Unlocking the Potential of Engagement Technologies to Deliver Business Value

More and more organisations are failing to get the results that they expect from their investments in engagement technologies. For quite some time now, businesses have been under significant pressure to transform where and how they interact with consumers in order to remain competitive.

UAE’s ChatGPT Rival Launched in Abu Dhabi with 40bln Parameters

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII), the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), has launched ‘Falcon LLM,’ a foundational large language model (LLM) with 40 billion parameters – which outperforms ChatGPT3.

Separate Fact from Fiction: Debunking the Misconceptions of Women in Tech

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise! However, common misconceptions that plague our nation’s STEM industries could mean that not enough women are given the necessary confidence, tools, and opportunities to begin a career in these subjects.

Automation: The Key to Sustainable Warehousing

The way to sustainable warehousing is through automation, says Craig Whitehouse, Managing Director of Invar Integration. Creating more sustainable logistics operations is a priority for businesses, governments and increasingly, consumers. The warehouse is the beating heart of the supply chain, but it may not be immediately obvious that investment in warehouse automation can significantly contribute

Industry Collaboration Results in New Era of 3D Cameras

Jabil Inc. (NYSE: JBL), a leading manufacturing solutions provider, announced that its renowned optical design center in Jena, Germany, is currently demonstrating a prototype of a next-generation 3D camera with the ability to seamlessly operate in both indoor and outdoor environments up to a range of 20 meters.

Data Shows That Open Communication and Technology Are Essential for High Productivity

Research from productivity platform, ClickUp, reveals that the right technology, open communication and inclusive cultures are major factors in driving higher productivity. Conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of ClickUp, the study ranked UK businesses across a number of productivity indicators, finding significant differences between those that ranked highest and lowest.

StructureFlow Raises USD 3.5M Pre-Series A Funding Round For Its Modeling Platform To Bring Intelligent Visualization To Complex Corporate Transactions

StructureFlow, the leading visual platform for modeling corporate transactions, announced it had closed a USD 3.5 million Pre-Series A funding round – bringing its total seed funding to circa USD 8 million.

Businesses Will Finally Start Actioning Sustainability Commitments in 2023

Global colocation provider, Telehouse International Corporation of Europe, has unveiled the top six trends it expects will shape the world of IT infrastructure in 2023. The predictions have been informed by the latest insights from industry experts and recent Telehouse research.

Edge Ecosystems, 5G and Hybrid Cloud to Drive Infrastructure Change in 2023

If data is the fuel powering the global economy, then data centres are the backbone on which it sits. Despite economic slowdowns, the war in Eastern Europe, lockdowns in China and continued supply chain dislocations, the upward trend in cloud infrastructure and mobile connectivity has continued.

How Do You define Web3 and Why Businesses Cannot Afford To Ignore It 

Most businesses rely on the infrastructure of the Web to scale their operations and innovate. As the next iteration of the Web, known as Web3, steps into the spotlight, businesses cannot afford to overlook its potential in creating new revenue opportunities and enhancing their operational efficiencies.

New App Designed To Mobilize Human Kindness – Helpall Launches Free Public Edition of Helpall Social

Helpall: announced the launch of its innovative new social media giving platform, Helpall Social, designed to become an “Uber for help”, aimed at connecting people needing support with people willing to give it.

The Future of Crime Fighting: Innovative Technology to Protect Your Business

Supporting your business isn’t only developing good strategies and executing them, it also includes ensuring the safety of your assets. By the end of the 2021 financial year, 38% of wholesale and retail properties in the UK experienced a crime. This was equivalent to over 150,000 properties, with the majority being due to theft (29%), assaults (11%), and burglary (10%).