quickly than you.

When you’re looking at your budget for hiring professionals, consider taking out a personal loan to help pay for the related costs. It’s better to spend the money to do things right the first time rather than wasting it to have mistakes fixed later, and a personal loan is often the best way to cover expenses, offering lower interest rates than most credit cards and allowing you to borrow various amounts depending on your needs. One thing to consider is whether you will need an architect, a designer, or both. If you can only afford to hire one, keeping reading for help on how to decide.

The Role of Architects and Designers

Architects and designers have different roles although there is some overlap in their skills and training. For any major structural remodels, such as changes to rooms that involve taking down walls, think architect. In fact, some jurisdictions may require this for planning permission. Architects also have some design expertise, but if you are primarily looking at more cosmetic changes to the interior, a designer may be the right choice. If you can afford to hire both, they can complement one another’s expertise. Whatever you choose, be sure to spend some time talking to several about your ideas and how they work. Much like hiring a therapist or an attorney, you’ll be looking for someone you have a rapport with who can understand your needs and use their professional abilities to turn your wishes into the home of your dreams.

Success And Satisfaction In Trading: How Naga Can Help You?

To become a successful trader, it is imperative that you plan your trades, earn consistent profits and minimize losses. As such, you must lay strategies that can help you win in most trades. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Greed and lack of gratification make traders want to bite more than they can chew. Also, lack of focus and distractions can make traders incur hefty losses.

Thus, if your objective is to become a successful trader, you must treat trading like any other business. Also, you should learn and master the tricks used to trade different assets. In addition, ensure to set realistic goals before you get started.

Note that being organized and choosing the right trading platform is critical if you want to succeed as a trader. In fact, most traders fail because of disorganization. Continue reading this post to discover what you need to do to achieve success and satisfaction in trading with naga.com as your best allied trading platform.

How Do Brokers Help Traders To Attain Success In Trading?

As a new trader, you may not do much on your own. Therefore, you will need some help from successful brokers. For instance, forex trading provides plenty of opportunities, which can earn good returns. But it comes with many risks and could even wipe out your investment. Fortunately, brokers can help you attain some level of success. They offer a platform that allows you to buy and sell assets even with limited amount of capital.

Brokers help neophytes maximize trading. They teach them how the industry works and how they can protect themselves against market fluctuations. Working with a broker also helps one to understand how the market works and learn the tricks. Besides, they will help you avoid common mistakes and steer you in the right direction. Thus, finding a forex broker that suits your needs could make trading easy for beginners.

You may learn from your broker the following essentials as a trader:

Have A Trading PlanThe plan refers to a set of rules that a trader follows to determine when to enter and exit from trades. It also refers to guidelines and money management criteria you deploy when trading. Luckily, today, it is possible for a trader to carry out back testing before using the plan in a live account. Back testing enables them use historical data to determine if their trading plan works. If it does not work, you may need to adjust or let it go.

But if the plan works or shows signs that it will work, ensure to follow it. Taking trades outside the plan is discouraged since it can lead to losses.

Treat Trading As A BusinessTrading could be a full-time or part-time venture. Therefore, you must treat it as a business if you want to enjoy its full benefits. Treating it as a hobby makes you less committed, and you may not pay much attention to learning the tricks. It also means you will not have regular paychecks, and so, you’ll get frustrated along the way.

Leverage TechnologyTrading is a competitive business, and thus, taking advantage of the available technology could help you make more wins. Charting programs will give you different ways of analysing the market. They will also give ideas on how to use historical data to prevent missteps in trading. Ensure to get updates on your smartphone and install apps that can help you monitor trades on the go. Also, take advantage of technology and ensure to keep updated about new products in the market.

How Can Naga Help Traders Have Successful And Satisfactory Trading?

Naga is one of the brokers that provide traders with an opportunity to network. It features a copy trading app which sets it apart from its competitors. The app allows neophyte traders to copy and emulate their experienced counterparts. It enables them to trade and earn money as they continue learning the skill.

Besides copying trades, Naga allows traders to discuss and share ideas and investing strategies. In addition, it features MT4and MT5 and further allows investors to trade more than 950+ assets. Investors can trade forex, CFDs and stocks. Naga offers real-time execution of trades on both web and mobile interfaces.

Naga can help one trade successfully by allowing them to choose successful traders to mirror. It also allows traders to determine the amount of money to invest in copy trading. So, a trader can easily mirror positions taken by lead traders and trade like professionals. Also, you can close or pause autocopying any time and resume it when you want. In addition, a trader can check performance and statistics. By clicking on the auto-copy settings, a trader can access data on how the mirrored trader is doing.


If you are a new trader, you can still trade assets as you continue learning the art. Naga allows traders to mirror their experienced mentors and learn how to trade at the same time. It also allows them to trade 950+ assets on the go and gives them a wide range of assets to trade in.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Financial Wellbeing

Wellbeing is something a lot of us are taking more seriously these days. In the age of self-care, everyone is paying more attention to how they feel in themselves, and how they look after their future. Part of investing in good wellbeing, is making sure you’re healthy from a financial perspective too. The unfortunate truth is most of don’t have the level of financial wellbeing we’d like. We spend a lot of time worrying about not having enough money to pay for essential bills and expenses, but not nearly as much time coming up with solutions to our cash flow issues. The good news is there are some simple ways you can improve your financial wellbeing with minimal effort. Here are some simple ways to get started.

Update Your Debt Strategy

Debt can have a significant impact on financial wellbeing. It’s easy to find yourself getting overwhelmed by a buildup of loans and interest rates after a while. Even if you’re relatively careful with your money, we all need to borrow from time to time to handle the hefty expenses associated with things like buying a house or getting an education. The key to success isn’t avoiding debt entirely, it’s learning how to use it correctly. Taking out student loans so you can go to college and improve your earning capabilities in the future is a great way to actively improve your financial health over time. If you take the time to carefully research the right loan options, you can also ensure you don’t have to worry as much about interest rates and fees at a later date.

Create a Savings Plan

Most of us have long-term and short-term goals for our finances. In an ideal world, we’d be able to buy anything we needed as and when we wanted it. However, the reality is that big purchases can take a long time to make. Having a strong savings plan in place will ensure you can gradually work towards your long-term goals. Making better lifestyle choices can save you money as well. Aside from having a plan for your long-term savings, it’s also important to ensure you have an emergency savings plan in place. This emergency fund will be what you turn to when unexpected expenses crop up in your life. Having a little extra backup in place will stop you from dipping into the money you’re trying to reserve for other major purchase down the line.

Experiment With Budgeting Strategies

Finally, budgeting is one of the best tools you can use when you’re trying to improve financial wellbeing. However, many struggle with setting up a budget, because they find doing so to be restrictive or difficult. The good news is there doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach to budgeting. You can simply experiment with different plans until you find something that works for you. You might even find it helpful to use modern tools to help you. Budgeting and financial apps are excellent for guiding you through the process of sorting your money into different segments based on what you want to accomplish. You can even find tools which can give you advice based on your specific spending habits.

Concerts & Other Live Events Are Coming To The Metaverse

From public address systems magnifying sounds to the internet introducing live streams and event recordings – different inventions have impacted the way live events are held.

With the ground breaking advent of virtual reality in the metaverse, it is now possible for you to attend an event without leaving your home.

No wonder why companies are now organizing and selling tickets en masse to virtual events in the metaverse.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the concerts and other live events coming to the metaverse.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, companies set up virtual events that people can access from anywhere in the world thanks to advancements in event technology.

These concerts or other live events are then made available on various streaming platforms like SongKic,k Medical Vr and YouTube live.

To access this service, you’ll need to purchase tickets, these tickets will give you direct access to experience these live concerts from the comfort of your home.

You can make use of tools like virtual reality, augmented reality and surround sound to enhance this experience, so it feels like you are right in the room where the event is held.

Concerts In The Metaverse

Witnessed by over 10.5 million people at Fortnite’s Pleasant Park, the first Metaverse event was the Marshmallow concert in February 2019. Marshmello’s top hits, such as ‘Everyday,’ ‘Happier,’ and ‘Alone,’ were performed at this brief concert.

A similar concert performance in the Metaverse is the collaboration of Roblox, a global online gaming platform, and the musical duo Twenty-One Pilots in 2021. The event featured some of the songs by the Musical duo like ‘Shy Away,’ ‘Heathen,’ and ‘Saturday.’

Wave, a virtual entertainment medium, also featured the pop star, Justin Bieber. And with a digital avatar of himself, Justin performed different tracks from his album ‘Justice’ for various fans around the world.

The more recent use of immersive technologies in concert, which took a step further into the Metaverse, is the musical group ABBA Vogage, where the famous group was represented with younger digital avatars.

With the help of artificial intelligence, these digital avatars were used in making stage-oriented holograms representing the famous group.

Holding concerts in the metaverse is a solution to the lockdown situation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some concerts were cancelled, and some couldn’t hold because of the safety precautions introduced by governments to prevent the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, with virtual concerts, the entertainment industry would no longer be plagued by such constraints, artists and companies can host concerts and sell millions of tickets without placing a crowd of people in a single location.

Other Live Events

It doesn’t stop there, there are rumours that Disney is set to open a virtual theme park! This theme park would be run with virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the user experience.

Universal Studios also plans to introduce a Mario-themed ride in Japan using augmented reality to create virtual characters that visitors can interact with.

This move to the digital space also stretches to other live events from football and basketball matches to conventions, rallies and other live speaking events.

The live event scene has changed forever with AR and VR technology powering virtual events. Companies are now hosting hybrid events that you can choose to attend either in person or from your home.

This way you can also save money that you would have spent on plane tickets, a bus or whatever other means of your transport.


How To Ensure Safety in Homes

If you’re in the business of constructing buildings that people are going to live in, then you have a special responsibility to ensure that they’re safe – or, at least, as safe as reasonably practicable. This means that they should be able to cope with the stress of day-to-day use and that hazardous utilities like gas and electricity are appropriately concealed.

Let’s take a look at a few of the factors that would-be homebuilders will need to consider.


Of course, the materials you build the home from will have a marked impact on how safe it is. For the most part, modern homes tend to be built using stud timber and plasterboard – at least, where the interior is concerned. This has the advantage of being easier to work with than bricks and mortar, while still being fire-retardant if you go for the right kind of plasterboard.

When considering the materials, however, you’ll need to think about factors like durability, affordability, and sustainability, too. Just, not at the expense of safety.

Choosing the right location

If you don’t build the home in the right location, then you’ll risk running into problems in the future. This is why a thorough survey of the proposed site is so essential. You’ll need your home to be able to survive a flood without the foundations being gradually washed away. Remember, this is a project that should ideally stand for decades or even centuries after everything has been wrapped up.

Planning for Disaster

While you might design your home in such a way to limit the likelihood of a fire, earthquake, or flood, it’s critical that you build them with the worst possible circumstances in mind. That way, when those extreme situations do arise, you’ll have a building that’s fit for the job.

In practice, this means keeping a clear escape route from every room in the home and making sure that there’s room for things like fire extinguishers. If you’re well acquainted with building regulations, you’ll know exactly what changes to make.


Once you’ve built the home, it’s vital that you run a few tests to ensure that it can cope with a real safety problem. This is something that usually applies to pre-existing buildings. You want to make sure that there’s no asbestos, lead paint, or other potential hazards. If these do turn up, then you’ll know that removing them is a key part of your upcoming project.

Site safety

Of course, as well as worrying about the level of safety in the home when it’s finally finished, you’ll also want to think about safety on site as the construction project is continuing. Naturally, it’s also critical that all site equipment be removed before the occupants actually move in!

What Exactly is Workers’ Compensation and How is it Paid Out?

When you get injured in a workplace accident, it can be hard to keep getting up every day and attending to your duties normally.

The good news is that you may be eligible to collect medical bills and lost wages if you suffer a workplace injury or illness, regardless of fault. 

These benefits are often outlined under the workers’ compensation program. But what is it, and how do you collect the benefits you deserve? 

Here is everything you need to know about workers’ compensation, including how it works. 

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill in the scope of their job.

Benefits offered under this program often include medical expenses, income replacement, and death benefits to the employee’s family. 

Before receiving workers’ comp benefits after an injury or illness, an employee must file a workers’ comp claim. In other words, they must prove that the injury or illness is related to their work.

If the employer or their insurer refuses to pay on-the-job injury claims, the case may go to trial for the judge to decide.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you’ve suffered an injury on the job, there are certain steps you need to take to file a successful workers’ compensation claim. These often include:

Get Medical Treatment

Visiting the doctor should be the first step if you have been involved in a workplace-related accident. Doing this helps start your road to recovery and obtain medical records to justify and quantify your claim. 

While you can see your own doctor after a workplace injury, it may not be the right thing to do based on your state laws. So, it is essential to see an approved doctor or physician in order to preserve your eligibility. 

Know What is Covered and What is Not Covered in a Workers’ Comp

Not all injuries or illnesses are covered under the workers’ compensation program. For an injury claim to be valid, it must have occurred in the scope of your job. 

However, your employer or their insurance company may not pay for injuries if they occur:

  • While you are engaged in personal errands
  • During horseplay or fighting
  • Due to alcohol or drug abuse
Report Your Injury

Another essential step is notifying your employer about your injury or illness as soon as possible. Most states require employees to report work-related injuries within 30 days from the date of the accident, but the earlier, the better. 

While you can still report your injury verbally, you should give your employer a detailed written notice. Also, requesting an accident injury report form from your employer is a good idea for easier follow-up. 

After reporting your injury or illness, your employer will file a report with their workers’ compensation insurance company which may cater for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Follow Up on Your Claim

While laws vary from state to state, your employer has the responsibility to file your workers’ compensation claim with their insurance company within 21 days after notifying them about your injury.

Once a claim has been filed, you will receive notification from the insurance company. 

You will then be assigned a case manager to work with throughout the process. Once your claim is approved, you will begin receiving benefits, including medical treatment and wage replacement.


What if Your Employer or Insurance Company Reject Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

Sometimes, employers or their insurance companies might deny valid on-the-job injury claims. If this happens, consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer promptly. 

An experienced lawyer will review your case to determine its strength and provide you with a way forward.

If they believe your employer has a case, they’ll help you file a workers’ compensation lawsuit and ensure you are not taken advantage of during court proceedings.

Access All Areas

Migration consulting services company, LH Global, emerged in 2017 from the merger of two leading firms in the sector. Now, as a powerful business in its own right, LH Global is poised to take on the world. Winning CEO of the Year 2021 – London UK, CEO Ryan Henderson tells us more about how the firm has flourished under his watchful eye.

 LH Global is an international service provider with offices across China, Bhutan, Australia, and the United States, as well as the UK. The company predominantly focuses on migration for businesses and high net-worth individuals who are looking to establish themselves in UK territories.

With operational capability across Europe and Canada. Aside from immigration, it is very active in international education, providing bespoke tutoring and application services to families and students looking to access schools and/or universities and provide internships and training to older students or graduates who wish to be competitive in employment.

The company also boasts tourism and project acquisition departments and is able to assist western businesses in promoting themselves to the Chinese market through effective social media campaigns, boots-on-ground promotional activities, recruitment, and event management etc.

Ryan Henderson is LH Global’s Chief Executive Officer. He tells us, “Our goal is to stand out as a reliable, highly skilled firm which can assist our clients in-house with all of their needs,” Ryan explains. “Our four main business areas are designed to work hand-in-hand in providing services which we have learned are essential to relocating individuals, families or businesses. In doing so we can assure high quality support, convenience and reasonable cost.”

It is not unusual for LH Global’s client relationships to span years, and even generations, due to its boutique and individual-focused services and, whilst the firm is very active on various social media channels, its greatest source of new clients comes through word-of-mouth referrals.

“This I believe is a measure of our capability and success,” elaborates Ryan. “Our core values remain unchanged across our regions and teams and are shared by all colleagues from day one.” Ryan, who describes himself as ambitious and loyal, has his sights firmly set on LH Global’s victory through providing a high-quality, essential service.

Ryan knows that he is “a company man through-and-through.” He adds, “I am proud to be at the helm of a growing, close-knit and truly international organisation which smoothly operates between regions, regardless of national borders.” As a leader, Ryan has always gravitated towards a relatively laissez-faire style of leadership with the firm belief that, with the right people in place and a democratic environment in which each individual’s voice is heard, people will naturally flourish and find ways to reach their potential.

“I am proud of my core teams and expect them to know far more than I do about their areas of expertise,” he enthuses, referring to his staff as the “lifeblood” of the business. “I believe that my role is to inspire and I try to do this by impressing upon all of my colleagues, partners and clients our direction, ability, purpose and values.”

In stepping up to the role of global CEO, Ryan has experienced many challenges long the way, however the greatest is the company’s spread of time zones. “The sun truly never sets on LH Global and initially, trying to keep up with communications was daunting. Additionally, the curbing of international travel has been frustrating. I still haven’t visited many of our offices or met in person some of our newest partners. The learning opportunity provided by this though was learning how better to delegate authority and trusting people to know what to do when their CEO is seven hours behind you and fast asleep! For somebody who is used to leading from the front and being very hands-on, this has been an invaluable lesson which will stand me in good stead as we grow in our global footprint.”

Recently, LH Global has been assisting overseas businesses to establish a physical presence in the UK and the US and is looking to set up physical offices in at least three more countries over the next two years. It has concentrated its efforts on setting up businesses, obtaining visa sponsorship licences and managing recruitment of staff. It is also actively supporting the UK government’s kick-starter campaign, up-skilling young people who were claiming universal credit and preparing them for the workplace through a unique teacher training programme.

Having recently been awarded the prestigious accolade of CEO of the Year 2021 – London, Ryan has his sights firmly set on continuing to provide the same excellent service as the company moves onwards and upwards. Ryan concludes, “My aim is to basically remain dynamic and nimble in order to react to changes in borders, political-economic landscapes and the varying needs of our clients around the world. We are preparing to open new offices in new countries and cities which is both exciting and challenging in equal measures.”

For business enquiries, contact Ryan Henderson from LH Global on their website – www.lhglobal.co

6 Tips To Take Your Selfies From Drab To Fab


With the astronomic rise of social media, more and more users are finding ways to use images to present themselves to others. And this is where selfies play a great role. Selfies are popular self-portrait photographs taken with a camera or a smartphone normally supported by the hand.

After capturing these self-portraits, most people share them across different social media platforms as a way of showcasing themselves in favorable lighting and angles. These selfies tend to be appealing for use by the masses based on how easy they are to create and share. In addition, data show that most people who take selfies are young for it helps them figure out who they are, as well as to remain cool and trendy. 

If you’re one of the people who loves taking selfies, you can attest to the frustration one feels after ending up with a horrible selfie shot. Luckily, below are some tips guaranteed to take your selfie from drab to fab. Keep on reading to learn more. 

  1. Utilize Photo Editor Apps And Filters

There are numerous tips for getting the perfect selfies that you can consider. Untouched photos can be altered to reach their maximum potential; and the best way to make nitty-gritty changes to photos is by using photo editing apps and filters.

Photo editing apps and filters have a lot to offer, including brightening dark images, changing the hue, adding more saturation, and much more. Filters can also remove blemishes, add a subtle facial glow, or enhance features.

You can go further and edit in things like a smile, mascara, lipstick or whiten your teeth. If you’re interested in knowing how to perform edits, there are resources online with the information that can help you out – just visit their site for a deep dive. 

  1. Find The Right Lighting

The right lighting can elevate your selfie so that you may enjoy quality outcomes. It’s said that lighting is key – and the one that works best for selfies is natural lighting. Yet taking selfies with natural lighting doesn’t come without its challenges.

For most, midday sun can lead to squinty eyes, blown-out highlights, and harsh shadows that ruin selfies. So, to utilize natural lighting, consider standing in the shade or taking a selfie with the sun behind your head

Alternatively, consider taking your selfie as the sun is rising or setting because illumination during those times might reduce the double-chin effect. But if you’re indoors and can’t find any natural lighting, consider using overhead lights and lamps with various color temperatures.

  1. Play To Your Angles

Angles play a big part in getting quality selfies with most supermodels attesting to it. Hence, to play to your angles, start by taking a couple of practice shots by moving your face and lifting your chin. Additionally, hold your phone directly in front of you and look at the camera lens or off to the side, depending on your preference. 

  1. Use Your Camera’s Flash Appropriately

For selfies, the flash isn’t your friend as it makes you look overexposed and washed out. It even leaves the background pitch black. Use an alternative instead: get a phone case that lights up to help you avoid shadows and overexposure.

  1. Place Your Camera Further Away From You

If you place your camera really close when taking a selfie, it tends to create lens distortion that lowers the photo quality. The hand placement plays a big role, especially if you choose to take a selfie image that might include more than just your face.

To solve the problem of lens distortion, consider getting gadgets such as selfie sticks, small tripods, and photo stands that allow you to position your camera easily and take great pictures. Take a step further by downloading a self-timer app that allows you to set up a countdown in taking shots.

  1. Set The Proper Exposure Options And The Like

When setting the right exposure, tap on your screen and ensure that the box is centered on your face. Remember that if you have something dark, the image will adjust to being brighter and vice versa. Decide how you want the photo’s white balance to come out by playing with the settings.

Bottom Line

Selfies play a big role in how you portray yourself online. They’re a reflection of your individuality – perfect selfies are photos that showcase your true self in the most flattering light possible. Capturing the best selfies is no hassle when you always remember the abovementioned tips.

App Innovators Secure Success

The power of good applications has allowed many businesses to thrive over the last few years, connecting with clients and building strong brand identity. The team at Zero Gravity set a new standard in this field, harnessing creativity and innovation to deliver exceptional services. The leadership of Tariq Al Hosani has been key to this growth, which is why he was named CEO of the Year, 2021 – the United Arab Emirates. We take a closer look to discover more about him and his incredible success.

Founded in 2015, Zero Gravity has pushed into new frontiers when it comes to inspiring its customers. As the world of IT and multimedia solutions becomes increasingly more important to businesses, they have grown and developed at an astonishing pace. With new opportunities in this market constantly appearing, it’s clear that their expansion will not be slowing any time soon.

Since opening their doors seven years ago, more than 100 successful applications have been launched by the team for a host of clients based both in the UAE and overseas. These apps are based on Android and iOS platforms and are specifically designed to engage their clients with potential customers. Zero Gravity then extended into the media field, establishing a team of experts from the UAE and across the world to create captivating tales to their audiences via traditional and digital media channels. Over the years, the firm has been entrusted with work from various private clients as well as many projects in the public sector including various collaborations with Abu Dhabi Government Department of Community Development, G42 for the UAE Genome Project.

To enable them to remain at the forefront of the technological and media developments driving this industry forward, the firm has partnered with esteemed international businesses such as Microsoft, IBM, and Siemens. The team at Zero Gravity also work closely with innovative young people who are just entering into the market. Their bold approach to the technology and media industry can revolutionise the way in which not just Zero Gravity operates, but the market as a whole. The team has often been able to upgrade these concepts into workable SMEs, and later market stars within the economy.

The theme of collaboration is one very close to the heart of CEO Tariq Al Hosani. The growth of this incredible company is due in no small part to his desire to ensure that his team are empowered to make the decisions that will serve their clients and their client’s customers to the highest possible standards. Over the years, he has established a team of specialists in the field, able to offer in-depth understanding to everyone of their stakeholders. For every project, no matter what the firm, a dedicated team is formed to deliver results of the highest standards. With web applications able to be found anywhere in the world, it’s vital to success that an international approach is maintained at all times.

This ability to trust employees to deliver runs through every part of the company. It pushes everyone in the business to become better professionals and to achieve breakthroughs that have never been considered before. Senior management has been trained to make as unbiased choices, with teammates explaining and discussing situations together to fix any issue that may arise. When everyone is pushing forward in this way, Tariq sees his job as providing everyone with the tools they need to develop and thrive.

The results of this strategic collaboration have been immensely positive for the Zero Gravity team, opening the doors to new ideas and fresh innovations in this rapidly evolving market. As employees feel comfortable enough to approach senior leadership, they are motivated to express new ideas that will optimize work for all. When looking to add new members to the team, Tariq seeks employees who will always do what’s right, who can adjust to ensure that projects are done on schedule, and who care about their clients by offering after-sales services.

As CEO, Tariq has had to oversee the transformation not only of Zero Gravity, but of how it slots into the digital revolution that is changing the UAE. Organizations of every size in both the private and public sectors can see the need to digitize their activities, and those that are already committed to this, such as Zero Gravity, have thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies begin to recover from this world-changing event, they have quickly seen the value in the services offered by the Zero Gravity team. Many new clients have turned to the team in need of apps which will allow users to perform services online more affordably and efficiently.

The growth of Zero Gravity, despite the various challenges of the last couple of years, is assured thanks to the astonishing leadership of Tariq. With a staff that is empowered and established, and a clientele that values their efforts, it’s clear that the firm is set on a path of growth. Zero Gravity is currently investing in various industries, with projects launched in the MENA region covering a host of different sectors. This includes the IT and media sector, health sector, agriculture, renewable energy, and banking to name a few. The breadth of demand showcases the need for the team to be constantly pushing forward.

The Zero Gravity team are also looking at the investment opportunities available in several African countries. With the team already working in a wealth of different sectors, there is enormous potential for the firm if it can be established in this new market. The business volume of this development is estimated at more than one billion dirhams, and it is expected that during the coming period, the volume of this business will increase. This is due to a host of new projects and the implementation of various investment projects in several African countries.

Leadership is not always about having the right answers. In fact, Tariq Al Hosani has found that his success has come from empowering others to find paths forward that have never been considered before. The success of Zero Gravity comes from an approach which steps back and trusts the team to deliver. The UAE is a place where opportunity is rife, and the technology and media sectors are constantly evolving. There is enormous potential for companies to thrive, and nowhere is that better shown than through the success of Zero Gravity.

For business enquiries, contact Tariq Al Hosani from Zero Gravity via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.0g.ae

The Success of An Ethical Global Brand

Although established and based in London, UK, Little Kickers Group is an international organisation that reaches around the world to support the development of pre-school children through football coaching. At the helm of this franchise is Group CEO Alan Kennedy who, since joining the team in 2018, has overseen the exceptional evolution of Little Kickers and consequently earnt himself recognition as CEO of the Year – United Kingdom.

Little Kickers Group has come a long way since it was conceived in London in 2002 by Christine Kelly, who had an idea to hold football coaching sessions for her two-year-old son, Lukas and his friends. Today, it is a global franchise spanning more than 30 countries with over 330 franchisees, all united by Christine’s founding mission: to create a fun pre-school learning environment centred around developing football skills.

Working with experts in child development and FA qualified football coaches, Christine has developed so much more than a football coaching session. Instead, it is a programme of learning designed to combat major social issues such as childhood obesity and

disinterest in group activities, while promoting important pre-school learning concepts such as colour and number recognition, sharing, following instructions and using creativity and imagination – all while having a kick about with friends!

Almost two decades after its inception, Little Kickers recognises the importance of continuously evolving to deliver the best and most relevant services to its clients. In 2018, Alan Kennedy was appointed Group CEO of the organisation, taking on the significant task of ensuring that Little Kickers’ network of franchisees, coaches and experts were operating at the highest standard, while still enjoying all the benefits of working with a global franchise.

Before joining Little Kickers, Alan had established himself as a competent and passionate Senior Director at Whitbread PLC, David Lloyd Leisure, Punch and Pets at Home, before joining The Prince’s Trust. His entry into the charity sector saw him, as CEO, set up Prince’s Trust International, a role that gained him a wealth of experience and expertise that would equip him for his position at Little Kickers, where he quickly got stuck into a programme of reform for the organisation.

However, Alan’s mission to enhance the business and its offering has certainly not gone unhindered, owing predominantly to the global Covid-19 pandemic that has dominated headlines for close to two years. Despite this, the business has demonstrated resilience and continued to thrive, recruiting 12 new franchisees in the UK in 2020 alone, while building an online presence to ensure continued engagement with its young football enthusiasts around the world. Moreover, the Little Kickers business model was designed in such a way that allowed franchisees to ‘turn off’ their classes easily throughout lockdown – thereby putting them in better shape for the return to normality when classes could resume safely.

As such, since lockdown has eased, UK franchisees have seen on average an increase of 40% in their income compared to the same period in 2019, performance that has been mirrored in the brand’s Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Mexican markets. Indeed, despite lockdowns and restrictions still affecting business in many of its locations, Little Kickers remains set to enjoy a record-breaking year in 2021.

Consequently, Little Kickers franchisees are seeing significant benefits of being part of this international network, regardless of whether they have been a member for one year or ten. For example, Liz Oxley, who took on a franchise in the peak of the pandemic in March 2020 now has more than 130 children in her programme while Dave Homer, who took on a franchise in 2010, today has more than 1,300 children registered across three territories. Both agree that the support of Little Kickers is unparalleled, centred around its ‘business-in-a-box’ offering that includes a business administration system, communications hub, marketing system, customer facing website and dedicated support management, all easy to deploy for a successful business.

The greatest testament to the strength of the Little Kickers franchise however, is undoubtedly the lasting impacts it has on the children it works with. Research shows that children who engage with fun sports at an early age go onto maintain healthy lifestyles as they get older, resulting in better mental health and contributing to important social skills. To that end, Little Kickers is also striving to create a better world for these children to grow up, recognising that the cohort that attends its classes will be the ones most affected by climate change. 

“Our first pivotal step was to switch the fabric in the 120,000+ football strips we have produced each year from polyester to sea harvested ocean plastic,” Alan says. “We also opened a UK fulfilment so that we can send kits and other merchandise direct to our customers as opposed to via our franchisees in regional centres.” With other initiatives like using bio-degradable bags and a collaboration with the Sal’s Shoes Charity to enable the Little Kickers to send their outgrown uniforms to young footballers in developing countries. The group is really doing the most to create a better future. 

This continues to drive Christine, Alan and the award-winning Little Kickers franchise as it prepares to enter its third decade of operation, helping children around the world to get the best start in life.

For business enquiries, contact Alan Kennedy from Little Kickers Group on their website – https://www.littlekickers.co.uk/index.aspx

LUXlife Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards

UNITED KINGDOM, 2022- LUXlife magazine announces the winners of the 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards.

High on the agendas of many in this post-pandemic world is their own selfcare, with the resorts and retreats industry having seen an influx of those looking to indulge themselves in a wellness escape. This comes after the disruptive uncertainty of the last two years, with so many businesses having come out on the other side despite the struggles. This multi-trillion dollar industry is back brimming with popularity and – in most cases – singlehandedly fuelling economies. It remains as competitive as ever, with businesses back on their a-game, and knowing the importance of expertise, experience, and client-centricity.

LUXlife launched the Resorts & Retreats Awards almost a decade ago to recognise those who have dedicated themselves to offering the finest experiences, products and services all over the globe. From established stalwarts, to up and coming newcomers, we endeavour to seek out the paragons who lead the pack and set the pace for all others to follow.

Awards Coordinator, Jo Holloway took a moment to comment on the extraordinary achievements of those recognised: “The hospitality industry is humungous, thriving, and bursting at the seams with establishments of all sizes in all locations creating the most divine memories for their guests. We are delighted to be awarding the best of the best within this industry, and I would like to congratulate every business that has been recognised. I wish you all the best.”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated establishments that have been selected for them, please visit http://www.lux-review.com/ where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.


Notes to editors

About LUXlife

Where it all began

LUXlife magazine is a premium lifestyle publication which was founded in 2015 by the publishing company AI Global Media Ltd. Distributed to a circulation of 238,000 globally, LUXlife focuses on a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry, featuring articles on; fashion, beauty, fine dining, travel, luxury real estate and much more. Within our pages you’ll find everything from product news and reviews, to in-depth pieces on trends, features and comment; all designed to inform, entertain and inspire.

Our Mission

In addition to providing our readers with regular news and updates on all elements of luxury lifestyle, we also provide luxury firms with the perfect media platform to showcase their business to our readership comprised of high-net-worth individuals. As such, we publish only the most cutting edge of products, services, attractions and events that will appeal to our audience. Some of the world’s most internationally renowned brands, individuals, high-end developments and products are highlighted in our magazine so that our esteemed readers will find everything they need to truly live a luxury lifestyle.

About AI Global Media

Since 2010 AI Global Media has been committed to creating engaging B2B content that informs our readers and allows them to market their business to a global audience. We create content for and about firms across a range of industries.

Today, we have 14 unique brands, each of which serves a specific industry or region. Each brand covers the latest news in its sector and publishes a digital magazine and newsletter which is read by a global audience. Our flagship brand, Acquisition International, distributes a monthly digital magazine to a global circulation of 108,000, who are treated to a range of features and news pieces on the latest developments in the global corporate market.

Eyes On the Prize

As one of the leading opticians in Germany, Pro Optik is dominating the market in more ways than one. Not only can it provide an unrivalled service in terms of its broad knowledge-base and expertise, coupled with its excellent client care, but it is also led by one of the most inspirational men of our time. We speak to CEO, Micha Siebenhandl to hear more about the company, its overwhelming success, and his refreshing leadership style as he wins CEO of the Year 2021 – Frankfurt, Germany.

Headquartered in Wendlingen, the Pro Optik group has more than 140 specialist shops throughout the country and, with more than 1,000 employees and many franchise partners, Pro Optik is the third largest optician in Germany.

Relying on active customer proximity and competent advice, Pro Optik offers an honest and trustworthy service at eye level, which runs throughout the entire business model. It offers all the top brands in eyewear at great prices, with offers that are uniquely priced and uncomplicated in the industry. In addition, customers can rely on being looked after by real experts and fully trained opticians, who lovingly handcraft each pair of glasses individually according to the unique needs of the customer.

The core team of the Pro Optik group is formed of 12 Head of Department experts who are closely coordinated in a matrix system and ensure across departments that the Pro Optik DNA is not only worked out, but also lived every day. At the helm, and overseeing all operations, is Chief Executive Officer, Micha Siebenhandl.

“As CEO, I have personally committed myself to providing a first-class service and aligned the entire corporate strategy and my team of managers accordingly,” explains Micha, commenting on his dedicated staff base. “Not only do the technical skills play a role in this company, but also the personalities of each team member, which were decoded through various psychological selection processes and now form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Micha has a long history and background of success, with his first role as CEO being one that he was personally headhunted for. Micha was approached by people who were looking for a motivated, empathetic and previously proven successful executive, and he fit the bill perfectly.

“It was there that I worked for the first time with a private equity company and worked there for more than 15 years as CEO,” he elaborates. “My mentor was the owner and founder of the company Al Berg, winner of the Blue Sky Award in New York, one of the greatest entrepreneurs I know. I learned a lot from him and I also benefited from it in my next jobs.”

It’s clear to see that Micha has a refreshing, yet tactical, approach to steering his company forward and his ongoing business strategy is focused on growth through sustainability and the continued offering of first class service to all customers. Micha is of the opinion that first class products and first class service, coupled with a motivated team, can bring and maintain long-term success, and it appears that this formula is working very well so far.

Pro Optik found itself in a rock-solid position during the Coronavirus pandemic having benefitted from the legal health regulations that allowed and enabled customers to continue shopping, with this being largely unhindered. Nevertheless, many customers were still reluctant to make a purchase.

“Covid didn’t destroy the need for glasses, it just pushed it into the future. Pro Optik has already positioned itself to make optimal use of this backlog after the epidemic crisis situation has subsided and to offer customers exactly the purchase experience that they had to do without for a long time,” Micha shares.

He sees a clear advantage in the appointment allocation implemented during the pandemic, in which his trained opticians could concentrate more on individual customer experiences, and the company has been able to provide its first class service better than ever before. “It was definitely the biggest challenge we have seen to date – having to steer the company through the Covid pandemic,” Micha continues. “However, we can now claim that we are one of the few companies to have successfully mastered the pandemic! I was able to learn crisis management and pandemic management right here.”

Having recently been recognised as the CEO of the Year 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany, in the Eco Monthly Awards, Micha is keen to sing the praises of his dedicated employees and highlight the fact that the company owes its success to them.

“No matter what awards we get, no matter how successful we are, it’s always the people behind it who make our success,” he states. “The best strategy and the largest investments and the most brilliant designers mean nothing if the people in the company don’t stand behind them and do their job with love. Without love for the job and the company, nothing will work. This is the only way for a company to be successful in the long term and sustainably. For this reason, it is particularly important for a manager to inspire and motivate his employees.”

On the other hand, Micha is truly motivated by his staff and customers. He tells us, “I love working with people, giving and showing them a clear goal and guiding and motivating these people,” he enthuses. “They should keep and contribute their values, their know-how, their creativity and their personality, but work together on a jointly defined goal.”

Moving forward, Micha now has big plans for the future of Pro Optik with a goal to not only expand the business but to spearhead digitisation in German retail by the year 2025.

“We plan to provide the customer with the best possible support when choosing glasses with a unique mixture of expert advice and future-oriented technology. In addition, Pro Optik will expand massively in the hearing aids market and establish itself as one of the leading providers throughout Germany. My plan is to improve every day, and every day I take on things that I can’t or can’t improve on and set them as goals,” he concludes.

The future looks great for Pro Optik as Micha continues to be the guiding hand for its every move.

For business enquiries, contact Micha Siebenhandl from Pro Optik Augenoptik Fachgeschäft GmbH on their website – www.prooptik.de

Connecting Kenya’s Medical Minds

Medsource Group Limited, led by the winner of the ‘CEO of the Year’ 2021 for Kenya, is a diligent and well-established company that is helping Kenya’s pharmaceutical infrastructure in becoming something globally competitive. Its easy to use, intuitive, and well-managed e-commerce platform is putting power back in the hands of medical professionals to make the best choices for their patients, and taking the pressure off of the patients by alleviating the need for elevated costs due to the disparate nature of some existing supply lines.

Led by exemplary mind in his industry, Vinod Guptan, Medsource Group Limited is a company bringing healthcare commodity supply chain to its region with diligence and tenacity. Fundamentally, it has seen the struggles that some of its peers in the medical sector have faced regarding getting the products to the people who need them, and so its goal is to better the entire ecosystem of this industry with last mile access to quality and affordable healthcare products for all. With East Africa’s healthcare market being estimated to be worth 4 billion dollars by 2020 – with a forecasted growth of 10-12% per annum between 2017 and 2030 – it is clear that this is a growing segment that just requires some additionally support to get it to reach that point of exponential development. Vinod himself is an incredibly talented and experienced senior manager, with several years of cross-functional experience behind him in the pharmaceutical and supply chain industry that makes him proficient in the leadership and management of teams across multiple business units such as sales management and business development.

Therefore, Medsource is one of the companies looking to help pivot Kenya towards a better future. With a focus on the pharmaceutical supply chain, it is bringing together what has become a fragmented and disparate element of the working ecosystem, with 70% of the market share covered by imports and only 30% by local manufacturing. Additionally, the distribution system is mainly multi-tiered, which puts the cost onto the patient. This is something that Medsource wishes to change, as having that burden of cost fall on the patient can be a serious preventative for patients getting the medicine they need, resulting in a market paradigm where only the well-off can receive the care they need.

Fortunately, Medsource has come prepared with an innovative response. Although it is aware that this system fragmentation has resulted in wider implications and issues such as an increase in falsified and substandard medicinal products, high supply chain costs, lack of product traceability, low technological acumen, lack of standardized process, and limited demand visibility, it flips the current trend in order to take a ‘last mile’ approach. In short, this pertains to its assurance that it will always work towards bettering accessibility as its core priority, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable populations in its region such as women of reproductive age, new-borns, children, and adolescents, being the guiding hand that makes sure they can get the care they need.

Creating a hustle-free supply chain is its passion and its mission, closing existing gaps of inequality and meeting the current market demand; it also takes pride in being a med-fin-tech company able to address gaps and challenges through a group purchasing model for pooled procurement, aggregating purchases from members and dispensers. Hence, Medsource can negotiate a better price and better discounts from its partnered manufacturers and distributors through the use of its digital e-commerce platform, training its dispensers through various capacity building programmes that allow them to build up their technical professional skills, good business management, book-keeping, and general good business practices without the need for years of strict training.

Additionally, it wishes to address the issue of the industry bottle-neck. Troublingly, in the pharmaceutical industry, there tends to be a lack of health financing and expensive working capital that the patient receives the bill for, and Medsource’s inventory financing product being powered by STANCHART technology is working hard to flip this on its head. With digital e-wallets, dissemination of the inventory financing, and reducing overhead costs, Medsource is able to streamline the additional charges and surcharges associated with pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution, benefitting the industry in the macro scale and the wallets of the patients.

This positive impact on the behaviour of the entire industry is what has secured Medsource’s reputation as an invaluable element in the sector, a linchpin uniting the disparate elements of Africa’s pharmaceutical industry and bringing them together in order to create a more united, cohesive, and technologically adept ecosystem that is prepared to take on the future. After all, with the modern medical challenges in mind, unity amongst medical professionals is more important than ever. By trading through its user intuitive and accessible platform, Medsource members have the advantage of increased savings to the tune of up to 24% depending on the product in question, the company having penetrated 81% of the counties in Kenya with a reach of over 600 members, 1,500 trained professionals, and an annual patient reach of 5 million.

Its range of over 15,000 products is another element that sets it in good stead with its market segment. It is aware that many medical complaints will require highly specific drugs and treatment in order to encourage good recovery, and so it strives to stock only the best of the best, and a wide variety of this so that a medical professional has the pick of what will be the most effective when it comes to deciding on a prescription. MedSource also boasts 5 decades of globally enriched experience in making this a possibility, having worked hard to set up a niche in its environment that it would not only excel in, but be able to grow even further into.

Its team are strong, capable, and qualified, providing the utmost transparency and helpfulness to clients so that they can always offer their clients the best products, best customer service, and guaranteed quality. Moreover, with Medsource’s inventory finance way of working, its capital solution, its direct distributor payment system set up through its platform, and its streamlining of the value chain with both digital wallets and credit limits, it has made itself the way forward for the medical distributions industry in order to allow Kenya – and Africa in the bigger picture – to step forward confidently into a fast-changing new epoch that is putting more and more emphasis on the importance of technology for business and communication.

For business enquiries, contact Medsource Group Limited on their website – https://medsource-group.com/

Get Snowsports Holiday Ready: 5 Tips on Staying Safe on the Slopes

It’s no secret that skiing and snowboarding slightly fall on the dangerous side of the spectrum in sports. Nevertheless, the joy and thrill of hitting the slopes is overpowering.

If you’re a beginner, congratulations! You’ve just opened the pandora’s box of endless fun on the mountain and you’ll most likely get addicted. But, admit it, you’re probably a little bit worried about getting injured.

Together, with some help from snowports travel company, Basecamp, we have some top tips on how to stay safe on the mountain so that you can enjoy your favourite sport for seasons and seasons on end.

1.     Stay in good shape while out-of-season

Being in good physical shape will help you tackle the slopes with ease. Both skiing and snowboarding involve the use of a range of muscle groups, and if you exercise them before your snowsports holiday, your body will thank you.

While snowboarding relies primarily on your core muscles because you’re locked in your board, skiing activates the lower part of your body, including quads, hamstrings, and the muscles of your ankles and calves.

There is a range of exercises you can do that train those particular muscle groups, depending on the sport of your choice, such as a side shuffle, alternate lunges, Romanian deadlifts, and lots of stretching. They will not only get you in shape but also prevent you from injuring yourself.

2.     Wear a helmet (you can look just as cool)

We can’t stress enough how important wearing a helmet is when on the mountain.

Don’t be fooled by the experienced skiers and snowboarders on the mountain, who are only wearing a beanie. You can look just as cool and fashionable with a helmet, while also staying safe.

The average speed a recreational skier goes downhill is 10-20 mph, while a recreational snowboarder can reach speeds between 20 and 30 mph. In both cases, the speed varies depending on the steepness of the slopes, the snow conditions, and the experience of the skier or the snowboarder. If you fall while moving at such a speed, especially in icy conditions, you have a recipe for disaster. However, a helmet can help prevent a head injury and even save your life!

3.     Be prepared for all weathers: invest in a good pair of goggles

The winter weather on the slopes is quite unpredictable. Within the duration of your holiday, you might go through fog, sun, snow, rain, and clouds. It could even change within the day!

To ensure that you’re well-prepared for all types of weather, invest in a good pair of goggles that will protect your eyes. Look for goggles that give you as much peripheral vision as possible, so that you can be aware of other people on the mountain.

In terms of the lenses, going for adaptable ones or ones that you can change depending on the conditions is the best option. Lightly tinted lenses are ideal for overcast conditions, dark lenses best suit bright sunny days, and very dark lenses are preferred for very bright light and high-altitude glaciers.

Also, make sure your goggles fit you well and are compatible with your helmet.

4.     Take it easy: stick to the beginner’s slope on your first day

Although you might be tempted to tackle the advanced slopes on your first day on the mountain, it’s best to take it one step at a time.

Start with the practice slope to get a feel for your equipment and the terrain. This will be a completely new type of movement that your body is not used to, so you need some time to adjust before you hit the big slopes. After you practise for a while, you can move on to the blue or green slopes, which are intended for beginners, and towards day three or four, you will be ready to ride with the more experienced skiers on the red slope.

5.     Hire a ski instructor, even just for a re-fresh?

Skiing and snowboarding allow for a lot of progress and the tricks you can do on the slopes are incredible. However, until you reach that level, you need to take baby steps.

Both sports involve a specific technique that you need to master first in order to prevent injuries. Someone who’s completed a ski or snowboard instructor course will be well-equipped to not only show you the technique and will train you properly but also give you expert safety tips.

There are things only experienced skiers or instructors can show you, such as how to fall to prevent injuries, how to get up, and how to control your speed and direction with your body.

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most fun winter sports you can practise on the mountain. Breathtaking views, great apres-ski scene, and the satisfaction of learning something new are included in the package. As long as you know how to stay safe on the slopes with these expert tips, you are sure to have a blast!

A New Frontier for Integrated Automotive Safety

As the ‘CEO of the Year’ in 2021 for Italy, Giovanni Blandina’s company, Easyrain, has made a name for itself as a company with an innovative solution and no direct competition. Truly, Easyrain has conquered a niche that needed filling in Europe – where so many car crashes are the result of vehicles losing traction on wet roads – in order to offer its anti-aquaplaning and hardware-focused solution to car manufacturers, allowing them to take better care of their end customers as a direct result.

Easyrain, based in Rivoli, is an SME in the field of vehicle safety. Fundamentally, it develops active systems – named AIS and DAI – aimed at improving road safety on wet roads and circumstances where clients are driving on surfaces with little to no traction on the road, reducing fatalities and accidents as a result. This dedication to making vehicles smarter allows Easyrain to improve the quality of road safety. Of course, this goal is something that its clients vastly appreciate, and it keeps on eye on the Annual Accident Reports or ERSO based on the Community database of CARE in order to keep track of accidents or deaths that resulted from car accidents in Europe, which on average represent 9.4% of all fatalities.

The US FHA also grants it access to numbers about weather’ impact on traffic and safety specifically. On average, covering a period from 2007-2016, 21% of the recorded crashes were weather related, occurring during wet pavement or heavy rainfall during which the car cannot gain enough grip on the ground, resulting in aquaplaning and skidding that renders ABS and ESP effectively useless. This is where AIS and DAI step up to help. Critically, led by the ambition and diligence of CEO Giovanni Blandina, this company’s dedication to the clients and to its staff has cultivated a stellar growth environment, born from the CEO’s own commitment to creating an ecosystem in which each of his team members can reach their fullest potential.

Therefore, his leadership style is one of training, learning, and growth, forever working with his staff to create the next big innovation in improving road safety. It approaches its clients through its network of consultants or at events, talking to them about the reasons it is so invested in its work and sharing its passion with them over selling any one product to them. This is what has made it a favourite in its industry, with many of its clients coming abord after hearing the passion behind the company’s operations, developing specific hardware to contrast and prevent aquaplaning that has no direct competitor on the market.

Invested in ensuring the ethics of the company are unimpeachable, Giovanni Blandina leads Easyrain by example, guiding the company in integrating itself with the challenges of the wider industry in order to make itself the solution with a start-up spirit and a growth mindset. Thus, despite the challenges presented to it by Covid-19 supply issues, delays, and setbacks, it received positive results in 2021 and is looking forward to seeing its current growth pattern continuing in 2022, developing a smaller, lighter version of the AIS system that will be revealed in the summer and continuing to improve each and every one of its solutions.

For business enquiries, contact Paolo Fina from Easyrain via their website – easyrain.it

How To Choose The Right Siding Contractors For Your Project

Building contractors

Everyone who has ever done any siding project will tell you that choosing the right siding contractor is one of the most important aspects of the entire project. Some will even claim that it’s more crucial than the product you select.

Why is it so essential? Well, that’s because if you have a first-class contractor by your side, he or she will ensure he/she will do everything that’s in their power to provide you with the product you need at a relatively affordable price, and they’ll make sure to do it effortlessly.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why you must be very meticulous during this process. If you need some guidance when it comes to finding the ideal siding contractor, then you should pay attention to these tips below.

Smart Ways To Pick The Best Siding Contractor

Location, Location, Location

This is by far one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the right siding contractor. Namely, you need an expert who works in the vicinity of the place you live in. Lately, we’ve been hearing that people are extremely pleased with the service they’ve been receiving in Washington State.

That’s particularly the case with the great city of Seattle. Therefore, if you live in Seattle, yet you’re in search of a trustworthy, experienced siding contractor, then you should do some homework to see which one offers the best service. The point is to hire somebody close to you because a plethora of companies will potentially charge more for travel costs.

Besides that, hiring a local company means that you are supporting your city’s economy which is always recommendable. Keep in mind that local businesses are generally very dedicated and tend to put much more care in comparison to the larger franchises.

Do Not Overlook The Insurance

In case you didn’t know, high-quality siding contractors must offer at least two insurances. The first one is general liability coverage and the second one is worker’s health insurance. Therefore, if by any chance the siding contractor damages any part of your house or the siding he or she is obligated to cover that.

On the other hand, if an employee gets injured and the contractor doesn’t want to cover the medical bills, you or your insurance company will be obligated to do so. That’s why it’s of huge importance to see if he/she offers these two insurances, so you can avoid these unpleasant occurrences.

Referrals From The People You Know & Online Reviews

If you want to hire a reliable siding contractor for your home improvement, then you should talk to people you know and trust, such as your family members and friends because they’ll be able to give you the best possible recommendations.

Now, if none of them have worked with siding contractors before, then you should rely on online reviews. Namely, this method is going to help you find a professional, reputable company that can offer top-notch service. 

During this process, you have to be very careful. If a particular company has only positive reviews on their websites, it is highly likely these comments are fake, however, if there’s a mixture of both positive and negative posts (yet there are more positive than negative ones), then it’s a good sign.

Payment Plans

Bear in mind, that you should never be asked to pay one hundred percent of the project cost in advance. This is something every experienced siding contractor will tell you. Any serious and honest siding contractor will first give you a detailed plan so that you know exactly what to expect.

In these types of situations, transparency is a must and that’s what separates a great siding contractor from a lousy one. Generally speaking, a vast majority of plans normally include a fifty percent down payment in advance.

Of course, this can be negotiated as well. And then, as the project progresses and other goals are reached, the consumer is going to pay more. This is generally an amazing way to establish a good relationship with the siding contractor.

Experience Matters Too!

Years of experience are an important element for any line of work. The longer a certain company has been in the business, the better. It means that they’ve been dealing with numerous obstacles and know all the ups and downs that can potentially arise during the installation.

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How is Road Rash Categorized and Treated (and How Serious Can It Be)?

Road rash is a frequently used term for skin abrasions (open wounds caused by skin rubbing against a rough surface). While the wound is often painful and can become infected, most people who experience road rash recover with at-home treatment within two to three weeks.

What are the Common Symptoms of Road Rash?

A road rash abrasion will look red, raw, and inflamed, as bleeding is common. Most people who experience road rash won’t feel pain at the centre of the wound, but the edges of the rash will be painful. Touching, bending, or rubbing the affected area will cause significantly more pain.

It’s vital to adjust your skincare routine if the abrasion occurs on the face, as some products could prevent healing or cause an infection.

Common signs of an infected wound include:

Increased redness, swelling, or pain after the first day

Warmth or a “pulsing feeling” around the affected area

Foul-smelling or irregular coloured drainage, pus, or fluid Flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, chills, or fever

Like with any infected wound, road rash could cause blood poisoning or septic shock in rare cases. If your wound looks infected, is three times bigger than the palm of your hand, or glass shards, muscle, or bones are visible, please speak to a healthcare provider right away.

What are the Common Causes of Road Rash?

Road rash typically occurs after a fall or as a result of being dragged across dirt or pavement. When a person comes in contact with the ground, areas of exposed skin could be scrapped off.

In this post, Dave Abels, a personal injury lawyer, provides some tips on how to avoid road rash. As motorcycle or cycling accidents are a leading cause of road rash, Dave Abels advises riders to protect their skin by wearing a helmet, protective clothing, and leather gloves.

However, road rash injuries are more common in the Spring and Summer, meaning less protective clothing is worn. Fortunately, you can find breathable gear suitable for the heat.

How is Road Rash Diagnosed?

Road rash doesn’t require professional treatment as long as the wound isn’t infected and you keep the abrasion clean and dry. If you do seek medical attention, your health care provider will perform a physical exam or perform an X-ray and order blood tests for severe road rash cases.

How do you Treat Road Rash?

Most mild cases can be treated with standard first aid, either at the impact site or when you get home. Most first aid kits will come with everything you need to clean and wrap the injury.

1. Rinse and Gently Clean the Affected Area

Rinse your wound with lukewarm, soapy water and gently brush out any dirt and debris. If you’re near a tub, soak your wound first before rinsing to reduce pain. If you see broken shards of glass or wood embedded in the road rash, take sterile tweezers and remove the debris.

2. Cover the Wound With Tight Dressing

Unless the road rash is bleeding profusely, you can wrap dry or saline moistened gauze around the wound. Wrap up the dressing tight enough, so it stays in place, but not so tight that you’re cutting off your circulation. If you’re using wet gauze, cover it with a dry layer before wrapping.

3. Get a Tetanus Shot (if you Need One)

Tetanus booster shots are recommended every ten years. If you haven’t gotten a tetanus shot in a while, you should head to the emergency room for one or book an appointment. The symptoms of tetanus take 4 to 21 days to appear, but once they do, the infection could be fatal.

Healthcare industry news in 2022 so far

In this article we would talk about different sectors of the industry: longevity brands and their achievements; traditional medicine achievements/innovations in 2022.

Longevity brands make your bones and muscles stronger

Regular exercise can help children and adolescents develop strong bones. It can also help to halt the aging process later in life. The human drive to stay young and live forever has long moved beyond the realm of imagination, shaking up the world of finance with a series of life-affirming jolts. Partly fueled by mythologies like the fountain of youth and vampiric regeneration, ambitious businesses from Silicon Valley, biotech, and pharma have carved diverse paths that might soon lead us to immortality, prolonged youth, and extended lifespans.

AgeX Treatments, which is listed on the NYSE, develops novel medications and advanced therapeutics to address human aging. The company’s goal is to break the code of cellular immortality in order to rejuvenate health and reverse the effects of degenerative illnesses and aging in people, using tissue regeneration technologies, small molecule medication delivery systems, and stem cell research. Michael D West, a notable biogerontologist and pioneer in stem cell research, cellular aging, cloning, and telomerase, created the business in 2017. Juvenescence Chairman Jim Mellon and CEO Dr. Greg Bailey both invested in AgeX early on.

People often report increased energy levels taking NMN orally. Studies show that NMN also increases stamina and endurance. NMN product studies have shown that taking NMN can mimic certain aspects of calorie restriction. While calorie restriction is an extreme example of losing weight, mimicking it with supplements would be beneficial.

Traditional medicine achievements/innovations in 2022

mRNA vaccines of the future. A novel method to the treatment of prostate cancer. New LDL-lowering treatments. According to a team of Cleveland Clinic physicians and researchers led by Dr. D. Geoffrey Vince, Executive Director of Innovation and Chair of Biomedical Engineering, these three game-changing innovations will alter healthcare in 2022.

PSMA-directed therapy. Each year, more than 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with prostate cancer—the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American men. Early detection and successful imaging are critical for tumor localization, disease staging, and detection of recurrence. Prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), found at high levels on the surface of prostate cancer cells, is a potential biomarker for the disease. PSMA-PET uses radiotracers to localize and bind PSMA proteins, making them visible by PET imaging. This method can be used in conjunction with CT or MRI scans to visualize the location of prostate cancer cells. In 2020, the technology received FDA approval based on a Phase 3 study and has significantly improved accuracy in detecting prostate cancer metastases compared to traditional imaging using bone and CT scans.

A new LDL-lowering therapy has been developed. High blood cholesterol levels, particularly low-density lipoproteins (LDL-C), are a major factor to cardiovascular disease. The FDA approved inclisiran in 2019 for the treatment of primary hyperlipidemia (including familial hypercholesterolemia) in people with increased LDL-C while on a maximum tolerated dosage of statin therapy. Inclisiran is a chemically manufactured injectable short interfering RNA that targets the PCSK9 protein. In contrast to statins, it takes just two doses per year and delivers effective and persistent LDL-C reduction when used with statins. Its long-lasting impact may aid in reducing drug noncompliance, which is one of the primary causes of failure to decrease LDL-C levels.

Nonhormonal treatments for menopausal hot flashes. Hot flashes affect more than half of menopausal women and can last for an average of seven years. When used correctly, hormone treatment is effective and safe, although it does carry some risk. Furthermore, not all patients are eligible for hormone treatment. Fortunately, NK3R antagonists, a new class of non hormonal medicines, have emerged as a potential alternative to hormone treatment. These medications impair a brain signaling system involved in the onset of heat flashes. In clinical trials, they showed promise for alleviating moderate to severe menopausal hot flashes as efficiently as hormones.

Hypertension and predictive analytics Hypertension, sometimes known as the “silent killer,” normally causes no symptoms while raising the risk of significant health issues such as heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. There are effective therapy alternatives available. However, many individuals are unaware that they have hypertension until they have a serious health problem. Using machine learning, a sort of artificial intelligence, clinicians may better identify more effective drugs, medication combinations, and doses to enhance hypertension management. AI will also enable clinicians to anticipate cardiovascular morbidities and act before they arise. Predictive analytics might help avoid hypertension and other disorders.

Corporate Foreign Exchange: How to Manage Against a Strong Dollar

As summer 2022 heats up, the Eurozone is seeing record high temperatures and record lows in its currency value! However, whilst the Euro and many other global currencies are plummeting, the US dollar continues to remain strong. This has many different implications for both business, expats and travellers and while some are benefiting from the strong dollar, others are really not.

In this post we will examine exactly what it all means for business, what can be done about it and how Corporate FX service providers can help.

Forex Markets and Corporate FX in 2022Firstly, let’s start by taking a look at exactly what is happening and why.

After taking something of a hit during the peak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the US dollar rallied toward the end of 2021 and into 2022. Right now, the USD is trading at £0.83 against the pound sterling ( from £0.71 earlier this year) and right now is approaching parity with the Euro trading at €0.98 (from €0.82 earlier this year).

This is partially caused by instability in the Eurozone as well as the war in Ukraine. However it isn’t only European currencies that are being humbled by the mighty dollar, the Chinese Yuan is also now trading at 6.74 from 6.32 earlier in 2022.

The usual naysayers are predicting a “doom loop” and eventual dollar crash but the fact is that in the here and now, the dollar appears to be holding.

What This Means For Business Foreign Exchange

Any American business that buys goods or engages contractors from abroad will find that its operating costs are reducing as import costs and supplier invoices become 10 – 20% cheaper.

On the other hand, foreign travellers hoping to visit the US will find it to be an especially expensive time to visit. Likewise, any business that imports goods or services from the US and pays in dollars will find itself paying 10 – 20% more and may not be able to pass these costs onto their already squeezed domestic customers.

How Business Foreign Exchange Can Help Businesses on both sides of the dollar divide are wondering what they can now do to either maximise the benefits of the strong dollar, or alternatively negate its adverse effects. In both cases, Corporate Foreign Exchange providers may be able to help.

To clarify, a Corporate FX company is a non-bank foreign exchange company that offers currency exchange, international payment, and other Forex services to businesses. Let’s now look at a few different ways in which they can help.

Corporate Currency Exchange: Hedging and Currency Forward Contracts

Lets imagine we run a US based company that imports Italian coffee makers and sells them to stateside clients. Right now, the historic USD-EUR exchange rate means that the coffee makers are now 15% cheaper for us to buy than usual.

Our company is therefore very eager to make the most of the exchange rate, but does not have the capital to buy a bulk load of coffee makers. What we can instead do is engage in a bit of FX hedging and enter into a Currency Forward Contract with a Business FX broker.

This means that we agree to buy an agreed amount of Euros in the future, but at today’s rate. Therefore, we can buy the Euros in 6 months time and use them to buy the next batch of coffee makers. The advantage for us is that we ‘lock in’ this historic exchange rate which will in all probability have recovered a bit in 6 months time.

But what about any foreign business that is struggling with the strong dollar? How can Corporate FX services help them?

Firstly, many Corporate FX providers allow business clients to hold a foreign currency balance. Therefore, it is possible that a business based in the Eurozone bought themselves a reserve of US dollars 6 – 12 months ago and left them stashed away in their account to use on a rainy day such as this.

Other ways that business foreign exchange can help is by providing account management, corporate banking, and advisory services to help their clients take advantage when the rate does move a bit, and by offering low cost corporate payments abroad that can help them save money on fees when they do need to send money to their suppliers in the US.

Finally, a currency broker can also help a client to get a rate that is above the bank exchange rate on large transactions.

Who Is Business FX For?

Traditionally speaking, Corporate FX, like corporate banking services, was considered to be something that big companies and corporations used, but not smaller ones. This is partially because the savings that can be made by using Corporate FX are often relatively marginal, and only make a significant difference ‘at scale’. Furthermore, historically speaking smaller companies simply did not tend to do all that much business with foreign clients.

However, these days more and more businesses are doing more and more global business. Even “side hustlers” running websites from home are now trading with clients on the other side of the world. And of course, the forex markets of 2022 have proven to be especially tempestuous and may continue to be so. Therefore, effectively using Corporate FX services right now could help a business to make considerable savings or boost profits by getting the right advice and locking in the best possible rates.

Finally, the Corporate currency exchange sector itself is now so buoyant that there are now service providers specifically catering for all kinds of different businesses from multinational corporations to SMEs and sole traders.

Final Thoughts on Corporate Foreign Exchange

Whether a business is looking to save costs on making corporate payments abroad, is looking for the nest rates on corporate currency exchange or simply needs help with its corporate banking, using the right provider at the right time can prove invaluable.

5 Creative Social Media Strategies for Alcohol Brands to Try in 2022

Nowadays, social media has become a popular tool for business promotion. Many industries benefit from social media promotion, and alcohol brands are not an exception. However, it’s extremely challenging to manifest your alcohol product online, as your promotion may be criticized for an unhealthy way of life propaganda. You should attract people creatively and not violate any regulations.
Social media platforms have their specifics of running an account, so you should be aware of creative ideas before starting a promotional campaign online. In this article, you will find how to make your alcohol brand popular and generate more sales.

What to Consider before Marketing Your Alcohol Brand
The alcohol industry must adhere to specific regulations to engage customers rightfully. There are advertising and marketing codes that any alcohol brand should consider before starting its social media promotion campaign.
You should prioritize in your campaign that people below the legal drinking age will not be encouraged to consume your product. Make engaging content targeting people of the legal purchase age.
Thus, you should ensure the platform you use, and your audience are primarily adults. You can require age affirmation before they interact with your social media content. Moderate your page and take all possible measures to eliminate youngsters’ presence on your page.

What Are Social Media Platforms Specifics

You can use several social media platforms to promote your alcohol brand. However, consider that each has its regulations and rules for content popularity. Let’s explore the best platforms for social media promotion.
Instagram is a global service with hundreds of millions of daily users. It is a great option for your alcohol brand promotion, but there are some aspects to consider. Mind that Instagram provides marketers with many promotion options, including stories, posts, reels, lives, and Instagram Ads. The best way for social media marketing is using simple, short, and engaging stories that would encourage the audience to explore your brand.
Facebook is another powerful branding tool that is good for targeting the adult audience. It restricts users under 21 to access the alcohol brand page. You can engage more clients by promoting your product in the News Feed. There are also many other ways to stand out with your brand, like stories, live streams, posts, but also advertise your content to attract a larger clientele.
When you decide to use TikTok as a digital marketing platform, consider that TikTok prohibits promotion of alcoholic drinks. So even when you open a bar and want to post a video promoting the palace and beverages, the platform prohibits such actions. When you really want to present your brand on TikTok, use creative marketing ideas without direct display of a drink or the process of alcohol consumption.

Creative Strategies for Brand Name To Make a Statement on Social Media

Here, we’ll explore tips to strengthen your brand, raise its awareness and engage more clients.
#1 Feature Events and People
You should avoid focusing on the brand itself or the process of drinking. It creates a negative image and engages fewer clients. There are many interesting selling techniques, and you can encourage people to buy your product without featuring the exact action of drinking. It’d be great to host events, partner with influencers straying away from alcohol.

#2 Focus On Quality Visuals
When branding any product on social media, you should pay attention to the quality of multimedia. Generate professional footage, and people will engage with your content. Any platform requires good visuals, so choose a decent video maker and photo editor to make unique content.

#3 Engage with the Audience
Brands should consider that social media promotion entails active interaction with the audience. You should be open to new followers, answer their questions in a friendly manner, and encourage them to interact with your content. Customers will feel engaged when you post user-generated content, make challenges, masterclasses, lotteries, etc.
In case you hold a masterclass online via Zoom or Skype, make a screen recording if every participant is agree – this will be a great emotional content to share on social media. Check how to record a screen on Mac by clicking the link.

#4 Show a Behind-The-Scenes Behind-the-scenes content is a win-win option to attract people. They will appreciate your honesty and the willingness to make clients closer to the brand. It’d be amazing to show how you make the product or how your team collaborates on making different drink tastes. Mind that his content will look great in social media stories.

#5 Create your hashtag All brands choosing social media marketing need to do their best in promoting their incredible content. In addition to social media ads, there’s a hashtag option that helps to promote the brand. Create your hashtag and add it to all your content to make the brand recognizable and keep track of user-generated content.

Best Social Media Strategy Examples

Before developing your social media marketing strategy, take a look at how popular alcohol brands promote their products on social media. These are not examples to imitate, but to learn from and create your unique content.

You know that it’s not desirable and sometimes prohibited to show in your promotion content the act of drinking. The Heineken alcohol brand decided to overplay restrictions and created an interesting video. They approached the brand promotion humorously and invited a famous actor, Neil Patrick Harris, to bring its “Best Tasting Light Beer” award to life. The actor struggles with the wish to taste the beer, but doesn’t do that.

This promotion builds brand awareness through emotions. They created a heart warming video featuring a puppy and one of the iconic Clydesdale horses. The content the company generated was not about drinking beer, but the power of friendship. So they made people associate their brand with positive emotions.

Truly Hard Seltzer
This brand managed to succeed thanks to active people engagement with its social media account. They create posts regularly, communicate with the audience, and make giveaways. What has brought them high engagement rates is a giveaway. Now people actively follow the page, share, comment, and tag friends in their posts.


Now you know the best practices of alcohol social media promotion. Despite all challenges, you can achieve success and make your brand popular. Use these creative marketing strategies for your brand social media account and come up with yours to attract consumers with unique content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Promote Alcohol on Social Media?
Yes, you can promote your liquor brand on social media, however, the ads should not appeal to people under the legal drinking age in the targeted territory. You also need to thoroughly check the policies of each platform not to violate any important requirements and to avoid getting banned.

How Do I Promote My Liquor Brand?
You can curate content around fun activities with friends and run social media contests in order to engage with your audience and build a strong community around your liquor brand.

Can You Promote Alcohol on Instagram?
You can promote your alcohol brand on Instagram if you direct your ads at people who are above the legal drinking age in the targeted country. Almost 60% of all alcohol marketing ad campaigns are displayed on the Instagram News Feed.

How Do You Market Alcohol on Facebook?
All the information that can be legally printed on alcohol can also be included in Facebook advertising. It’s recommended to pair the promoted beverage with food for the best campaign results.

Bottles of liquour

Revealed – the Healthiest Cities to Live in the UK!

If you love the tranquillity and allure of the countryside and the fun of the city, you’re not alone. There’s certainly something to be said about the fresh air, privacy and expansive greenery of living in a rural area, but cities tend to offer easier access to a wider range of amenities and better transport links.

However, it needn’t be a trade-off. The health and wellness gurus at Made4 Vitamins have analysed which of the UK’s 25 largest cities will allow you to live the healthiest lifestyle, considering factors such as air quality, walkability, access to green spaces, sunshine, life expectancy and more. If you’re looking for the charm of the countryside with the hustle and bustle of the city, then don’t miss out – now, you can have both.

Air Quality – Edinburgh

Air quality can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing – fresh air has been associated with a healthy digestive system, improved blood pressure and heart rate and more, whilst polluted air can result in various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancers.

As such, the World Health Organisation has established guidelines for acceptable air pollution levels, based on the concentrate of PM2.5, fine particulate matter of 2.5 micrometres or less in diameter, in the air.

Of the top 25 most-populous cities in the UK, Bradford ranks worst for air quality according to IQ Air, with their 2021 air quality exceeding the WHO guideline by 2-3 times. The second-worst UK city by air quality was Brighton, followed by London, Bristol, and Belfast.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh offered the best air quality of the top-25 cities, followed by Glasgow, Leicester, and Birmingham.

Green Spaces – Edinburgh

Green spaces add a charm and freshness to any city, breaking up the monotony of skyscrapers and tower blocks. Not only that, but they create a safe space for community and exercise, for kids to play and to meet friends in.

According to Natwest’s Green Cities report, Edinburgh is the number one city in the UK in terms of green space. The city offers a massive 233.3m2 of green space for each person living there, beating out second-placed Sheffield who boast 155m2 of green space per head. Public-access parks and green spaces constitute a whopping 49.2% of the city, meaning that there are plenty of great options when it comes to getting a bit of fresh air.

Sheffield also ranked well when it came to other metrics such as green energy production, residents’ energy consumption and the percentage of car owners with ULEZ vehicles, and topped the NatWest study’s list of Greenest Cities. At the other end of the list was Wolverhampton, where there was just 25m2 of green space to each person, and high numbers of people commuting by car.

Walkability – Edinburgh

If a city is lacking proper infrastructure for pedestrians, you’re much more likely to get into unhealthy habits, such as driving or taking public transport everywhere. Luckily, that problem is much more common in the US, where cities fail to provide proper pedestrian areas or walking routes.

Edinburgh topped the list of UK cities for walkability too, no doubt helped in part by the sheer number of green spaces on show throughout the city. A survey by Living Streets quizzed residents on how they felt about their city’s walkable access to shops and parks, the quality of pavements and streets, and whether they felt safe walking there.

Again, Edinburgh ranked highest for walkability, followed by Sheffield, with London in third place. 82% of respondents found Edinburgh’s streets to be of good quality, with 67% of respondents finding it easy to reach a park on foot and 65% finding it easy to get to the shops on foot.

Sunlight – Plymouth

Though the UK’s sunniest city, Chichester, falls outside the top-25 population ranking, two of the UK’s most populous cities make the top 10 – Plymouth and Bristol. Plymouth was ranked the UK’s second-sunniest city in the country in a 2018 survey, having enjoyed 1730.1 yearly hours of sunshine. Meanwhile, Bristol took eighth position on the list with 1627 yearly hours of sunshine.

Ensuring you get enough sunlight can be crucial for your health – a failure to receive enough sunlight can result in an insufficiency or even deficiency of vitamin D. A 2021 study backed this up, with areas in the north of England most likely to suffer from insufficient vitamin D. Scotland was the most likely area for this to happen, though residents in London were also likely to have lower vitamin D levels.

Life Expectancy – Westminster 

When it comes to judging cities or even regions on their life expectancy, it can be a little trickier to gauge due to disparities that exist in each city. For example, there are significant fluctuations within London when comparing areas such as Kensington and Newham. The highest life expectancy in the country, according to data from 2017-19, is from the London borough of Westminster, where men tended to live to around 85, and women to 87.

Overall, however, data highlights the fact that places in the south of the UK tend to have higher life expectancies than places in the north. Though these figures vary across London, the capital city as a whole boasted approximate life expectancies of 81 for men and 85 for women according to figures from 2017-2019.

Meanwhile, Newcastle and the surrounding areas had the lowest life expectancies in England. Many other cities north of the Watford Gap had a noticeably lower life expectancy than London, including Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, where life expectancy tended to be around 78 for men and 82 for women. These numbers were lower still in Scotland, where life expectancy was 77 for men and 81 for women.

Though the life expectancy is lower in Scotland, Edinburgh remains a similar level to Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, and boasts significantly better walkability, access to green spaces, and better air quality – it therefore tops our list of the healthiest places to live in the UK.

Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, Medical Lead at Made4 Vitamins, commented: ‘it’s crucial that wherever we live grants us the ability to live a healthy lifestyle, whether that’s in terms of air quality or being able to exercise safely. Edinburgh’s amazing pedestrian infrastructure and expansive green spaces make living healthily a breeze, and that’s why it tops our list!’

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Raising Non-Dilutive Funding For Your Start up


Non-dilutive funding refers to any kind of funding that doesn’t require you to give away any form of business equity to your investors. This means you receive monetary funding without giving out even a single share of your company. Examples of non-dilutive funding include loans, grants, tax credits, vouchers, subsidies, and the like.

It’s said that non dilutive funding is the most popular option for startup founders because it offers monetary support all the while allowing for the non-surrender of business ownership to creditors.

Non-dilutive funding can help to accelerate your business growth to the point where you’re comfortable raising funds from venture capitalists interested in getting a piece of your company.

Despite being a popular financing option, non-dilutive funds such as banking institution loans are usually challenging to obtain and grants are available for those that can meet specific requirements only. Further, non-dilutive funds can become a costly financing option for your business if not used right.

To avoid situations where borrowed funds become costly and an unbearable liability to your business, below are some of the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when raising non-dilutive funding. Read through them one by one to avoid committing them when you decide to pursue non-dilutive funding for your budding business.

  1. Not Being Prepared Enough

Raising any form of funding, disruptive or non-disruptive, requires you to be adequately prepared with information about your market, your own business, and the viability of your products. You must provide your prospective lenders with a good understanding of the industry you’ll be playing in. To do so, you’ll need to spend ample time in advance analyzing different resources.

You’ll also need to prepare visual presentations that’ll aid in making your case. You might need to hire someone to do this for you because potential lenders will use this information to determine how far your company is likely to go with the funds they’ll let you borrow.

In addition, you should also take the time to understand your lender’s requirements for non-disruptive financing. This could be in the form of security requirements or even the kinds of businesses they don’t finance. It’d be a waste of your time to approach an institution where your firm stands no chance of obtaining financial support.

  1. Not Seeking Expert Opinion

Sadly, many entrepreneurs tend to overestimate their abilities which often leads them into trouble. Applying for any funding needs the input of experienced professionals like attorneys and accountants.

Experienced attorneys help you to identify and understand different clauses in the contract documents that can lead you to losses. An example is redemption clauses.

Meanwhile, financial experts like an accountant look at your books and projections to provide you with a realistic amount to apply for as funding. This avoids a situation where you apply for either less or more than your business needs.

  1. Not Considering Different Options

While there are regulations for players in the financial sector, they’re still allowed some leeway to operate. For instance, although the interest that lenders charge on their various financing options is capped, they all don’t extend a similar interest rate. It’s good for you to scout the market to identify what different financial institutions offer. This can help you to avoid the common mistake of receiving high-interest non-dilutive funding, whereas there was an option of lower interest charges.

  1. Over-Valuing Your Business

It’s common for entrepreneurs to over-value their businesses, especially when seeking funds or partnerships. Unfortunately, this often sets you up for failure.

When you over-value your business, you raise your lender’s expectations, which can work against you when applying for additional funds in the future. Since you’ll always need to prove some growth to your lender when applying for future funds, this could end up hurting your relationship with your lender when they realize you were dishonest. You could end up missing necessary additional funding to scale up your business if you resort to this course of action.

  1. Over-Forecasting Your Financial Returns

When in desperate need of finances, it’s easy to overrate your business growth rate. This could result in you overestimating the money you’ll make to impress your potential financiers. The downside is that your lenders might be convinced that you can repay your non-dilutive funding over a shorter period than is realistically possible. And even if you could make high revenues, it’s always advisable to err on caution.

For instance, unforeseen changes in your business environment could make it impossible for you to earn the forecasted revenues causing you to default on repayments, potentially leading to poor relations between you and your lenders.

  1. Applying For Funding Too Early Or Too Late

Timing is critical when applying for funds because the processes can be long and winding. Doing it too early or too late can be disastrous. Poor timing can cost your business a great opportunity that would have elevated it to the next level.

According to a couple of entrepreneurs, it’s advisable to give yourself an average duration of six months to raise business funds. For instance, when you apply for funds too early, you expose your business to a lot of analysis that could cause your application to be rejected.

On the other hand, applying too late could see you miss a scheduled trade exhibition where you’d have demonstrated your products to prospective clients.

  1. Trying To Raise Money To Fix The Entire Business

The common saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ comes into mind. It’s advisable to stick to your business strategy and plan even when raising funds for growth. Your business plan helps you to remain focused as it shows the most urgent business areas that need funding.

Whenever you’re applying for funds, deviating from the business plan can cause you to raise money that may not benefit the enterprise. This is especially critical in the in-between incidences where a lender proposes to give more than is asked. Entrepreneurs have been known to overspend when they get more money than they need. For example, this has resulted in business people incurring unnecessary expenses on office/warehouse space, salaries and wages, or new products that weren’t needed by the market.

  1. Pitching About Your Product Instead Of The Business

It’s normal to keep talking about some unique products your company is introducing and how they’ll solve many customer problems. When you use such details to pitch for non-dilutive funding, this becomes a problem. In as much as lenders aren’t after partnering with you in your business, they still want to understand your business model and how that’ll help you to make money.

Further, you must make your business presentation in a simple method that’s easy to understand. Your lender is keen to know how they’ll recover their money, so you must explain how your business as a whole (not specific products) will generate and rake in revenues.


Although non-dilutive funding is always a good option for startups, some options like bank loans are difficult to get. Plus, even where they’re readily available, young companies without the necessary collateral to secure their loans are always left out. Nonetheless, newer private lending and fintech companies have come onto the scene to address some of these challenges. You can reach out to any of them for non-disruptive funding for your company.


Safety In Numbers

With a goal to deliver tangible savings for employers and modernize needed benefits for employees with high expectation, Safe Harbor Health guarantees immediate measurable financial savings for all. We find out more from Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Murray… named CEO of the Year 2021 – Boston MA, USA.

The TOTAL Wellness Program offered by Safe Harbor Health is a voluntary employee benefit program also known as “WIMPER” a Wellness Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement. This preventive care, mental health, and chronic disease management program offers digital care solutions, available through an app on your smart phone, that can be implemented alongside any health plan to help both employers and employees save money on healthcare expenses and taxes virtually instantly.

Exploring the program extensively, it’s clear to see the benefits that this program can bring to both employers and employees.

By helping employees prioritize physical, mental, and emotional health, the TOTAL Wellness Program profoundly improves employee satisfaction, recruiting, and retention. The TOTAL Wellness Program averages a 77% participation rate.

Employers that implement the TOTAL Wellness Program save an average of $523 per participant per year in FICA Taxes. Participating employees save an average of $150 per month in FICA taxes by agreeing to participate in the plan. Employees can then use this $1,800 per year tax saving to add additional employee benefits of their choice, with no change in their take home pay.

Employees can also enjoy complimentary digital medical services via the dedicated app that saves them money on things from health products to eliminating large hospital bills while improving overall health. Employers can lower claims through improved wellness of their group and increased data collection, stand-alone RX programs and affordable care locators.

Overall, Safe Harbor groups and members can reduce healthcare spending significantly, which can make a noticeable difference in someone’s life.

Mike Murray is the Chief Executive Officer of Safe Harbor Health and he told us more about the company through his eyes. Mike emphasized the importance of building a strong and dedicated team that he can trust and rely on.

“From a leadership point of view, I find that it’s important to know and be able to jump in at any level. To be able to complete tasks that you ask others to do,” he begins. “Understanding that everyone has strengths and to focus on those strengths while understanding where their talent lies and to focus their attention there helps. Delegating tasks to people who can complete the assignment means I can focus my attention on the research that will make us grow rather than trying to do everything myself.”

Mike co-founded Safe Harbor Health in January 2019 along with Ryan Herlin. Both men are award-winning insurance professionals from the Boston area and have been serving the healthcare needs of businesses of all sizes nationwide for more than 30 years combined.

The company caters to clients who fall into the medium to large employer group bracket. It reaches these clients largely by connecting with insurance brokers and financial advisors who are actively pursuing the same clientele. However, the firm’s clear differentiator is the generous savings that can be acquired from implementing the Total Wellness Program.

“This is why brokers and advisors see so much value in bringing our program to their clients, it gives them the opportunity to show employees products they really want, and the tax savings makes their offerings virtually free to the employee,” Mike says.

The team at Safe Harbor Health is a tight-knit unit which meets often and makes decisions together, based on everyone’s unique perspective. “No one has all the answers so having a solid team is critical,” Mike elaborates. “Almost anything can be taught but if I had to pick the qualities we look for it would be integrity and work ethic. We have a lot of fun together but we get things done and I believe that’s part of our success.”

Like any other company, there are challenges and obstacles which have to be faced from time to time, and Safe Harbor Health is no different. One particular challenge for the company and the team is introducing a system that hasn’t been seen before, except in small trials over the last few years. Even though some are reluctant to change, Mike has experienced continuous opportunities as Safe Harbor Health becomes more well known.

Mike shares, “There are always things that can make our business grow if we just stop and evaluate the track you’re on and where you need to go. We have a macro vision for our company, but in the short term, our goal is to scale the program more aggressively with a national campaign.”

Recently, Mike was recognised by CEO Monthly for his involvement with the company, being awarded the eminent title of CEO of the Year 2021 – Boston Massachusetts. “We have exciting plans to enhance the value proposition of Safe Harbor Health Mike says, when a company liberates its creative power, that’s when it becomes limitless.”

We look forward to seeing what he does next.

For business enquiries, contact Mike Murray from Safe Harbor Health on their website – www.safeharborsavings.com

Tips And Tricks On Feeling More Confident In Your Body

Having Self-love is Everything!

Although people often believe that confidence starts on the outside, it is more of an intrinsic trait and has to start from within. Self-love is the foundation on which you will build your confident self. When we are working with psychological variables, like “confidence”, one of the most important aspects is being comfortable within your skin. Once you achieve that level of comfort, you are able to face the world without blinking an eye. For this to happen, you need to have self-compassion.

Self-love or compassion comes from positive thoughts. You need to surround yourself with positivity and be able to confidently go out there and challenge the world. You have to believe that you are exceptional and one of a kind, before your body and mind can follow suit. When you believe in your “uniqueness” and practice all other components of the path to self-love, you will see that doors to further positivity open up swiftly for you. 

Avoid Toxic People

You do not need validation from toxic “others” to feel good or comfortable about yourself. Feeling more confident in your body starts with shoving toxic people out of your life. People who can’t accept a healthy body image ideal and constantly nag you for being insufficient are nothing less than a burden. They will never let you feel at peace in your own skin. To practice self-compassion, ensure that you have a positive social circle that can support this vibe. 

Care For Your Physical Health

You may call it stereotyping, but weight loss does give you the confidence you had been lacking previously. When you are making efforts to keep your body healthy, your body releases endorphins that create a state of happiness and mental peace. When your mind is at peace, you feel naturally confident. Furthermore, it gives you a sense of control over your body and accomplishment in your life. 

This also happens when you eat healthily. Remember, you are what you eat. When you eat healthily and take care of your body, eventually, it will return the favour.  Weight loss seems like a daunting task, but Exipure results have shown remarkable weight loss among people, who had lost all hope of losing weight. It doesn’t have to be exhausting or overwhelming. Making changes in your diet should be done slowly, as your body needs time to adjust to new eating habits.

Mental Health Precedes Everything!

This may be the most ignored part of becoming comfortable in your skin. People do not realize that, at times, what you see on screen is a product of excessive lighting, makeup, touch-ups, and acting. This usually conveys an unhealthy body image to the masses who then try to replicate such an impossible standard, thereby destroying their mental health in the process.

No matter what you do, you must realize that setting unrealistic goals for yourself is not going to help with your body image issues. It is essential to give yourself breathing space and follow healthy practices that promote realistic body expectations, otherwise, you can end up with eating disorders, amongst other psychological issues. Don’t fall victim to this. If you are too bothered by thoughts about your body, consider visiting a therapist. Remember, if you feel confident, only then will it radiate from your body language. So, don’t let negative thoughts get to you. 

Investing In Yourself

Try to invest in yourself. Buy things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself. Like shoes with a heightened insole, which can give you a tall and confident look. Add to your wardrobe, as your clothes represent how you are feeling.

Wear bright colours when you feel all sunny. Try pastels when you want a supermodel look. You can experiment as much with clothes as you like. Modify them to make yourself feel and look confident. Of course, all of this is optional, but when you spend money on your well-being, you feel empowered. And that empowerment generates confidence. Try it out.

Everything You Need To Host That Big Event In Style

Hosting a big event is no easy task. There are so many things to consider from the food and drinks to the decorations and seating arrangements. But with careful planning and preparation, you can make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about hosting a big event, from start to finish. We’ll discuss everything from choosing the right venue to selecting the perfect menu. So whether you’re planning an extravagant wedding or a simple birthday party, read on for all the tips and advice you need to make your event unforgettable.

Choose the Right Venue

One of the most important aspects of planning a big event is choosing the right venue. The venue you select will set the tone for the entire event, so it’s important to choose wisely. If you’re planning a formal affair, then you’ll need to find an appropriate venue. A ballroom or banquet hall would be ideal. But if you’re planning a more casual event, then you might want to consider a restaurant or outdoor space. You may also want to think about the size of the venue when making your choice. Make sure that it is large enough to accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Once you’ve selected the perfect venue, you can move on to planning the rest of your event.

Invest in Professional Equipment

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, you will likely need to rent some professional equipment. This could include anything from chairs and tables to stage lighting and sound systems. And if you’re planning an outdoor event, you may also need to rent outdoor stage equipment and canopies.  Investing in professional equipment will ensure that your event runs smoothly and looks great.  If you’re not sure what you need, then it’s best to consult with a professional event planner. They will be able to advise you on what type of equipment is necessary for your specific event. Once you have all the equipment you need, you can start setting up for your big day.

Create a Detailed Budget

Before you start planning your event, it’s important to create a detailed budget. This will help you keep track of all the expenses associated with your event. When creating your budget, be sure to include all the costs of renting equipment, hiring staff, and buying supplies. You should also factor in any additional costs such as advertising and decorating expenses. Once you have a good understanding of your event’s budget, you can start looking for ways to save money. One way to do this is by negotiating with vendors and suppliers. Another way to save money is by planning your event during off-peak times or seasons. By careful budgeting, you can ensure that your event is both affordable and enjoyable.

Hire Trustworthy Staff

If you’re planning a large event, then you will likely need to hire additional staff to help out on the day of the event. This could include servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff.  When hiring event staff, it’s important to choose individuals who are reliable and trustworthy. You’ll also want to make sure that they are properly trained and have experience working at events. To find qualified staff, you can ask for recommendations from friends or family or you can search online for event staffing companies. Once you’ve hired your event staff, be sure to provide them with a detailed schedule of their duties for the day of the event. This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.

Plan the Perfect Menu

The menu you select for your event will play a big role in its overall success. If you’re planning a formal affair, then you’ll need to choose an appropriate menu. This could include items such as steak or lobster. But if you’re planning a more casual event, then you might want to consider a buffet-style meal.  You may also want to think about any special dietary requirements of your guests when selecting your menu. For example, if you have guests who are vegetarians, then you’ll need to make sure that there are vegetarian options available. This will ensure that all of your guests can enjoy the meal.

Select the Right Entertainment

One of the most important aspects of any event is entertainment. The right entertainment will help to make your event more enjoyable for your guests.  When choosing entertainment for your event, you’ll want to think about the type of event you are hosting. For example, if you’re hosting a corporate event, then you might want to consider hiring a band or DJ. But if you’re hosting a wedding reception, then you might want to consider hiring a live band.  No matter what type of event you’re hosting, be sure to choose entertainment that is appropriate and that your guests will enjoy.

Giants Of Construction

When looking at PERI USA, you might see a large contractor able to offer a wealth of different building solutions. Under the hood, however, is a modern family company designed to provide the ultimate in service at all times. For the last two years, Strydom Groenewald has been CEO of PERI USA, earning the title of CEO of the Year, 2021 – Illinois, the USA in CEO Monthly. We dig a little deeper into the company he runs to uncover the secrets of his success.

Formed in 1969, PERI USA has made a name for itself over the last fifty years as a thriving market leader when it comes to providing formwork and scaffolding systems. With these essential parts of the construction business at the heart of what the team do, it’s clear that their quality must be of the highest standards to secure their continuing success. Over the years, the firm has changed and evolved, but the commitment to high standards remains at the forefront of every decision.

As a family-run firm entering the second generation, it’s clear that none of the passion that started the business off has faded. Still pioneering new techniques and methods of formwork and scaffolding, it’s easy to see why so many continue to turn to this talented team for their exceptional products. The trust that has been developed over the last few decades lies at the heart of many customer relationships.

Leading the way forward for the last few years has been Strydom Groenewald, a man who has spent nearly fifteen years working his way through the business. From humble beginnings as a branch manager in South Africa, Mr Groenewald has risen through the ranks to become regional director, vice president, and finally CEO in the USA. This deep dive into the way in which the business runs means that he understands every part intimately, and makes decisions based on what is best specifically for the business at hand. Through the pandemic, this close connection with the firm has allowed him to guide it through often difficult times.

The projects that the team have been involved with have often benefitted from their proprietary systems. In a project at 1200 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA, the team’s GRIDFLEX Grid Element Slab Formwork, Uniportal and LPS Lightweight Climbing Enclosure systems were used to ensure the ultimate in safety and in efficiency. Working in partnership with the various stakeholders on the project, the team were able to maintain the high standards set by the contractor, and continue a long run of impressive work within the New York market.

The success of PERI USA has been well-established by good working patterns and a commitment to the highest standards, but maintaining these habits has proven to be key to the firm’s success. Under the leadership of Mr Groenwald, PERI USA has gone from strength to strength, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s certainly is something to celebrate.

For business enquiries, contact Bernadette Pearson from PERI USA via email – [email protected]

Never Mind Tradition – 5 Wedding Catering Alternatives

During the past two years, it’s been more difficult for couples to get the weddings they’ve dreamed of. Big, blow-out ceremonies were taken entirely off the table by lockdown restrictions. With social-distancing rules easing for most, 2022 has become a bit of a comeback year for weddings. We’re seeing more creative spins on traditions than ever before as couples plan a uniquely memorable day for themselves and their guests.

Many will be opting for a more traditional day with a three-course dinner topped off with a spectacular wedding cake. But for those looking to do something a little out of the ordinary, there is a growing trend of using more alternative foods and drinks, from burger stalls to ice cream vans.

So, whether you’re a venue, caterer, planner, or one of the affianced looking for inspiration, in this article we’ll be discussing some of the trendiest alternative foods and drinks to celebrate tying the knot. With some help from Peter Campbell of Snowshock, a UK fizzy slush machines business, we’ve got five great ideas for you.

1.     Doughnut walls

The doughnut wall trend is a delicious and quirky alternative to wedding cakes or sit-down desserts that allows your guests to mingle while they eat.

Doughnuts have been a popular choice for weddings for a few years now, and this trend is going nowhere thanks to their versatility. Coming in all sorts of flavours to suit the guests, you can also choose all styles and colours to match the wedding!

Some doughnut walls are not even strictly walls, with some couples opting to have their sweet treats served hanging from hooks, stacked on tables, or tucked in cubbyholes.

2.     Frozen mocktails

While frozen cocktails have been a popular wedding staple for many, in the past few years, data has shown an overall decrease in alcohol intake, especially amongst young people. So it may be unsurprising to hear that there is an increasing number of couples interested in planning tee-total weddings. Non-alcoholic choices are becoming more prevalent, and if you or your clients are looking to combine this with the popular nostalgic trend, there may be no better way than to serve frozen mocktail slushies.

It’s a perfect way to bring a fun party atmosphere to weddings with this grown-up twist on a childhood favourite iced drink. It’ll bring back fond memories for the adults and plenty of entertainment for younger guests.

3.     Food stalls

Relaxed festival vibes are perfect for making the most of your venue’s outdoor space and warm summer evenings, and it’s great for couples wanting a laid-back atmosphere rather than a more formal traditional dinner.

Wedding food trucks have seen much growth in popularity over the past decade, according to Google Trends search data, and don’t show any signs of slowing down soon. Getting a food truck can especially be a great way to offer guests more options and explore different types of cuisines and comfort foods.

They can also be a lot more budget-friendly than traditional catering for couples who don’t want their big day to blow the bank.

4.     Dessert bars

Sometimes it’s not just about what food is being served, it’s how it’s served. Whether you’ve got an ice-cream bicycle vendor riding around the venue, a DIY dessert bar full of favourite flavours, or an actual ice-cream van serving classic 99s, this has become a popular way for guests to help themselves to sweet treats at a wedding. Like doughnut walls, serving food and snacks in fun, quirky ways can make for an experience that the guests won’t forget in a hurry.

5.     Picnics

Pre-packaged picnics have also become a relaxed and romantic alternative way to cater to wedding guests, complete with wicker baskets and woollen blankets. This has been partially inspired by the success of shows like Bridgerton, setting off a trend for 2022’s wedding season that One Fab Day has called ‘Regency Romance’. Featuring soft colour palettes, fine china and afternoon tea classics, this whimsical trend is a good choice if you’re planning a fairytale or country garden wedding during the summer.

Overall, although wedding trends will always change over time, finding unique or alternative ways to serve food and drinks has become quite popular in recent years. Opting for a relaxed, informal, and fun experience has become far more common. Whether from a burger van or a slush machine, planning food and drink for your wedding can be a fun experience, and you can do it in a way that suits your style and gives the guests something to remember.

Medical Marvels Secure Success

When it comes to transport within the healthcare industry, there are few services finer than ERS Medical. Their incredible team supports over 250 NHS Orgnaisations, freeing frontline NHS staff to provide vital healthcare transportation at all times. Their CEO, Andrew Pooley, has guided them through troubling times and in CEO Monthly, he has won the award for CEO of the Year, 2021 – United Kingdom. We take a closer look to discover how.

ERS Medical is now one of the most successful medical transport organisations in the UK, employing 1,200 colleagues across 25 sites to provide the ultimate in private healthcare transportation. For over a quarter of a million patients every year, ERS Medical is a vital link in the healthcare chain that gets them where they need to be. Their mission to provide a reliable, caring service that puts people at the heart of what they do sounds simple enough, but it wasn’t always like this.

When current CEO Andrew Pooley arrived at ERS Medical, it was a very different organisation. Having left his position in the Army Reserves in 2013, he had built his name as a force to be reckoned with when it came to successfully mobilising and improving large, complex healthcare services. The bureaucracy of healthcare systems has halted the progress of many over the years, but Mr. Pooley was not deterred. In 2016, he joined the board of First Care Ambulance Ltd as the Operations Director where he oversaw rapid expansion, increased revenue and raised standards so that the business could achieve a good CQC rating in less than 18 months. The business model was one which was focused on quality, compliance and scalability, all within a heavily regulated sector.

In 2017, Mr. Pooley had gained enough experience in all aspects of the healthcare sector to lead a complex acquisition bid for the trade and assets of ERS Medical alongside his fellow First Care Ambulance directors. ERS Medical was far from a success at this time, incurring significant losses and failing to live up to expectations. Over a period of six months, the team used the business model developed at First Care Ambulance to transform the fortunes of ERS medical. Over 850 staff, the premises and assets were transitioned to a new business, ERS Transition Ltd (still trading as ERS Medical), which formed the basis of the firm’s current success.

As CEO of ERS Medical, Mr. Pooley has been able to watch the fledgling organisation fly. Much of his approach is inspired by the skills acquired through his military training and this has proven to be vital to his success as a leader and manager. The clear vision, complete with annual missions and tasks, company values and comms plan, alongside a detailed ‘Directive’, have been vital to ensuring everyone in the company is working on the same page, and towards the same aims.

This strategy is a part of the implementation of a large Mission Leadership model. This empowers managers at all levels to creatively solve problems within a senior manager’s intent. It provides an integrated way of working within a clear framework. Through freeing people to think for themselves and find solutions, ERS Medical has become an agile business which makes decisions and is led by the operations team. Every part of the service is built around ensuring that the ambulance crews can do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks to incredible leadership from the top of the organisation, ERS Medical has gained a reputation that is unparalleled within the industry. The team’s vital services are used across both primary and secondary care. The patient transport service, for example, can pick up patients from hospitals and take them home or to a hospital or an alternative place of secondary care. Similarly, the team’s medical courier service can distribute medicines and vaccines to GP Practices and pharmacies as well as collecting pathology samples and transport them to a hospital lab.

During these most difficult of times, particularly for the NHS, the ERS Medical team have gone above and beyond to support their customers. No matter what the challenge, the team have been proud to adapt to changing needs at remarkable pace with an openness that reflects their determination. As this national institution was knocked by waves of COVID-19, the ERS Medical steam made it their mission to help the wider sector transport patients suspected of or positive with COVID-19. More recently, the team have played an essential role in the regional roll out of COVID-19 vaccine doses in the North and South of England. Today, hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine have been safely delivered thanks to their care and ability.

The last eighteen months have been difficult for all in the healthcare industry, with numerous challenges both for the operation of the company and for maintaining morale in a pandemic. To support them, Mr. Pooley has overseen the expansion of internal support mechanisms for colleagues so they can access our Employee Assistance Programme and the services they provide. The firm has established and trained Mental Health First Aiders at our sites and regularly roll out Mental Health First Aid training to all managers, so they are better equipped to recognise and support with the first signs of stress as well.

Looking forward, it’s clear that ERS Medical is well on the way to becoming one of the leading health and social care providers in the UK. There are many different projects on the horizon in every part of the business, including the debut of the firm’s first electric ambuance in 2021 which will kickstart a green revolution within the business. These zero emissions vehicles save over 12,000kg CO2 per annum, when compared to a diesel vehicle equivalent driving 30,000 miles per annum. It goes a long way to aligning and supporting the way that the business works with the NHS’s Net Zero targets.

When looking at the transformation of ERS Medical, it’s hard not to credit Mr. Pooley with an astonishing amount of foresight which empowered a team to thrive through even the most challenging of circumstances. With their offering being a vital part of numerous NHS organisations, the failure of this company could have been a disaster. Under his leadership, however, ERS Medical has been completed regenerated. It is a formidable force to be reckoned with and one which reflects the tenacity, adaptability and the ambition of its CEO.

For business enquiries, contact Andrew Pooley from ERS Medical via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.ersmedical.co.uk

A Customer Centric Attitude Towards Cyber Security

SecurityHQ is a Global Independent MSSP that detects and responds to threats, instantly. As your security partner, we alert and act on threats for you. Our customers and partners gain access to an army of analysts that work with you, as an extension of your team, 24/7, 365 days a year. Receive tailored advice and full visibility to ensure peace of mind, with our Global Security Operation Centres. Utilize our award-winning security solutions, knowledge, people, and process capabilities, to accelerate business and reduce risk and overall security costs.

With six Security Operation Centres spread across the globe – UK, India, Dubai, Australia, USA, and South Africa, we have mastered the art of providing revolutionary, high-end, managed security services to our clients to ensure Visibility, Response Capability, Collaboration, measurable Risk Reduction and Assurance. Above all, we provide Peace of Mind.

Our DNA is built on the foundations of Integrity & Transparency, Continuous engineered Innovation and Agility. This DNA, coupled with customer centric attitude of our employees, has empowered us to work as an extended arm of our client teams and not merely as vendors.

A Proven track record of 99% renewals resonates the fact that our clients trust us and consider us as part of their own team. The founders of the company are very involved in the operations of the company, and ensure they are available and accessible to customers and staff 24x7x365.

What makes SecurityHQ stand out within the industry?

SecurityHQ have come a long way on its MSSP journey, starting with small and medium clients to now servicing a vast majority of enterprise grade global names.

Today, we service clients in every continent, including smaller island countries like Fiji, countries in Asia and Africa. The diversity in our footprint spans across verticals with BFSI, FSI, Energy, Education, Ecommerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Aviation, Stock Exchanges, ITES, Government and Federal agencies, and more.

Our global presence has enabled us to establish a robust reseller program complimented by our direct sales program. The split today between direct and reseller/partner driven sales is equal and our goal is to consciously increase our direct sales. Our offerings are focussed only on elevating the security posture of our clients.

SecurityHQ staff are all certified, cyber security specialists. This gives us the edge over our competitors – we are Specialists while others are Generalists. This has helped us surpass our competition in all regions.

Our award-wining Security Analytics and Incident Management platform, SHQ Response, is industry first and redefines the way we collaborate with our clients, by simplifying their cyber security journey.     

What role do your staff play in the success of your firm and what qualities do you look for when recruiting new talent?

What makes us so strong as a company, is our ability and capability to recognise and recruit talent from across the globe. Our analysts are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry, and hundreds of them are available on demand, to provide business intelligence, advice, monitoring, stability, and innovation.

80% of our staff have been with us since inception, and have actively contributed towards the growth of SecurityHQ. Some of the top CISOs and CIOs in the industry have recognised our staff as being the best in the industry.

We are a global company and employ many different people, of differing nationalities, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and genders. It is this combination of difference and inclusivity that makes us such a rich and diverse organisation.

Are there any specific industry-based challenges you are facing now and may do in the near future? 

Adversaries today have a larger and more diverse attack surface area, especially with regards to the move to cloud. The majority of business now have a hybrid environment with reasonable split between cloud and on-prem IT assets. This changes the game for us as the defenders; we as a team need to match the pace of introduction of new environments and up our skills to ensure we understand the new threat actors and devise strategies to safeguard our clients, all in rapid time.

In addition, new compliance mandates are introduced almost every quarter and existing mandates are being tightened to ensure data confidentiality of organisations. This puts tremendous pressure to adapt our global delivery to comply to these mandates, while ensuring we maintain the same delivery standards and agility in the service.

With regards to COVID-19, one benefit to come out of how the pandemic impacted business was that our existing clients became more flexible when it came to the mode of operations. We also had a surge of new clients onboarded as, once again, the threat surface area widened due to the introduction of work-from-home, and companies just simply were not prepared in terms of their security. As a result, we as a company experienced 43% growth in new contracts.

Do you have any plans for 2022 and beyond that you would like to share with our readers?

Innovation is embedded in SecurityHQ’s DNA. We consistently innovate and upgrade our service offerings. Our Innovation team is tasked with designing Yearly ‘Innovation Programs’ which are then assigned to our teams across the business.

Our SHQ Response platform has been awarded by IBM Beacon Awards as the most ‘Outstanding Security Solution’ in 2021 and it is recognised as industry first, combined with the introduction of the Mobile App. Our App has elevated the collaboration between our teams and our client teams, providing the power of ‘SOC in your hands’.

2022 has been focussed on launching new world-class Security Operation Centres, revamping our existing facilities, developing automation & containment modules and the launch of SHQ Academy to upskill our staff and new staff.

Year 2023 plans to be even more exciting and includes revolutionizing the way our customers will be able to buy our services and the way they would be provisioned. We will also be focussing on corporate social responsibility activities across all our offices, to ensure we give enough back to society.

Down to Earth Cloud Based Solutions

As a company, Performive has been lauded as one of the best and fastest growing technological firms in Atlanta. Over time, it has proven the efficacy and client-focused exemplary service that has made this possible at every turn, all led by the CEO and co-founder Gary Simat. Last year, Gary was accredited with the title of ‘CEO of the Year, 2021’ for Georgia, and is excited to go on to use this, pulling his company, his clients, and his industry in the macro scale towards even greater success by supporting his customers and staff with his signature innovative flair.

Performive is a company run by exemplary mind in his field and professional, Gary Simat. As CEO and Co-Founder, he wears many hats within the company, and has been critical in helping it to become the secure, managed, multi-cloud service provider that it is today, one that is trusted by clients in all areas of the mid-market customer base. Based in Georgia, Gary began taking Performive on its journey towards its current success in 2005, building his team from the ground up – a team that today has a total of 100 staff members and operates across 20 Global Locations – in order to deliver secure, cloud solutions with world-class engineering, and exemplary customer service. Fundamentally, Performive has garnered such good will amongst its clients with the attentiveness and diligence of its staff, the hard work of whom allow it to offer on-demand engineering assistance.

Additionally, Performive features secure VMware-based solutions through this cloud-based software. Each of its services, the majority of which are sold to mid-sized businesses looking for enterprise-grade solutions that will support the expansions they’re trying to make, have earned it significant notoriety over the years, resulting in the attainment of several accolades and awards such as the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s ‘Pace Setter Award’, earned due to the rapid and sustainable growth it managed to achieve within such a short space of time. This allowed it to springboard on to bigger and better things, using its position as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the metro area – a designation it retained during 2018, 2019, and 2020 – it even earned itself a spot in Inc Magazine’s 5000 list, rating the most prestigiously ranked fastest growing companies in the nation.

As a leader, Gary is well-versed in everything about his business, his industry, and the future of both; having earned an in-depth knowledge of the best practices when it comes to running cutting-edge data centres, he has optimized his firm and headquarters for peak global network performance and cloud operations. Furthermore, due to being an entrepreneur at heart, his dedication to continually growing, developing, and changing fuels the passion of the rest of the staff. Each member of his team benefit from his consistent drive and are inspired by his dedication to helping up-and-coming companies to ascertain, incorporate, and utilise the tools they need in order to reach the next milestones they need to hit, ensuring this company’s goal of making the global corporate world a more efficient place is being worked towards.

In this way, he also gives back to Atlanta’s start-up scene by being active in Atlanta’s Tech Village, participating in local hackathons and forums organised by the Cape Coral Technical College. Having featured in Forbes for his efforts in business, engineering, and leadership, he prides himself on having a leadership style that adapts to the needs of his team, the market, and the industry, always offering training and upskilling that will allow the staff to remain competitive in their own rights within the technological sector. Thus, its team are self-motivated, technologically minded, and thrive in resolving challenges for customers, each of them having pulled together more than ever over the past year in order to muscle through the pandemic and come out ready to be a cornerstone element of a changing world.

For business enquiries, contact Gary Simat from Performive on their website – performive.com

Hiking Toward a Greener Planet

It’s true that hiking reduces stress, builds body strength, improves mood, etc. However, there is another, less well-known advantage to trekking. Hiking may increase our environmental awareness and connection in ways that use fewer resources and produce less pollution. As the world strategizes for a more sustainable future, you and your company can take immediate steps in that direction.

Here are four ways that hiking helps us become more environmentally conscious:

1. Hiking is Simple.

The nomadic archetype of easy living, doing more with less, is hiking. It’s about combining your belongings for many applications and not using or possessing more than you can carry. The majority of hikers just bring one towel, one set of hiking boots, one pan, one pot, one fork. Hiking is a means of learning and applying the principles of simple living. Applying these principles in business is part of the sustainability mindset. Use and reuse. Recycle where possible. Give back when you can. This is what hiking and sustainability are all about. 

2. Hiking Promotes Natural Recycling 

We naturally learn about recycling and the costs of not doing so when we hike more frequently.

If you use goods like gas cans or plastic water bottles, you must also bring all the empty ones with you. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a climb up Everest, Treks in Nepal, or a hike along the Appalachian Trail, you must be aware of your supplies. The next hikers will be made even more aware of the issues with these single-use systems if you trash them on the path or leave them behind. They will pick up your used canisters, cans, or bottles to prevent further environmental contamination.

Businesses today face the same issues when it comes to supplies and waste. Hiking puts our feet on the ground and reminds us of the importance of responsible stewardship. It gives us hands-on experiences that help us remember that everyone and everything make a difference. 

Many hikers just bring a modest number of supplies like shampoo, soap, and food. Refilling their supply of soap, water, and other items from sources along the way, they practice both how to consume less and how to reuse the same containers repeatedly. Thanks to modern stove systems, even your smartphone can be charged on small fallen twigs that you pick from the trails. Businesses worldwide can take sustainability lessons from hikers. 

3. Hiking Equipment is Durable and Repairable.

On the trails, you need simple supplies that won’t break, are easy to fix, and last even when you’re far from fresh supplies. Green and sustainable designs are best. Therefore, there is much to gain by determining whether a new design will function on the hiking trails.

After a few days or weeks on the trails, many hikers develop this knowledge. It makes it easier for them to cut back on consumption and live more sustainably. It also makes it easier to do so once you return home. You will find that you will be less prone to try to consume your way out of problems. Therefore, instead of buying new stuff, you will be more competent and innovative in how you approach difficulties because you will have developed habits that allow you to see the future more clearly. What business wouldn’t benefit from being more sustainable, competent, and innovative? 

4. Connecting to the Sky and the Trees

Many times, sustainability is defined as not doing, not buying, or not wasting. Hiking, however, paints another picture. Being outside is not just a way to conserve energy or something to do because your doctor says it’s good for you.

Just looking at the stars and realizing how far you can see beyond the nearest planets is therapy for the inner you. Being able to look around you at how much larger and farther reality extends in unrestricted and undeveloped places can change your perspective. As a result, it can give you a sense of wonder and awe that you can get in no other way. Maybe, if we can see the world differently, it will seem easier to make business decisions that will positively impact the future of our amazing planet. It’s worth a try!

The New Solution for the Emerging Healthcare Industry

TIPS SA, as ‘2022’s Leading Healthcare ICT Solutions Company’ for Latin America, has made itself an innovative, ingenuity-powered, and people-first business taking hospitals into the future. Its educational, technologically front-running, and clinical efforts streamline all elements of patient care from outpatient care to hospitalization, emergency care, home care, day hospital, operating room management, chemical laboratory practice, imaging, and more, creating systems that get rid of all unnecessary bloatware.

An information technology company applied to health, TIPS SA is one of the most important business units of its kind, and a foremost cornerstone of the Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba. Furthermore, TIPS SA is totally made up of an interdisciplinary group of systems that allow it to corner highly variant and diverse elements of the market, covering a variety of different elements when it comes to comprehensive services and solutions, such as prevention and complex care. Working with private and public healthcare both, it plies its trade to create an attitude of the highest responsibility and utmost efficiency, allowing it to effectively become a front runner in information and communication technology in healthcare.

From administration to healthcare, promotion, building solutions, increased patient safety, increased quality of care, updates to certain healthcare facilities, continuity of care, and even operational efficiency, it takes care of all manner of operational elements for its clients. Its solutions are more than satisfactory when it comes to healthcare, teaching, and research because of this. In short, it can take any number of processes, and in the application of its ICT services, better it in terms of efficiency and execution both, working with an institutional mindset and perspective as it does so.

Thanks to the computerization of the Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba, TIPS SA can now provide a much higher quality of care to its patients, promoting efficient hospital management, the growth of its activities, and an overall better healthcare experience for both the public and staff. After all, it is from the ICT department of this hospital that TIPS SA was born. Nominally, it wishes for every hospital to be able to have access to the services it has been able to implement for the institution in which it was founded; this would allow them to benefit accordingly from the resulting multi-level, highly complex, and incredibly well-evolved internal processes involved.

Moreover, evolving such processes allows healthcare institutions to gain a complex and comprehensive understanding of the challenges that individual healthcare providers and the wider industry face. Understanding this – both in the role of the provider and insurer – allows TIPS SA’s clients to easier empathise with their fellow professionals, making for a resulting growth spurt born from provable expertise and more accurate forecasting. Indeed, the growth it has maintained has allowed it to make significant positive change to not just medical institutes in its region, but also across Latin America, following its institutional mission to provide the best solutions to the health system.

Indeed, this mission has remained with it since the beginning, and the continuity within itself has ensured that it can offer the same level of dependability to its clients. Making itself a benchmark for industry standards, it hopes that by leading by example, its peers are inspired to follow in its footsteps towards better international healthcare that puts the patients first, and makes life easier for staff by streamlining and digitizing relevant processes. This action and its implementation are made possible through experience, dedication to service, and constant innovation, resulting in highly modern organisation and a solid foundation. Critically, the commitment that it shows to keeping these values intact as its pillars mean that it can always keep its people at the forefront of its work – peers, partners, and patients alike – make it a highly motivated cornerstone of industry.

Moreover, the emphasis that TIPS SA puts on trust, motivation, and commitment sets it apart from its peers. With this as its unique selling point, and under the vision of promoting quality about all else, its interdisciplinary team of professionals guide the future of industry with expert hands that care about the shape they are morphing the sector into. The implementation and development of these new solutions, it hopes, will form the bedrock of the new paradigm it wishes to emerge, one in which challenges can be tackled head-on, without nearly as much time sunk into the resolution, allowing specialist professionals to turn focus back on the patient.

The medical ‘know how’, therefore, that runs within its team has been purpose built to be impeccable. After all, to serve an industry, one must know an industry, and TIPS SA has worked hard to be able to be an empathic and understanding resource for the practitioners using it, carrying an innate medical excellence within its DNA upon which the actual technology is built. Inspiring people to feel more in control of their work, enhancing their efforts, and making themselves part of a common process, it believes that no singular person within its ranks is more important than anyone else in order to foster the same sort of staff appreciation in its clients.

Nominally, its multidisciplinary and diverse team is celebrated for their differences in fields and backgrounds. Thusly, everyone has an equally weighty voice within the business, and it is passionate about the technology and health specialties that come about as a direct result of this diversity, things that would absolutely not exist without the input of people from all areas of the medical and information technology industry. Despite the impacts of Covid-19 – one of the biggest challenges to the medical industry in a very long time – this company and its staff have used the unity integral to the business to push through, empowering patients through rapid communication and staff through eliminating bloatware.

With all-new solutions from the Patient Communicated program to the obese patients program, adult control program, follow up programs, and more, it has been blazing a trail towards further success by using the IoT. In this manner, it hopes to continue innovating with its up-and-coming self-service care management app, and looks forward to continuing to help its clients implement the latest and greatest healthcare services into their businesses as the world continues to evolve.

For business enquiries, contact María Cecilia Camillucci from TIPS SA on their website – https://www.tipsalud.com.ar

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

If you’re in the early stage of planning your wedding, you’ll likely be making your way through your checklist of essentials, which might include finding your ideal venue, sending out invitations and hiring your vendors.

Of all the tasks on your to-do list, one that you might be looking forward to the most is finding the perfect wedding dress. Whether you have dreamt of walking down the aisle since you were a young child, or are only giving thought to this matter now, every bride wants to look her best on her big day, so finding the right outfit is key.

In this article, we have outlined some important elements to consider when shopping for your wedding dress that will make the process faster and more enjoyable, and will ultimately help you purchase the perfect dress for you.

Get Inspired

A great place to start is by gathering ideas of different wedding dress styles to get a sense of which ones you are most drawn to. There are many sources from which you can glean inspiration, ranging from social media channels and bridal magazines to simply window shopping at bridal boutiques. Wedding dress apps are also a helpful tool for allowing you to visualize how you would look in a variety of different wedding dress styles.

Dress for Your Figure

Wedding dresses come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, with each one offering something special. From boho to ballgown, fishtail to fairytale, the wide array of dresses available is ever-expanding and new trends are continually developing.

However, at times the options can appear endless and there is the risk of choosing a dress simply because it looks great on the model or on your favorite celebrity. To achieve an effect that most compliments your physique it is important to know which silhouettes work best for your body type.

From triangle and pear, hourglass to oval, different body shapes work well with different types of clothing. Before you have your first fitting it is useful to know your measurements and understand your body proportions to help narrow your search, making the experience easier and more efficient.

Whether you have your heart set on a classic, off-the-shoulder gown or prefer the statuesque style of a mermaid wedding dress, knowing your body type can help you achieve the most flattering look for your figure. 

Consider the Season

Both practically and aesthetically, it is advisable to choose a dress that matches the month in which you are getting married. Before you make a purchase give thought to the time of year your ceremony will take place and select a style and fabric that will work well with the season. 

For example, if you are planning a summer wedding it is best to pick a lighter, airy fabric that will allow you to stay cool and comfortable in the heat such as chiffon, tulle, silk, organza or dotted swiss.  

The warmer months also provide the perfect opportunity to wear something strapless or backless, such as one of these low back wedding dresses by Jovani.  A wedding dress with a slit adds a sexy modern twist to your outfit and also allows for ease of movement and a breezy feel during a hot day. Summer is also a great month for wearing short wedding dresses allowing you to showcase your legs and wedding shoes.

Opt for warmer and heavier fabrics in the winter months such as velvet, brocade, mikado and satin, or consider a two-layered dress made of lace or silk with a thick underlay beneath it. Winter is perfect for wearing high-neck gowns to create an elegant bridal look and the colder months also offer the chance to add a touch of regalness to your outfit by draping a cascading bridal cape over your shoulders. Some other fabrics that will work well throughout the year include taffeta, dupioni, shantung, polyester, jersey and illusion.

Match Your Venue

As well as the season, it’s important to give thought to the venue where you will be getting married. To create a cohesive and well-balanced look to the day, consider how your wedding dress will blend in with your surroundings. Below are some examples of popular wedding venues and the types of dresses which would work well there:

  • Hotel Ballroom: With its high ceilings, ornate décor and sparkling chandeliers, a  ballroom setting offers the ideal opportunity to dress up to the max and is ideal for a luxurious wedding that reflects your style. A classic ball gown is perfect for such a venue as it exudes elegance and sophistication and embodies the grandeur of such a formal affair.
  • Religious Ceremony: If you are getting married within the walls of somewhere religious, it’s advisable to refrain from wearing an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. However, aside from meeting the standards of modesty required by your chosen venue, a religious setting allows you to dress demurely and with elegance and sophistication. Rather than plunging necklines and backless or strapless dresses, opt for a design that balances style and tradition such as a high neckline or a gown with a floor-length silhouette.
  • Garden Party: An outdoor wedding tends to be a more relaxed affair with guests wearing cocktail dresses, chinos and other semi-formal attire. To fit in with the more laid-back yet elegant atmosphere of the event, it’s advisable to wear something that allows you to move about easily and mingle with your guests such as a maxi dress or blouse and skirt combo.
  • Beach Wedding: A beach wedding dress should feel light and easy to wear and capture the essence of the environment with its loose, free-flowing fabrics. An ideal beach bride look can include high-low hemlines, midi-length dresses and shorter skirts as well as styles such as cami and boho wedding dresses.

Dressing to match the venue can not only enhance your appearance on the day but can also help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.

By following the suggestions in this article you can begin eliminating certain types of dresses from your quest and focus on those that will meet your criteria, thereby making the hunt for the perfect wedding dress that much easier, faster and more enjoyable.

9-day Fortnight Now Workplace Policy at CharlieHR

Rather than trialling a 4-day work week, for the last 9 months, CharlieHR, a service which offers on-demand HR advice and HR software to thousands of UK SMEs has been trialling a 9-day fortnight with its team – alternating between a 5 and 4 day work week – to test if adjusting traditional working patterns can boost wellbeing and productivity. The results of the trial, which ran between October 2021 and June 2022 included:

  • a 24 per cent decrease in work-related stress across the company
  • a 14 per cent increase in team members’ ability to disengage from work
  • an 11 per cent increase in productivity
  • and 40 per cent of hiring candidates (as of May 2022) included the 9-day fortnight as one of their top 3 reasons for wanting to join the company

The positive results of the trial mean a 9-day fortnight will now be rolled out as a permanent Adjusted Work Week policy across the business. Click here to download the full policy.

CharlieHR launched its 9-day fortnight trial with a goal to improve its team’s wellbeing and enable them to have more energy to give back to other important areas of their life outside of work. The trial was also an attempt to think boldly about how the team could increase their focus and in turn become more efficient and productive. And lastly, to provide another vehicle for hiring, motivating and retaining a brilliant and diverse team. With other policies such as its Mental Health sick days and Nomad Working policy, the 9-day fortnight was designed to support CharlieHR’s wider ambition to be at the forefront of progressive approaches which will ‘Make Work Better.’

The wellbeing-related results of the trial, a 24 per cent decrease in work-related stress and a 14 per cent increase in the ability to disengage from work were welcome, but to some extent expected. However, with the business unsure as to whether productivity-levels would be impacted by reducing working hours, the 11 per cent increase in self-reported productivity was the trial’s biggest surprise.

Ben Gateley, CEO and Co-founder of CharlieHR said; “The focus of the 9-day fortnight was very much about our continued investment in the wellbeing of our team. I have always felt that our work life is intimately connected to whatever else we do, and this idea was an extension of that. It came from the simple and obvious premise that if team members have more time to be fulfilled outside of work, they will be happier and therefore likely to do a better job.

“What wasn’t clear when we started the trial was whether increased personal energy and bounce would make up for lost time and mean we don’t lose by way of productivity. It has seemed not, and productivity is up by 11 per cent. Having working hours reduced does seem to improve team members’ focus – we just need to keep a watchful eye that this remains to be the case. An inspiration for positive focus and not a stressful pressure to get the same amount of work done in a shorter period of time.”

CharlieHR’s trial came at a time when many other businesses were signing up for a 4-day work week as part of a trial with Oxbridge and Boston College in the US. The spirit of the 4-day week, to test new and better ways of working, was aligned with CharlieHR’s intentions but it was felt a 4-day work week would not work for the CharlieHR team.

Of his decision to trial a 9-day fortnight over a 4-day work week, Ben Gateley said; “companies and employees must be under no illusion that the 4-day work week is some kind of ‘magic bullet.’ Companies operate within all kinds of structures. Some will be able to accommodate a shortened working week, and, for others, it would be totally inappropriate. Those with customer-facing roles or with ‘always-on’ tech deliverables will find a 4-day week will be far from practical. And for those for whom it might work, there are wellbeing implications to consider which are at odds with the seemingly work/ life friendly offer to reduce your hours by a significant 20 per cent. Employees whose working week is already maxed out will find a directive which removes an entire working day every week stressful, meaning they are required to work longer hours to make up the shortfall. We chose not to see the 4-day work week as a mandate. Rather we embraced its spirit and looked for a solution which would work for us and would genuinely improve productivity, engagement and wellbeing.

“Working policies should feel as diverse as the products and services different businesses offer. Only then will we find solutions which actually work commercially and personally.”

CharlieHR provides SMEs with comprehensive support in setting up and maintaining excellent and efficient HR systems. For more information visit: https://www.charliehr.com/  

Families Of The Future

Building a family is no easy feat, even in today’s modern world. For the team at ARC® Fertility, the aim has always been to help people through this challenging process with compassionate care. The firm’s CEO, David Adamson MD has been justly named CEO of the Year, 2021 – California, the USA for leading the team to their current success. We take a closer look at the business to discover more.

For nearly 25 years, the team at ARC® Fertility have been leading the way when it comes to providing comprehensive care through the challenging and complex field of fertility. For many, a family is all they want and this is a team that has a proven track record of excellence when it comes to providing the quality care and emotional support that is essential during these difficult times.

The ARC® Fertility team’s services have long been at the forefront of the direct-to-consumer market. Much of the team’s work is with mid-market sized companies, but they have developed the flexibility to serve customers of any size if required. Employers, and their employees, have found great satisfaction in the team’s ability to provide a comprehensive care navigation platform that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual. Using the latest digital technology, the team have developed an inclusive and integrated journey for anyone to use.

The program is designed for everyone, with inclusivity at its core. Couples, singles and those who are LGBTQ+ have all found immense value in what the team has to offer. This is because the evidence-based educational material is delivered via Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled chat, website, digital apps and tools, as well as personal communication with ARC’s concierge care navigators. Mixing together the talents of professionals and the latest technologies has been key to securing the team’s success in recent years as the business has grown in size.

This growth is built not on purely entrepreneurial lines, but on the scientific expertise of the CEO, Mr. Adamson. Mr Adamson is a Clinical Professor at Stanford University and University of California San Francisco, with over 300 scientific publications to his name. When ARC® Fertility was founded in 1997, he wanted to increase access to fertility care to all. Building on his deep knowledge of the industry, the result has been a team that encompasses the largest, most established and vetted selective national network of boarded reproductive endocrinologists. Each has committed to following national practice and ethics guidelines. For them, the ultimate is care provision is their foremost priority.

Over the years, and under Mr. Adamson’s guidance, ARC® Fertility has grown into an incredible resource for employers who need access to this specialist medical care. The team’s approach is incredibly affordable, offering savings of at least 25% over other programs. These savings have not impacted the incredible achievements of the team, with evidence-based care provided by selected physicians provided at all times. Needless to say, their NPS of 89 is no surprise and the team’s clinical outcomes reflect the high standards of all involved.

This remarkable achievement is due, in no small part, to the talented team that Mr. Adamson has assembled at every level. To hiring the right people, train them and ensure they have the necessary resources to be successful is no mean feat, but one which has proven vital to the team’s continued success. One of the attributes that Mr. Adamson has instilled in his team is the value of working independently, bringing unique value to the team while also collaborating effectively with everyone else. As a leader, this has ensured that everyone is engaged with ensuring that the best results are achieved throughout the company.

This ability to adapt to the needs of the workforce was challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic, with infertility and fertility care services shut down for several months. While restrictions remain, the industry has started up once more, leveraging the incredible digital solutions that have become commonplace over the last couple of years. For employees, the importance of family building has become even clearer over the last few months and more attention than ever before has been placed on the benefits that organizations such as ARC® Fertility bring.

For many employers, fertility treatments run the risk of multiple pregnancies, which is why they have not instituted fertility benefits. The package design from ARC® Fertility includes an additional embryo transfer in each package. This encourages two embryo transfers of one embryo each, rather than one transfer with multiple embryos. As a result, ARC clinics are recorded as having a lower multiple pregnancy rate relative to non-ARC clinics.

With many different companies currently entering the fertility sector, it’s little wonder that the team has encountered a range of new providers that have significantly more funding. Mr. Adamson has reacted proactively to these new challengers, taking on more responsibility for aspects of execution, whilst delegating to appropriate members of the team who have more expertise. The aforementioned increased interest in family building has allowed the team to develop their employer family building benefits program to unprecedented levels.

The success of ARC® Fertility has allowed the team to help tens of thousands of people to build their families. It is a success built on the vision and ideals of Mr. Adamson who has always managed to maintain the highest of standards no matter how large the company has gotten. With future expansion in his sights, it’s clear that he is not slowing down at all. His leading role is likely to be crucial to the ARC® Fertility team holding their position at the forefront of what the industry has to offer.

For business enquiries, contact David Adamson, MD from ARC® Fertility via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.arcfertility.com

10 Ways to Add Luxury to Your House

Places need to look and feel a certain way to be considered posh: they must offer you an experience. Luxury isn’t only about spa days, alluring brands, and fancy vacation resorts either; it ultimately needs to encompass your own house. Whether you are planning to purchase a new house or have one already, we’ll take you through some must-haves for luxurious spaces so that you can spruce up yours.

1. Bright, White, and Neutral spaces

When one imagines contemporary luxurious homes, brilliantly illuminated spaces with white and nude tones come to mind. Whereas we know every owner has a unique color preference and many just follow trends, whites, nudes, and neutrals are timeless. Unlike a yellow wall, you won’t have to fret about the color of every furniture item to own before painting a room in these colors either: these tones are incredibly forgiving with respect to the colors you can match with them. Monochromatic, light tones make spaces look airy and well-lit – two essentials for deluxe rooms. 

2. Use Heights and Oversize

Whether it be a sizable four-person door or a larger-than-usual couch, you’ll note that all places claiming to be opulent often have oversized installations; this is a way to modify one’s perception and make the space appear magnanimous. If you’re getting a new place, mimic this technique. Make your windows and doors large and use plush, oversized couches and chairs. On the other hand, if you have no plans to renovate just yet, a good tip is to hang the curtains higher up, near the ceiling, to make the windows appear taller. Broader headboards and a few elephantine chairs will add to the effect and make your house appear stately. 


3. Light and Sparkles

Plain fixtures won’t do the job if you’re aiming for your house to scream lavishness. Similarly, dull finishing touches will merely make your place seem imposing. You need to use light and sparkles wisely. Get a glitzy chandelier for that high ceiling, get those lamps out and use them, put candle stands on your dining table, and use glass and crystal crockery. It’s easy to lose yourself in this step, but beware, going overboard with the sparkle will negate the majesty of the space rather than add to it. 


4. Pillows and Padding 

Luxury shouldn’t merely be about visuals; comfort is just as necessary. Cloud-like pillows and cushions work wonderfully in this regard and are incredibly easy to incorporate. Swap out aged, thin ones for the largest, fluffiest cushions you can find, and add in some extras for good measure. Padded headboards and furniture will enhance the look and feel of comfort in the house and elevate your living experience.


5. Artwork and Antiques

Spaces void of creativity can look dull instead of timeless, so the right art is essential if you want a stately place. The living room is probably the best place in a house to display large, elaborate artworks and antique pieces, and hallways work just as well. We’ll strongly urge you to let go of the motivational texts on your kitchen wall; opt for illustrations, preferably timeless ones, rather than fonts, and you’ll notice immediate improvements in the aesthetic. Abstract paintings, sculpted mannequins, and bronzed decor will add a hint of mystery and speak of old riches.


6. Silken Materials

Nothing speaks of luxury more than surfaces silky to the touch. Whether it’s the sheets on your bed or the curtains of your living room, incorporate softness within them. Use silk, satin, and velvet and build up textures. Make sure not to go overboard with just a single material, as that can end up looking garish. Mix mattes and glossy finishes and let the textile ensemble speak for itself.


7. Metal and Wood

The frames around your paintings, the handles on your doors, and the faucets in your sink all add up to complete the look. Painting such fixtures in purely matte colors can sometimes take the radiance away; we recommend using gleaming metals or well-polished woods. Make sure the tones complement each other; for example, light gold looks more radiant against white but may not do your flat peach wall any favors.


8. Glass and Mirrors

Rooms without windows or mirrors can look bleak and cramped. Large windows opening to blue skies add to the grandiosity of a house. Tall and wide mirrors make space appear larger than it is in the same way. 

If you’re getting a new place constructed, we’ll recommend using floor-to-ceiling windows. Otherwise, adding mirrors is always an option. Frameless mirrors in a multitude of shapes, like a dome, circular, squared, or rectangular, can make your rooms appear spacious, whereas ornately framed ones can elevate your decor. Antique-themed frames in gold or bronze work great to add a touch of old luxury to a space as well. If you have the capacity to renovate, you can try incorporating glass walls. 


9. Storage Spaces

If there’s one thing all luxurious spaces share, it’s the lack of clutter. Now, whereas a detailed declutter requires time, dedication, and focus, a much more convenient way is getting more storage space. Hidden storage doesn’t take up space and lets you stow all the belongings away neatly. You can also opt for dedicated storage rooms if you have the capacity: walk-in closets and separate makeup rooms just add to a posh lifestyle. 


10. Bathrooms

Upscale living involves pampering and indulgent bathing spaces, so you can simply not ignore your bathroom when adding luxury to your house. Go for warm, dim lights, and have some scented candles nearby for sensuous, long baths. Choose a floating vanity, and incorporate a large mirror. Nothing will take away from a comfortable experience as much as leaky or rusting faucets, so keep an eye out and get repairs or replacements done as soon as you need to. 


A home must reflect its owner’s tastes and personality to feel complete. Look around for signs negating the factors we mentioned, and you’ll be able to pinpoint what’s taking away from your experience. If you want to revamp your house to make it more deluxe, going to just one store won’t help. We suggest going to a home show to see the latest, updated productions in just a trip so that you can decide on the best fixtures and installations for your place. 

Fantastic Luxury Festival Fashions For 2022

Are you prepared to draw attention at your summer’s upcoming festivals? Nowadays, music events double as unofficial fashion shows and places for music. People will consider you a celebrity if you are dressed to the outre max. It’s fun to express yourself through your clothing at festivals. Before you leave, stock up on fashionable festival outfits to prevent wardrobe whoopsies. Feel free to get a little out of control because festival style is about creativity.

Create a Festival Kit for Comfort and Safety

Make a festival kit before you decide on your attire. You should gather a few necessary festival items. Having these essentials with you will make your trip comfortable and secure.

Sun Defense

Festivals are frequently held in hot, sunny locations. Dancing in the sun all day can be enjoyable, but a bad sunburn can ruin the experience.

Wear a cute, wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from pain. Baseball caps also work well.

Chic sunglasses will complete your sun-safe ensemble. Keeping your eyes covered is always in style. Regularly apply sunblock, don’t forget.

Bottle of Water

Be ready to maintain hydration. Always carry a reusable, eco-friendly water bottle with you.

Drink plenty of water in between drinks if you intend to drink alcohol. 

Handbag or Backpack

Bring a tote or backpack along for fun without your hands. You’ll need a place to keep your phone, cash, tickets, and keys. Additionally, there will be a ton of festival freebies to gather.


Use an outdoor blanket to stake out your position on the grass. A few stakes are also useful to have on hand, especially on windy days. A blanket also works as a poncho for cooler weather. Don’t rip or cut the hole in it until needed; you’ll make a sensational fashion statement by cutting your blanket open right in front of the crowd! So bring along a pair of scissors, sister.

Rock It

Black, torn jeans will make you look rock and roll. A denim skirt or a pair of cutoffs are additional choices. Combat boots made of comfortable leather are essential.

To stay cool, choose a lighter color for the top. For dancing, wear a tank top or a vintage band t-shirt.

Add some edge with your accessories.

You’ll look extremely cool if you wear studs, leather, or suede. Try a leather choker or a belt with studs.

To complete the appearance and protect your eyes, add a pair of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers. 

Double Trouble

Consider dressing similarly if you’re going to the festival with friends. You will appear adorable in pictures. Finding your friends in the crowd will also be simpler.

It doesn’t have to be corny to twin. Pick a color scheme each friend can alter to fit her unique aesthetic. Or order coordinated festival t-shirts before the occasion.

Additionally, you could look for various items in the same print. Each friend should select her own favorite and valued accessories. Bring your camera because you’ll want to post pictures of your coordinated outfits on social media.

The Future of Sustainable Energy Starts Here

In today’s world, the climate crisis is the most pressing issue – it’s on every news channel, in every newspaper, and is talked about throughout social media. In order to tackle this issue, new solutions must come forward. Providing one of these solutions is Kew Technology, the Most Outstanding Sustainable Energy Technology Firm 2022 – UK.

Climate change is a global issue – it effects everyone – meaning that no longer can people remain ignorant or turn away from the matter. It’s not going to go away. There are several ways that we, as an international community, can reduce the impact – however, a great amount of this responsibility falls upon global corporations, some of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide and pollutants. Henceforth, many businesses are turning towards sustainable energy in order to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, and, in turn, their contributions to a crisis.

A pioneer within the sustainable energy sector, KEW Technology has brought forth a new way of implementing green practices within businesses. KEW Technology envisions a world that has surpassed the need for fossil fuels. Through utilising advanced technologies and development capabilities, the innovator recycles waste and biomass-based feedstocks into advanced sustainable energy products, providing the end product to its clients to bolster the use of eco-friendly production methods. Consequently, KEW Technology is at the epicentre of two parallel market revolutions: the drive to zero carbon emissions and the shift to a zero-waste circular economy.

Of course, this ties into KEW Technology’s mission to push the world towards zero carbon through targeting households and industries, including the transport sector, and introducing them to green energy and helping them decarbonise. Supported by its co-founders at the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) – a partnership between the UK Government, BP, Rolls Royce, Shell, Caterpillar and E.ON – KEW Technology certainly has the momentum and funding to make this goal a reality. The company is further backed by the Department for Transport, Department for International Development, and more.

In June 2021, SHV Energy and KEW Technology announced a partnership, culminating in the creation of Circular Fuels Ltd. The joint venture, which was launched in early 2022, will develop renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) production plants. The unique collaboration endeavours to demonstrate the viability of converting renewable and recycled carbon feedstock into renewable liquid gas. Moreover, the partnership has spawned a multimillion-pound investment which will aid the setup of the venture, and leverage KEW’s proprietary advanced gasification technology to develop renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) production plants worldwide.

This feeds back into the creation of a circular economy, which, in turn, is leading to a zero-waste process. In addition, it links to – what has been coined – the ‘energy trilemma.’ The energy trilemma encompasses affordability, sustainability, and energy within the production and delivery of energy, which are the three core issues that are currently rife within the sector. KEW Technology strikes a balance between each pillar, redefining what each means within the world today. Simply, KEW Technology is entirely unique, it is changing how the sustainable energy market operates, and it is doing this not only for the betterment of the industry, but also for the planet.

Most of these operations take place at KEW Technology’s world-class, commercial-scale plant, which spent over 10 years in development and required over £20 million in investments. The state-of-the-art facility serves as the home for KEW Technology’s process, which converts non-recyclable wastes and low-grade biomass into sustainable energy products, such as rDME (an LPG and diesel substitute), hydrogen, heat, and advanced fuels. This process takes place across three steps.

Firstly, KEW Technology focuses on feedstock preparation, this involves the use of all types of residual waste, non-recyclable resources, and biomass as fuel. From there, it moves towards stage two, which is known as Advanced Pressurised Gasification. This stage takes place under elevated pressure and a high temperature thanks to a fluidised bed, this encourages the feedstock to breakdown and produce syngas (synthesis gas). The harmful particles are then filtered, from which a gas composition is created. At this stage, the product serves as a perfect natural gas substitute for energy intensive industries.

The last stage the product goes through is Syngas Reformation. The patented equilibrium approaches a reformer, which then breaks the gas down even further in order to cultivate hydrogen-rich syngas that are ideal for energy applications because of the clean, consistent output composition. Such syngas can be used in chemical feedstock, power, heat and reductant gas applications, sustainable fuels, sustainable jet fuels, and hydrogen fuels.

Indeed, KEW Technology is unlocking the future of the hydrogen economy. It is the epitome of sustainable energy, devoting itself entirely to creating a method that can ensure the security of the energy industry. As such, it is most deserving of the title Most Outstanding Sustainable Energy Technology Firm 2022 – UK.

For business enquiries, contact Amna Bezanty from KEW Technology on their website – https://kew-tech.com/

How does a good night time routine help your overall health

Getting enough sleep at night is incredibly important and beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. Ensuring you have a solid night time routine is crucial to waking up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.

What are the health benefits of a good night’s sleep?

Experts say it’s recommended we get between seven and nine hours sleep per night to ensure a good night’s sleep. Getting enough rest can help with better productivity and concentration, leaving you feeling alert and focused for whatever the next day might bring.

Sleep is super important when it comes to athletic performance as it allows the body to heal and repair any muscle damage overnight.

You’ll also have a lower risk of heart disease if you sleep an adequate amount. Heart disease is linked to high blood pressure and sleeping allows the body’s blood pressure to regulate itself to normal levels.

Create a night time routine

Creating a night time routine allows you to get into the habit of winding down for the night, performing a set of activities to ensure you get to sleep on time. Calming rituals can really help you have a better night’s sleep, helping to reduce late-night stress and anxiety that may usually keep you awake.

If you wear contact lenses, ensure to remove these before you go to sleep.

According to Lenstore, “sleeping with contact lenses can cause damage to the eyes as the lenses dry out and reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your corneas, gently increasing the risk of infection and other complications. While there are special long-term lenses which you can sleep in, this must be done under the strict guidance of your optician.”

Leaving your electronics alone before bed will really help you to unwind – the blue light emitting from our screens tells the brain to stay awake, so avoid using your phone right before bed.

Taking a warm bath at night can help prepare you for sleep – this will fluctuate your body temperature, warming you up as you take a bath and cooling you down as you step out. This change can make the body feel more tired and relaxed.

Reading a good book is also a great way to relax, but avoid any novels that create suspense and excitement. Choose a drama-free plot that will help to tire your eyes.

Over 20 Years Later – Why the 911 Death Count Continues to Climb

September 11th, 2001 is a date that will live on in the United States, and it is also a date that has shaped a lot of what the United States and the world have done since. While 2,977 people were killed and over 6,000 were injured on that day, the deaths and the aftershocks of 9/11 haven’t faded, even as 9/11/2022 is coming up.

The 9/11 death count is continuing to climb among the first responders who bravely went into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon to rescue as many people as they could, as well as those who cleaned up the aftermath at ground zero in the days and weeks after the event. But why are people continuing to die over 20 years later?

(Source: Unsplash)

Hazards After The Destruction

The debris of the twin towers, as well as the smoke and fumes around the towers as they fell, got into the lungs of thousands of first responders. Additionally, many people were injured, lost limbs, and got infections from injuries sustained during the attack. The survivors and responders inhaled noxious dust, chemicals, fibers, and fumes from the destruction, and that got into their lungs.

Additionally, it has been found to have caused over 60 types of cancer and around two dozen other health conditions that can be directly linked to the days and weeks after 9/11. And it wasn’t just those at ground zero who were affected because the dust travelled around 44 miles downwind, and lots of people breathed it in.

Developing Physical and Mental Health Issues Are Causing Death

Most of the problems that are happening and causing death for those who responded to or survived the 9/11 attacks didn’t happen in the days and weeks, or even in the months after the attacks. The illnesses and mental health issues developed over time as all the contaminants got into the bodies and then started developing until the symptoms showed up.

PTSD is also a problem that sometimes doesn’t kick in until after the traumatic event as well, and while many people know about the physical issues we can’t forget about the mental issues that many of those who were at the attacks are dealing with. Survivor guilt, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues are starting to grow as well

The Statistics Right Now

412 responders died on the day of the attacks, but now almost 3,500 have been noted to have passed away, primarily due to cancers or aerodigestive illness. The respiratory and upper digestive tract issues are the leading cause of death, followed by cancer, and death by mental health issues.

Additionally, the cases of Leukaemia are starting to rise among those first responders enrolled in The World Trade Centre Health Program, due to the exposure to the benzene jet fuel which was all around ground zero, and benzene has been proven to be linked to Leukaemia.

With the rise of other cancers related to asbestos as well, monitoring the health of survivors is something that organizations will continue to do.

Make Sure To Never Forget

For the first responders who are still dealing with the physical and mental traumas and effects of the September 11th attacks and the aftermath, they are remembering that event every single day of their lives, not just on the anniversary.

If you feel like you want to give to them and help them out, you should, because it will be a reminder to them that you haven’t forgotten either.

CRISPR Gene Editing: Precise Genome Manipulation and Diagnostics

Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat — or CRISPR — gene editing technologies enable a huge level of dexterity for scientists when it comes to precise genome manipulation and diagnostics, meaning that the ways they can alter DNA and turn genes on or off are greater than ever before. A range of developments in the CRISPR gene editing space have paved the way for this progression.

Here, we’ll explore why CRISPR/Cas9 is ideal for gene inactivation and why base editing and prime editing are better suited to treating genetic disorders than disruptive approaches. We’ll also touch on the importance of nucleic-acid-based diagnostics and CRISPR/Cas systems, including Cas13.

Those who are interested in CRISPR diagnostics can find further information on these topics in the life sciences journal BioTechniques.


Out of the many CRISPR technologies available to scientists, one that is often used is the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. While targeting the Cas9 enzyme to a genomic sequence is a relatively precise process, the cell’s repair of the resulting double-stranded cut isn’t precise. Therefore, the CRISPR/Cas9 technology is better suited to gene inactivation than repair. This is because a method known as non-homologous end-joining mediates CRISPR/Cas9 repairs, which can be muddied by minute insertions or deletions.

Gene Correction: Base Editing and Prime Editing

Gene correction is usually a more effective approach than disruption when it comes to treating genetic diseases. David Liu, one of Harvard University’s chemical biologists, has collaborated with his team to conceptualize two gene correction approaches: prime editing and base editing. These editing approaches leverage CRISPR’s precise targeting, limit Cas9’s ability to cut DNA at a selected site, and cut a single DNA strand, which is safer and less disruptive for cells than alternative approaches.

Base editing merges a catalytically impaired form of Cas9 with an enzyme that stimulates the chemical conversion of one nucleotide to another. For example, an enzyme might convert cytosine to thymine or adenine to guanine. Since 2016, when base editing was first described, this type of editing has quickly progressed toward clinical use. Liu’s company Beam Therapeutics has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to pilot the editing approach on sickle-cell disease patients. That said, this kind of editing only makes some base-to-base changes accessible.

Meanwhile, prime editing is a newer development on the CRISPR gene editing scene. This editing approach links Cas9 to a type of enzyme termed reverse transcriptase and includes the desired edit in a genomic sequence using a modified guide RNA. A multistage biochemical process sees these components copy the guide RNA into DNA that replaces the targeted genome sequence.

Although prime editing hasn’t developed as much as base editing, new iterations of this process are emerging. For example, Hyongbum Henry Kim, one of Yonsei University College of Medicine’s genome editing specialists, has worked with his team to prove they can achieve up to 16% efficacy in implementing this kind of gene editing to correct retinal gene mutations in mice.

On top of this, Liu and his team have discovered that they can use prime machinery to assist the insertion of gene-sized DNA sequences into the genome. With this machinery, they can offer a safer, better controlled gene therapy. While the process isn’t fully efficient, even a small repair can go a long way.

The Importance of Nucleic-Acid-Based Diagnostics

Quick, accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations are essential for optimal patient outcomes. And nucleic-acid-based biomarkers that are associated with a disease can be crucial to diagnostics. This is because scientists can amplify RNA and DNA from trace amounts, which facilitates their highly specific detection through the pairing of complementary nucleotides.

As a result, nucleic-acid-based diagnostics have raised the bar for diagnosing several chronic and acute conditions, especially conditions that infectious diseases cause. Precise, fast nucleic-acid-based testing is especially important during outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, to control the spread of the disease effectively.

Nucleic-acid-based diagnostics that rely on quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) or sequencing are now particularly common, especially in clinical labs. The versatility, robustness, and sensitivity of PCR have made this technology ideal for detecting DNA and RNA biomarkers. Diagnostics based on nucleic acid detection are often the most sensitive and specific. However, most assays require costly equipment and trained personnel.

With isothermal nucleic acid amplification, there is no need for thermal cyclers. However, non-specific amplification can cause lower detection specificity. Scientists can perform additional readouts, utilizing fluorescent probes, molecular beacons, or oligo strand-displacement probes to improve the specificity.

But scientists often need technologies that combine the cost-effectiveness and ease of use of isothermal amplification with PCR’s diagnostic accuracy. Ideally, diagnostics should also have single-nucleotide specificity, which is pivotal to the identification of mutations conferring resistance against antiviral drugs and antibiotics. CRISPR-based diagnostics have the potential to meet these criteria.

The Importance of CRISPR/Cas Systems

There are several CRISPR/Cas systems among bacteria and archaea that scientists can utilize. These systems are all dependent on CRISPR RNA (crRNA), which enables Cas proteins to recognize and cleave nucleic acid targets. Scientists can program crRNA toward an RNA or DNA region of interest through hybridization to a complementary sequence. In some systems, this sequence may be restricted to the proximity of a protospacer flanking sequence or protospacer adjacent motif (PAM).

So far, scientists have utilized CRISPR/Cas in a variety of applications, including the

  • Detection of nucleic acids.
  • Bioimaging of nucleic acids.
  • Targeted editing of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes.
  • Recording of cellular events.

CRISPR-based diagnostics are progressing at speed by building on CRISPR technologies’ specificity, ease of use, and programmability. As a result, scientists are working ever closer to creating nucleic-acid-based point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests, which could become standard in clinical care.

Since the beginning of CRISPR gene editing, the number of CRISPR/Cas systems available has quickly grown. Today, there are two classes, six types, and several more subtypes of these systems. Scientists categorize these classes, types, and subtypes by the nature of the ribonucleoprotein effector complex.

While multiple effector proteins characterize class 1 systems, class 2 systems incorporate a crRNA-binding protein. As these systems are easier to reconstruct, they’re used more often in diagnostics. Class 2 systems include enzymes with collateral activity, which form the mainstay of a variety of CRISPR-based diagnostic assays. However, scientists have engineered some class 1 systems with diagnostics, either with the native type three complex or components of the class 2 system.


The CRISPR/Cas system’s role as a bacterial immune system against viral infections gives it capacity for the precise cleavage of specific nucleic acid sequences. Many early adopters of CRISPR gene editing considered the system’s applicability to viral diagnostics because of this capacity. That said, each Cas enzyme is different and has different applications. For example, while Cas9 is the best enzyme for CRISPR-based genome manipulation, several CRISPR-based diagnostic approaches leverage Cas13, a family of RNA-targeting molecules that the molecular biologist Feng Zhang identified with his team in 2016.

Cas13 utilizes its RNA guide to identify an RNA target by base-pairing, and then activate a ribonuclease activity. Scientists can harness this ribonuclease activity as a diagnostic tool with a reporter RNA. Aside from cutting the RNA targeted by the guide RNA, Cas13 also performs “collateral cleavage” on any nearby RNA molecules.

Several Cas13-based diagnostics utilize a reporter RNA that tethers a fluorescent tag to a quencher molecule to impede fluorescence. Cas13 activates when it recognizes viral RNA. Cas13 then cuts the reporter and releases the fluorescent tag from the quencher, generating a detectable signal.

Some viruses leave a signature that is so strong scientists can achieve detection without amplification, simplifying point-of-care diagnostics. As an example, at the Gladstone Institute of Virology, San Francisco, Jennifer Doudna and Melanie Ott provided a demonstration of a rapid, amplification-free, nasal-swab-based CRISPR/Cas13 test for SARS-CoV-2 using a smartphone camera.

RNA-amplification processes can improve sensitivity for trace viral sequences. For example, Pardis Sabet, a Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard geneticist, worked with her team to develop a microfluidic system that screens for pathogens while using amplified genetic material from a few microliters of sample. The research team developed CRISPR-based detection tools that can identify more than 169 human viruses at the same time.

Scientists can also make the most of other Cas enzymes, such as Cas12, which exhibits similar properties to Cas13 but targets DNA instead of RNA. By utilizing a range of Cas proteins, scientists can identify a wider variety of pathogens and effectively diagnose diseases.

The Role of Ad-Hoc Reporting & Analytics For Company Growth

Matthew Cooper – Marketing Automation & Operations Manager, Global App Testing

In today’s turbulent business climate, digital data separates a successful venture from a disastrous one. Companies that take steps to accumulate data better prepare themselves for every eventuality on the horizon.

So rather than being lost at sea, digital insight can be your saviour. When used efficiently, insight improves both business intelligence and business profitability. There’s a reason why the saying, “knowledge is power” is still in use today.

As businesses grow, their need for digital data grows with it. Companies understand how crucial digital insight is to their decision-making process. It’s why the big data analytics market is predicted to reach $103 billion by 2023. 

Successful enterprises understand that without digital insight and knowledge, their decision-making process will be flawed.

There are many ways for companies to make well-informed decisions. From the DACI decision-making methods to ad hoc reporting and analytics, businesses have secured the online tools needed to progress.

Accumulative digital data grows day by day. Due to this gain, businesses can generate unique and valuable insight into their operations. Think of it like an exam; the more you research and prepare, the better your answer will be.

When dealing with company needs and business strategy, industries such as retail utilise the relationship between analytics and demand forecasting to their advantage. But, this isn’t the only instance of accessible data functioning.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the role of ad hoc reporting and analytics when leveraging company growth. Both tools provide access to organisational insight in the blink of an eye. 

What Is Ad-hoc Reporting?

There may not be time during a meeting or presentation to answer a critical question with standard analysis. Businesses need to be able to make proactive, well-informed decisions on the spot. That is where ad hoc reporting comes into play. 

Ad hoc reporting, also known as one-time ad hoc reports, is a business intelligence (BI) process. The BI process creates reports immediately and on an as-needed basis. This ad hoc method issues reports for one-time use in answer to specific business queries.

Due to companies amassing large amounts of data, the pace at which decisions need to be made is increasing. It’s why organisations need to have the ability to generate instant reports with the help of real-time data. Relieving the burden that was previously on IT’s shoulders.

With the right BI tools, the collection and analysis of company data are streamlined. Comparing this to structured reporting, which needs large data sources and a standardised template – ad hoc reporting allows users to easily edit reports to develop targeted digital insights.

Engaging alongside ongoing periodic data reports, ad hoc reporting adds an extra layer of substance to the decision-making process. It’s a form of the agile QA process where anyone with access is capable of building reports from scratch.

These reports are typically presented in a visual format where insight can be easily digested. These visualisation tools reduce the reliance on software developers and IT personnel. Making ad hoc reporting simple and swift.

Users simply set up the ad hoc reporting solution, ensure the data is available, and then set the security parameters. They can then create reports speedily and on the fly. It’s why amassing data is so important to business needs.

Businesses establish ad hoc reports and add them to their existing reports. Ensuring complex and intricate understandings of their overall productivity.

What Is Ad Hoc Analytics?

Generally speaking, ad-hoc analytics refers to the specific analysis used to address specific questions. Again, it’s created on the spot. Providing answers to standalone business challenges using their own accumulative data resources.

Ad hoc analytics gives users the platform to create reports that currently don’t exist. The process refers back to ad hoc reporting and draws tangible conclusions as a result of the information being provided.

Ad hoc analysis is similar to ad hoc reporting in that regard, but it delves deeper into the data. Expanding on the data and providing much deeper insight. In other words, it provides businesses with a clearer picture via digital workplace technologies.

Ad hoc analysis looks at critical business questions – ranging from how many calls were made by the sales team yesterday to how much was spent on Facebook ads in a week. Not only can it generate these findings, but it also looks at the reasons behind these findings.

Ad hoc data analysis explores and examines solutions that are immediately enactable. Whereas BI reporting involves sharing reports and dashboards that are complex and time-consuming. Ad hoc analysis is the opposite.

It’s a quick dive into digital data that gets specific answers. The answers are usually temporary and used to inform short-term business decisions. The results can future-proof marketing with data-driven personalisation and other data-driven queries.

As ad hoc analysis is customisable and only used when needed, it’s much easier to manipulate. The alterations happen in real time – which is unheard of in traditional static reporting. It’s what makes it a valuable resource for growing businesses, and to grow your SaaS.

The Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis

The goal of ad hoc reporting is to reduce the time it takes to make real-time business assessments using insights that aren’t commonly found in structured reporting. 

Let’s look at the benefits of using ad hoc reporting and analysis to improve company growth.

Easy to use

Unlike if you were to learn PySpark programming language, ad hoc data analysis is simple and intuitive. With the right reporting tools, users can navigate and select relevant data easily. Interfaces simplify data analysis through a single-use report, encouraging collaboration.

As the process doesn’t need technical expertise, staff of all capabilities can access reports when needed. Removing barriers to those users who are nontechnical. The advanced tools are user-friendly and built with a wide range of users in mind.  

Reduces the IT workload

As mentioned previously, ad hoc reporting tools reduce the need for IT interference. They allow users to create instant, tailored reports via self-service business intelligence. 

Ad hoc reporting, by nature, provides end-users customisable reports that don’t rely on further assistance.

As people across the board can mine and examine data easily, IT teams aren’t burdened providing extra help. Saving time and costs and allowing support teams to focus on other essential tasks. 

This eliminates repetition in the workplace with fewer requests to create company reports.

Saves time and financial resources

As with a reduced IT workload, ad hoc analysis tools eliminate the need for software developers’ help. Modern interfaces are designed to be both simple and user-friendly. Because of this, businesses save money as training sessions are straightforward.

The intuitive nature of ad hoc reporting makes it easy for users to interact with data-driven features. Visuals can be created without the need for professional analysts. This means ad hoc reporting is in the user’s control. 


When businesses amass more and more data, it can make it difficult to generate accurate conclusions. Ad hoc reporting allows users access to instant data insight that hasn’t been processed by scheduled reports.

Users can choose the data they want to engage with and the visual format. Customizable charts, graphs, and tables can be created and adapted to answer business needs.

Ad Hoc Analysis Use Cases

To make well-informed decisions that drive business growth, data analysis is essential. As AI in software testing ensures top-quality development, ad hoc reporting ensures valuable insights.

Valuable insights help businesses improve customer service and boost revenue. Let’s take a look at how ad hoc analysis helps particular organisations.


Ad hoc analysis is an essential tool in businesses dealing with large databases. Ad hoc reporting provides sales teams with data to improve lead generation and performance. As well as processes that will attract potential customers.

Users can export ad hoc reports that show data relating to sales figures and customer engagement. Ad hoc analysis assists sales organisations with current trends and predicted sales. 

It can also reveal any points of the sales process that may slow down the sales cycle – determining if a new course of action is needed via automated web testing and data analytics.


Through store-specific ad hoc reporting, data can be provided in ways that optimise retail performance. Metrics concerning revenue and stock levels can be used to make informed decisions on stock replenishment and loss prevention.

By using data analytics to measure stock replenishment, retail companies enhance customer satisfaction. By keeping up with supply and demand, retail industries ensure return visits from their customer base. 

As ad hoc analytics can be used at any time, the retail sector can spot current trends that may be occurring. They can also decipher specific weeks where the sales volume is lower than usual. 

Banking and finance

If there is one industry where analytics is crucial, it’s financial services. Due to the large amounts of transactions, financial services rely on data analytics.

Ad hoc reporting provides insight into key performance indicators and expenses and budgets. 

Whereas banks traditionally depended on historical data to predict future trends, ad hoc analysis utilises current data. Ad hoc reports help banks measure risk assessments and returns on investment (ROI). 

Final Thoughts

Ad hoc reporting and analytics can transform a company from the inside. With better business insights, businesses can make better decisions. By creating a data-centred culture, solutions are well-informed and strategic.

With the capabilities of ad hoc reporting and analytics, businesses can streamline decision-making and engage with flexible functionality. As the tools are simple to implement and customisable, all members of your team have the capabilities to reap its benefits.

Defining the Role of Ad-Hoc Reporting and Analytics For Company Growth

Matthew Cooper – Marketing Automation & Operations Manager, Global App Testing

In today’s turbulent business climate, digital data separates a successful venture from a disastrous one. Companies that take steps to accumulate data better prepare themselves for every eventuality on the horizon.

So rather than being lost at sea, digital insight can be your saviour. When used efficiently, insight improves both business intelligence and business profitability. There’s a reason why the saying, “knowledge is power” is still in use today.

As businesses grow, their need for digital data grows with it. Companies understand how crucial digital insight is to their decision-making process. It’s why the big data analytics market is predicted to reach $103 billion by 2023. 

Successful enterprises understand that without digital insight and knowledge, their decision-making process will be flawed.

There are many ways for companies to make well-informed decisions. From the DACI decision-making methods to ad hoc reporting and analytics, businesses have secured the online tools needed to progress.

Accumulative digital data grows day by day. Due to this gain, businesses can generate unique and valuable insight into their operations. Think of it like an exam; the more you research and prepare, the better your answer will be.

When dealing with company needs and business strategy, industries such as retail utilise the relationship between analytics and demand forecasting to their advantage. But, this isn’t the only instance of accessible data functioning.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the role of ad hoc reporting and analytics when leveraging company growth. Both tools provide access to organisational insight in the blink of an eye. 

What Is Ad-hoc Reporting?

There may not be time during a meeting or presentation to answer a critical question with standard analysis. Businesses need to be able to make proactive, well-informed decisions on the spot. That is where ad hoc reporting comes into play. 

Ad hoc reporting, also known as one-time ad hoc reports, is a business intelligence (BI) process. The BI process creates reports immediately and on an as-needed basis. This ad hoc method issues reports for one-time use in answer to specific business queries.

Due to companies amassing large amounts of data, the pace at which decisions need to be made is increasing. It’s why organisations need to have the ability to generate instant reports with the help of real-time data. Relieving the burden that was previously on IT’s shoulders.

With the right BI tools, the collection and analysis of company data are streamlined. Comparing this to structured reporting, which needs large data sources and a standardised template – ad hoc reporting allows users to easily edit reports to develop targeted digital insights.

Engaging alongside ongoing periodic data reports, ad hoc reporting adds an extra layer of substance to the decision-making process. It’s a form of the agile QA process where anyone with access is capable of building reports from scratch.

These reports are typically presented in a visual format where insight can be easily digested. These visualisation tools reduce the reliance on software developers and IT personnel. Making ad hoc reporting simple and swift.

Users simply set up the ad hoc reporting solution, ensure the data is available, and then set the security parameters. They can then create reports speedily and on the fly. It’s why amassing data is so important to business needs.

Businesses establish ad hoc reports and add them to their existing reports. Ensuring complex and intricate understandings of their overall productivity.

What Is Ad Hoc Analytics?

Generally speaking, ad-hoc analytics refers to the specific analysis used to address specific questions. Again, it’s created on the spot. Providing answers to standalone business challenges using their own accumulative data resources.

Ad hoc analytics gives users the platform to create reports that currently don’t exist. The process refers back to ad hoc reporting and draws tangible conclusions as a result of the information being provided.

Ad hoc analysis is similar to ad hoc reporting in that regard, but it delves deeper into the data. Expanding on the data and providing much deeper insight. In other words, it provides businesses with a clearer picture via digital workplace technologies.

Ad hoc analysis looks at critical business questions – ranging from how many calls were made by the sales team yesterday to how much was spent on Facebook ads in a week. Not only can it generate these findings, but it also looks at the reasons behind these findings.

Ad hoc data analysis explores and examines solutions that are immediately enactable. Whereas BI reporting involves sharing reports and dashboards that are complex and time-consuming. Ad hoc analysis is the opposite.

It’s a quick dive into digital data that gets specific answers. The answers are usually temporary and used to inform short-term business decisions. The results can future-proof marketing with data-driven personalisation and other data-driven queries.

As ad hoc analysis is customisable and only used when needed, it’s much easier to manipulate. The alterations happen in real time – which is unheard of in traditional static reporting. It’s what makes it a valuable resource for growing businesses, and to grow your SaaS.

The Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis

The goal of ad hoc reporting is to reduce the time it takes to make real-time business assessments using insights that aren’t commonly found in structured reporting. 

Let’s look at the benefits of using ad hoc reporting and analysis to improve company growth.

Easy to use

Unlike if you were to learn PySpark programming language, ad hoc data analysis is simple and intuitive. With the right reporting tools, users can navigate and select relevant data easily. Interfaces simplify data analysis through a single-use report, encouraging collaboration.

As the process doesn’t need technical expertise, staff of all capabilities can access reports when needed. Removing barriers to those users who are nontechnical. The advanced tools are user-friendly and built with a wide range of users in mind.  

Reduces the IT workload

As mentioned previously, ad hoc reporting tools reduce the need for IT interference. They allow users to create instant, tailored reports via self-service business intelligence. 

Ad hoc reporting, by nature, provides end-users customisable reports that don’t rely on further assistance.

As people across the board can mine and examine data easily, IT teams aren’t burdened providing extra help. Saving time and costs and allowing support teams to focus on other essential tasks. 

This eliminates repetition in the workplace with fewer requests to create company reports.

Saves time and financial resources

As with a reduced IT workload, ad hoc analysis tools eliminate the need for software developers’ help. Modern interfaces are designed to be both simple and user-friendly. Because of this, businesses save money as training sessions are straightforward.

The intuitive nature of ad hoc reporting makes it easy for users to interact with data-driven features. Visuals can be created without the need for professional analysts. This means ad hoc reporting is in the user’s control. 


When businesses amass more and more data, it can make it difficult to generate accurate conclusions. Ad hoc reporting allows users access to instant data insight that hasn’t been processed by scheduled reports.

Users can choose the data they want to engage with and the visual format. Customizable charts, graphs, and tables can be created and adapted to answer business needs.

Ad Hoc Analysis Use Cases

To make well-informed decisions that drive business growth, data analysis is essential. As AI in software testing ensures top-quality development, ad hoc reporting ensures valuable insights.

Valuable insights help businesses improve customer service and boost revenue. Let’s take a look at how ad hoc analysis helps particular organisations.


Ad hoc analysis is an essential tool in businesses dealing with large databases. Ad hoc reporting provides sales teams with data to improve lead generation and performance. As well as processes that will attract potential customers.

Users can export ad hoc reports that show data relating to sales figures and customer engagement. Ad hoc analysis assists sales organisations with current trends and predicted sales. 

It can also reveal any points of the sales process that may slow down the sales cycle – determining if a new course of action is needed via automated web testing and data analytics.


Through store-specific ad hoc reporting, data can be provided in ways that optimise retail performance. Metrics concerning revenue and stock levels can be used to make informed decisions on stock replenishment and loss prevention.

By using data analytics to measure stock replenishment, retail companies enhance customer satisfaction. By keeping up with supply and demand, retail industries ensure return visits from their customer base. 

As ad hoc analytics can be used at any time, the retail sector can spot current trends that may be occurring. They can also decipher specific weeks where the sales volume is lower than usual. 

Banking and finance

If there is one industry where analytics is crucial, it’s financial services. Due to the large amounts of transactions, financial services rely on data analytics.

Ad hoc reporting provides insight into key performance indicators and expenses and budgets. 

Whereas banks traditionally depended on historical data to predict future trends, ad hoc analysis utilises current data. Ad hoc reports help banks measure risk assessments and returns on investment (ROI). 

Final Thoughts

Ad hoc reporting and analytics can transform a company from the inside. With better business insights, businesses can make better decisions. By creating a data-centred culture, solutions are well-informed and strategic.

With the capabilities of ad hoc reporting and analytics, businesses can streamline decision-making and engage with flexible functionality. As the tools are simple to implement and customisable, all members of your team have the capabilities to reap its benefits.

Why is the Cost of Luxury Goods Going Up?

The cost of many luxury goods is going up, in a bid to regain their exclusivity. With many cheap fakes and knock-off designer items on the market, many fashion brands are choosing to further hike up their prices to remain attractive to an exclusive clientele. This isn’t a new concept, however, this new increase is a much higher one than historically seen and there is a few varying factors which are affecting the market and causing these hikes to occur.
These are a few of the main reasons why you can expect to see your favourite luxury goods increase in price over the next few months, such as:
Wanting to attract only a certain type of customer
Increasing prices can help portray a brand that is only for the wealthiest amongst society – the optimum of exclusivity and luxury. Luxury goods can often be categorised as Veblen goods, where the increased price correlates to the desirability of an item. Well-known fashion brand Prada, for example, announced in 2020 that they were going to increase prices by 13%, and their revenue went on to increase by 8% that same year. If you currently own a designer item, due to the large price hike that is currently going on within the market, it may be a good time to sell your item. You are likely to get higher price for you item than what you made, meaning you can invest the money into a new designer item – or keep it for a rainy day!
Cost of production
Two-thirds of UK adults had their cost-of-living increase within the last month, and British consumers are in the midst of a devastating cost of living crisis. Almost every industry has had to increase its prices, from the changing interest rates, to the increase of food, electricity bills, transportation, and gas prices that are ever rising. Similar to the cost of everything at the moment, the fashion industry isn’t able to escape the rising costs. This means that they are being hit by an increase to their operation costs, and many are choosing to reflect this within the price tag.
According to sources cited by The Sunday Times, some brands are intending to raise prices by as much as 20%, while others have already increased prices by around 30%. This is a huge jump for the average customer, who is already being hit by the increasing costs from other sectors. One prime example of where this is happened is with the classic flap handbag from French fashion giant Chanel, where an already expensive item has recently seen a large price increase, going from £5,780 to £6,630 in just one year.
Many of your favourite brands will be set to follow in their footsteps, so if you are wanting to buy a designer item it may be worth purchasing now before any bigger price hikes take place, or waiting until the market becomes more stable to ensure your item is profitable in the future.luxury goods

Factors to Consider When Choosing Roofing Material

When choosing the roofing material for your home, it is crucial to avoid deciding based entirely on aesthetics alone. The roof is an essential part of your home. It is crucial to the foundation of your house and plays a significant role in protecting your family and property from the elements.

There are plenty of available options in the market. It is best to research well to ensure you find the best fit for your house that will last for a long time. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the roofing material for your house:

Local Weather Conditions

It is crucial to always consider the local climate before choosing the material for your roof. Some materials may be better suited for your climate than other materials. The materials also react differently when exposed to different weather conditions. Exposure to too much water will quickly weaken some materials and lead to leaks in your home. It may be best to consult an expert to find the best option to withstand the conditions in your region. You can find all the assistance you need at James Hardie Siding Installation.


Determining how much you can spend will make it easy to find your available options. High prices do not mean the material is the best. It is best to always ask experts, friends, and relatives for recommendations and reviews on brands. Before you begin your roofing project, it is essential to have a budget in place. In addition to the cost of the material, it is essential to include the labour costs, permit fees, and any emergency and unexpected changes in your budget.

Home Design

It is best to ensure your roof matches your home’s overall design and adds to the exterior appeal. If your house features a traditional design, you may have to use traditional materials such as metal roofing. Commercial buildings may need a built-up roof, often constructed with metal. The slope of your roof will determine your choice, as some materials will make it easier to drain rainwater.

Local Building Codes

It is best to familiarize yourself with the building codes in your area to avoid fines arising from violations. You may also be forced to take down the structure leading to increased losses. It can be illegal to use certain types of building materials in your area. Some gated communities may also have policies regarding the type of material used.

Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy efficiency is directly affected by the roofing material in your house. The right roof will help you lower energy bills. Materials such as asphalt shingles and thick metals effectively reflect the sun rays from your roof. Your living space below the roof will be excellent as the heat is not absorbed and transferred below. It will lower the electrical bill as you do not need to use the AC to keep the house cool.


It is crucial to consider the maintenance of the roofing material you choose, as buying a roof is a long-term plan. Despite the high cost of some materials, they may require little to no maintenance in the future. Research the time and effort needed to keep the roof looking great.


The lifespan of a roof may vary depending on the material. Investing in materials with a long lifespan is the best option if you intend to live in your home for a long time. While certain materials may be expensive to buy and install, they will last longer and are more damage-resistant.


Heavy materials may take longer to install than lighter materials. Your project schedule will be affected, resulting in increased costs. It is also essential to ensure your house can support the weight of the material to keep your family and property safe. The roof should improve the stability of your home.

The roof is essential in protecting your family and property from harsh weather conditions. The roofing materials play a significant role in the overall strength of your roof and are a critical factor to consider when roofing your house. It can be challenging to find the material best suited for your house. It Is best to consult an expert to choose a suitable material.

Key Investment Tips You Need to Follow

There’s a lack of willingness to invest among the general population in the UK, with only 12% of Brits known to have invested in the stock market as recently as 2018.

This is despite the fact that investing in stocks and shares can deliver higher returns than cash in 90% of cases, which means that we either lack the knowledge to invest or the means to do so on a regular basis.

The failure to invest is probably caused by a combination of these factors, but what steps can be taken to overcome this impasse? Let’s find out!

#1. What Are Your Financial Goals?

In order to invest successfully, one of the most important strategic components is to have a clear and concise financial goal in mind.

Make no mistake; the better your understanding of your financial goals, the easier it is to organise your finances effectively and achieve such objectives within a desired timeframe.

But how do you achieve such clarity? Well, we’d recommend conducting a detailed audit of your current finances and precisely how much you can invest within a given timeframe. This helps you to manage risk while pursuing viable returns, while also ensuring that you don’t overcommit yourself or take on too much leverage.

To help in this respect, you may need to liaise with investment management experts. This way, you can fill
any gaps in knowledge that you may have and leverage financial market expertise to your advantage.

#2. Start Investing Early

As most investment vehicles tend to deliver returns over time as yields are compounded and diversified, it makes sense that you should start investing as soon as possible.

Even on a fundamental level, the earlier you start investing, the more significant profits you can achieve over time. This also enables you to manage risk and pursue incremental gains while minimising the risk of loss.

Of course, what may change is the nature of your portfolio and how it is structured over time.

For example, you may invest in higher risk assets such as stocks and forex early on, in order to leverage higher yields and returns. Then, you can gradually look to consolidate such gains, by incorporating more stable assets into your portfolio like dividend stocks and bonds.

#3. Diversify Your Interests

As the latter point highlights, you can structure your returns and minimise your exposure to risk through the gradual process of diversification.

This can apply to many elements of your portfolio too, from diversifying individual assets within a particular niche to reaching out to new asset classes as your income and level of experience grows.

This also encourages regular investment and higher levels of engagement, as you frequently look to rebalance your portfolio to reflect your outlook and the wider market conditions.

Try to avoid over diversifying your portfolio too. This can dilute your returns considerably over time, although your chosen wealth manager can help in this respect.

Benefits Of Cutting Your Hair Short And 6 Haircut Ideas To Try

Benefits of Short Hair

One of the biggest advantages of having short hair is that it requires much less time to style and maintain. If you’re someone who’s always running late in the morning, cutting your hair short will save you valuable minutes. Short hair is also easier to manage in general, so if you’re always fighting with your hair, going for a shorter length may be the solution.

Another benefit of short hair is that it tends to be cooler in the summer. If you live in a hot climate or are simply someone who gets sweaty easily, having shorter hair will help you feel more comfortable. In addition, short hairstyles for women are often more versatile when it comes to styling. You can experiment with different looks and create a new style every day if you want.

1.Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a very short haircut that is usually styled with long bangs. It’s got the name “pixie” because it resembles the haircut of a pixie or elf. This style is perfect for women with small features and can be very flattering.

If you decide to go for a pixie cut, be sure to talk to your stylist about the best way to style it. This haircut can be styled in many different ways, so you’ll want to make sure you get the look that you want. For instance, you can choose to have your bangs swept to the side or cropped short. Or, you can even add some texture to your pixie cut with a little gel or mousse.

The pixie cut is very popular due to its use in recent years by celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, and Emma Watson.


Bob is a classic short hairstyle that can be styled in many ways. It is a versatile cut that looks good on most face shapes and can be worn straight or wavy. Bobs can be styled with or without bangs, so if you’re not sure about bangs, this is a good option.

There are many different types of bob haircuts, so again, be sure to talk to your stylist about which one will suit you best. If you have straight hair, you can go for a classic bob or an A-line bob.

If you have curly hair, you may want to try a textured bob. On the other hand, if you have thin hair, you can ask your stylist for layers to add volume. You can also go for a shorter bob if you want to make your hair look fuller.


Lob is a shortened version of “long bob” and it refers to a haircut that is about chin-length and it is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. It is a flattering cut that can be styled in many different ways. The best thing about lobs is that they can be worn by women of all ages.

If you have a round face, you may want to go for a lob with side-swept bangs. This will help to create the illusion of a longer face. If you have an oval face, you’re lucky because most lobs will suit you. If you have a square face, you may want to go for a lob with layers to soften your features.

Additionally, lobs can be styled in many different ways. You can wear it straight, wavy, or even curly. It’s a versatile cut that will give you many options and is a great option for those who want a shorter cut but are not prepared to go full pixie.

4.Pixie Bob

A pixie bob is a shorter version of the classic bob haircut. It is a great option for women who want something between a pixie cut and a bob. This style is the most versatile because you can do anything with it. You can style it straight, wavy, or curly. You can also add bangs or leave them out. You can use some gel and create a spiked look or you can use mousse to create a softer look.

The pixie bob is a great choice for women of all ages and can be worn by anyone. It is the easiest style to maintain and usually includes length around the ears and nape area.

5.Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a shorter version of the classic mohawk hairstyle. It is a great option for women who want something between a pixie cut and a mohawk. This style is achieved by shaving the sides of the head and leaving a strip of hair in the middle. The length of the hair can vary, but it is usually around 2-4 inches long.

This style is perfect for women who want to make a statement without going too extreme. It is also a great choice for women who have thin or fine hair because it will add some volume and texture. This hairstyle has also become very popular recently due to its use by celebrities such as Rhianna and Pink.

6.Short and Sassy

The short and sassy haircut is exactly what it sounds like. It is an almost shaved head where the hair is cut very short and then styled in a way that is sassy and fun. This style is perfect for women who want to make a statement and who are not afraid to experiment with their looks. Of course, if you have any medical conditions that prevent you from having full, long hair, this is a bold and daring way to deal with it.

This style is also perfect for women who want to add some personality to their look. It is also a great choice for women who want to experiment with different colours and highlights and want to be unbothered during the summer heat.

Reconnection and Resilience

Snowland Journeys CIC is a non-profit organisation which supports the wellbeing and welfare of Nepal’s High Himalayan children; helping them reconnect and maintain contact with their mountain families and culture, alongside their right to education. It also aims to develop ecological, self-sustainable and environmentally-friendly livelihoods for mountain communities. In parallel, the organisation provides mental wellbeing and resilience training for young people in the UK.

In light of Snowland Journeys CEO, Zara Balfour being recognised as CEO of the Year, 2021 – London, UK, we take a closer look at the incredible work of the organisation.

There are presently no schools offering a consistent education in the Upper Dolpo region of Nepal and no qualified teachers are willing to live in such remote areas, so some children must be educated in the city of Kathmandu, in the hope that education will give them a better life. Due to the remoteness of the villages, the children are unable to see or speak to their parents for 10-12 years, until they graduate from school and have the chance to return home.

Snowland Journeys’ reintegration programme prepares these children to return home, equipping them both physically and emotionally for the reunion, then guiding them on the long journey home, which involves up to three weeks of hiking through the mountains. Some of the passes they have to cross are as high as Everest base camp.

Prior to their departure, Snowland Journeys delivers therapeutic sessions in the outdoors, where the young people are equipped with life skills, given outdoor and resilience education, taught about their village culture and local dialect, and prepared for reintegration with their families. Further personal and social development is included the programme as well as psychological and emotional support from local social workers for both the young people and their families, supporting their wellbeing and helping them to reintegrate successfully and build lasting bonds into the future.

The organisation also supports the young people after their family reunion as they return to the city for higher education, and as they transition to independent living as adults. Graduates prove the success of the programme as recent beneficiaries have trained to be doctors, trekking guides, teachers, and business entrepreneurs developing the production of local crafts for selling.

Snowland Journeys is now working towards helping to improve the children’s contact with their families over time with the use of technology, such as satellite phones and video calls. Their long-term objective is to enable ecological self-sustaining mountain villages to support improved communication, sanitation, agriculture, and transportation so that future Himalayan children from this region can be educated nearer family, in line with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, therefore supporting sustainable development, welfare, and livelihoods for these communities.

CEO, Zara Balfour and her team have been supporting these young people to travel to their mountain homes upon graduation since 2014 through the proceeds of their documentary film, ‘Children of the Snow Land’, and it was in 2019 that Zara formed Snowland Journeys CIC to develop a comprehensive reintegration programme. However, this saw its challenges with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a very difficult time for starting a non-profit organisation.

Zara said, “It demanded a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, adapting our strategies for the last two years, and working much more than expected in the UK marketplace by offering outdoor events and lessons to schools based on our film. Overall, I’m really pleased we’re now in a position to offer mental wellbeing support for young people in the UK, as well as educational lessons, and fun weekend immersions in Nepali and Gurkha culture.”

But the most tragic thing during the pandemic was that some of the young people in Nepal were unable to return home to their families in 2020 or 2021, as travel was halted from the city to the mountains due to the lockdowns that were in place. However, Snowland Journeys is now looking forward to sending those children home when they next have a break in their higher education.

Overall, Zara is “very happy” at Snowland Journeys, with plans to keep building programmes in order to make more of an impact locally and globally. She and her team will continue to fundraise in the form of treks to remote areas of Nepal, cultural weekends in the UK, wilderness training, mental wellbeing training, and educational resources for schools.

Also, Snowland Journeys is now keen to increase its corporate partnerships. The organisation has a variety of rewarding ways that companies can work with it to effect social change, infuse purpose into their culture and improve employee wellbeing while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Snowland Journeys offers well-defined, high-impact projects that connect employees with CSR initiatives they truly believe in and that can genuinely make a difference.

For business enquiries, contact Zara Balfour from Snowland Journeys CIC via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.snowlandjourneys.com

Choosing Expensive and Beautiful Jewellery: 7 Tips to Follow

Are you in the market for some expensive and beautiful jewellery? When you are looking to purchase expensive and beautiful jewellery, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. You want to ensure that you get the most for your money and that you can enjoy your jewellery for years to come. In this blog post, we will discuss seven tips for choosing the perfect piece of jewellery. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Consider the Type of Jewellery

The first thing you need to do when choosing expensive and beautiful jewellery is deciding on the type of jewellery you want. Are you looking for a ring, necklace, bracelets, or earrings? Once you have decided on the type of jewellery, you can start narrowing down your choices. For instance, you might consider finding popular types of bracelets if you want something special. You can also go for a more timeless piece of jewellery, such as a necklace or ring. Ensure that you take your time when making this decision, as you want to be sure that you are happy with your purchase.

There are so many things that influence the type of jewellery you should buy. You need to think about the style of the piece, how often you will wear it, and if you want it to be a statement piece or something more subtle. It is important that you take your time when making this decision to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Think About the Quality

Quality is one important factor to consider if you want your jewellery to last. When looking at the piece’s quality, you need to consider the materials it is made from. For instance, if you want a ring, you might want to choose one made from gold or platinum. These materials are more expensive, but they will also last longer. Another factor to consider is the clarity of the piece. The clearer the piece, the more expensive it will be. However, it is important to remember that a piece of jewellery does not have to be perfect to be beautiful.

In addition to material and clarity, you also need to consider the weight of the piece. A heavier piece of jewellery will be more expensive than a lighter one. However, it is important to remember that a heavier piece is not necessarily of better quality. It all depends on your personal preference.

Take Your Budget into Consideration

How much are you willing to spend on your jewellery? This is an important question to ask yourself before you start shopping. You need to have a budget in mind, so you do not overspend. It is also important to remember that the piece’s price is not always indicative of its quality. You can find high-quality pieces of jewellery at a variety of different price points.

When creating your budget, you must also consider how often you will wear the piece. If you are only going to wear it on special occasions, you might not want to spend as much as you would if you were planning on wearing it every day. It is important that you find a balance between quality and price that works for you.

Do Some Research

If you are looking for expensive and beautiful jewellery, it is important to do your research. This means that you need to look at a variety of different pieces before making a decision. For instance, if you are looking for an engagement ring, you might want to start by looking online. There are a lot of great jewellery websites that offer a wide selection of pieces. You can also read customer reviews to get an idea of what other people think about the piece you are interested in.

If you are looking for a unique piece, you might want to visit some local jewellery stores. This way, you can see the piece in person and get a better idea of its quality. You can also ask the store’s employees any questions that you might have.

Understand Your Style

When choosing expensive and beautiful jewellery, choosing a piece that fits your style is important. This means that you need to think about the other pieces of jewellery that you own. For instance, if you have a lot of gold jewellery, you might want to choose a piece made from platinum. Or, if you tend to wear more subtle pieces, you might want to choose a piece with more colour.

It is also important to consider how often you wear the piece. If you only wear it on special occasions, you might want to choose something more flashy. However, if you plan on wearing it every day, you might want to choose a more subdued piece. Understanding your style ensures that you will be happy with your purchase.

Find the Right Retailer

When looking for expensive and beautiful jewellery, it is important to find a reputable retailer. This means that you need to find a store that has a good reputation. You can read customer reviews online to understand what other people think about the store. You should also ensure that the store offers a warranty on its pieces. This will protect you if the piece is not as high-quality as you thought it was.

It is also important to find a store that offers a return policy. If you are unhappy with the piece, you can return it and get your money back. Choosing the right retailer ensures that you will be happy with your purchase.

Understand Sizing

How To Plan A Luxurious Birthday Party For Your Kid

Children enjoy getting together with their friends to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. As parents looking to plan a memorable event for their children, ideas can be hard to come by when you need them the most. A luxurious kid’s party is all about planning fun activities that may or may not cost extra money. Everything about the party should be glamorous, from the decorations to the food.

Luxurious kid’s parties are the type that wealthy people throw for their children, and they can be quite expensive. Some children may prefer a unique theme for the event, such as superheroes, fairies, or comic characters. If it is not comfortable, classy, and expensive, then it is not luxurious. 

The steps below will assist you in better planning a luxurious party for your kid:

1. Create a Budget

The first step is determining how much money you are willing to spend on the party. With the party’s theme in mind, figure out how much it will cost to get everything done. You can create this budget yourself or hire someone, such as a party planner, to do it for you.

2. Send Out Invites

Who do you want to invite to the party? Are you only inviting other kids or are parents welcome too? Make a list of everyone who needs to attend the party and send them an invitation. 

You may need to meet the parents of the children you want to invite so they can give their permission and drop their child off at the party location on the big day. Send out invitations early enough so your guests can make preparations to attend. Your child can invite his or her classmates. The entire class may be invited, and you may need to personally invite some people out of courtesy. Make certain that the number of people you invite can be catered to by your budget.

3. Choose a Theme

If your baby is a toddler, you can decide for them, but once they demonstrate a sense of independence, you should let them choose the theme. The party is for your child, and everything that happens during the party should be designed to delight your child. You can either go to the store to get all the materials needed for the chosen theme or order it online. 

Online stores sell everything you need to decorate and serve guests at a party. Almost all kids adore Cocomelon party supplies because they remind them of the colors, music, and constant cheer of their favorite show when they were younger. Your child’s choice of cartoon or comic books can help them decide on the theme they want.

4. Fix the Schedule

You should plan the rest of the details around the date you want the party to take place. You should choose a date and time when your guests will be available to attend. Book all of the party services you will need, such as decoration, catering, and pastry supplies. Ensure that everything you’ve ordered arrives at the venue before your guests do. Set everything up well in advance and everything should go as planned.

5. Food

Even though it is a children’s party, you should include meals suitable for adults on the menu. All of the edibles that will be served at the party should be carefully chosen with the dietary restrictions of your guests in mind. Kids adore brightly colored sugary treats that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

6. Friendly and Easy Activities

Every game and task you want to include as an activity should be simple enough for children to complete. Safety should be prioritized. As they party and run around the place, you may need to hire someone or rely on family members to keep an eye on them. Choose activities that your child enjoys; for example, if he or she enjoys dancing, you could include a dancing competition as one of the activities. It is to be enjoyable, healthy, and safe.

7. Distribute Souvenirs

These are gift items you give to each guest to thank them for coming. It could be a book, a bag, a writing pack, or any other school-related item. You can even include your child’s picture on it to make it more personalized. Imagine how good it will make your child feel to see his or her picture on a book that other kids are reading.

How To Look Elegant And Classy At Your New Workplace

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Business Suit

One of the best ways to look elegant and classy at your new workplace is by wearing a business suit. A business suit is always appropriate for an office setting, and it will make you look put together and professional. If you don’t own a business suit, now is the time to invest in one! You can find great business suits for women or men at nearly any department store or online. When choosing a business suit, it is important to select a style that is classic and timeless. 

You don’t want to be wearing something that is too trendy or fashionable, as this can look dated very quickly. Stick with neutral colours like black, grey, or navy blue. These colours will never go out of style, and they will make you look chic and sophisticated. If you need help picking out the perfect business suit, don’t hesitate to ask a salesperson for assistance. They will be more than happy to help you find the right size and style for your needs.

Style Your Hair

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, so make sure it looks good! Invest in a quality haircut and style it in a way that flatters your face. Ask your stylist for advice if you’re unsure of the look you want. Keep using the style you’ve chosen once you’ve found it. Regular trims will keep your hair looking healthy and polished. Avoid anything too trendy or drastic. You want to appear elegant, not overly effortful.

In addition to a great haircut, make sure your hair is always well-groomed. Wash it regularly and use products that suit your hair type. If you have oily hair, use a mild shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is dry, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. And if you have frizzy hair, invest in a good anti-frizz serum. No matter what your hair type is, always style it in a way that looks neat and professional.

Your hair will take care of you if you take care of it! Looking after your locks is a great way to boost your confidence and make sure you always look your best. So follow these tips and you’ll be sure to turn heads at your new workplace.

Transparency, Integrity, Communication, Kindness

Founded in 1996, Edkey Inc is a non-profit organisation which manages 28 schools and programmes across Arizona including 17 Sequoia Charter Schools. It works together with families to provide high quality educational services for their K-12 children by creating a positive, nurturing environment where every child is known by all members of staff. The highly deserving winner of Acquisition International’s ‘Best Public Charter School Support Organisation 2022 – Arizona’ award, we take a closer look.

Edkey is a family of schools which believe in equipping every single student with the tools and personalised attention they need in order to flourish. Each school is entirely unique, but they all come together with one goal – to provide a holistic education through core values of Transparency, Integrity, Communication, and Kindness (TICK). They go above and beyond to tailor each child’s educational experiences according to their individual interests and needs.

Edkey’s schools deliver an unparalleled education which features a bespoke curriculum for each student, involvement in the community, high academic achievement among students, and excellent college enrolment rates. Edkey is no ‘cookie cutter’ provider, with each of its schools demonstrating different traits and adapting to the individual needs of their children and families.

The schools’ children are given a truly enriching learning experience, whether with hands-on and engaging activities, or learning from their mistakes and finding out how they can improve. They are taught how to live a sustainable life, from growing nutritious food to gaining leadership skills, and their studies are accompanied by a wide variety of extracurricular activities. This all comes with small class sizes and intimate campuses, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and make friends.

While some schools may see children as a chore or a job to manage, Edkey’s schools are passionate and devoted to meeting the needs of each child and providing a safe, bully-free environment for them to thrive in. Every staff member at an Edkey school is focused on being courteous, kind and transparent at all times, and they rise to any challenges that families may encounter on the day-to-day to support the development of their children.

Also among Edkey’s offering is its distance learning school, Sequoia Choice. Since 1999, Sequoia Choice has been utilising technology to provide flexible education options to students in grades K-12. Its certified and highly qualified teachers and accredited curriculum have been enabling the flexibility and personalised education needed in order to ensure children are successful. And because studies with Sequoia Choice are online doesn’t mean its learning programmes aren’t still of the same high quality with the same top-notch teaching and individualised attention. Through conversations, meaningful assessments, and highly interactive teaching, students have the ability to achieve their maximum academic potential and life goals.

Of course, none of this could be possible without Edkey’s staff, who are everything to the organisation. They come with a love for teaching and their students, and they are well-versed in their teaching areas. They are ambitious and excited to be part of such a cutting-edge organisation while benefiting from a respectful, flexible and supportive working environment and competitive salary. Ultimately, they pride themselves on feeling part of something very important – ensuring children get the best possible start in life.

Edkey does appreciate its outstanding team, however it is currently facing the difficulties of teacher shortages. Across Arizona and the rest of the United States, there are a lot of teachers leaving their professions, which can be due to regulations making the teaching environment challenging. And then there is the wait for new teachers to be fully trained. Edkey therefore sees it as very important to look after its staff and to do all it can to retain them.

As Edkey now looks towards the future, it intends to continue perfecting its core values and refining the learning experience for every child. This is especially a focus since children have got out of the habit of going to school due to the pandemic, during which all learning was temporarily moved online. Edkey’s team have been doing all they can to help children ease back into going to school.

Edkey is also focused on those students who are getting ready to fly the nest – whether they are moving on to higher education or entering the world of work – and many are even graduating a year early. Indeed, Edkey’s schools are a place for empowerment and success, where children are inspired daily to become the very best that they can be.

For further information, please visit www.edkey.org

Accessibility in Artificial Intelligence

Founded by exemplary microcomputer specialist and businessman Mauricio Frizzarin, Qyon has made a name for itself as the ‘Most Innovative AI Software Company’ for 2022 in Brazil. With an expanding client base and technical school for data processing, he was able to create his first program to aid the completion of lengthy and time-consuming forms, kicking off his passion for using artificial intelligence to streamline company administrative processes.

A disruptive, innovative, and highly accomplished company, Qyon is leading from the front in the software industry by making the power of artificial intelligence the backbone of its business. Nominally, it uses this to empower the accountants and small companies it serves, putting the power of AI in their hands and allowing them to make use of it to better their company’s prospects, as well as the experience of their own end customers. With advanced knowledge that is based on artificial intelligence, robot, machine learning, and big data for business management, its services are developed to manage and integrate processes and sectors that will come together to create an exemplary, holistic, and well-formed company.

Its fintech services also aid this. Critically, it can provide such services in a manner that fits seamlessly around a customer’s existing business model, creating a technological ecosystem that adapts to the client as standard, instead of requiring the client to adapt to it. Moreover, it also takes pride in remaining in constant development, automating even the most complex financial operations by incorporating the latest and greatest developments into itself and keeping itself ahead of the pack as a result. In addition, it is important to say that with constant development and blockchain technology at its back, Qyon has been able to add cryptocurrency to its list of capabilities.

Securing yet more of a name for Qyon in the financial and technological infrastructure industries, this cryptocurrency exchange service has become renowned for making it even easier to integrate entire business management systems with the systems developed by Qyon. The result of this, the empowering nature of its technologies, and the transformative efforts of its work ensure that its small business clients do not remain small for long; indeed, its efforts have propelled many a client to the next stage of business evolution by giving them access to an infallible backstage infrastructure.

Thus, this is where the empowerment happens, and is why Qyon has gained a reputation for enabling its accountants and entrepreneurs to innovate and transform their industries. Qyon’s attitude is that nothing is impossible, and it conducts itself as such, presenting an unprecedented technology that facilitates business management automated actions, and artificial administration. Beside this, its software, much like itself, is always in the process of learning and evolving, so a customer can rest assured that they’ve put their faith in a software system that will remain relevant and consistent with changes in the wider and ever-changing technology market.

It has used this to truly get ahead in its market – as well as other elements such as its low cost – making for an ever-increasing trajectory towards greater success that has truly been made possible by its clients, their faith in it, and their recommendation of it to peers. Moreover, its consistent revolution both in a customer’s business and in the market has allowed it to gain a reputation for the standard of its innovations, pushing it to a prominent position amongst peers and customers alike thanks to its clear democratization of the artificial intelligence sector.

Something that was previously a dream for those without pocketbooks big enough to afford it, Qyon is demystifying artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this manner, it has increased the accessibility of these services to companies that are not multi-million-dollar enterprises quite yet, showing them how they can benefit from the ‘new oil’ marketplace that the robotics and software as a service industry has become. Economist, Wired, and Forbes have all decreed that artificial intelligence is the new frontier for world business, and Qyon quite agrees; but it wishes for all to be able to participate in this frontier, instead of just the richest companies.

Nowadays, it has more than 160 employees within its ranks, each of whom form the beating heart of the business. They are talented, dedicated, and client-focused from top to bottom, with everyone from its engineers and developers to front of house staff forming exemplary teams that work incredibly well both as individual units and as a cohesive business structure, as its communicative nature keeps everyone on the same page. Nominally, it sees no reason not to share critical business details with its staff, thanking them for their hard work with holistic trust and commitment, allowing people to learn new things and propose innovative solutions to its problems.

In this manner, its problem-solving and actionable advice is developed by people who best know what they’re talking about. Each staff member is therefore able to work to the best of their abilities through being seen, heard, and valued, with each of their unique educational and professional backgrounds making their contributions an invaluable exercise in seeing things from previously unconsidered perspectives. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, initial integration compatibility concerns, and more, it has pulled through to be able to develop and deliver one of the best customer service experiences available in software as a service; due to this, it is looking forward to expanding its growing market further in the future, having recently added the service of Brazil and the USA, and with teams working on unlocking the secrets of the industry’s newest discoveries.

Qyon, being both pioneer and champion of people, wants its customers and staff both to have fun when conducting its business. Therefore, it fuels the talent and enthusiasm of its staff, and is excited to hear about the ideas and goals of its customers, creating lifelong relationships based on mutual passion projects and appreciation of artificial intelligence. After all, AI, machine learning, and more is already carving a brave new world in the new remote work paradigm that has emerged thanks to the pandemic. Moreover, it is excited to say that its Brazilian air sports team – Qyon AeroSports – will be a big part of this push towards growth through enthusiasm and excitement by performing in all manner of new shows and incorporating all manner of technologically enabled new features into its flights.

For business enquiries, contact Mauricio Frizzarin from Qyon on their website – https://www.qyon.com/en/

Turning The Tide To Success!

The world of digital services has become essential to many businesses, but many do not have the resources to manage this change themselves. The rise of digital managed services providers has become commonplace, but only the best will survive. We take a look at Don Iro, CEO of Allteks, following his triumph as CEO of the Year, 2021 – Exton, the United Kingdom to find out more.

Launched in 2000, Allteks is a digital managed services provider which has been an invaluable resource to businesses across the UK and beyond. Since those humble beginnings, the Allteks group has grown to include Allteks ltd, Absols ltd (Both providers of IT services) and Hamilton Berkeley Ltd, a digital consultancy practice. With a range of clients in the public and private sectors, it’s little wonder that the team has been able to achieve such amazing success.

This success has been due, in no small part, to the tireless efforts of Don Iro. For the last two years, he has guided Allteks to new and greater heights. At the heart of his management style is a trust in the team he has built which allows him to lead from the back, while intervening where necessary. During an incredibly challenging time, he has managed to inspire the staff to thrive both personally and professionally, focusing on what makes them strong and sets them apart.

All members of staff are hired for their character and trained afterwards with the skills they need. It’s possible to prepare people for the digital age, but it’s not possible to alter their attitude. Through this careful approach, the team have developed an incredibly positive culture that pervades every project that the team undertakes. The strength of this management model can be seen most clearly through the way in which Allteks has continued to flourish during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Needless to say, leading an SME during these unprecedented times has not been easy, but difficult times provide the opportunity for us to prove ourselves. From those first, nervous days, Mr. Iro made the decision that Allteks would be there for their employees that they would be secure no matter what, and that they would also be there for customers. In times of great uncertainty, providing this secure base on which to build was an incredibly important decision.

During his tenure, Mr. Iro has made it his mission to focus the talents of his incredible team on the needs of the market. By developing existing relationships, the Allteks team have been able to leverage one of their greatest resources. In the world of digital, solutions are binary in nature. You either get results or you don’t. As partners with their clients who take the time to invest in what they want from a project, Allteks has gained a reputation that is unmatched throughout the industry.

Looking ahead, Mr. Iro has developed an organisation which is well on the way to becoming the digital partner of choice for many. By differentiating the Allteks Group’s offerings, growing through a service mindset and acquiring appropriate businesses, the team have been able to achieve great things. With such solid foundations under their feet, 2022 offers the chance for this remarkable organisation to thrive anew.

For business enquiries, contact Don Iro from Allteks via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.allteks.co.uk

The Best Innovations for the Best Metalwork

Working in one of the most demanding markets in the world, Retech has become a global leader in metallurgical processing equipment supply. In short, its technical acumen, customer service, and dedication to reliable machinery that its clients can trust has made it a true front-runner, allowing it to pull ahead of the competition to serve clients across the metalworking industry, including those working with super alloys and rare earth metals. Having successfully made itself the ‘Most Innovative Metallurgical Equipment Specialists’ in 2022 for the USA, it looks forward to continuing to take the international industry by storm.

Having been in operation since 1963, Retech is a company emboldened by the knowledge of the past and the innovation of the future. Its industry, the global metallurgy sector, is demanding and ever-changing, and thus Retech has dedicated itself to keeping its finger on the pulse of these changing demands and developments so that it can continue to be competitive and relevant to what its customers need. Since its inception, Retech’s advanced processes and technologies have been bought and used by the foremost experts in melting, refining, and casting reactive and refractory metals, from titanium and titanium alloys, super alloys, and rare earth metals. As expected, this has all empowered it in its mission to become the premier supplier of equipment for advanced thermal metal processing in controlled atmospheres.

In addition, Retech has pioneered new applications for electron beam cold hearth melting, plasma cold hearth melting, and cold wall induction, showing its industry its adaptability when it comes to the types of systems and their applications. Having developed a critically important solutions for its industry in the Rototrode non-consumable arc and Plasma Arc Centrifugal Treatment – or PACT – it has garnered an outstanding reputation for engineering customised, tailor made, and reliable system products with unique metallurgical and geometric properties that are required by nature of the application.

In terms of the Retech mission, it has been focused on the creation of innovative products that provide customers with the safest, most dependable, and most environmentally responsible metallurgical solutions on the market. Critically, it recognises that this is a mission with goalposts that are ever-shifting due to the exponential nature of innovations, and it is excited by this fact, always looking to improve, develop, and grow both as a company as well as a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about metalwork. With the experience of its employees, the co-operation of its business partners, and the support of its customer base, it is the Retech promise that every product it delivers will be safe, efficient, and effective.

Essentially, this is a point of honor for the team behind Retech, and something it seeks to show by operating with integrity in everything it does. This has earned it a huge amount of return customers for whom it is their trusted one-stop-shop for metallurgical machinery, with more new clients in the aerospace and defense industries coming to it daily. However, despite these traditional industries being the most common amongst its clientele, Retech has been seeing a growing interest in its work from the medical and recycling industries, as well as those that use energy-intensive materials and powdered metals, many of whom are seeking more sustainable fabrication methods. Thus, its efforts in outreach are predominantly in relationship building with current clients, allowing them to become not just customers, but lifelong partners.

Because of the focus on relationship building with customers, as an alternative to individual sales, Retech has a relatively small, but loyal, customer base when compared to many other industries. However, this is not a pitfall, but a feature that commands respect, as it fosters the success of its customers through its relationships within niche markets and cultivates a small, specialist clientele that it will always go above and beyond for. Most current market participants in the niche fields it invests in have been, are, or will be Retech customers at some point, and its customizable nature has made it the best choice for companies with highly specific needs.

Its skilled, dedicated, and dependable staff often wear multiple hats, and are invigorated by the challenge of serving such a myriad of different clients, all of whom request hugely different things that tell a tale of their specific corporate mission. Therefore, it hires people who are exemplary team players and great communicators, as well as those who believe in pushing the envelope in an industry to continually make it a better place for both the employees within it and the end user of the created items. These people then go on to shape the culture into something comfortable, respectful, and diligent, something that has aided it in its staunch survival of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the niche nature of its industry, having only three key suppliers – of which Retech is one – it is profoundly affected by changes in supply and demand, both of which were impacted greatly during the outbreak and have been on a slow recovery ever since. Thus, working with airplane groundings, material issues, and a need for alternative production methods, Retech found a need to become more efficient and to cut the fat from many of its processes, a metamorphosis that has ultimately been to its benefit despite the initial tumult. This means that it is now able to continue empowering its work and improving its services, and that it will be continuing with its research and development, excited to dive into the nitty gritty of customers looking to capitalize on its capabilities.

For business enquiries, contact Christopher Jackson from Retech on their website – retechsystemsllc.com