Inefficiency Is the Root Cause of High POS Transaction Fees Says Expert

The cost of Point-Of-Sale transactions can be significantly lower for businesses by increasing efficiency and using thousands of  terminals across three continents

Fact 1 — In July 2022, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the European Union reached an all time high and, as a result, businesses and consumers are generally paying substantially higher prices for goods and services than a year ago.

Fact 2 — The annual inflation rate across the EU has skyrocketed over the last few months. It reached 9.8% in July of this year compared to 2.5% a year earlier. In some countries including Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the inflation rate has reached between 14% and 23%.

Fact 3 — Merchant card processing fees are high. They are made up of 3 main elements — one charged by the acquiring bank, the second charged by the card scheme itself such as Visa or Mastercard, and the third, interchange fee, charged by the cardholder’s bank, and which makes up the largest portion of the card processing fees.

These facts have led to an unavoidable reality — merchants are forced to hike prices while consumers’ purchasing power has been eroded.

“There are a number of reasons for the high merchant card processing fees” explains Radoslav Tomasiak, Head of POS Solutions at payment tech kevin. “It is common to assume that banks, acquirers and card schemes are speculating by charging higher fees. In reality, the main reason is inefficiency. Too many intermediaries, limited competition in the card industry which is controlled by a global duopoly, and low security by design which leads to high levels of fraud, all play a major role in the fee structure. Speaking of fraud, according to a Nilson report, the card industry will experience fraud losses of $408 billion over the next 10 years”.

Notwithstanding the current market conditions, post-pandemic in-store shopping is back. The human need for physical interaction has fueled the return of consumers to brick-an-mortar stores and malls across the globe.

And although e-commerce’s share of retail sales is estimated to continue growing over the next few years, the growth in physical store sales is predicted to reach US$ 22T globally by 2025. 

Which brings us to the point of sale. Traditional payment options such as credit and debit cards (70%), cash (11%) and digital wallets (11%) still dominate the market but payment innovations are rapidly replacing the conventional with technology based options.

One such option is Open Banking (OB) enabled Account-to-account (A2A) infrastructure which allows payments to move directly from the payer’s bank to a merchant or service provider’s bank. A2A payments are becoming more mainstream, allowing consumers to bypass traditional card schemes while offering retailers lower costs and higher conversion rates. The number of OB players is growing rapidly but payment tech kevin. has taken it to the next level by offering the solution in-store.

Tomasiak adds that “In a recent industry first, fintech kevin.’s A2A payments will be available on tens of thousands of POS (point-of-sale) terminals across Europe connected to the Switchio platform. The platform by Monet+ works with multiple acquirers to manage millions of transactions each day, covering the entire process from POS terminals to processing centers.

By integrating kevin.’s high-tech infrastructure into Switchio’s platform, Monet+ becomes the first-ever company able to offer their clients and partners A2A payments in physical stores, enabling businesses to receive payments safely, instantly and at reduced costs.

Tomasiak concludes that as well as being more secure due to its foundational design, using Open Banking based A2A payments will reduce costs at the POS. Another advantage of this new payment solution is the fact that consumers’ user experience at the POS does not change — they can simply link their bank account within the merchants’ mobile application and pay via NFC by placing their phone near the POS terminal.

Top 5 Tips For Effective Fleet Management

No matter the size or nature of your business, effective management calls for analytical ability. Fleet management is one of those tasks that necessitates a well-thought-out plan from the outset, just like managing your finances and collaborating with suppliers. It’s not enough to simply buy the proper vehicles; you also need a plan for keeping them in excellent condition. You need to take preventive actions if you want to save money and maintain productivity.

Here are six recommendations for effective fleet management:

Use Fleet Management Technology

Investing in technology can give you an edge over the competition when it comes to managing your fleet.

For one, modern solutions, like fleet tracking software, are used for tracking trucks. The safety of drivers is paramount, so it’s a must to always know where each vehicle is. However, keeping tabs on the whereabouts of a fleet of vehicles, be it five or 1,000, is not as easy as it sounds. So, when it comes to keeping an eye on fleet operations and ensuring the security of vehicles, firms rely on GPS technology and other GPS monitoring systems.

Furthermore, if you use an advanced system to create your maintenance reports, you’ll be able to make smarter, more timely decisions that will have a positive effect on your business in the short and long term.

Prioritize Fleet Safety

Fleet managers should pay attention to the condition of their vehicles and drivers to avoid any accidents. Don’t wait for an accident to happen before you start thinking about fleet safety. Luckily, strategies exist for businesses to reduce the number of distractions and risks their drivers face on the job. For instance, you may provide your drivers with hands-free gadgets to prevent them from being distracted by smartphones and GPS use. 

Moreover, the fleet manager is responsible for enforcing the company’s health and safety policies, and any additional procedures that may be necessary to ensure the fleet’s protection.

Remember that the expenses your business will incur by taking precautions are far less than the risks you’ll be leaving on the table by doing nothing.

Measure What’s Important

Metrics are valuable because they allow businesses to track progress, but they might lose their meaning if they aren’t measuring the right things. In order to keep control of your fleet, precise measurement is essential.

Cost per mile, fuel expenses, driver behavior, compliance, inspections, and operating costs are just a few aspects that provide valuable insight into vehicle and fleet performance. A centralized fleet management software or an upgraded smart spreadsheet can do the computations for you, helping improve efficiency and simplify the process of keeping track of such pieces of information.

Choose The Right Vehicles

While it’s true that you can probably discover some great prices by shopping around, you’ll save money in the long run by purchasing the right vehicles. 

It’s preferable to have all purchases go through a single fleet manager. And, whether or not that’s possible, it’s important to make a list of required equipment for all vehicle purchases. If you overmatch or undermatch a vehicle’s major feature specs, it could be bad for business. Vehicles that aren’t a good fit for their intended tasks will likely collect dust in the parking lot. Overmatched vehicles, meanwhile, can do the work, but at a much higher cost.

Also, it’s worth noting that the greatest vehicles for your fleet now won’t remain that way in a few years. Thus, your procurement plan should be based on the latest information to help your team make the best choices.

Set Up Replacement Cycles For Vehicles

Fleet managers will be able to replace vehicles that have reached a high mileage limit or are otherwise no longer suitable for fleet safety if they have a replacement cycle in place. Because costly fleet vehicle part replacements are eliminated, fleet managers are able to save money. As a result, it helps mitigate problems with vehicles’ components that could otherwise lead to accidents.


All of the aforementioned suggestions are vital to effective fleet management, but they won’t be enough on their own. You also need to get your workforce involved in solving systemic issues. Gather your personnel for strategy discussions and brainstorming to develop a culture of teamwork. Increasing your understanding of your own management style is another area for improvement.

These insights will improve the security, effectiveness, and ethics of your fleet. It’s scalable, so, with the right strategies, you may expand your business without experiencing any hiccups.

Business Automation Solutions

Square 9 Softworks, the ‘Most Innovative Digital Transformation Software Provider’ for 2022, has developed a stellar international reputation for simplifying common business tasks with a complete overhaul of its clients’ business processes. With enterprise content management, document capture, web forms, and business automation tools, it streamlines its clients’ internal infrastructure and allows them to save time, money, and manpower, ensuring their staff can get on with the truly important things in their day to day.

Automating the important yet mundane is something that Square 9 Softworks has made one of its core competencies over the years, turning the paper-intensive paperless and freeing up the schedules of people who previously had to sink time into handling such things manually. Nominally, it allows businesses to find more time for growth and innovation, able to trust the sophisticated backroom processes that Square 9 Softworks has put in place for content management, document capture, and much more. Indeed, part of this trust cultivation has been ensuring that these processes are disaster ready and flexible in the face of change.

With powerful, business continuity, risk tested, and rigorously developed processes, its streamlined solutions allow for dependable, secure – and perhaps most importantly, compliant – document management that fits itself seamlessly to all manner of different roles and requirements. Indeed, the way Square 9 Softworks works it in inviting clients to use its online tool to input their role and sector in order to find out which of its solutions would best the client, their team, and their business. Its huge variety of software-as-a-service offerings also cover custom solutions, in which Square 9 Softworks will work one-on-one with a client to create something truly bespoke.

Critically, its champion-level service is also backed up by a team that are on hand to support its clients at every turn. From the very first interaction with a client, in which Square 9 Softworks aims to learn their strengths, goals, and weaknesses, to progress meetings months down the line, there will always be a clear and empathic line of communication open through which a client can reach a friendly and helpful human voice. Whether a client is using its solutions to streamline their HR processes such as onboarding and employee management, or to achieve something more sector specific such as making use of accounting software for agriculture, it is excited to show just how widely applicable its business support is.

Indeed, it can help an agriculture company to manage their permits, purchase order forms, invoices, and other such papers in a customizable and impeccably implemented fashion. This extends to food supply, education, automation, distribution, and government, allowing it to make a name for itself with everything from progress reports to IEP approvals and student portfolios, the support of which is handled by its team of experts. Dedicated to going above and beyond to meet customer needs, the team is experienced, highly trained, and well educated, delivering complete transparency as they work in order to reassure its clients that they will never be without access to help.

With wait-times measured in minutes available through its website, its training videos, documentation, and technology tips come with an easy ticketing system that processes support requests. Crucially, it ensures that it has kept itself to scale with its demand so that it has the right number of staff to respond to the number of clients it takes on, resulting in a reliable, sustainable, and well managed business that keeps clients at the very core of its operations.

It is this quality of service that has achieved it recognition by KeyPoint Intelligence, who nominated it for the Buyer’s Lab Pick Award from 2020 to 2022. Moreover, it was recognized by G2 as a leading developer of Enterprise Content Management Software, and earned the Marcum Tech Top 40 Award for its continual innovation and ingenuity, a critical part of its business model. Essentially, with over 15 years of experience in fast, disruption free implementation that allows the delivery of the best solutions on time, within budget, and to specification, it has managed to earn a satisfaction rate of 96% amongst its customers.

This number has been derived from its long history of being able to maintain positive client relations. Its in-depth, empathic, and solution-based way of working endears it to a broad variety of clients found up and down a multitude of industry verticals, allowing the holistic transformation of business with an intuitively designed, secure, and innovative technological processes. The result of this is a new generation of businesses who can assign their time more productively, setting tasks to their staff that allow for a fulfilling and effectively organized workday that doesn’t contain a variety of menial tasks.

The promise that Square 9 Softworks makes to its clients is one that speaks to the hope of getting a client’s document capture up to the best it can be. With each of these processes being implemented with ease, a user-intuitive mindset, and a respect for a client’s existing framework, it offers several different OCR strategies and other such developments, invaluable for all manner of teams. Thusly, demand for its services has only gone up over the course of the covid-19 pandemic, as it became more and more important for the technological frameworks a company depends on to be flawless in their design and perfectly functionable in their execution of tasks. With its recently released Scanner Offer in partnership with Kodak Alaris, Square 9 Softworks’ future is gearing up to be a bright one; and it is excited to bring its clients and wider industry with it as it continues to push towards bigger and better.

For business enquiries, contact Alexa Pritchard from Square 9 Softworks on their website –

Proud to Support its Veterans

Woodside Quality LLC (Woodside) is a CVE Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing performance improvement, project management, and analytics support to federal and commercial clients. Recognised as Best Performance Improvement Consulting Firm 2022 – Virginia in this issue of SME News magazine, we take a closer look at the company.

Woodside Quality LLC is the ground-breaking company with a long-standing track record of excellence in solving the difficult problems. Its consultants are highly educated and experienced personnel with careers focused on transformation of operations through sound analysis. With experience in service, healthcare, manufacturing, defence, finance, information technology, and product development, Woodside Quality LLC is prepared to support its clients’ most complex operations.

Five core values underly the work the Woodside team does. Firstly is knowing its customers – who they are, what they want, and what they need. Next is life-long learning, as Deming once said, “There is no substitute for knowledge”. Systems thinking is about approaching each problem from a holistic view point. Understanding variation focuses on statistical thinking. Finally, every member of the team has an appreciation for the human dignity and inherent worth of each individual.

These core values enable Woodside to help its clients optimise their value chain systems and put measures in place to hold the gains and continually discover opportunities to improve. Of course, as its clients learn from it, it learns from them, growing its knowledge base and skillsets as each new problem is solved. The company’s tagline describes its approach – It analyses the customer’s processes to provide the keenest, most in-depth insight into the cause systems that drive success. This insight enables them to make data-driven, sound business and operational decisions. These informed decisions then ensure customers deliver consistent exceptional results.

Every new client presents different challenges. Woodside’s consultants have worked across the spectrum of manufacturing as well as service industries, from healthcare to software, from hospitality to medical devices, from financial services to telecommunications, and in governmental agencies including the Department of Defence, Veterans Affairs, EPA, and GSA. The diverse experience coupled with its scientific approach to learning in every engagement are what drive the primary factor in Woodside’s differentiation: its consultants’ breadth and depth of knowledge, and its ability to adapt its approach to each client’s unique situation.

Indeed, as a knowledge-based consultancy, Woodside has no success that is not driven by the acumen and competence of each and every person within the firm. In recruiting new talent, it looks for those who share its core values. It looks for people who have an innate sense of curiosity about the world, who want to learn about the systems and processes they encounter in their work to understand the causes of problems. It values humour and patience, and a bias for informed action. Of course, as an SDVOSB, Woodside is proud to support its veterans by hiring veterans wherever possible. It knows that its nation’s veterans have the work ethic and technical ability to be excellent contractors and consultants.

CEO of Woodside, Rip Stauffer says, “Our diverse workforce and the competency of our staff contribute to an internal culture where facts are valued above conjecture, where every opinion is valued (even if it might be challenged). New insights gleaned from engagement often contribute to the success of any other engagement. This snowballing effect has grown our reputation with clients to the point where most of our new engagements have come from previous clients or through word of mouth.”

However, the COVID-19 pandemic made some of Woodside’s processes more difficult (because they required face-to-face action), but it presented the team with a myriad of new learning opportunities, too. The company has picked up new tools and skills for running efficient and effective remote sessions of all types. This remote work has enabled it to hire exceptional talent from across the country, further expanding its diverse mix of experience and knowledge.

Now, it has new headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, which it has been operating from since June 2022. Not only does this office give employees a comfortable space to work in, but it also enables the hosting of clients and partners for in-person meetings and collaborations.

Woodside President, David Allway comments, “The office gives us a dedicated place to work for the first time since COVID-19 began in 2019.”

Having been beginning its expansion early on in the pandemic, the company has never had a real home to call its own before. Lockdowns and quarantines forced setbacks for working in-person, but as restrictions lifted, the team found a great opportunity to return to working face-to-face for the foreseeable future. Thus, there is truly nothing holding Woodside back now – The world is its oyster, and we at SME News are rooting for it to thrive and succeed.

For business enquiries, contact Rip Stauffer, CEO from Woodside Quality LLC via email – [email protected] or on their website –

Luxury Wedding Ideas That Will Wow Everyone

Over the fair share of weddings that we have witnessed in the last few years, there have been a lot of trends that have been overused, trends that are traditional and classic, and the latest Instagram/Pinterest trends that are all the rave. But how can you make the wedding unforgettable and unique by wowing your guests?

Altering little details can transform the wedding. Signing a prenup is one of the few things you can plan before the wedding. Look up online if you want to learn in-depth about what a prenup is. Altering little details can transform the day. Here are a few ideas that will create a wow factor for guests.

Enhance The Music

You can bring in acapella choir for your luxury wedding, seating them in the outer aisles or seated scatters among the guests. This way, the entire venue will be enveloped in sweet music as they perform the chosen songs throughout the ceremony. Having them seated among the guests will also make it interactive for the guests.

Amp Up The Wedding Favours

If you want your wedding to be truly memorable for your guests, you can gift each of them a present waiting for them at their seat at the table. This is a unique way to show that you value their presence at your reception and you are happy that they are there. The gift does not have to be extravagant. Just a small token of your appreciation will leave a lasting pleasant memory for your guests.

Have A Lounge For The Ladies At The Reception

You can arrange for your lady guests to rest their feet and touch up their make-up before they re-join the dance floor. A unique way to do this would be by setting up a luxurious tent with lounge furniture. Other things you can include in the ladies’ lounge can be items they will require to freshen themselves up but are not carrying on them, such as a manicure kit, options for perfumes, or moleskin padding to make the shoes more comfortable.

The last item will be a sure hit, especially with all the dancing at your luxurious wedding reception. You can also create a lounge for the men to smoke their cigars or drink their whiskey in. A whiskey decanter or a specialty cigar cutter can make the lounge look and feel more luxurious.

Go Crazy With The Flowers

Using different arrangements in different parts of the venue allows you to go over the top with flowers to give the whole event a luxurious look. You can create the visual of flowers raining down on the guests by hanging flowers from the ceiling of the ceremony area. You can also have flowers hanging from above and pair them with flowers on the estate table. You can also erect greenery or floral backdrop for the cake table or the entire ceremony.

Add Little Details To The Design

Most people focus on the dimension and height of the tables capes and décor of the reception. But you can give your wedding ceremony a luxurious touch by adding attention-grabbing showstoppers to the ceremony. If you are a fan of Japanese Cherry Blossoms that are full grown, you can add one in the middle of the seating to make your wedding ceremony look more luxurious. This can set the tone a notch higher before the guests get to see the reception.

Add Interesting Entertainment Ideas

There are quite a few ways to keep your guests entertained. One way is to have a live painter capture the wedding ceremony and paint portraits of guests. Your guests will have a marvellous time posing for the live portrait or watching other guests get painted. It is a great keepsake from the event.

Summing Up

There are so many ways you can make your guests wow, and our picks for the top luxurious ways are sure to be a success at your event. Try them out, and it is guaranteed that your guests will talk about your wedding reception for years to come whenever they refer to the best luxurious wedding they attended.

How Technology is Helping Unmute International Languages for Business Meetings

Oddmund Braaten, CEO at Interprefy

“You’re on mute” has to be one of the most popular (or unpopular) phrases of the past couple of years.

With everyone having to get to grips with the new standard of communication, the likes of Zoom, Teams, and Slack have been the saviours of enterprise comms over this period. But for global businesses, there’s a long-standing issue to do with communication that has so far remained unresolved.

Despite a mass of different communication tools, language barriers are preventing business meetings from reaching their full potential. Staff huddles are isolated depending on the host’s mother tongue, and a lack of support is stopping them from properly connecting, interacting, and engaging with colleagues outside of their geographical border.

We have the ability to communicate with people across the globe at the touch of a button, so why are we so bad at it?

Language barriers preventing growth

As businesses expand, international growth eventually reaches a tipping point. Success takes an international team capable of understanding and speaking the language in each specific region.

The problem of language is one that continues to hold a lot of businesses back. A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings, low morale, and poor company culture, but it can even lead to more serious consequences. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) study estimated that language barriers contributed to 25 percent of job-related accidents.

Another example where live translation from conference interpreters is needed is during virtual town hall meetings, where company-wide updates are shared between leadership teams and staff. These have become immensely popular recently, but important messages can often go misunderstood or missed completely by non-native speakers.

Language barriers can also be a stumbling block for when businesses host international client meetings. Localised support and cultural understanding is vital in building trust and a working relationship, but you can’t create this if you haven’t got the staff or mechanisms to support it.

The problem of communication is stopping them from growing exponentially, but there is a simple solution that’s right under their noses.

How can businesses remove language barriers?

The typical solution from businesses is to communicate solely in English, yet less than one in five (19%) actually speak the language fluently. The issues of miscommunication, a lack of engagement, and isolation remain.

The other option might be to hire interpreters where relevant for each meeting. But it can quickly become complicated and costly trying to accommodate international staff, clients, and partners on a daily basis.

However, there are tools widely available that can support simultaneous translations for any business setting – the most exciting of which has been the advancement of machine translation technology.

For example, often used alongside live interpreters, the combination of voice recognition software and machine translations is now capable of being used as a standalone solution. The technology can quickly connect international teams involved in smaller, more intimate business meetings or when human interpreters simply aren’t available or viable.

Where a human touch might be more relevant, such as for large-scale events and town hall meetings, remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is a popular option. Here, interpreters can provide language support from the comfort of their homes, meaning businesses save costs on travel, accomodation, and logistical support while also reducing their carbon footprint and providing real-time interpretation in the language of the attendees choice.

Employee development is also key, and there’s a lot that staff can learn from their colleagues from across the world. In-person and virtual training sessions are therefore a good opportunity to provide interpretation technology to help facilitate better understanding and clearer conversations. You could even take this one step further by using interpretation technology to provide your own workshops on learning different languages and cultures.

Bringing an international flavour to business meetings

Reducing language barriers for meetings means businesses can effectively accommodate diverse teams from across the world, inviting new ways of thinking and problem-solving. But it can also widen the cultural understanding from everyone within the organisation while helping improve cross-border communication, engagement, and morale.

Being able to break down language barriers and communicate with each other is an important factor for international growth. Only when we can communicate in the same language can we start to understand what’s outside of our horizon, build trust, and come closer together.

Whether face-to-face or at the other end of a computer screen, businesses that can remove communication barriers stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.

You Love Jewellery? Check Out These Incredible Crystals


Sapphires are one of the most popular crystals in jewellery. They come in a variety of colours, but blue sapphires are the most well-known. According to legend, sapphires stand for knowledge, fidelity, and devotion. They are also believed to bring good luck and protect against negative energy. If you’re looking for a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewellery, a sapphire might be a perfect choice.

It is popularly featured in engagement and wedding rings. The blue sapphire is said to represent purity, fidelity, and love. It also serves as the September birthstone. Sapphires are found all over the world, but some of the most beautiful come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar.


Alexandrite is an incredible crystal that has been used in jewellery for centuries. This beautiful gemstone is known for its ability to change colour, depending on the light source. In natural light, alexandrite appears green, but under artificial lighting, the stone will often appear red or violet.

This unassuming stone was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830s and was named after Tsar Alexander II. Today, alexandrite is considered one of the rarest and most valuable gems in the world. 

If you love jewellery and are looking for something truly unique, then a piece with alexandrite is definitely worth considering. The meaning is believed to be good fortune and is also the birthstone for June! Alexandrite gemstones are also known to bring protection, courage, and luck.


If you love jewellery, then you’re probably already familiar with diamonds. But did you know that diamonds are actually crystals? Diamonds are made of carbon and are the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. 

That’s why they’re so popular in engagement rings and other fine jewellery. The meaning of diamonds is often associated with love, fidelity, and commitment. So if you’re looking for a gift for your significant other, diamonds might be a perfect choice.


Amethyst is a gorgeous violet crystal that has been treasured by many cultures throughout history. This semiprecious stone is said to have calming and protective properties, making it a popular choice for jewellery. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February.

This beautiful crystal can be found in a variety of colours, from deep purple to pale lavender. It is often used in jewellery, especially rings and necklaces. Amethyst is also a popular choice for crystal healing.

If you love jewellery, then you should definitely check out amethyst! This stunning crystal can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether you are looking for a piece of jewellery to wear every day or something special for a night out, amethyst is a great choice.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful, deep blue stone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. This semiprecious stone is actually a type of rock, typically found in Afghanistan, Chile, and Siberia.

Since ancient times, lapis lazuli has been admired for its vibrant colour. In fact, the name “lapis lazuli” comes from the Latin word for “blue stone.” This gem was used in Egyptian and Persian jewellery and was even mentioned in the Old Testament.

In conclusion, if you love jewellery, then you should check out some of these incredible crystals! Every one of them has a special history and importance. Whether you are looking for a piece of jewellery to wear every day or something special for a special occasion, these crystals are a great choice.

Experience The Scenic Beauty Of These Beautiful Destinations

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the scenic beauty of a beautiful destination. Whether you’re admiring the view from atop a mountain, taking in the sights and sounds of a bustling city, or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, there’s something special about being surrounded by beauty. If you’re looking for some breathtaking destinations to add to your travel list, be sure to check out these stunning locations.


There’s something truly special about the state of Maryland. From its picturesque coastline to its rolling hills and valleys, Maryland offers visitors a wealth of scenic beauty to explore. And with so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that this state is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the beach, hike through forests or take in the sights of a historic city, Maryland has something to offer everyone. When it comes to hiking some of the best trails in maryland are found in its many state and national parks. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is a great place to start, as it offers over 30 miles of trails to explore. For those interested in beachcombing, Assateague Island National Seashore is an absolute must-see.

Zhangye Danxia Geopark

Zhangye Danxia Geopark, located in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its colorful sandstone formations. The park covers an area of over 510 square kilometers and features a variety of different landscapes, including mountains, valleys, lakes, and forests. Some of the most popular attractions in the park include Rainbow Mountain, Stone Forest, and Fairy Lake. Visitors can also enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Whether you’re looking for a breathtaking view or an adventure-filled vacation, Zhangye Danxia Geopark is sure to offer something for everyone. So come and experience the scenic beauty of this beautiful destination today!


One of the most stunning places on earth is Venice. Its scenic beauty is unrivaled and it is a city that should be experienced by everyone. The canals, bridges, and buildings all add to the unique charm of Venice and make it a must-see destination.

The canals of Venice are one of its most iconic features. They are a network of narrow waterways that crisscross the city and are lined with beautiful buildings. Visitors can take a gondola ride through the canals or simply walk along them to take in the sights.

The bridges of Venice are another key feature of the city. There are over 400 bridges that span the canals of Venice, each with its own unique design. The most famous bridge in Venice is the Rialto Bridge, which spans the Grand Canal.

The buildings of Venice are also incredibly beautiful. Many of them are adorned with ornate designs and architecture. Some of the most popular buildings to see in Venice include St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Campanile.

Venice is a truly unique and beautiful city that should be experienced by everyone. Its scenic beauty is unrivaled and there is so much to see and do. From the canals to the bridges to the buildings, Venice is a city that has it all.

Great Ocean Road

One of the world’s most picturesque coastal routes is the Great Ocean Road. Stretching for 243 kilometers along the southeastern coast of Australia, the road weaves its way through towering cliffs, pristine beaches, and dense forests. One of the most popular stops along the Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles, a group of limestone stacks that have been carved out by the relentless waves of the Southern Ocean. 

Other highlights include the Cape Otway Lighthouse, which offers stunning views of Bass Strait, and the Great Otway National Park, which is home to an array of native wildlife. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely drive or an adventure-filled road trip, the Great Ocean Road is sure to take your breath away.

The Reasons why your Business should use a Spend Management Platform

There are many different ways you can incorporate spend management into your business.

However, considering how crucial it is for not only improving your corporate cost-efficiency, but enabling you to develop as a company, you’ll want to make sure your method is as good as it can be.

With this in mind, we think you should be implementing a spend management platform into your company, to significantly improve how you conduct your process.

Read on to learn what a spend management platform is and how it can elevate your business.

What is a spend management platform?

A spend management platform is an expert business tool that manages all of your corporate spend for you, and makes the entire spend management process much more efficient and accurate.

Traditional forms of spend management are both complex and time-consuming for companies. Things like paper receipts, manual uploading, and long-winded approval requests are a few of the culprits responsible.

However, your spend management platform will take all of these inefficient processes and handle them digitally from your software.

You’ll be able to monitor every transaction in your company as it takes place, and your software will also provide a range of analytics on each transaction to give more insight into your corporate spend.

As well as this, you’ll have access to a range of features that help you adjust and control every aspect of your spending, to give you that extra handle on your company’s finances.

Incorporating a spend management platform into your company is the best way to ensure your spend management process is running at an optimal level at all times.

How can a spend management platform elevate your business?

A spend management platform can help elevate your business in a number of ways, including:

  • More control of your corporate spend

Your spend management platform can offer you a range of useful spend controls, which allow you to monitor and adapt various aspects of your corporate spend so that you’re in line with business budgets and future targets.

The types of controls offered to you and how many you get, will depend on the specific platform you choose.

For instance, one type of control which you might find useful is setting spend limits in your company. This feature enables you to cap transactions at a certain amount – either for each transaction or collectively – so that a specific spend limit is not exceeded.

This can ensure your corporate spend remains in your full control, and every transaction is set up to meet your specific business requirements.

  • One central and accessible platform

Another major benefit of your spend management platform, is how everything related to your corporate spend can all be found and accessed from one place.

Your centralized platform helps you have a more organized way of conducting your spend management process, and if there’s anything you need to observe, evaluate, or adapt, you know exactly where to go.

This can help save huge amounts of time, since you won’t need to waste it looking for specific data to complete an audit, for example, as it will all be on your platform already.

  • Meaningful spend insights

A spend management platform can go one step further than just helping you track and organize your data, but it can also notify you of ways to be more cost-efficient with your spending.

Your platform can offer you detailed spend insights for every transaction, to help you see where you can improve on spending. An example of this is how it can offer you cheaper alternatives to any services or products you might be paying for – things like business energy bills, for instance.

With these insights, you’ll be able to constantly evolve the way your company spends money, and ensure that you’re remaining as cost-efficient as possible with every transaction, which is key for overall business development and growth.

Now that you know the reasons why a spend management platform is essential for your business, there should be no question as to whether you now need one implemented in your company.

Proven Stress-Busting Hacks For Busy Dads

Parenting is a full-time job, and there are no shortcuts. It is easy to believe that moms do all the hard work, but daddy duties are not less daunting. In fact, you may have to work harder to make ends meet and squeeze in quality time with your spouse and kids. Even if you have a working partner who shares the financial load of the household, you probably want to do more as a dad.

Moreover, bonding does not come easily to men because they are usually less responsive. Life as a daddy can be stressful amid these challenges and external factors. You must devise a plan to deal with parenting woes and stay sane to give your best in your role. A commitment to self-care is the best way to achieve balance. Here are some proven stress-busting hacks busy dads can include in their self-care routine.

Look after your body

A healthy body harbors a stress-free mind, so be sure to invest in physical well-being. Start with a balanced diet and add supplements to cover the nutritional gaps. Ditch the food culprits like sugar, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and caffeine. Commit to regular mealtimes, no matter how busy you are between commuting, business meetings, and work travel. Besides eating right and on time, follow a consistent workout schedule to maintain optimal weight. These healthy lifestyle changes give you an excellent start with stress-free living.

Take a breather

You may be a super-busy professional, but taking a breather keeps you a step ahead of daily anxiety. Sometimes, stepping back can eliminate stress by giving a fresh perspective on a challenging situation. Whether you get into a nasty quarrel with your spouse or get into a fix with a troublesome teen, taking time out can resolve the situation. Apply the same trick at work when a looming deadline or difficult problem seems to deprive you of peace. Step out for a walk, take a short nap, or try a short meditation session to get away from the situation. You will probably find a way around starting afresh.

Set aside daily family-time

Daily family time is essential for dads as it does more than nurture your bond with your spouse and kids. It also de-stresses you, no matter how busy and anxious you feel. A morning exercise routine with your partner sets the pace for a happy day. Remember to contribute to housework as much as possible because mornings are tough for mommies. Create a family-time ritual for evenings, and adhere to it even after the most tiring days. Schedule weekend outings and yearly vacations with your clan. You only have to invest a little effort in time management to secure precious moments from your schedules.

Embrace a natural stress-relief aid

When stress hits, you may need more than deep breathing and meditation to relieve it. But popping anti-anxiety pills is the last thing you should do to deal with your mental woes. The solution is only a quick fix and may do more harm than good as medicines have side effects over time. You can rely on cannabis as a holistic alternative that addresses anxiety naturally. The best part is that it is legal in several states, so procuring it is hardly a problem. You can visit our favorite smoke shop to explore your options. Nevertheless, choose your product and strain wisely because you will probably want to go mild and discreet with cannabis. You can plan a session after the kids are in bed. Also, remember to store your stash out of sight.

Prioritize me-time

Time is a luxury for busy dads, and spending it alone may make you feel guilty. But you deserve it as much as anyone else. Alone time is therapeutic, specifically for people who constantly jump from one task to another and switch roles in their personal and professional lives. Aim to get a night alone every week to reset your mental well-being. You can even schedule a solo trip every year, while your spouse takes care of everything back home. In fact, you can take turns going solo on a weekend every year. Of course, romantic getaways and family holidays should happen, but you must not miss out on the delight of going solo.

Hang out with your gang

Another crucial element you must try fitting into your busy schedule is hanging out with your gang. It may seem challenging amid your professional responsibilities and daddy duties. But a night out every month can give you the energy recharge you need to stay on top of life. Plan your favorite activities, hang out at your go-to spots, and share a laugh over old memories. If you have an active gang, plan a day at the golf course or book a hiking or hunting tour for a weekend. Share your woes because they will probably have similar ones, so you may even figure out ways to resolve them.

Stay connected with your partner

Besides giving your best as a daddy, you must stay connected with your partner. Commit to keeping your relationship on the forefront, no matter how crucial your career and fatherhood seem. Your marriage brings stability that keeps your family together and bridges the gap with your kids, even if you spend little time with them. Plan random date nights, keep the bedroom spark alive, and show your love with little acts of kindness like dropping the kids to school, washing dishes, and chopping vegetables. Share your problems with your partner and look for solutions as a team. Life will be a lot easier!

Daddy duties can get taxing when you have to run the house and manage everything else. But you should be kind to yourself and tone down expectations. You need not be a super dad because chasing perfection only causes anxiety. Be realistic and give your best in the role. Also, invest in self-care with these simple everyday measures to keep daily stress at bay. A healthy dad can go the extra mile to ace the parenting duties.

Author Bio:  Stacey Lake is a senior content writer at Outreach Monks. Lake holds expertise in lifestyle and health niches and loves to provide modern-day solutions through her articles and blogs. In her leisure time, she loves to cook delicious meals for her kids.

Guide to Monaco Residence by Investment

Monaco is considered one of the most ideal places of residence for anyone seeking to reside in a safe European location with world-class leisure facilities, a sublime climate, and a favourable tax system. Monaco residents benefit from no personal income tax, making the principality a sought-after choice for wealthy individuals seeking to relocate to Monaco as their main residence.

With the continued growth of luxury real estate, Monaco will long be a superb investment opportunity. To find out more about an apartment for sale in Monaco, read on below.


Monaco residency requirements

To become a Monaco resident, applicants must show proof of accommodation. This may include the purchase documents of local real estate, details of the property you plan to rent for a minimum of one year, or a letter and proof of property ownership or rental from a close relative who resides in Monaco. Potential Monaco residents may also own a company that holds corporate real estate in Monaco.

In addition, all applicants of a Monaco residence by investment must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency to live in Monaco. The minimum amount required by the Monaco government for a residency application is €500,000 per the main applicant and must be held with the bank at all times during the residency period.

Financial self-sufficiency may also be demonstrated by showing that the applicant is employed by a Monaco company or that they plan to form a new company in Monaco that creates at least 10 new jobs, or finally, they can provide a letter of support from a close relative the applicant plans to live with.

Once the residency has been granted, the applicant of the Monaco residence by investment can live in Monaco for as long as desired. After 10 years of permanent residency status, it is possible to apply for Monaco citizenship.

Benefits of becoming a Monaco resident

Living in Monaco has many benefits, making it a great time to invest in Monaco real estate and become a Monaco resident.

For many, Monaco’s warm and stable climate and convenient geographical position make it an attractive place to live. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Monaco qualifies as one of the sunniest European locations. It is also bordered on three sides by France, while the other side borders the Mediterranean Sea, making it the ideal location for skiing throughout the winter or hiking in the alps in the summer.

Monaco’s exquisite beaches, unparalleled dining, exceptional real estate, and world-class leisure facilities have contributed to the principality’s status. It is also the host of some of the most well-known events, including the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show.

Monaco also presents a very high standard of living due to its access to reputable private schools, trustworthy private medical facilities, and having one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Not forgetting its favourable tax system that levies no income tax, no wealth tax, no local tax, no property tax, and no capital gains tax on individuals.

Monaco residence by investment; a secure value

Monaco real estate prices continue to rise, offering a sound return on investment year after year.

According to the latest Real Estate Observatory Report, released in early 2022, the majority of property in Monaco sell for around 5 to 10 million Euros.

Monaco real estate prices have increased by 75% in the past decade. These exceptional property price increases are being driven by demand as more high-net-worth-individuals seek out the benefits of owning Monaco real estate. Due to Monaco’s small land mass, there is limited inventory of Monaco property for sale and rent, further increasing property prices.

It is without question that Monaco is one of the finest places in the world to reside. If you are seeking a Monaco residence by investment, contact a trusted real estate agent in the principality and let them find you your dream apartment for sale in Monaco.

Author: Ella Neale

How To Diminish The Negative Impacts Of Stress And Anxiety

You try to live your daily life as carefree and happy as you’d like, but certain circumstances can prevent you from doing so. It could be a stressful situation, a high-pressure instance, or a traumatic event. And generally, people’s reaction to such things varies. Some people can manage problems more effectively, with some shrugging such challenges off, while there are those who crumble under pressure and get consumed by their stress and anxiety.

Managing the negative effects of stress and anxiety is easier said than done. And in most cases, it’s a constant battle that some people continue to face. But with determination, proper guidance, and the right coping mechanisms, one can overcome its symptoms and diminish its negative impacts.

Defining Stress And Anxiety 

Stress is how your body responds to an external trigger or situation beyond your control. When something happens that you can’t manage, often, you’ll feel your heart racing, your breath in increments, your palms perspiring, your head throbbing, and your decisions skewed. 

In 2020, the top three leading causes of stress in the United States were the pandemic, the rising cost of health care, and mass shootings. These three circumstances are beyond anybody’s control, but thinking about them constantly can make one’s mind go into overdrive.  

On the other hand, anxiety refers to an emotional response due to persistent and excessive worry, even without a specific trigger. Mild anxiety can be manageable by applying symptom management techniques and coping mechanisms. However, in cases wherein your anxiety and stress already start interfering with your daily activities and outlook in life, seeking professional help may be ideal.

Furthermore, here are some tips that can help you diminish the negative impacts of stress and anxiety.

1.Prioritize self-care

Caring for both your physical and mental well-being is one of the best things you can do to combat the effects of stress and anxiety. Essentially, by countering anxiety with better health and doing the things that promote living well, you increase happiness and encourage your mind to feel and think more positively. This can go a long way in helping you manage stress more effectively.

Here are some self-care tips you can do:

2.Go to bed early

A night of good restful sleep can make you feel focused, reduce your anxiety, increase your creativity and maintain your weight. Staging your room for a night of restful sleep can make you sleep faster and longer, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated.

3.Reduce your screen time

While some may say that being on their phone and social media de-stresses them, it’d be good to note that too much screen time can also hurt and be counterintuitive. For one, staying on your devices with its strong blue light can affect your circadian rhythm and disrupt your sleep patterns. In addition, reading negative news and content could also trigger stress and anxiety.

Social media, for instance, can help you connect with friends and relatives, but it can also wreak havoc on your mental health. And so, it can be helpful to limit your screen time to at least two hours a day.

4. Take on a new hobby

Investing your time in something that sparks your interest and joy can be another way to help you diminish the negative impacts of stress and anxiety. For instance, if you’re into music, learn to play a new instrument and have something fun and interesting to look forward to on your day off from work.

5. Interact more with friends and family

Being surrounded by people who genuinely care about you can help you cope with stressful situations better. Moreover, physical touch, such as cuddling, hugging, and holding hands, releases dopamine and oxytocin in your body. Essentially, these are your body’s happy and love hormones that crush the presence of cortisol, the hormones related to stress. 

6. Adopt a pet 

A pet like a dog or a cat is a great companion that can give you endless smiles and laughter. They’re loyal companions that’ll stick with you through thick or thin. Research suggests that petting your furry pal can help lower cortisol or stress hormone levels while interacting and playing with them can give you a surge of oxytocin or feel-good hormone.


Dealing with stress and anxiety is no easy feat, but possible. You can reach out to a mental health professional to seek assistance as a good start. You can also consider simple tips such as practicing self-care, spending more time and family, and even adopting a pet. 

Four Examples of Recent Remarkable Scientific Breakthroughs and Whom We Owe Them To

There’s no denying just how important science is to the world, and the earliest roots can be traced to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3000 to 1200 BCE. Science is fundamental to a thriving society, and it always has been. It’s the reason behind human growth and technological advancements and has been responsible for breakthroughs we couldn’t have survived without. These breakthroughs include shelters, antibiotics, and fire.

Science keeps the world spinning, and we should be grateful for all the scientists working day in and day out to discover more life-changing developments. Let’s explore some recent scientific breakthroughs and inventions, and whom we must thank for them.

Universal flu vaccine – National Institute of Health

Vaccines play a crucial part in keeping humanity alive, and there’s always more to research, discover, and explore. In the case of the National Institute of Health, they’ve been working hard to create a universal flu vaccine that will protect humans from all virus strains via one shot.

In a bad flu year, around 30,000 people in the UK die from flu and pneumonia, which is why there’s always a big drive to get people vaccinated each year. Roughly two weeks after vaccination, antibodies will develop in the body and protect against infection with circulating influenza viruses.

While this can be highly impactful, it’s not as effective as one shot that protects the human body from all variations of the flu: the universal flu vaccine. Work on this vaccine has been taking place since 2008, with various scientific companies researching and trialling different techniques to master the exact formula.

The National Institute of Health rolled out its phase 1 trial in July 2022, which involved testing the vaccine on one hundred humans. This is the furthest a medical research agency has taken the universal flu vaccine! Great work from everyone involved; we can’t wait to follow their journey over the next six months.

James Webb Space Telescope – NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency

Move over, Hubble Space Telescope, there’s something even bigger and better currently unfolding! The James Webb Space Telescope launched in December 2021, making it now the largest optical telescope in space.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the Canadian Space Agency, and the European Space Agency first began collaborative work on the telescope back in 1996. Due to the complexity of the unit, it required an astronomical level of research and development time to get it ready for launch.

Finally, on Christmas Day 2021, the telescope was launched and travelled nearly 1 million miles before arriving at the Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange point in January 2022. Although operations have barely started yet, this powerful telescope is already breaking records and performing fascinating observations.

Once fully underway, we’ll be able to see parts of the earth that we’ve never had the privilege of seeing before. So, there’s a chance we’ll finally be able to spot signs of life on other planets, as well as watch the birth of stars. In addition, it will give us the tools to search for indications of an atmosphere that could sustain life!

Octa-Gloves – Virginia Tech, Iowa State, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln

We’re ‘suckers’ for imaginative new pieces of tech, and Virginia Tech, Iowa State, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have done exactly that! In July 2022, it was revealed that the research universities had invented sticky underwater gloves inspired by the tentacles of an octopus. A biology degree involves the study of living things, from animals to human beings, so it’s exciting they were able to find a correlation here.

In a similar way to how an octopus can pick things up underwater whenever it chooses to, these clever scientists have produced gloves that can activate a light-pressure attachment to objects underwater. Essentially, this involves sticky pads that can switch on and off with the right kind of software controls.

This could be the start of something big! Currently, underwater industries are struggling to do the best possible job because it’s difficult to stick underwater. This includes archeologists, rescue divers, and welders. If we’re able to progress with the development of Octa-Gloves, we should soon achieve a device comprehensive enough to handle large, complex jobs underwater.

Hydrogen Planes – Aerospace Technology Institute

We all know that carbon emissions are a huge problem for our environment. In 2019, worldwide flights produced a staggering 915 million tonnes of CO2, so the aviation industry must find a better alternative to protect our planet. Lucky for us all, Aerospace Technology Institute is one step ahead with their new hydrogen planes.

The Aerospace Technology Institute is working with the UK government on ‘FlyZero’, a project that has received £15 million in funding to produce a plane powered completely by liquid hydrogen. This fuel is considered environmentally friendly because the burning of H2 (Hydrogen) does not produce carbon dioxide emissions.

The plane is expected to carry around 247 passengers halfway across the world without stopping once, and they hope to have the first generation of planes ready by 2035. If our scientists can nail this one, the possibilities for the travel industry will be monumental!

A huge ‘thank you’ to all scientists around the world

As a world, we owe a lot to the scientists who are continuously making remarkable discoveries to improve the way we live, communicate, and learn. There’s a reason why the subject has been around since at least 3000 to 1200 BCE, and there’s a reason why it’ll still be thriving in 3000 years to come.

On behalf of the entire human race and the planet, we’d like to thank all the scientists out there who are paving the way for a better life. Not just those who have made the incredible breakthroughs we’ve listed here, but every single scientist in the past, present, and future.

Poland is the Emerging Tech Hub of Europe, Says STX Next

Maciej Dziergwa, CEO at STX Next explains why Poland is the perfect place for a tech company to thrive

In recent years, Poland has surfaced as a leading location for technology investment, start-ups and entrepreneurial talent in Europe. This is according to Maciej Dziergwa, CEO of Europe’s largest Python software development company, STX Next. Dziergwa firmly believes that Poland’s recent economic growth, wealth of software development talent and appeal to venture capital firms cement its place as a promising European tech hub, and is full of optimism for its future.

The economic growth in Poland has seen the country spearhead a series of technological innovations and advancements. Poland’s IT industry constitutes about 8% of GDP, employing over 430,000 people. Poland is the largest economy in central and eastern Europe with 30% share of total GDP and 25% of the population.

Dziergwa said: “Poland’s status as central and eastern Europe’s technological beating heart has been well-recognised by those inside the industry for some time. As of 2022, market leaders such as Google, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon and Intel have set up shop here, alongside more than 500 other R&D facilities.

“For new founders and established players, young developers and team leaders, Poland is a hotbed of opportunity. The technology market is thriving, and the country is ready to play its part in growing the global tech economy” says Dziergwa.

The country’s collective IT expenditure grew by nearly 17% in 2021, totalling more than $20 billion. Below, Dziergwa outlines the factors that he believes are behind Poland’s rise as a major tech hub in Europe.

Poland is educating the next generation of developers

Poland is the preferred study destination of more than 57,000 international students at more than 500 universities. Nine of these feature in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world university rankings. According to the National Science Foundation, Polish people also have a strong educational background in IT-related disciplines: 43% of people in Poland aged 25-34 have a bachelor’s degree or higher in technology or software development.

Dziergwa: “First and foremost, Poland’s proximity to the rest of Europe is a crucial factor for its success. Travelling toPoland takes less than three hours no matter where you are in Europe. It is perhaps for this reason that we sit on such a wealth of tech talent, with a seemingly never-ending stream of developers entering the industry.

“Much of the world is navigating its way through a tech talent shortage, something that luckily hasn’t had as strong an effect in Poland. As such, Poland is an attractive location for tech giants with a host of new developers ready to innovate, armed with some of the most advanced technical skills in the world.”

A venture capital hotbed

In the first three months of 2022, venture capitalists invested a total of €251 million in Polish businesses across 98 transactions. If investment were to carry on at the same trajectory, by the end of 2022 Polish start-ups could attract over €1bn for the first time in the country’s history.

Dziergwa: “Poland is home to one of the most start-up-friendly ecosystems across the globe, spurred by the remarkable increase in investment. We have the talent, the funding and all the other ingredients necessary for businesses to make a success of their pursuits here, as has been proven in the past.

“Many central European-born businesses retain a large proportion of their headcount in their home country even after flying the nest. Brands like Booksy, Allegro and Docplanner all started out in Poland and have since had huge impacts in other parts of the world.”

A burgeoning pool of experts to pick from

Dziergwa: “Poland has the largest pool of developers in central and eastern Europe, accounting for nearly 25% of the entire developer population in the region.”

According to a study conducted by HackerRank that put a series of challenges to over 1.5 million people around the world, Poland has the third best developers globally, behind only China and Russia. Around the country, Poland has seven major IT hubs employing over 85% of all IT professionals in the country. Despite the level of quality on offer, outsourcing software development in Poland is typically 30% cheaper than in the US, and 20-25% cheaper than in western Europe.

Dziergwa concluded: “When considering the recipe for a prosperous tech hub, Poland has the most important ingredient in abundance: people. Not only are there plenty, but they are highly skilled, motivated and industrious, and are supported by a healthy infrastructure and investment. Poland has all the attributes to be Europe’s tech engine room for years to come.”

Small Business Loan Guide

A quick cash injection can be a great benefit for both established and start-up businesses. We can help you get the financing you need to grow your business, renovate your premises, or buy more stock.

Loan Corp can help you find the right type of business loan for your needs and goals.

What is a small-business loan?

A small business loan can be used to finance the daily operations of a company. A small business loan is a cost-effective and convenient way to finance your business. This loan can be used to finance almost any purpose in your business, including boosting cash flow and purchasing equipment.

You can tailor a small business loan from one our other finance providers or Government-backed schemes to meet your specific needs.

Are small business loans secured or unsecured?

UK business owners have the option of getting small business loans. Unsecured loans typically have smaller amounts and shorter repayment terms. If you need a larger loan, you may be able to get more money at lower rates by offering an asset as collateral.

What are the various types of business loans available?

There are two types of small business loans available: secured and unsecured. There are many financing options and loans available for UK SME’s within these broad categories.

An unsecured allows you to borrow money without having to put up any of your business assets. This is a popular option for smaller businesses who don’t have a lot of collateral to offer as security.

You can also get small business loans with bad credit if you have impaired credit.

However, with secured loans, companies can borrow money and the lender will have legal authority to seize the asset until full payment.

What are the best loans for small businesses?

There are many factors that you should consider when looking for the right small business loan. There is no one funding product that can be categorically described as the best, regardless of what you need it for or how easy it is to repay.

You should ensure that you get the right amount of money, with affordable interest rates, and flexible repayment terms, when looking for the best small business loan. Loan Corp is committed to helping businesses like yours get the best loans possible.

What’s the difference between a personal loan and a business loan?

Only business loans can be used for company purchases and business purposes. This could include borrowing money to expand your business or purchase new equipment and stock. Personal loans are different because they are intended for personal use. Personal loans are often restricted by lenders so that they cannot be used for business purposes and vice versa.

How does a small business loan work?

A small business loan is the same as any other type business finance. You receive money from the credit provider upfront and you then repay it with interest and any fees within a set time frame.

Read this bridging loan guide for further information.

A variety of funding options are available to small business owners.

How To Protect Your Family’s Luxury Lifestyle

Raising a family is perhaps the most immensely rewarding thing any person can do. It is, however, an achievement that is fraught with anxiety and insecurity. It can be extremely difficult at times, and families do not take care of themselves.

A great deal of planning needs to take place if a family is to remain secure and prosperous in these incredibly uncertain and tumultuous times. If you want to start a family and want to make sure that your unit thrives and survives, you are going to need to take some important steps.

The weight of responsibility can be extremely daunting to people as they start a family. This article is a quick roundup of some of the things that you and your partner(s) can do to protect your family’s best life – even in an era as unpredictable as this one.


If you have wealth that you want to pass on to future generations of your family, you are going to need to insure that wealth. There are several kinds of insurance that are essential for the protection of family wealth. Life insurance, income insurance and property insurance all ensure that wealth can be passed down despite death, illness or property damage. Companies like Future Proof offer life and wealth protection insurance packages that protect your family’s financial stability in the event of a disaster.

Insurance policies vary wildly in price and terms. If you have access to a financial advisor, make use of their expertise when choosing insurance plans. As a general rule, the more wealth you have, the more money you will have to spend on insurance policies.


Always ensure that you have a comprehensive last will and testament that is overseen by competent legal professionals. When you pass away, you want to make sure that your wealth is used to protect the stability and prosperity of the ones that you love.

Wills exist in part to prevent any conflict from arising among your descendants about the ownership of your estate and valuable possessions. Preventing conflict is one of the most important things you can do as part of a family, and that includes after you have passed on, too.

The Statute of Wills was first introduced in the early modern period – 1540, to be precise – and is still the basis of UK laws surrounding passing on wealth to future generations. 


Sound investments will enable you to look after your family’s wealth even after you have passed away. Property is one of the popular ways of fostering intergenerational stability through investment, as explained in Forbes. Be aware, however, that the broader financial and political machinations around the world will impact property prices in the future in ways that no amount of planning can defend against.

Investing in some jewelry, as mentioned in Lux-Review is a good way of passing your wealth down to future generations without leaving them at the mercy of the in-flux financial market. Precious metals and stones typically retain their worth in tumultuous times.

The best investments aimed at creating multigenerational stability are those that stay solid – not necessarily those that grow exponentially during your lifetime. Seek the expertise of professional financial advisors and put money into investments that you know will surely retain their value in the future. Clever investments can set your family up for generations to come.


Investing in your children’s education is one of the most significant things you can do to keep your family secure for generations to come. Although investing in private education is extremely beneficial, it is not the only way that you can help future generations in your family thrive using the money that you have.

The vast majority of university graduates lug around thousands of pounds worth of student loan debt with them. If you have the resources, paying for a part or all of your children’s university education can help them out massively in the long run and allow them to pursue stability without having the shadow of debt cast over them.

University education is more expensive than it was half a century ago. University tuition fees were first announced in 1998 and have risen since then. It is likely to increase in price in the near future due to the ongoing financial instability around the world. Paying for university tuition is one of the kindest and wisest things that you can do to help future generations of your family.


If you want your family to keep living their best lives, you are going to have to help them to feel secure. Make sure that your family property is adequately secured using state-of-the-art technology – and plain old common sense. Ensure that locks are regularly changed and that all members of your family know what security measures they need to take care to follow during their everyday lives. Most security measures are fairly common sense based. High-tech solutions such as remotely viable cameras are more affordable than ever.

Empathy And Acceptance

All of these material guidelines are important, but they cannot replace empathy and acceptance in the creation of a secure and prosperous family. Your descendants and dependents are not, by any means, a complete reflection or extension of yourself. Practice accepting and empathetic behavior around the people you love. An overly restrictive or materialistic approach to family building can lead to problems further down the line. Keep your horizons broad and accept the changes you cannot control – your family will thank you.

Legal Guardianship

Should the worst occur and you and your partner fall ill or die while your family is still young, you need to be safe in the knowledge that your family will be helped by a legal guardian. Many cultures around the world incorporate surrogate guardianship. In Christianity, for instance, Godparents are usually chosen by a family in order to look after children in the event of a disaster. It is important to legally name potential surrogate guardians in order to prevent long and emotionally damaging custody issues occurring after your death.

What Bottling Up Stress Does to Small Business Owners

Naomi Humber, Head of Mental Wellbeing at Bupa UK


Small businesses flourish when employees are at their best, however research shows that an alarming 96% of owners admit to keeping their stress bottled up. Business owners have a responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees but may forget that their own health and wellbeing is included in that pledge, too.

With so many at the helm feeling the pressure, how does bottling up stress impact your business? Naomi Humber, Head of Mental Wellbeing at Bupa UK, explains the ramifications for strained business owners struggling to share their stresses, along with expert advice on how to break the habit.

How stress takes its toll

Everyone handles stress differently, with your age, abilities and experiences all influencing your ability to cope with it. Whilst everyone has the odd day of feeling stressed, if it becomes a regular thing, it can be easy to slip into a cycle of work-related stress.

A certain amount of it can actually help motivate you and boost productivity, but if circumstances change – like your demands increase or team relationships become difficult – you might start noticing an impact on your wellbeing.  

Though it affects everyone differently, stress can lead to a range of emotional and physical symptoms – some of them may be easier to recognise than others, so it’s important to be aware of them so you can recognise them and act.

Emotional and mental symptoms of stress

  • Losing confidence in your working ability
  • Losing motivation or not feeling committed to your job
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Finding decision-making more difficult
  • Anxious feelings
  • Feeling irritable or short-tempered
  • Feeling more emotional
  • Feeling depressed
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty switching off after work

Physical symptoms of stress

  • Digestive issues like diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, feeling sick
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Sore and achy muscles
  • Chest tightness or chest pain
  • Headaches
  • Weight loss or gain

You might also notice changes in your behaviour and routine when you’re stressed, like appetite changes, using coping mechanisms like alcohol, smoking or illegal drugs, trouble sleeping or socially isolating yourself.

What happens if I bottle up stress?

If you don’t have the right coping strategies in place to combat any stress you’re feeling, it can lead to several issues – both for your health and for your business. Likewise, if you’re showing visible signs of stress with your employees, these feelings may spread and lead to a negative work culture within your team.

Along with the physical consequences of stress, long-term stress can put you at higher risk of developing mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Mental health problems are the leading cause of long-term sickness absence in the workplace, but this can often be prevented if there’s early intervention.

Presenteeism is another issue that can affect your business – this is where you continue to work even though you’re unwell, or when you work unreasonably long hours. When you’re a business owner, it can be difficult to know when or how to switch off at the end of the day. Not taking the time to have a break and wind down can impact your health, productivity and put you at greater risk of burnout.

Absences – whether due to illness or presenteeism -– with unsupported mental health problems cost businesses an estimated £17 to £26 billion a year.

Practical steps to combat stress as a business owner

It may feel particularly difficult to admit that work is making you stressed, but the most important thing to remember is that stress isn’t a sign of weakness – and you can still be an effective leader whilst managing these feelings.

With mental health and physical health deeply connected, knowing the best ways to take care of yourself is crucial. Incorporating these simple steps into your routine can help reduce stress, lead by example and prevent presenteeism and absences.

Learn about resilience

You might think that you have your own specific threshold for the amount of stress you’re able to handle, however with resilience work it’s possible to build that threshold through changing lifestyle and cognitive factors.

Looking at the way you perceive situations and how your behaviour is influenced because of them can help you to understand your tolerance level and reduce your reaction turning negative.

Know your limits

Working on your assertiveness – for example, learning when to say no and knowing where your limitations are – can help reduce the amount of stress you’re under at one time. Similarly, learning to alert others when you’re feeling the pressure can be beneficial. Remember to focus on the things you can control and try to let go of the things that you can’t.

Though you’re a business owner, it’s important to remember that you’re also human.

The power of the to-do list

Write down your most immediate, achievable goals. Breaking things down into manageable chunks will give you a greater sense of accomplishment as you’re able to cross them off your list. Seeing what you’ve achieved will help to reflect on how far you’ve come, and to monitor how much you’re taking on at one time.

Take care of the basics

External factors like your diet, sleep and physical activity can also play a role in how well you’re able to cope with stress, so it’s important not to neglect these so you’re in the best position to handle whatever work life throws at you.

Take time for yourself

Running a business is hard, so make sure you’re taking time away to recharge. Dedicate time to enjoy yourself, whether it’s with your friends or family, getting outdoors, getting creative or seeing a show – a change in scenery can help you to gain a different perspective.

Implement a business-wide approach

Sharing your tips and techniques to help manage stress across your business helps reinforce to your team that there’s no shame in seeking help for stress, along with raising awareness of its consequences if it’s left unaddressed.

Know where you can turn

Familiarise yourself with free outlets you can approach if you need to offload, along with work schemes that you have for your team that can provide support. Things like Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), small business health insurance, occupational health, Samaritans and Mind can all make a big difference if you’re struggling with stress.

The Top 25 Plant-Based Protein Foods

Did you know you can get your plant-based protein fix from pasta?

ZENB created the UK’s first Yellow Pea Pasta, packing 21g of protein in just one serving of 100g of pasta. Plus, 100% gluten-free, fully vegan and made from just the yellow pea, nothing else.

If you want a simple and tasty way to get plant-based protein into your diet, try ZENB’s award-winning pasta at 40% off at If you don’t have much time to cook, try ZENB Pasta Agile: a new type of quick cook pasta, ready in 2 minutes.


What are they: the base of many student burgers. Lentils comes from the Latin word for ‘little lens’. Cute. They’re legumes, like beans, and cousins to chickpeas and peanuts. Lovely in a dhal.

Health benefits: by now]you’ll have guessed there’s protein. They’re also high in fibre and low in fat, so a good meat substitute. They’re packed with folate, phosphorus and potassium, which are good for the heart, blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Protein per 100g: 8.8g


What are they: chickpeas are another little legume that originated in the Middle East and took the world by storm. They come from the plant family Fabaceae, which we think is appropriate for this fab ‘superfood’.

[*bold*]Health benefits: [*endbold*]chickpeas are teeming with good things like fibre, B vitamins, iron and manganese, which improve digestion, help manage blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of diseases including cancer.

Protein per 100g: 9g


What: yes, we know there are a bunch of different beans, but they’re all closely related and when it comes to what’s inside, even their mother would find it tough to tell them apart. Also a seed of the Fabaceae plant family.

Health benefits: the flag bearers are soybeans with all nine amino acids to qualify as ‘complete’ proteins. Most beans contain a good amount of fibre, and folates for healthy blood. There are also those handy antioxidants. Most beans enhance gut health, with black beans leading the charge for healthy tummies.

Protein per 100g:  a range, but we’ll go for baked beans, which is 4g


What – a name that rolls off the tongue and a taste you want to stay on it. A bit nutty, buttery with a hint of sweet. Edamame are immature soybeans and enhance any soup, stew or salad.

Health benefits: Edamame beans have an impressive line-up of vitamins and minerals that can help lower cholesterol, promote healthy blood sugar levels, fight certain cancers, and are rich in vitamin K that helps heal wounds. 

Protein per 100g: 11g


What – quinoa is a grain from South America that was living the quiet life until it was ‘discovered’. The rest is history. The Inca thought it was sacred, and for good reason.

Health benefits: with more fibre per gram than brown rice and all nine amino acids, quinoa has a place on the ‘superfood’ podium. It’s loaded with nutrients like heart-healthy omega-3, phosphorus, copper, iron, B vitamins and antioxidants. bad news for cholesterol, chronic diseases and things that upset your stomach.

Protein per 100g: 11g


What – the bean curd that’s done a lot of the heavy-lifting in the world of meat substitutes. Made from soya milk, it’s essentially soya cheese that’s versatile enough to play many roles. A long-time staple in Thai and Chinese cuisine.

Health benefits: another of the plant-based complete proteins that give meat a run for its money. Rich in calcium for healthy bones and teeth and good at lowering cholesterol, tofu also has a squad of particularly powerful antioxidants that hunt down even the most elusive free radicals behind chronic diseases.

Protein per 100g: 8.1g


What – whole grain rice that’s had the outer husk removed but keeps the bran and germ where most of the fibre, vitamins and minerals hang out. White rice has had these removed for easier cooking.

Health benefits: that clever bran layer contains protective compounds that play a role in preventing a variety of diseases, while whole grains like brown rice are thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It also has a collection of minerals that are good for bones, the immune system and muscles.

Protein per 100g: 8.1g


What – since seitan (pronounced say-tan), comes from the Japanese for ‘made of protein’ it’s a big hitter for team plant protein. Basically, the gluten of wheat, it’s a good meat mimic.

Health benefits: with a protein punch similar to chicken, low in fat and brimming with minerals, seitan is a goldmine of goodness – unless you’re gluten free we’re afraid. A highlight is a big dose of the antioxidant mineral selenium, which may help protect against heart disease, boosts immune systems and is good for the brain.

Protein per 100g: 75g. That’s a lot!


What –much more than a carb, these grains are milled, rolled and turned into flakes or flour for some of our best food friends such as porridge, oatmeal and bread. 

Health benefits: here’s a good one. Oats have vitamin B6 which is essential for… metabolising protein. It’s also good for the central nervous system, while oat beta-glucan has been shown to lower cholesterol and help control blood sugar levels.

Protein per 100g: 11.2g for wholemeal flour


What – hold onto your hats, almonds aren’t actually nuts but the edible seed of the almond tree. Delicious shelled or blanched. 

Health benefits: high in fat, but the really good monounsaturated type that protects the heart. Almonds are a good source of nutrients important for brain health, including vitamin E, folate and fatty acids. Meanwhile your gut gets a helping hand from the fibre. 

Protein per 100g: 21g


What – the wrinkliest of all the nuts, walnuts are small, globe-shaped, and with a hard shell. When you split it you get two lovely walnut slices. Tasty raw or roasted.

Health benefits: loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and folate, walnuts are another plant-based boost for your brain. Omega-3 can also help your mood, while walnut oil has heart-healthy qualities. And just for good measure a walnut’s flavonoids are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Protein per 100g: 15.23g


What – another seed masquerading as a nut, cashews have long been prized for their high nutrition and versatility. Fun fact, they’re hand shelled.

Health benefits: there’s more of those lovely monounsaturated fatty acids, and a host of vitamins and minerals for overall health, such as magnesium, selenium and iron. A star performer is vitamin K, needed for blood-clotting, healing wounds and healthy bones.

Protein per 100g: 18g


What – that lovely big nut with a smooth and buttery texture that’s delicious raw, blanched, or coated in chocolate. It comes from the Brazil Nut tree, surprisingly, that grows up to 49m. 

Health benefits: brazil nuts might be big, but they still punch way above their weight as nutritional powerhouses. High in monounsaturated fats that love the heart and hate cholesterol, brazil nuts are also nature’s richest source of our old friend selenium. 

Protein per 100g: 14.32g

Foolproof Investments During the Cost-of-Living Crisis

With investors having less money for investment due to the surge in cost-of-living, Maxim Manturov, Head of Investment Advice at Freedom Finance Europe, gives four safe investments to get investors through uncertain times. 

Periods of uncertainty are not a time to experiment with or risk investments. The most important aspect of any investment strategy during a recession, or when money is tight, like a cost-of-living crisis, is safety.  

While it may seem tempting to survive a recession or cost-of-living crisis without stocks, investors may find that they are missing out on significant opportunities by sitting it out. Historically, there are companies that thrive during economic downturns, you just need to know where to look.

During a crisis period, it is best to focus on industries that offer goods and services that are in constant demand. These are safe investment options as they are basic consumer goods and essentials that people need, and buy, regardless of their financial situation.

It is therefore worth continuing to invest and accumulate these investments despite the rising cost of living. Crises are more likely to be short-term, while in the long term present an excellent opportunity for returns.

Where to invest during a cost-of-living crisis 

Coca-Cola (KO). The world’s largest soft drink company generates most of its revenue internationally, with its key markets outside of the US and UK being countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. Over the last decade, Coca-Cola’s gross margins have been relatively stable at around 60%. Even in the pandemic-ridden 2020, its gross margin was 59.3%, with Coca-Cola delivering excellent operating margins.

Price power is crucial in an environment of rising inflation and Coca-Cola has demonstrated price power for decades. If Coca-Cola’s input costs rise because of inflation, which is currently the case, Coca-Cola can pass those increases on to consumers to protect its profit margin. Coca-Cola beat earnings per share and revenue estimates in the latest quarter and raised its full-year forecast, posting earnings per share of $0.70 (£0.63) in the second quarter, three cents above the target set by Wall Street.

The outlook for the full year has been raised with the company now expecting organic revenue growth of 12% to 13%, up from the previous forecast of 7% to 8% growth. Growth potential to the average target price at $70 (£63), about 23% upside.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is the world’s largest healthcare company. Key reasons for J&J to succeed includecontinued earnings growth and growth through mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, J&J’s total revenue, excluding its consumer business, is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the low single digits and its earnings at a compound annual growth rate in the single digits over the next 5 years. 

Late last year, J&J announced plans to spin off its consumer health products business into a new public company within the next 18-24 months. J&J wants to focus solely on healthcare through two other segments – pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The move should help boost the company’s revenue growth. 

J&J’s largest therapeutic areas by revenue are oncology and immunology. These two areas are also the largest and fastest growing in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, J&J has increased its dividend every year for a long time and is likely to continue rewarding its shareholders with payouts. There is upside potential to an average target price of $187 (£169), about 13% upside.

Lockheed Martin (LMT) is the world’s largest defence contractor and has dominated the western high-end fighter aircraft market since the F-35 programme was launched in 2001. Lockheed Martin has a robust business model, high and growing free cash flow, a desire to spend it on shareholder returns and a long history of consistent and high dividend growth. 

LMT is on track to meet its $4 billion (£3.6 bn) annual forecast in stock buybacks as it seeks to deliver more than 100% free cash flow to shareholders during the year, including dividends. It continues to pursue its long-term strategy of disciplined and dynamic capital allocation, increasing free cash flow per stock and thereby delivering strong long-term returns to shareholders. 

With stable military budgets in the US, increased international sales of defence equipment and a return to the expansion phase of commercial aircraft deliveries, the defence industry has long-term growth potential, with a focus on modernisation and research and funding for defence contractors. Moreover, US defence spending has grown significantly in recent years and is currently projected to grow over the next decade. The country’s current annual spending is at around $700 billion (£631 bn), and this amount is projected to rise to more than $900 billion (£811 bn) in 10 years, implying a 28% increase. Growth potential to the average target price at $470 (£424), about 16% upside.

Costco (COST) is a leading retailer with 815 shops worldwide (at the end of fiscal year 2021). It sells memberships that allow customers to shop in its warehouses with low prices on a limited range of products. 

The main argument is that this retailer has long demonstrated the ability to thrive regardless of general economic conditions. This is what gives this discount club operator an advantage over traditional discount retailers. Costco, for example, has historically shown consistent results in times of recession. This advantage is also true when it comes to an inflationary period like the one we are currently in and as seen in its quarterly results, it continues to “thrive amid belt-tightening”, which was also seen in the previous report. 

That said, it is reasonable to expect that the company will continue to show good results in the coming quarters. Simply put, investors are beginning to realise that the story hasn’t changed. As expected, net sales rose strongly during the quarter. Revenue for the quarter was $51.6 billion (£47 bn), up 16.3% year-on-year. Earnings per stock (EPS) of $3.04 (£2.74) rose 10.6%, it was good to see that both revenue, $52.6 billion (£47.5 bn) and EPS of $3.04 (£2.74) per stock beat consensus forecasts. Upside potential to the average target price of $610 (£550), about 28% upside. 

Issue 10 2022

Welcome to the October edition of Acquisition International magazine, bringing you the latest news, features, and success stories from businesses all over the world.

Autumn brings us brisk mornings, crunchy leaves underfoot, and a time of deep reflection. We welcome this new season with open arms and we have plenty to look forward to. With many small steps to extravagant plans in progress, these businesses have something to offer to us all. Whether it’s aid or inspiration, there’s an avenue for us to explore with the help and motivation from them.

Here we present a collection of businesses and individuals all searching for – and securing – new ways to help others. They improve businesses everywhere and have a wide reach around the world. Working with some well-known organisations, they have carved out a bold and beautiful path for themselves. They have become trailblazers for generations to come and will continue to be that guiding light for the foreseeable future.

From video production to performance marketing, IT consulting to law firm solutions, and financial advice to digital technology that can help our thought processes, this issue offers the chance to peruse a myriad of articles within these areas – and beyond.

We hope you find this issue informative and motivational, and we look forward to meeting you again for our next edition.

New Programme Launch by IIM Ahmedabad & ENAC France Advanced Management Programme for Professionals in Aviation and Aeronautics

The 6-month programme offers joint certification, dual alumni status and 10-day campus immersions at IIMA and ENAC, France

Global content, faculty and cohort to help professionals scale new heights and prepare them for leadership roles

The Indian aviation and aeronautics sector has emerged from a challenging pandemic period and is flying high once again. The number of travellers is expected to double to 400 million in the coming years and the market size is anticipated to grow to US$ 4.33 billion by 2025.

To meet the needs of this rapidly expanding sector, premier B-School IIM Ahmedabad, in association with Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) France, has launched a programme that aims to equip new-age management professionals with skills necessary to lead the sector through its next phase of development.

This 6-month programme is curated to offer a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices and policies relevant to the aviation and aeronautics industry, including technical aspects as well as leadership and business management dimensions.

Participants from a wide range of aviation, aeronautics and allied industry sectors will learn airline and airport operations & management, multi-modal logistics, infrastructure development, public-private partnerships; mergers & acquisitions in aviation, ESG, sustainability, IT strategy & applications, and various other topics from distinguished IIMA faculty.

Further, this limited seat programme includes industry leading global exposure at the state-of-the-art campus at ENAC, Toulouse, France. Participants will learn about the emerging technical and operational aspects covering aviation and air transportation operations & management, big data applications and optimisation, maintenance and safety issues, drones and UTM, and air traffic management.

Commenting on the programme, Prof. Debjit Roy, IIM Ahmedabad, said, “The Indian aviation and aeronautics sector is growing, and so is the need for experts with techno-managerial skillsets. We are pleased to offer this programme to those who can steer the sector towards a more disruptive future. While the sector’s future may present many challenges, participants will have the chance to envision and reinvent how the sector should operate in line with the government’s objective of making India a worldwide aviation hub.”

Prof. Sandip Chakrabarti, IIM Ahmedabad, added that “The aviation and aeronautics sector in India has outstanding growth prospects. Our unique custom-designed programme is backed by strong academic research and deep insights from the industry. Our programme faculty have extensive global experience in business management as well as aviation technologies. We will focus on the changing dynamics of the sector and introduce to participants the latest global innovations in the field.”

The live interactive classes will be held online and can be accessed remotely every Saturday for 6 months on VCNow platform. Another highlight of the live online blended learning programme are the two short in-campus modules at IIM Ahmedabad and a five-day Campus at ENAC France. The latter will cover industrial visits for networking and business development. Participants who complete the programme successfully will receive joint certification and dual alumni status by IIMA and ENAC, France.

The eligibility criteria for the programme allow graduates/postgraduates in any discipline with 50% or more marks and a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the relevant sector. The last date to apply is October 31, 2022, and the course will commence on November 10, 2022.

To know more about the programme, click here or email: [email protected]

Aesthetics Training Courses: Everything About This Course

If you’re looking to take your aesthetics training to the next level, an advanced Botox and dermal filler course might be just what you need. These courses are designed for medical professionals who want to learn more about the latest techniques and applications for Botox and dermal fillers. In addition to learning new skills, you can also expect to build your professional network and get updated on the latest industry trends. So if you’re ready to take your aesthetics career to the next level, sign up for an aesthetics training course today!


Who Is Qualified for This Training?

If you’re a medical professional with experience in aesthetics, then you likely qualify for an advanced Botox and dermal filler training course. This includes doctors, nurses, and even aestheticians who want to learn more about facial aesthetics. You should also have a good understanding of the basics of Botox and dermal fillers before attending an advanced course.

What Are the Benefits of Taking an Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler Training Course?

There are many benefits to taking an advanced Botox and dermal filler training course, including:

– Learning the latest techniques and applications for Botox and dermal fillers

– Getting updated on the latest industry trends in facial aesthetics

– Building your professional network within the aesthetics industry.

So if you’re ready to take your aesthetics career to the next level, sign up for an advanced Botox and dermal filler training course today! You won’t regret it!

What You Can Learn About in an Advanced aesthetics training Course?

An aesthetics training course can help you learn about the following topics:

The Different Types of Aesthetic Procedures

– The Different Types of Patients

– The Different Kinds of lasers

– IPL Training

– Skin Tightening

– Radiofrequency Treatments

Advanced aesthetics training courses will also teach you about facial aesthetics, which can include:

  • Botox Injections
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Kybella Injections
  • Micro-Needling
  • PRP Therapy
  • Skin Care Products

The History of Aesthetics:

aesthetics training courses will also teach you about the history of aesthetics and how it has evolved over time. This can include:

– The Different Types of Aesthetic Procedures That Were Used in the Past

– The Different Famous People Who Have Had Aesthetic Procedures Done

– How Aesthetics Has Changed Over Time.

– The Various Fields of Aesthetics:

The Different Roles in the Aesthetics Industry :

Aesthetics training courses will also teach you about the different roles in the aesthetics industry. This can include:

– Aestheticians

– Nurses

– Doctors

– Surgeons. aesthetics training courses will also teach you about the different roles in the aesthetics industry.

Aesthetics training courses will also teach you about the business side of aesthetics. This can include:

– How to Start Your Own Aesthetics Practice

– How to Market Your Aesthetics Practice

– How to Finance Your Aesthetics Practice.

How to Choose the Best Aesthetics training courses

Now that you know what to expect in an advanced aesthetics training course, it’s time to choose the best one for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an aesthetics training course:

– Make sure the aesthetics training course is accredited by a reputable organization.

– Make sure the aesthetics training course is taught by experienced and qualified instructors.

– Make sure the aesthetics training course covers all the topics you’re interested in learning about.

– Make sure the aesthetics training course is offered at a time and place that is convenient for you.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be sure to find an advanced aesthetics training course that’s right for you.

Advanced aesthetics training courses like this one are becoming increasingly popular as more medical professionals seek to improve their skills in the field of facial aesthetics. If you’re looking to take your aesthetics career to the next level, enrolling in an advanced Botox and dermal filler training course is a great way to do it. You can expect to learn new techniques, get updated on industry trends, and build your professional network – all while becoming a more trusted Botox provider. So if you’re ready to take your aesthetics training to the next level, sign up for an advanced Botox and dermal filler course today! You won’t regret it!

5 Tips to Create and Design Space for Your Bike in the Garage

Posted on 3rd October 2022

If your family loves cycling, that means that there are more than two bikes in the house, and while they do not take up much space out in the parking lot, they do occupy quite an ample space in your garage, considering there are other things to be stored, such as cars, garden equipment, and even sports gear. You need to create a parking space for your bike above the ground and free up the space for cars and motorcycles that cannot be hiked up.

Factors to Consider When Setting Up Biking Storage

If you’re having issues storing your bike in the garage, you can either get a more compact bike or create more space in your garage. In case you are looking for a more compact e-bike or just looking for a new ride, check these out.

In any case, you should try to make your garage more spacious and consider these factors when setting up a parking spot for your bike.

SpaceHow much space do you have, and how much space do you need for your bike and bike gear? Most garages have a high ceiling, meaning you can utilize the walls and ceiling by installing hooks, shelves, or lift systems.

CompatibilityBefore choosing your storage method, you must consider its compatibility with the other garage items. Many people opt for lifts, hooks, shelves, or hooks.

SecurityAlthough your bike is locked up in the garage, it wouldn’t hurt to add an extra layer of security by locking them up. If your storage rack does not have a locking system, you can purchase a heavy-duty chain and fit it onto a stud on the wall so that whenever you hang your bike, you can thread it through and lock it.

CostWhen shopping for bike storage, it’s always good to have a figure in mind. This will ensure that you don’t go above your budget, and the shop assistant can help you get storage options fit for your budget.

5 Bike Storage Hacks

Remodeling your garage will be nothing like remodeling your kitchen. So you need to bear in mind these bike storage hacks when remodeling your garage.

Biking ShelfThis is the easiest and most affordable as you just need to mount racks on the walls and customize them to fit your bike. You can buy the pipes from the store and a small wood shelf to keep your bike stable and from knocking on the wall.

The rack should extend about 11 inches from the wall to give the handlebars space, and the cradles should be 12-inches apart to hold the bike frame. You can add a little cushion on the racks to protect your bike’s frame.

Vertical StorageThis is the ideal storage method if you have many bikes and your garage has a high ceiling. You will have to purchase several space saver single bike racks. They are installed vertically, thus allowing you to hang your bike vertically and off the floor. If you have many bikes, you can use the ones that can store up to 8 bikes.

Wall RackThis is another bike storage method you can use. The best part is if your garage has a high ceiling, you can install two wall racks, one at the top and another at the bottom but ensure that the distance between the two is enough to fit a bike.

Motorized Bike LiftThis is an upgraded method of hanging your bikes. Instead of the pulley system, this method uses a lift to mount the bikes high up on the ceiling. The motorized bike lift is installed on your ceiling, thus freeing up your floor and wall space.

Pallet ParkingUse pallet parking if you have sufficient space and need your garage to be more organized. It’s best suited for outdoor parking, but you can also use it in your garage. It holds your bike in a standing position, thus protecting it from getting scratches. Most of them have between 1 to 5 racks, so you should get the best one for you depending on the number of bikes you have.

Final Thoughts

Having a well-organized garage ensures minimal accidents and prevents your bikes and cars from getting unwarranted scratches. You can very easily make your garage spacious enough for your e-bike(s) if you can make use of your garage walls and ceiling by using a motorized bike lift, racks, and hooks to store your bike.

How Will SCA Change Fraud Pressure for Businesses?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a requirement of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in the UK and the EU. Aimed at securing online payments, consumers’ identities are verified with a two-factor authentication. This authentication will ask consumers to prove two of three factors:

  • Knowledge — something they know, like a password
  • Possession — something they own, such as a mobile phone
  • Inherence — something they are, using facial recognition or fingerprint scans

However, as fraud prevention blocks some avenues of fraud and abuse, those aiming to do your business harm will aim to find another. It’s clear that payment SCA will change fraud pressure for businesses. Here, we explore factors that online merchants must consider in the new world of SCA and how to address modern ecommerce fraud.

Out-of-scope transactions

SCA doesn’t cover all online payments. In fact, some payments are considered out of the scope of SCA regulation. This means that any payments that qualify as an out-of-scope transaction will not trigger a two-factor authentication check. These out-of-scope transactions include:

  • Mail order or telephone order (MOTO) payments
  • Merchant-initiated transactions, such as direct debits
  • One-leg-out (OLO) transactions
  • Recurring transactions of a consistent amount, once the first transaction has been authenticated

Merchants can expect to see fraudsters shift their efforts to these channels as they attempt to cause harm to businesses beyond SCA enforcement. The psychology of the situation is simple: when you make one channel of payment difficult to commit fraud, then fraudsters will find another. Which other channels will they use? Those that are not protected by SCA, of course.

Let’s look at OLO transactions as an example. This occurs when either the merchant’s acquiring bank or the consumer’s issuing bank is located outside the EU or the UK. A fraudster could purchase international credit card information on the dark web as the issuing bank would be outside the remit of SCA, purchasing through them as a foreign identity. This would be classed as an out-of-scope transaction, and their fraudulent purchase would be exempt from SCA.


As SCA changes the way that fraud will be attempted, it will also impact the liability of fraud. Just as there are out-of-scope transactions that do not require SCA, some in-scope transactions can be exempt from the regulation. This is because some transactions are classified as having a low risk of fraud. This includes low-value, regular, whitelisted, and low-risk transactions. Ultimately, these exemptions help the checkout to have less friction and boosts the customer experience. However, fraud can still occur under the exemptions.

PSD2 allows for certain in-scope transactions to be exempt from SCA. Exempting low-value, regular, whitelisted, and low-risk transactions can reduce friction for the customer. These exemptions are decided and applied by issuers and acquirers, but merchants can also play a hand in the outcome.

However, if a retailer utilses an exemption strategy as part of their SCA strategy, the liability for those exempted transactions will lie with the retailer. When a fraudulent transaction occurs, your business could be losing money. It’s essential to incorporate other fraud detection programmes in place to avoid this.

Friendly fraud

Don’t be fooled by the name; friendly fraud can hurt just as bad as any other. This type of fraud occurs when a genuine consumer makes a claim to their issuing bank that is false. These could involve the customer claiming:

  • an item wasn’t delivered
  • an item does not match its description
  • a refund had not been processed
  • an order was cancelled but still sent
  • that their credit card has been compromised and used.

Friendly fraud occurs when these claims are falsified, and they can cost businesses a significant portion of their revenue. Interestingly, The Consumer Abuse Index states that non-payments fraud has increased five-fold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worryingly, the index shows just how commonplace abuse is among shoppers. 36 per cent of UK shoppers have claimed that a legitimate charge on their account was fraudulent. Meanwhile, 30 per cent have falsely claimed that an item hadn’t arrived. Before the pandemic, only 14 per cent had said the same – less than half of its current levels.

SCA is out of scope for this type of fraud because most orders will look legitimate when they are made as a genuine consumer isn’t hiding behind a false identity with friendly fraud.

Merchants must consider other fraud solutions to avoid friendly fraud. Fraud prevention platforms that utilise historic shopping data can identify consumers that are more likely to commit friendly fraud, prevent them from doing it again, and remove liabilities of chargebacks for merchants.

Transaction risk analysis

Removing the friction caused by SCA will involve creating a seamless authentication strategy. Seeking out exemptions is the best way to remove the need for SCA and reduce consumer touchpoints that may lead to cart abandonment.

Transaction risk analysis (TRA) is one effective method carried out by issuers and acquirers that identities low-risk transactions and exempts them from SCA. Transactions go under a real-time, dynamic evaluation of various risk factors, verifying the identity of consumers and assessing their fraud risk.

However, to be eligible for a TRA, merchants’ fraud rate must remain below a specific threshold. If your fraud rates rise, so does a PSP’s appetite to authorise an exemption – it’s bad news all around. Merchants could even be hit with financial penalties as a result.

To be eligible for exemptions as part of TRA, merchants must adopt an effective fraud prevention strategy that first reduces their fraud rate before accessing more frictionless checkout experiences. The lower your fraud rate, the more opportunities, the easier the checkout, and the better experience your customers will have.

Fraud is changing with SCA regulations. Fraudsters will continually find new ways to harm your business, but proactive merchants are utilising more effective fraud prevention methods. A solid fraud prevention strategy can help reduce your fraud rates, improve the customer experience, and boost your revenue.

Revealed: The Most Common Credit Mistakes Brits are making

  • Many Brits are worried about how the cost-of-living crisis could impact their finances.
  • Searches for “how to improve your credit score” have risen by 160% in last 30 days alone.
  • Car finance experts at Zuto Car Finance have compiled six of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to getting credit.

Your credit score is one of the most important indicators of your financial health. So, with the cost-of-living crisis causing concern for many Brits, increasing numbers of people are looking at how they can develop good credit habits and build a good credit history. In fact, searches for “how to improve your credit score” have risen by 160% in the last 30 days alone.

As critical as that is, though, it is equally important to understand and avoid common credit mistakes that could stifle your progress and even damage your credit score in the long term.

Bad credit car finance experts at Zuto Car Finance have compiled a list of the most common credit mistakes Brits are making, from late payments to avoiding credit entirely. Having helped over 100,000 customers with a ‘poor’ credit score get approved for car finance in the last 12 months, and working closely with their large panel of lenders, Zuto know what it takes to avoid these common credit mistakes.


1. Making late payments

Making late payments can quickly and drastically affect your credit score. To avoid this happening, Zuto suggest setting up a monthly direct debit or a reminder on your phone to ensure you pay on time.

2. Maxing out your credit cards

Exceeding your credit limit can also hurt your credit score. One of the main factors in determining your credit score is your debt utilisation rate – how much you currently owe divided by your credit limit.

You should try to avoid carrying over a balance of more than 30% of your credit limit each month. For example, if your card has a £10,000 credit limit, the most you should charge in a month is £3,000. 1

3. Not shopping around

Another common credit mistake made by Brits is taking out credit without comparing the market to find the best interest rates possible. Even a small difference in interest rates can save you money in the long run.

4. Taking out unnecessary credit

In the current financial climate, taking out credit will be necessary for many people, but some Brits make the mistake of using their credit on discretionary purchases like holidays.

Doing this, though, could put a strain on your budget, making it more challenging to keep up with your monthly payments and negatively impacting your credit score. To avoid this, Zuto advises only using your credit when you really need it.

5. Avoiding credit entirely

Many Brits also make the mistake of thinking that not using credit at all shows how responsible they are with their finances. Zuto Car Finance explains how this can have the opposite effect as lenders rely on past payment history to dictate how reliable someone is to lend to. Thus, not having any credit history at all may mean that you become “credit invisible”, with lenders being unable to determine whether you are trustworthy or not. 

6. Not reading the terms and conditions

Every credit agreement has fine print which most Brits choose to ignore. But this is a huge mistake that could end up costing you. While the terms and conditions of your credit agreement might seem boring, you need to know the details of the promotional interest rates or the limits on the points you can earn.3

Lucy Sherliker, Head of Customer at Zuto, commented on the findings:

“The cost-of-living crisis is showing no signs of slowing down, so we want to highlight the most common mistakes when it comes to applying for credit to ensure that you have the best experience possible.”

“By ensuring that you do not make too many applications in a short space of time or avoid credit entirely, you will be able to avoid the possible impact that these will have on your credit score.”

If you’re one of the many Brits whose credit scores have been affected by these common credit mistakes, but are still looking for car finance, then Zuto can help. Find out how you can get a loan despite having bad credit here:

Top 8 Ways To Increase Your Business Visibility Online

As a small business owner, one of your primary goals should be how to increase your online visibility. After all, a strong online presence will significantly boost your chances of getting new customers and growing your business.

Therefore, it is essential to implement several strategies for this. That is to ensure your potential customers discover your website first instead of competitors when they search for services or products within your niche.

In this blog post, we will discuss eight ways that can help increase your business’s digital presence. 


1. Understand Your Target Customers

Your target customers are the people who will be most interested in your products and services. Usually, they share the same characteristics like age, gender, or hobbies. Knowing this helps to understand how your products can benefit them and determine your unique selling point.

Once you know what makes your business unique, it will be easier to identify who your ideal buyers are. It also helps to determine the shared qualities and characteristics of your competitor’s audience to find ways for your business to stand out.

Gaining these insights will enable you to formulate the right marketing efforts, which will be the key to better online visibility for your business.  


2. Create and Design Your Website

Besides boosting online presence, having your own website helps establish your business credibility. It also gives you complete freedom to craft your brand image online. Fortunately, setting up a website is a straightforward process – all you need is a web hosting provider, a domain name, and a website-building platform.

Web Hosting Provider

A web host is responsible for making websites accessible on the internet. So, it’s crucial to opt for a reliable hosting provider to ensure your website’s availability and security. Evaluate your website goals and needs to select the right provider and the most suitable hosting plan.

We recommend choosing an unlimited web hosting plan so you won’t have to worry about your website traffic exceeding bandwidth limits, which can slow down the page loading time. Unlimited bandwidth is also excellent for publishing dynamic web content. Ultimately, providing a fast and engaging website for all your site visitors helps create a robust online presence. 

Domain Name

Your domain name is what users will type into their browser’s address bar to access your website. The shorter, simpler, and more memorable the domain is, the easier it will be for people to remember your website. This helps enhance brand recognition and establish your online identity.

Here are some tips on how to choose a good domain name:

  • Add keywords. Include words or short phrases that reflect your business best. Use a domain name generator to help you come up with ideas.
  • Avoid complex characters. Don’t use numbers or hyphens in the domain to make it easy for users to remember and spell correctly.
  • Ensure its availability. Before registering a domain name through your web hosting provider or via a domain registrar, check if it is available using WHOIS.

Website-Building Platform

Use a website builder or a content management system (CMS) to create your website.

Website builders like Wix or Squarespace are ideal for small businesses that want a simple, easy-to-use platform for creating a professional-looking website. However, they can be limited in terms of customisation and functionality. Consequently, your website may look similar to other websites built on the same platform.

Meanwhile, CMSs offer more flexibility and control over your website. The widely-used CMS WordPress provides thousands of themes and plugins to help you construct a truly unique website that perfectly reflects your brand’s look and feel.

Whether using a CMS or a website builder, an excellent web design is what makes a site stand out. As customers expect a good user experience (UX), apply some of these practices when designing your website:

  • Keep it simple. Focus on creating a clean and concise layout that will be easy for users to navigate. Try not to cram too much information onto your homepage.
  • Use high-quality images. Ensure your website always uses images that aren’t blurry when users try to zoom in. This is also crucial to maintain a professional look.
  • Be consistent. Use consistent typography and colour schemes. Both help to demonstrate your site’s overall design style.
  • Think mobile. Build a mobile responsive website to ensure desktop and mobile device users can see all your content properly.


3. Produce High-Quality and Valuable Content

When creating content, always be sure to keep your audience in mind. Think of what will resolve the customer’s pain points and include relevant keywords to help boost your chances of ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Then, ensure your content is well-researched, accurate, original, and free of errors. Doing so will demonstrate your expertise, which can build customer trust – further improving your business’ online visibility.

Some popular types of content to create include infographics, blog posts, and videos. Consider using an editorial calendar to have a clear objective of what to write and when to publish it. This will help you to come up with fresh ideas and avoid producing duplicate content.

4. Optimize Your Business for Search Engines

For better search engine optimisation (SEO) performance, ensure your website is keyword-rich in elements such as content, page titles, alt texts, and meta descriptions. Use SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to help you conduct keyword research.

Similarly, you can use Google’s autocomplete feature and Google Trends to find popular search terms within your niche. If you run a WordPress site, SEO plugins like RankMath and Yoast SEO are top choices to help optimise content by providing live, on-page suggestions.

SEO consulting services can also be a good idea if you don’t kn

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing your small business online, there are some general tips you can follow to ensure marketing success: 

5. Implement Effective Marketing Plans

  • Define your goals. Create SMART goals to produce effective campaigns. An example is increasing the company’s online visibility by up to 50% by the end of the year.
  • Know your audience. When you know your ideal customer, it becomes easier to craft marketing messages and relevant content that resonate.
  • Determine key marketing channels. Leverage digital marketing channels like social media platforms, email campaigns, paid advertisements, and affiliate marketing

After launching your campaigns, use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and identify what works and what needs improvement.

6. Promote on Social Media

As 59% of people worldwide have active social media accounts, promoting your business on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook can be an effective way to attract prospective customers.

Choose one or two social media sites most relevant to your business and target audience. For example, LinkedIn can be a more suitable platform than Facebook for promoting B2B services.

Remember to craft informative, compelling content and include engaging images and videos in all your social media marketing campaigns. Also, consider collaborating with influencers within your niche to further target the right customers. This helps to create a solid social media presence for your business.

7. Engage with Your Audience

Actively engage with your audience by regularly posting new content, responding to their comments and messages, and encouraging user-generated content like testimonials.

Here are some other excellent ways to interact with your audience:

  • Offer deals and host giveaways or contests on your social media platforms.
  • Host a webinar or online event where you can share valuable information with those interested in learning more about your business.
  • Ask for customers’ feedback and show that you value their input.
  • Use email marketing to stay in touch with existing customers and keep them updated on new products or services.


8. Collaborate with Other Brands

Collaborating with other brands in the same industry can be another great way to increase your brand’s online visibility. Besides that, it also allows you to build relationships with other businesses. Find the right brands to work with so your collaboration benefits both parties.

For example, if you’re guest blogging on another website, ensure your articles provide value for both audiences. Another way to collaborate is through social media takeovers during product launches or promotions.


Boosting online visibility is essential for the growth of your business. If people can discover your online business easily, it can boost the brand’s trustworthiness, ultimately increasing profitability.

To recap, here are eight steps you can take to increase your business visibility online:

  1. Understand your target audience.
  2. Create and design your website.
  3. Produce high-quality and valuable content.
  4. Optimise your business for search engines.
  5. Implement effective marketing plans.
  6. Promote on social media.
  7. Engage with your audience.
  8. Collaborate with other brands.

We hope all the strategies discussed above can help boost yoranking. Good luck!

ow where to start. They can help audit your site and make recommendations for how you can improve the site’s ranking on SERPs. By implementing the right SEO efforts, you can drive more traffic, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.

6. Promote on Social Media

As 59% of people worldwide have active social media accounts, promoting your business on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook can be an effective way to attract prospective customers.

Choose one or two social media sites most relevant to your business and target audience. For example, LinkedIn can be a more suitable platform than Facebook for promoting B2B services.

Remember to craft informative, compelling content and include engaging images and videos in all your social media marketing campaigns. Also, consider collaborating with influencers within your niche to further target the right customers. This helps to create a solid social media presence for your business.

7. Engage with Your Audience

Actively engage with your audience by regularly posting new content, responding to their comments and messages, and encouraging user-generated content like testimonials.

Here are some other excellent ways to interact with your audience:

  • Offer deals and host giveaways or contests on your social media platforms.
  • Host a webinar or online event where you can share valuable information with those interested in learning more about your business.
  • Ask for customers’ feedback and show that you value their input.
  • Use email marketing to stay in touch with existing customers and keep them updated on new products or services.


8. Collaborate with Other Brands

Collaborating with other brands in the same industry can be another great way to increase your brand’s online visibility. Besides that, it also allows you to build relationships with other businesses. Find the right brands to work with so your collaboration benefits both parties.

For example, if you’re guest blogging on another website, ensure your articles provide value for both audiences. Another way to collaborate is through social media takeovers during product launches or promotions.


Boosting online visibility is essential for the growth of your business. If people can discover your online business easily, it can boost the brand’s trustworthiness, ultimately increasing profitability.

To recap, here are eight steps you can take to increase your business visibility online:

  1. Understand your target audience.
  2. Create and design your website.
  3. Produce high-quality and valuable content.
  4. Optimise your business for search engines.
  5. Implement effective marketing plans.
  6. Promote on social media.
  7. Engage with your audience.
  8. Collaborate with other brands.

We hope all the strategies discussed above can help boost your website’s ranking. Good luck!

ow where to start. They can help audit your site and make recommendations for how you can improve the site’s ranking on SERPs. By implementing the right SEO efforts, you can drive more traffic, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.

Most Prolific Hospitality Content Creation & Production Company – Singapore

Our first contact with luxury in hospitality today often comes in the form of compelling montages and emotive imagery, but who are the people responsible for these images (both still and moving) that showcase the best that’s on offer in the hospitality business?

We caught up with Jay Soo, Michell Tan, and Hazrul Idzwan Lamin (Haz) of Moving Bits, award-winners in LUXlife’s Hospitality Awards and content creators supreme. Invited behind the scenes, we look at what it’s like to work and live in the lap of luxury.

The power of modern media cannot be overstated, with videos and images being an essential way of differentiating a business from the rest of the crowd. Put simply, you can tell something is of quality when you see it and when you turn to the top brands, you expect everything about their marketing material to reflect the same high standards of their product or service.

Therefore, for the team at Moving Bits, their artistry comes in the communication and visual representation of stories for some of the world’s finest brands. These stories are one of luxury travel, delectable food, or a stay away in a home from home. These tales are told using every trick of the trade, deftly mixing sound and sight to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide.

The audience, of course, is people like you and me, and over the years, the Moving Bits team has been able to showcase its talents on numerous projects. They are masters of multi-media marketing, carefully collaborating with their clients to achieve their goals. Having worked in hospitality for many years, the team has been proud to work alongside renowned names such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Raffles Hotel & Resorts, Far East Hospitality, Millennium & Copthorne brand, and, lately, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group.

Founded in 1998, a little under a quarter of a century ago, they have gone from strength to strength as a provider of specialist services to the hospitality industry. Many agencies claim to offer the best money can buy, but Moving Bits has a proven track record of delivering on that claim. This team can not only talk the talk but also walk that talk with ease.

The agency was designed from the start to offer the critical, creative thinking of an ad agency, but with the full-time support of an in-house staff of producers and post-production teams able to bring anything that might be imagined to life. Little wonder, therefore, that the team has worked on projects ranging from ATL broadcast commercials to marketing videos and online content that has included 2D and 3D animation, including photo-realistic fly-through animation of unbuilt location-based entertainment spaces. The incredible flexibility of the team has been a crucial part of their continued success in the industry.

The real benefit to any potential client in working with this particular team is that they have total control over the development of their projects, all the way from the first pitch to the final delivery. And, when they are not able to provide a service in-house, they will happily collaborate with other experts outside their organization. Because the goal always is to put the needs of its clients first, constantly striving to give them the best and the biggest bang for their buck.

An awareness of what defines luxury has guided the team since its earliest days. Few understand this as well as Jay Soo, who has been the mastermind (together with his in-house creative team of writers and directors) behind many a project. To each, he brings an unpretentious yet artistic eye with an instinct for constantly evolving storytelling. Since bootstrapping Moving Bits 24 and a half years ago, he has grown to understand the importance of what he and his team bring to the table. “You have to be very careful if you are a luxury hotel because if you say five stars, six stars, seven stars, people have expectations – you have to be careful that the people who work on the marketing for you understand luxury and know and understand how to communicate that luxury, visually.

From the very outset of any project, the Moving Bits team takes the time to understand the detailed history of what makes that particular business tick before pitching ideas that can elevate and share unique stories with audiences worldwide. They know what they need to do to deliver to a specific standard. Jay laughed when we asked how he and his team dreamed up these original stories and ideas: “It’s extraordinary because most of the time, you want to deliver something that has not been done before!”

“So, you take whatever answer you get from research, from the client, and then you try and go off at a tangent,” Jay tells us, “but not so much of a tangent that it breaks with what has come before you, communications-wise. Also, it’s no use if our idea is original and unique but doesn’t sell the product or service. We’d be wasting our client’s time and money!” This makes clear one of the biggest challenges facing Jay and his team. “We try to be artful, but we are also salesmen!” he laughs. “There’s art involved, but at the end of the day, we’re using art to sell a product and a service.”

To keep the team on track, the team has adopted the phrase “ideas inspiring action, ” which appears across their various media platforms. “It means we try to come up with ideas that inspire the viewer (our client’s client, so to speak) to take some kind of action after watching the video,” Haz, Moving Bits’ Chief Creative Officer, explains. “If your action is, “Wow, I love this place, I think I should check it out; we’ve done our job!” This awareness of the ultimate aim of a project means that the team is always focused on finding the unique narrative that sets apart the top tier of the hospitality industry from the competition.

As the years have gone on, Jay and the Moving Bits team have had the privilege of working with many leaders in and outside of the luxury hospitality field, including Genting Skyworlds, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney+ and TikTok to name a few. The team understands that they are not there purely to provide their artistic services but to serve their clients’ sales needs too. “Some of these companies have been around for a long time,” Michell Tan, Moving Bits’ General Manager & Executive Producer, continues, “and when we come in, we have to make sure that we fit within the given company culture, the way things are done, the way things are run, but at the same time you want to be different enough – otherwise what are you there for?”

Achieving breath-taking results is not always easy, however. While the sun will always shine in a video advertisement, the Moving Bits team must contend with the natural world’s difficulties, adapting with barely a moment’s notice. “We were on a million-dollar shoot in Orlando for Universal Studios,” Jay begins. “When I did the recce, it was all blue skies and sunshine. On the day of the shoot, hurricane weather hit. So, I had to move indoors with some of the shots I had planned to do outdoors. Fortunately, Universal Orlando has a huge backlot with green screen stages. And that’s what we did, putting in the sunshine and blue skies at the post-production stage. If we didn’t have our award-winning visual effects team, we would never have been able to pull that off. So the real lesson is that you must have solutions for things that don’t go as planned.”

Finding solutions on short notice is no easy task, but Jay, Michell, and Haz, together with their various teams, execute their projects with years of experience in hand. Experience has taught them always to get that extra shot and cover that little piece of animation before a client even asks for it. Their work is anticipatory at all times. “Being on a shoot is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Nothing is predictable, so we plan for every possible scenario. And when that unforeseen thing happens, and you can ride through it like a hot knife through butter, you can be sure that the client will remember you for all the right reasons.”

This attention to detail has saved many a shoot, earning Moving Bits a stunning reputation within the hospitality industry. “By having the set under control, orderly with people going about their work quietly – that immediately makes a favourable impression on the client. They feel it. It calms everyone. And once the client feels that you are in full control and in charge, they relax. That’s how we make it memorable for them.”

It goes without saying that when you turn to Moving Bits, you aren’t just turning to one of the industry’s finest agencies; you’re paying for a team with a wealth of experience without parallel. “We’ve been globetrotting for more than two decades now, working on all the various brands owned and operated by the principals mentioned above,” Michell explains. She feels this detailed knowledge is one of the reasons that so many trust Moving Bits to deliver. “You can’t just hire anyone to do your work, not because other people aren’t as good but because – with luxury unless you’re born into it, it takes a while to learn what is and isn’t. We didn’t start cold in luxury 25 years ago – we worked our way up,” she says before adding mischievously: “Because most of us weren’t born with a golden spoon, the curve is a little bit steep to get to the point of knowing and understanding what luxury is!”

This peek behind the scenes of how a luxury atmosphere is developed and maintained by companies such as Moving Bits shows how the world of luxury is constantly shifting and evolving. The last few years have affected the hospitality industry enormously, but the recovery speed has surprised even the most optimistic observers. Moving Bits has taken steps to ensure that they continue offering the luxury service standard their clients expect to see, as well as providing services that are more akin to a marketing agency as opposed to purely one of video production. Their knowledge and market experience make them invaluable partners to their client’s marketing teams.

Some would say that luxury speaks for itself, but Moving Bits provides a much-needed voice that can shout and amplify what you have to offer that is unique and available to your customer. For the client who knows that quality is critical, Moving Bits has always been able to provide a genuinely stunning service. Some of the biggest companies in the world have bet on this team, and Moving Bits’ track record shows how delighted these companies have been with the results. An invaluable part of the hospitality industry, we cannot wait to see what Moving Bits do next!

For business enquiries, contact Jay Soo from Moving Bits via email – [email protected] or on their website –

A Contemporary Approach to IT Consultancy

Hippo Digital, being the ‘Most Innovative Digital Service Designs and IT Consultant Company’ in 2022 for United Kingdom, has secured its place at the head of the pack for person-focused and utterly exemplary IT consultancy work. With a diverse team of experts behind it, and a bright future ahead as it continues to expand into different offices up and down the UK, it looks forward to showing yet more clients the success that comes from establishing their very own watertight IT infrastructure with the right support.

Hippo Digital is a full-service, digital, and highly empathic digital service consultancy operating in both he public and private sectors. Nominally, its efforts build trusted, effective relationships and combine data, design, and engineering in order to support meaningful transformations, starting with the user in mind and continuing as it means to go on with personalised, evidence-based, and proven organisational builds that support its clients’ futures. Serving them with an unmatched level of customer service that always puts the person at the fore, its end-to-end approach will take a customer from discovery to delivery in a timely, cost effective, and holistic manner.

Critically, with this and organisational builds in mind, its delivery methodology has been crafted to support its customers every step of the way. It recognises that good due process is one of the best ways IT consultancy can work, and by using a well established format that contains flexible, adaptable goals and personalised milestones, it can guide a client through a roadmap that will leave them with a rigorous and watertight IT infrastructure. Since 2016 – when Hippo Digital was founded –

Critically, with this and organisational builds in mind, its delivery methodology has been crafted to support its customers every step of the way. It recognises that good due process is one of the best ways IT consultancy can work, and by using a well established format that contains flexible, adaptable goals and personalised milestones, it can guide a client through a roadmap that will leave them with a rigorous and watertight IT infrastructure. Since 2016 – when Hippo Digital was founded – it has used this to establish itself as a true leader of data analysis, service design, and delivery expertise, with each of its staff working hard to keep it operating at the top of its game.

Its internal culture is therefore one of culture, fit, and value. Fundamentally, each person within Hippo Digital can expect to have their voices heard and their opinions recognised, valuing the diversity amongst its staff for its ability to make its products better fit a wider range of customers. With a wide range of experts within its ranks, all of whom are incredible data analysts, service design teams, and delivery experts, it invites its clients to reach out today to get a comprehensive idea of how each of these people can put provide actionable consultancy that will take their business to the next level.

Overcoming challenges, embracing opportunity, and having fun along the way, its team take a selfless, ambitious, human, and pragmatic approach to their work. In essence, this means that they will always strive to put the client ahead of their own ambitions, defining themselves by the success it helps its clients to find and trusting in Hippo Digital to give credit where it is due for hard work, instead of feeling like they must fight for recognition. Thus, the level of ambition it cultivates within its ranks is a healthy one. Hippo Digital’s staff use their ambition to challenge itself, take change in its stride, and transform its clients’ businesses for the better, creating environments of growth and positivity in order to truly earn its title of the most person-focused consultancy in the UK. Indeed, it continually proves its fit for the title time and again, and this is something that its clients have consistently lauded as exemplary as it has been added to and expanding its portfolio, one happy customer at a time.

Whether it’s delivering solutions to the public, its clients, or even supporting its own team, each staff member’s human connection to the people around them is a huge part of what has made the impressive collection of glowing reviews and peer referrals that bolster its further success. It, in essence, always strives to ‘treat others how [it] would wish to be treated, taking pride in upholding the reputation it was developed for kind, hardworking, and passionate people who are all working in tandem to achieve the common goals of the company.

The pragmatism behind the company also helps to support this. Importantly, it wishes to define the difference between pragmatic and dogmatic: pragmatism refers to the practicality of its work and the actionable nature of its solutions, and its rejection of dogmatic behaviour means that it is unafraid to bend the rules and push the limits in order to create something wholly new. Being lean, agile, and delivery focused, it will only ever take steps when it is sure that the evidence can back up this move. Pivotally, this means that unless it can succinctly and clearly explain to a customer why it is suggesting an action, it will not take that action.

This also contributes to the honesty that forms a throughline in the business – one emboldened by an ethos of transparency breeding trust – and applies both within the company proper and in client relations. It cuts through the noise, rejecting bloated traditional IT consultancy practices in exchange for something streamlined, pro-active, and open, getting the answers to difficult questions without making it a difficult process to get to such answers. Moreover, by not taking itself too seriously, it can achieve all these things whilst not putting undue stress on the client or its own staff, working with the NHS, DWP, SEGA, and more in order to commit to its three core organisational goals: research, design, deliver.

Therefore, clients can look forward to a genuine partnership when it comes to working with Hippo Digital. A diverse, closely knitted community with a knack for problem solving, common sense, and adaptability, it champions curiosity, allowing its staff to grow during the crisis when public sector bodies invested significantly in the digital process development of various elements. Having grown its workforce exponentially as a result, it is on track to having 400 people in its ranks by 2024, expanding its foothold in the North of England and further afield, looking forward to setting up shop in London, Bristol, and Glasgow in order to maintain its company’s current trajectory.

For business enquiries, contact David Wilkinson from Hippo Digital on their website –

Best Memory Foam & Mattress Specialists Company, 2022 – UK

Having been the leading brand in memory foam mattresses for years, Dormeo has made itself a favourite amongst its customers with its ever-diligent service and its technology-focussed mattress solutions. The company refuses to rest on its laurels, proving its acumen as one of Europe’s most loved sleep brands by consistently developing new products using their award-winning patented technology, ensuring that its customers always benefit from the best night’s sleep.

As one of the UK’s leading mattress specialists, Dormeo’s impact has been felt all over the country as it works hard to better the night’s sleep of people from all walks of life. Selling affordable, well-crafted, and exceedingly comfortable mattresses that provide years of uninterrupted slumber, it has also become a staple in international markets, celebrating its 20th birthday globally this year. Bringing a revolution to the industry of mattress creation and development, the Octasmart range of products has been developed using patented Octaspring® technology. Satisfyingly smart, this technology surpasses standard foam layers with individually placed foam springs of different strengths and densities, positioned over smart zones to provide support and cradling comfort to areas of the body that need it most.. Unlike anything else on the market, this technology is 8x more breathable and helps you sleep 3 degrees cooler than traditional memory foam.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, Dormeo believe that knowledge is key. By knowing what size, firmness, and thickness is needed, and the preferred sleeping position, Dormeo can help their customers discover a mattress that’s right for their unique body. Through dedicated staff, a showroom to test and try the products, and a recently renovated website that’s been designed with accessible content and simple UX for pain-free shopping, Dormeo have created a service to be proud of. All with the aim of reinforcing how important sleep is in living a happy, healthy life. And the correct mattress is pivotal to this.

Although for many it can seem like a small consideration, choosing the right mattress is  crucial for everyone. It can prevent or reduce issues such as back and neck pain, while providing comfort for a quicker, deeper night’s rest.. Moreover, as a customer focused company, Dormeo provides a sleep solution for everybody, every bedroom, and every budget; making itself an all-inclusive brand that is passionate about everyday comfort and at  affordable prices. With its staff at the epicentre of all of its operations, its low turnover and employee long service demonstrates the company’s values; standing as a business that supports and encourages its staff in both their professional and personal lives.

Importantly, it treats each staff member like a family member, finding the right people for the right job and giving them the appropriate training and support they need to find happiness and progression in the role. This remained true throughout the pandemic, where Dormeo stood firmly by their employees, adapting quickly to remote working , whilst still maintaining the close knit family feel throughout each lockdown.

Indeed, Covid-19’s impact on the world’s corporate ecosystem cannot be overstated, and the cost of living has also been impacted as a result. This means that people who may have already been struggling prior to the pandemic are struggling more so now, and Dormeo hopes that it can do something to help by ensuring that its commitment to responsible, fair-priced products remains a constant. Even in the face of many difficult challenges brought on by the pandemic, it has been doubling down on supporting its staff to help its customers with all their mattress needs.

Dormeo has worked hard throughout the pandemic to continue to deliver a great night’s sleep, whilst working on developing new products using their patented technology. Coming soon, its Octasmart DNA mattress is soon to be  introduced to the market. This one-of-a-kind innovation uses  AI technology and body mapping to create a truly personalised mattress, designed entirely for each individual body. So, watch this space… the future of sleep and the first real innovation since memory foam 20 years ago has arrived.

For business enquiries, contact Madeleine Morgan, International PR Manager and Mike Pitt, CEO from Dormeo on their website –

Best Corporate Presentation Design Agency – UAE

Bullet points, pixelated images, and checkerboard transitions have long been the hallmark of a corporate presentation. Those days, however, are over, as PresMonkey has entered the scene, bringing with it fashionable slides and powerful tailor-made templates. Backed by 15 years of experience, PresMonkey is the go-to for a presentation that will leave viewers saying ‘wow.’

PresMonkey is unlike any other business; in fact, it is the first of its kind in the UAE. The company specialises in the design of bespoke, eye-catching PowerPoint, Prenzi, and Google Slides presentations, which have been built to help business executives and corporations deliver messages in a unique and interesting way. Henceforth, PresMonkey has garnered an international clientele who trust its creative process. This extensive list includes Dubai Media Office, Dubai Press Club, Alshaya Group, Dubai Holding Group, Sitecore, Zara, and many more, covering a plethora of industries from blockchain to fashion.

Indeed, the company can establish unique pitches from scratch, or alternatively, PitchMonkey is able to refresh and upgrade pre-existing presentations. It works with its clients every step of the way, providing them with regular updates, optimised communication, and the promise of a quick turnaround – the first draft, for example, will be sent to the client within 72 hours of the start date. Not only does this ensure that the project will be completed by the intended deadline, but it also enables the client to provide feedback and shape the presentation to their taste and requirements.

Design comes first – this is PresMonkey’s attitude to business and it is this that differentiates the company from any potential competitors. It takes a focused approach that serves as a platform from which the company can dive into developing a truly unique, client-oriented product. Moreover, a core contributor to the company’s prestige is its devotion to effective marketing. PresMonkey has multiple social media marketing channels that feature targeted campaigns; for example, the company recently launched a TikTok series that offers presentation tips and tricks. Similar tips can be found in written form on the company’s easy to follow blog.

PresMonkey also strives to remain ahead of any industry advancements. Embracing the latest design trends, PresMonkey’s presentations are contemporary and fashionable, and may include minimalistic design, customised fonts, creative colour palettes, and sleek formats. In addition, the company has begun embedding 3D models that customers can zoom directly into. In terms of future innovations, the company is exploring the use of AI and how it could be used within its presentations.

As such, the one-of-a-kind company will be exceptionally busy throughout the end of 2022, as on top of its creative exploits, PresMonkey will be prioritising expansion. These developments will take place throughout the company’s team, which it is currently working on growing, and within its customer-base, as PresMonkey hopes to build an even greater portfolio. On an international scale, the brand is planning to bolster people’s awareness, subsequently increasing its clientele.

For business enquiries, contact Jasmeen Saggu from PresMonkey on their website –

How to Deal with Uncertainty at Work

By Alex Hattingh, Chief People Officer at Employment Hero

As widespread inflation and the long-term impact of the pandemic continues to affect everyone, it sometimes feels like there’s been very little respite from the last few years. Everyone has been affected, be it financially, physically or mentally.

Accepting uncertainty and remaining resilient can be a challenge on a practical level, but here are some ideas on how you can build that resilience to support yourself and others when personal wellbeing takes a hit.

Step 1: Be kind to yourself and your team members

If things are really tough and they are affecting you day-to-day, the reality is that you can only do what you can do. The key is to recognise how you can make things work when the productivity well is running a little dry.

  • Manage what you can in the present moment, make sure workloads are spread evenly.
  • Focus on the good things happening in your day.
  • Make a conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude when things get too much, reach out to someone or step away from a difficult task and come back to it.

Step 2: Find a routine

If you’re a caregiver or trying to balance personal commitments and challenges as everything else gets tough, things will feel destabilising. This is where it can help to find and stick to a routine as best you can.

  • Choose a rhythm that works

As best you can, it can be helpful to have control over one thing – your personal routine. There’s plenty of research that suggests our brains thrive on routine. For the sake of your mental health, set some simple routine staples that you can include.

  • Remember the basics

This is a hard time. It is inevitable that some days will feel tougher than usual. Whether you’re already living with mental health issues or you’re feeling their effects for the first time – take it easy on yourself and practice acceptance.

Step 3: Consider ways to support your mental wellbeing

  • Reach out to someone you trust

Particularly for introverted types or those who might feel self-conscious talking about mental health, it can be all too easy in times of struggle to shut yourself away from others. However, this can lead to feelings of isolation that compound existing challenges. It could be as simple as texting a friend or going for a walk with a colleague. You might find that they’re in the same boat or that they can give you a good distraction from things that are troubling you.

  • Healthy body = healthy mind

If you want to keep your mind healthy, you need to care for your body. Our psychological state is intrinsically linked to our physiological health. Especially in times of increased stress; practising self-care is essential. Our mental health is hugely influenced by what we fuel our bodies with, so be mindful about what you’re eating and drinking. Hydration is important for brain function and therefore for mental health. Make sure you’re drinking enough throughout the day.

One of the best parts about meditation is that it only takes a few minutes each day. You could even try setting an alarm to help develop a constant habit. Social media is a good place to find free guides to start your meditation journey.

  • Take breaks

Taking more breaks is essential for employee productivity, mental wellbeing and overall work performance.

Step 4: Find community

The after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the stresses around the cost of living have left many of us feeling anxious and isolated. This is bad news for our mental health because after all, we are social creatures. To protect your mental health, seek community.


Maybe try bringing your household together for a painting night or a trivia quiz- they’re cost-effective and fun.

If you’re working from home, make the most of technology. Staying in regular contact with colleagues is important. Have a video chat or pick up the phone if you can. The same goes if you’re back in the office – make sure you’re reaching out and getting involved.

  • As a team leader

If you’re a leader at work, there are specific challenges when mental health gets tough.

It may also be that you have to support people in your team with their own mental health challenges. Look into different ways you can engage your team, even if it involves setting up different activities at different times.

  • The wrap up

It’s been a difficult few years, and it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed and stressed. With a few strategies and mood-boosting activities, you can feel more in control when you face uncertainty and negative events.

Take care of yourself and your employees and remember to reach out to trusted people for support.

The Finest Coffee Shops in the UK on International Coffee Day 2022

Brits may be obsessed with tea but much to the surprise of the rest of the world, coffee has earned a special place in our hearts, as well. From upscale cafés where you can enjoy a cup of classic Italian espresso to sustainability-focused breweries or hipster-style coffee houses, the United Kingdom has a rich and vibrant coffee culture.

As we are celebrating International Coffee Day on October 1, the team at BonusInsider ventured to discover the best locations to have your favourite caffeine boost. It turns out there are thousands of excellent coffee shops around the country that are certainly worth a recommendation – some are highly praised for their artisan blends and delicious meals, some have impeccable service, and some are the perfect place for brunch or breakfast, or to visit with your dog.

We decided to look at the top-rated coffee shops in the UK but rather than picking the most famous (and most commercial) establishments, we simply wanted to make a list of the best and most unique cafés in the country with flawless service excellence. Therefore we only included coffee shops with the impeccable rating of 5.0 stars on Google Business Profile, and ranked them by the number of reviews:

1. The Coffee Bar, Birmingham

Located on Temple Row, right in the centre of Birmingham, The Coffee Bar tops our list with its impeccable 5-star rating from a total of 252 reviews. The small shop has an extensive selection of high-quality, ethically sourced coffees from independent roasters, as well as their house roast, which changes every season. Plenty of treats, brownies and artisan cakes are offered alongside a classic espresso, honey and cinnamon latte or even a cup of your favourite brew with a bit of CBD oil in it.


2. Alex Coffee, London

Alex Coffee is a boutique shop in Fitzrovia, a central district near the West End, and it is known for its signature coffee prepared and served by owner and experienced barista Alex. The tiny space is more than enough to enjoy an espresso rich in flavors or one of the filter coffees from Red Bank Coffee Roasters. It seems Alex and Miranda are solely devoted to coffee as there is nothing else on the menu – except for some teas, hot chocolate, chai, and matcha, of course.

3. Lean To Coffee – Skye Café, Isle of Skye

The independent specialty coffee shop Lean To Coffee is a striking place with scenic views, a one-of-a-kind interior (naked walls and transparent roof), and a lovely menu. And it’s a wonderful choice for a weekend trip since it’s on the Isle of Skye. Its coffee is from The Good Coffee Cartel, while food options include sandwiches, granola bowls, and toasties.


4. About Time Espresso Bar, Kendal

With a perfect score of 5 stars from 95 reviews, third on our list is About Time Espresso Bar, which is located in the charming town of Kendal in South Cumbria. Here, you can find the finest locally roasted coffee, as well as various teas and soft drinks, home-baked biscuits and pastries. The shop has a beautiful interior with quite unique décor but also nice outdoor seating where customers can sip their coffee or enjoy some delicious cake.


5. Outlier, Glasgow

Outlier, a trendy coffee house and bakery near High Street in Glasgow, is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing establishments on this list. But the stylish décor is just a part of its allure – the shop offers a wide variety of tasty coffee beverages along with delicious, freshly baked cakes, muffins, and croissants. It’s unclear which contributed more to the top ranking on Google – the coffee options or the baked delights.


6. The Borrow Shop, Birmingham

Ranked sixth on our list, The Borrow Shop in Birmingham’s Jewellry Quarter, is a new establishment where, as its name suggests, you can borrow various things. The idea about this innovative coffee house was born during the Covid-19 lockdown and now, the shop offers a “library of things”, vegan options on the menu, and eco-friendly gifts and homewares you can buy. Of course, there are also plenty of coffees and sweet treats for customers.


7. Coffee Tepuy, Edinburgh

Boasting a 5-star rating from 71 reviews on Google Maps, Coffee Tepuy is the seventh entry on our ranking. It is a specialty Colombian coffee house in Edinburgh and it claims its coffee is grown naturally, hand-picked, and dried “by the Colombian sunshine above the clouds in the Andes”. More importantly for coffee lovers, the coffee here has a rich, intense aroma and balanced flavour, while the sweet treats are fresh and delicious.


8. Mood Café, Huddersfield

This is a café and restaurant in Huddersfield, a former textile hub in West Yorkshire that has become a lovely tourist destination nowadays. The Mood Café, in particular, attracts locals and tourists alike with its delicious cakes, relaxed atmosphere and excellent service. With its halal meals, Kurdish teas, and falafel sandwiches in the menu along with various English treats, this is the perfect fusion between East and West. The coffee is, of course, outstanding.


9. Intenso Coffee Shop, London

Intenso Coffee Shop is the second London location with a 5-star rating (from 65 reviews) and it is a must for every coffee aficionado. It is a relatively small Italian-style establishment near King’s College London and it offers a large selection of top-quality coffees. There are plenty of pastries to order alongside your espresso or latte, sandwiches and Italian treats such as Panettone or focaccia bread with different cheeses and meats on top.


10. Café Frida, York

With a 5-star rating from 59 reviews, Café Frida in York is an excellent place for those who wish to immerse themselves in Latin American culture. It is а beautifully designed, cozy café which offers roasted coffee from Roots, a blend of Costa Rica, Peru and El Salvador coffee beans. There is also a lot of homemade pastries and cakes to choose from, as well as Latin American dishes such as Huevos Rancheros with bacon or Spanish chorizo, nachos, chilaquiles, quesadillas, and more. 

Healthy Eating and Diet: 6 Expert-Approved Tips

Are you looking to improve your diet and eating habits? If so, you are in luck! In this blog post, we will be discussing six expert-approved tips for healthy eating and dieting. Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Keto

The ketogenic diet, commonly referred to as the “keto” diet, is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The keto diet can be an effective way to lose weight and improve your overall health. However, it is important to note that the keto diet should not be followed without consulting with a medical professional first. The keto diet for beginners can be a bit overwhelming, but you need to remember that you are not alone. There are plenty of resources available to help you succeed on the keto diet. When following the keto diet, your goal should be to consume more healthy fats than carbohydrates. This means that you will need to limit your intake of sugary foods and beverages, as well as starchy vegetables like potatoes and bread. 

2. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that involves alternating periods of fasting and eating. There are a variety of different intermittent fasting schedules that you can follow, but the most common is the 16/eight method, which involves fasting for 16 hours each day and eating only during the remaining eight hours. Intermittent fasting can be an effective way to lose weight and improve your overall health. However, it is important to note that intermittent fasting is not for everyone. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult with a medical professional before starting intermittent fasting. 

3. Vegetarian 

A vegetarian diet can be one of the healthiest ways to eat. It can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other chronic diseases. There are many different types of vegetarian diets. Some vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products but not meat, fish, or poultry. Others may eat all animal products except red meat. The Vegan Society defines veganism as “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose”.

4. Pescatarian 

Pescatarians are people who eat a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and other seafood. The pescetarian diet has many of the same health benefits as a vegetarian diet, but it also has some unique benefits. For example, the pescetarian diet is an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart health. Pescatarians also tend to have lower rates of obesity and heart disease than meat-eaters. If you’re interested in trying a pescetarian diet, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure that you’re getting enough protein from sources like beans, lentils, tofu, and quinoa. Second, eat a variety of seafood to get the most benefit from the omega-three fatty acids. And finally, be sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet for optimal health. 

5. The Mediterranean 

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating that is based on the traditional foods of the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and olive oil. It also includes moderate amounts of fish, poultry, and red wine. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve heart health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re interested in trying the Mediterranean diet, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, focus on getting your calories from healthy sources like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Second, make sure to include plenty of olive oil in your diet. And finally, moderate your intake of fish, poultry, and red wine. 

6. Raw Food 

Raw food diets are based on the premise that uncooked and unprocessed foods are healthier for you than cooked or processed foods. Raw foodists believe that cooking destroys enzymes and other nutrients that are essential for good health. They also believe that raw foods are easier to digest and have more fibre. While there is some evidence to support these claims, raw food diets can be hard to stick to and may not provide all the nutrients your body needs. If you’re interested in trying a raw food diet, you should talk to a doctor or registered dietitian first to make sure it’s right for you. 

No matter what type of healthy eating plan you choose, the most important thing is to make sure that it’s something you can stick with long-term. Creating healthy habits is key to any successful diet. And remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to healthy eating. What works for one person may not work for another. So, find an eating plan that fits your lifestyle and your individual needs. With a little effort, you can develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Looking For Ways To Improve Your Beauty Routine? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re looking to improve your beauty routine, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some easy ways that you can make changes that will have a big impact. We’ll cover everything from skincare to hair care, and we’ll give you tips on how to make the most of your time in front of the mirror. So whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or just want to know how to take care of your skin, read on for some great advice!

1. Find discounts and coupons for your favourite cosmetics

One easy way to improve your beauty routine is to find ways to save money on the products you use. Many cosmetics companies offer discounts and coupons if you sign up for their newsletters, so be sure to take advantage of these deals! You can also find great prices on beauty products by shopping at drugstores or discount retailers. And don’t forget to check online stores like Amazon for good deals on makeup, hair care, and skincare products. You can also find more options, maybe a free delivery promotion or a sale. This is a great way to try new products without spending a lot of money.

2. Invest in a good skincare routine

Your skin is your largest organ, so it’s important to take care of it! A good skincare routine will help you keep your skin looking its best. Be sure to cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day, and don’t forget to exfoliate a few times a week. You should also use sunscreen whenever you go outside, even on cloudy days. And if you have any specific concerns like acne or wrinkles, talk to your dermatologist about treatment options. Sometimes, a simple change in your skincare routine can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. It can also be helpful to use natural skin care products whenever possible.

3. Get a new haircut or style

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your appearance, try getting a new haircut or style. A different hairstyle can make you look and feel like a whole new person. And if you’re not sure what kind of style you want, ask your stylist for advice. They can help you find a look that flatters your face shape and compliments your features. If you’re not ready for a big change, you can also try something simple like adding some highlights or lowlights to your hair. Just a little bit of change can make a big impact!

4. Wear makeup that makes you feel confident

One of the best ways to improve your beauty routine is to find makeup that makes you feel confident. If you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, that’s perfectly fine! Just wear enough to give yourself a boost of confidence. And if you’re not sure what kind of makeup works for you, ask for help from a friend or a professional. They can help you choose products that will highlight your best features and make you look and feel your best. Also, don’t forget to experiment with different makeup looks. Trying new things can be a lot of fun, and you never know when you’ll find a new favourite look.

5. Take care of your nails

Your nails are one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s important to take care of them! Be sure to wash your hands regularly and use hand cream to keep your nails and cuticles healthy. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails, and be careful when trimming them. If you want your nails to look their best, consider getting a professional manicure or pedicure. This is a great way to relax and pamper yourself, and it can also help your nails look their best.

6. Get enough sleep

One of the best things you can do for your beauty routine is to get enough sleep. Sleep gives your skin time to heal and regenerate, so you’ll wake up looking refreshed and radiant. It’s also important to get enough rest because it helps reduce stress levels. And when you’re well-rested, you’ll have more energy to put into your beauty routine! So be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, and you’ll see a big difference in the way you look and feel. Also, avoid working late nights as this can lead to dark circles and bags under your eyes.

We hope these tips have helped you come up with some ideas on how to improve your beauty routine. Remember, it’s not about following the latest trends or looking like everyone else. It’s about finding what works for you and making the most of your unique beauty. So go out there and experiment until you find a routine that makes you feel like the best version of yourself!

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Makes a Limited Run of the World’s Best Irish Single Malt Available Exclusively at Selfridges

The company behind the world’s most expensive whiskey, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has released a limited run of bottles from its award-winning ultra-rare whiskey portfolio, including The Devil’s Keep, The Brollach and The Taoscán Collector’s Edition. These will be available to purchase at exclusive retailer, Selfridges, for the next six months, at both its London store and online at

The Devil’s Keep

Whiskey collectors and connoisseurs who missed out when it was first released will be able to find the previously sold out and award-winning, The Devil’s Keep, at Selfridges, with a limited run of just 12 bottles available in store and online priced at £12,400 each. The Devil’s Keep is an ultra-rare, triple distilled, 29.9-year-old single malt whiskey. It was the company’s inaugural release, launched in December 2020, with only 333 bottles available and sold out in record time. Recently judged the world’s Best Irish Single Malt, this ultra premium whiskey is also available by the glass in select Michelin-starred and upscale venues, including Alain Roux’s The Waterside Inn, Jason Atherton’s City Social and Pollen St Social, and Frog by Adam Handling.

Within three months of its launch, The Devil’s Keep achieved the world record for the most expensive inaugural whiskey release ever at auction at USD $60,000 (almost £46,000 and €51,000). It was also judged to be the world’s ‘Best Irish Single Malt’ at the World Whiskies Awards 2022 and made history in 2021 as the only spirit to have won the highest Gold at the prestigious A’Design Awards. It was aged in 200 litre ‘first fill’ American Bourbon oak casks, then finished in rare French Oak barrels that had once held Tawny Port, before a final finish in Virgin Hungarian Oak, making it the finest whiskey that Ireland has ever created, and also a discerning and legacy investment. The Devil’s Keep’s experience box also reveals two expertly engineered Érimón glasses, scientifically designed to remove the ethanol vapours that burn the nose and hinder the appreciation of the whiskey. Semi-precious obsidian whiskey stones, a 24k karat gold water pipette and an atomizer containing the essence of the whiskey captured by expert perfumer, Sarah McCartney, complete the perfect whiskey experience designed by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

With rare bottles of whiskey maintaining their place as the best performing collectable of the past decade, increasing in value by 478%, The Devil’s Keep has proven popular with collectors and whiskey lovers alike.

The Brollach

It will be joined by The Brollach, with a limited number of bottles available in store and online priced at £5,900. Launched in June 2021, it was the company’s third release with a limited 661 bottles of ultra-rare, double-distilled, single malt whiskey, matured for two decades. It was aged in 200-litre American Bourbon casks, which adds a deep oaky flavour to the whiskey, and then finished in 128-litre rare French Oak Madeira barrels. French Oak Madeira is made exclusively on the island off the coast of Portugal and the 128-litre barrels achieve the perfect spirit ratio based on the flavour profile of the Madeira. As with all the company’s releases, the whiskey is tasted regularly rather than simply waiting for an age statement, allowing it to be bottled at its peak. Years of maturation has imparted flavours of honeysuckle, butterscotch and caramel to create a whiskey that is unmistakably masculine and intimate, which brings a fresh, intense and potent profile.

Inside The Brollach’s oak experience box lies two Finn glasses, the result of 18 months of research and testing to create a whiskey glass that would enhance the whiskey by removing the ethanol vapours. As part of the perfect whiskey experience, the Nordic Oak box contains a silver and glass pipette, four obsidian whiskey stones and a vial of The Brollach, allowing whiskey connoisseurs to taste the rare Irish craft whiskey without opening the bottle. In 2021, The Brollach won a top Master Medal at the Irish Whiskey Masters of The Spirits Business Awards, before then winning another coveted Master Medal in the Global Luxury Masters, which recognises and rewards exceptional luxury spirits from around the world.

A whiskey close to Founder Jay Bradley’s heart, it has been named after the O’Brollachans, the ancient rendering of the Bradley name, to represent their Irish heritage, lineage and craftsmanship. The Brollach is a celebration of Irish whiskey tradition, since the Celtic nation was the originator of the ‘liquid gold’ from as long ago as the 15th Century.

The Taoscán Collector’s Edition

The Taoscán Collector’s Edition will also be available, limited to a small number of bottles priced at £1,200 each. For those who don’t want to break into their Collector’s Edition, the whiskey is widely available to drink in Michelin-starred and other prestigious bars, hotels, golf clubs, and venues across the UK and Ireland. These include Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, The Waterside Inn, Le Manoir and Tom Kerridge’s The Hand & Flowers.

The brand’s fourth launch, The Taoscán was introduced in October 2021 and is the world’s first and only Port and Chestnut finished whiskey. This triple distilled, ultra-rare single malt was awarded Gold at The A’Design Awards 2022 and Silver at the World Whiskies Awards 2022 for Best Irish Single Malt across all age categories. First distilled in 2006, The Taoscán takes its name from the original Irish word for a small measure of whiskey, much like the Scottish word ‘dram’. It has been triple casked – first for 11-and-a-half-years in Bourbon casks, followed by a further one-and-a-half years in Oloroso Sherry casks, before being divided between a wide range of barrels, including Tawny Port and Chestnut Casks for two years. Regular tasting revealed that Port and Chestnut had reached perfection first but in an experimental moment, the two were blended together to create a groundbreaking new whiskey and a world first.

The use of Tawny Port and Chestnut Casks is the first time a whiskey has been aged in such a way. While Scotch whisky can only ever be matured in oak, Irish distillers can use any style of hardwood cask and have more freedom to experiment with the flavour imparted by these casks. Nevertheless, no other Irish company has attempted this style before. The result is a one-of-a-kind whiskey that is smooth and viscous, imparting banana and pecan scents on the nose, followed by rye spice on the mid palate, with a medium to long finish of toasted chestnuts. The Taoscán Collector’s Edition experience box features two Finn glasses, which are scientifically designed to enhance the whiskey’s flavours, along with the copper and glass pipette which delivers the optimum droplet of water to release the full complexity of its rich notes.

Jay Bradley, Founder of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. comments: “For many years Scotland has dominated whiskey through the sheer breadth and depth of its offering. There has always been a gap in the market for ultra-luxury Irish whiskeys. Born from a conversation with my late father, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has a single mission: to create the finest whiskeys Ireland has ever made and to redefine global perceptions of luxury, while building a legacy.

“Less than two years since The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. introduced its first whiskey, as a business we have succeeded in taking Irish whiskey into a new top-shelf, ultra-luxury category. We’re delighted to be able to share a limited run of some of our rarest, award-winning bottles, from the original inaugural release. The range will be available exclusively at retailer Selfridges for whiskey lovers and connoisseurs to enjoy, amongst some of the top whiskey brands in the world.”

For further information about The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. visit: or Instagram/craftirishwhiskeyco. The Devil’s Keep, The Brollach and The Taoscán are available to purchase in store and online at Selfridges whilst stocks last. The Devil’s Keep will only be available through Selfridges, whilst the rest of the portfolio will be available at, as well as available by the glass in select venues across the UK and Ireland, including Alain Roux’s The Waterside Inn, Frog by Adam Handling and Jason Atherton’s City Social.

LUXlife Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2022 Hospitality Awards

United Kingdom, 2022– LUXlife magazine has announced the winners of the 2022 Hospitality Awards.

Now running in its seventh consecutive year, the LUXlife Hospitality Awards is back to recognise and award businesses that have been consistent with adapting to keep up their customers satisfied and safe. After a turbulent year, LUXlife is awarding those for their resilience and values them for their achievements.

As always, LUXlife will be focusing on businesses which provide a diverse range of services from event and hospitality management, restaurants and bars, travel agents, public relations as well as marketing services, to tour operators. LUXlife aims to represent the best talent from this dynamic industry.

On the eve of the announcement Awards Coordinator Steve Simpson commented on the success of the winners: “I am delighted to have hosted this year’s edition of the LUXlife Hospitality Awards. It has been a fantastic experience reaching out to all of those recognised in what has become of the mainstays of the magazine. Congratulations again, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of the year ahead.”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated establishments that have been selected for them, please visit where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.


Notes to editors.

About LUXlife

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The Role of Perspective as we Return to Work Post Holidays 

As Leaders we end up running fast on the treadmill, with little space to reflect on what our real Direction should be. Whether to take a career risk, lead our teams differently, or be a different (& hopefully better) partner or parent. 

Hopefully we might have had a summer break, when everyone else has a similar rhythm.  And that has helped us create a reflective space to pause. And to see ourselves, our colleagues and loved ones in a different light. 

However, as we get back to work it’s easy to lose our Perspective all over again. Remember that most of us will work over 90,000 hours over our lifetimes. So it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Here are six tips to help maintain that Perspective, even in the heat of a proverbial battle. 

1. Read & listen one afternoon, but to different influences.

If you normally binge on business books, take a weekend afternoon to pick up those novels by the bedside drawer. If you’re a podcast hound, check out the latest Afrobeats or classical. What a great time to explore more of what Life has to offer. 


2. Limit day to day triggers, to give your mind time to wander, for just one weekend.

Switch on your email OOO for just one weekend and ask colleagues to call (not text or message) if there’s something really urgent. You’ll find that few things really are that urgent. But if something does blow up, you can still respond.

3. Set up different rhythms and routines for a week.

If you’re a lark (early bird), now’s the time to play owl. If you like to be indoors, boost that Vitamin D. Just shift gears for one week and see what difference it makes. 

4. Be fully “in the moment” for your loved ones and friends when you return home.

Often we give the remnants – the leftovers – of our time to our loved ones. Now’s the chance to reverse that trend. Take a deep breath and relax a few hours, half-an-hour before you arrive at your home doorstep. Be fully present when you do arrive. 

5. Let your loved ones see a different side of you for a weekend.

If you’re the Family Organiser, now’s the time to be playful and carefree one weekend. Throw off the labels & realise that there are many sides of yourself. Explore them, embrace them. And don’t be afraid of revealing these to your loved ones.

6. If important issues are weighing on your mind, don’t try to settle them. Give them room to settle themselves.

If you’re weighing a big professional or personal decision, don’t obsess. Trusting the space, you’ve given yourself will help your mind to process it subconsciously. You’ll find there may be a moment of piercing clarity: when it appears, just take a moment to write whatever emerges down. For me the bittersweet realisation that I needed to step down from being CEO of my organisation, came on a long winding journey in the Moroccan hills.

Even in the midst of the battle of returning to work, you can still find time for a fresh Perspective.  And in the process, let your Friends & Loved Ones get to see the best & breadth of you. 

About the author:

Sharath Jeevan OBE is a world-leading expert on Intrinsic Leadership & Motivation, and the Founder & Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs. He is the author of ground-breaking book “Intrinsic” and was awarded an OBE in the 2022 Queen’s New Year’s Honours for founding and leading STiR Education, arguably the world’s largest intrinsic motivation initiative.

What Does the Ideal Investment Look Like for Your Business?

What Does the Ideal Investment Look Like for Your Business?

There’s no doubt that investor sentiment is declining at present, against the backdrop of rampant global inflation and a strained macroeconomic climate.

This is even true in the US, where the economy and the dollar have fared better than
most in the fight against inflation. Currently, just 18.07% of American investors are bullish, compared to 21.92% last week and 43.43% last year.

While this suggests that some investors may be looking to exit the market, others will simply be more selective about the investments that they target. So, what should you look for in the ideal investment?

So, What Comprises the Ideal Investment?

The financial market is packed full of a diverse range of assets and instruments, none of which have been created equal.

Markets like forex can be navigated through investment vehicles like spread betting, for example, whereas stocks can be speculated on or secured as so-called “buy-and-hold” investments.

In this respect, there’s no such thing as the ‘ideal’ investment, especially as it’s impossible to accurately predict a stock’s outcome or completely circumnavigate the risks involved with chasing optimal returns.

Instead, the key lies in successfully timing your investments, particularly in line with your wider investment strategy and the timeframes in which you’d like to see a return.

Make no mistake; timing your investments can help to simultaneously minimise your exposure to risk and optimise returns while enabling you to identify opportunities that may otherwise pass you by.

What Are the Best Options for Formulating the Ideal Investment?

If we accept that timing and your appetite for risk are key, the question that remains is what are the best investment options available? Here are some options depending on your trading philosophy:

#1. For the Risk-Averse – High-Yield Savings Accounts: For those of you who are cautious or
have an aversion to risk, high-yield savings accounts offer the ideal balance between risk and reward. This will deliver a fixed rate of interest on your cash balance or savings, while there’s minimal risk and your returns can be accessed in real-time.

#2.For Moderate Investors: Conversely, those of you with a moderate outlook who are looking for higher returns than traditional banking products or bonds, could invest in S&P 500 index funds. This fund comprises 500 of the largest American companies, including Amazon and the prohibitive price Berkshire

#3.For Risk Hungry Investors – Nasdaq-100 Funds: Comprising the biggest tech brands in the world, the Nasdaq-100 is highly volatile and capable of delivering significant returns. Including high growth and high yield equities like Apple, Meta Platforms and Microsoft, this option is ideal if you have a healthy risk appetite and are willing to embrace volatility.

The Technologies Set to Transform the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector in the UK is dominated by the National Health Service (NHS), which provides public sector medical support universally and employs more than 1.5 million people.

However, the NHS continues to face immense challenges in the current climate, largely in the form of chronic underfunding and waiting lists that have increased by more than 365-times since pre-pandemic reports in July 2019.

Some of these challenges are being tackled by technological advancement and innovation, to the benefit of both patients and workers. We’ll touch on some of these technologies below while asking how they’re likely to be beneficial.

#1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine describes the remote delivery of care and diagnostics, which has been made possible by technological innovation and accelerated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the first months of the pandemic and associated global lockdowns, for example, the percentage of healthcare and doctor consultations that were carried out remotely increased from 0.1% to a staggering 43.5%.

Despite some concerns and teething issues, the majority of patients appear to be satisfied with this, meaning that telemedicine will become increasingly accessible and commonplace over time.

This also has huge benefits from a global perspective, as it makes healthcare and consultations far more accessible in developing regions of the world where there may be a shortage of doctors (such as Brazil, India and China).

#2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The global AI market is expected to reach a cumulative value of $136.6 billion in 2022, with this cutting edge technology offering value in a number of different applications.

This includes healthcare, with AI ideal for organising the huge swathes of unstructured data that’s available for capture and analysis. This is one of the principal uses of AI in any marketplace, with unstructured data historically difficult to collate and analyse.

In the healthcare setting, such datasets include medical image examples like MRI scans, X-rays and CT scans, alongside information on the global spread of communicable diseases such as Covid-19 (which can be drawn from across the globe).

AI is also being used to upskill human workers in medical fields, while augmenting complex procedures through the use of advanced computer vision and cameras.

#3. 5G Connectivity

5G connectivity has been a huge gamechanger in the worlds of commerce and healthcare, primarily by delivering downloads that are at least 10x faster than existing 4G services. This means that surgeons are now capable of performing remote surgeries on patients without even being present at the operating table.

5G also provides improved bandwidth and incredibly low levels of latency, making concepts such as the Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly accessible for healthcare practitioners.

This is key, especially when you consider the complex regulatory framework that encompasses the healthcare sector and role that a technology lawyer plays in ensuring compliance over time.

5G can help to streamline the flow of information and documentation within the sizable healthcare network in the UK, boosting efficiency while ensuring a better service for patients.

What is a CRO and How Can They Help in Clinical Trials?

A contract research organization, or CRO, is a vital part of the biotech, medical device and pharma industries. When it comes to carrying out clinical trials, working with a CRO can be an extremely cost-effective way of ensuring you have access to the required expertise and experience. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what CROs do and how they can help companies conducting clinical trials.

What Is a CRO?

A contract research organization, or CRO, is a company that provides services related to clinical research. These services can include anything from pre-clinical research (which takes place before human trials) to post-marketing surveillance (which takes place after a product has been approved for use). In many cases, CROs will also be involved in the actual conduct of clinical trials.

There are a number of reasons why companies might choose to work with a CRO. Firstly, it can be an extremely cost-effective way of accessing the expertise and experience needed to carry out clinical research. Secondly, working with a CRO can help to reduce the time taken to bring a product to market. And finally, CROs can provide access to a global network of clinical research sites.

Types of CROs

There are two main types of CROs:

1- Full-service CROs offer a comprehensive range of services, from pre-clinical research through to post-marketing surveillance.

2- Specialty CROs, on the other hand, tend to focus on a specific area of clinical research. For example, there are CROs that specialize in conducting clinical trials in rare disease indications.

How a CRO Accelerates Clinical Development

There are a number of ways in which working with a CRO can help to accelerate the clinical development process.

Firstly, CROs have access to a large network of clinical research sites. This means that they can quickly identify suitable sites for clinical trials.

Secondly, CROs are able to manage the administrative aspects of clinical trials, freeing up companies to focus on the scientific aspects.

And finally, CROs have a team of experienced professionals who can provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of clinical research.

Due to high prevalence in chronic diseases in European region the demand for clinical trials in the region has been increased which resulted in rise of CRO clinical trials in Europe.

The Europe clinical trials market size was valued at USD 12.2 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030. Clinical trials market in Europe has been growing rapidly. Looking at the current scenario, COVID-19 Pandemic is highly affecting the Clinical trials market in Europe.

What Does a CRO Do?

A CRO provides a wide range of services that support the clinical research process .These services can be divided into four main categories:

-Pre-clinical research: This includes services such as target identification and validation, animal studies and IND-enabling studies.

-Clinical trial management: This includes services such as site selection and feasibility, clinical monitoring, patient recruitment and retention.

-Data management: This includes services such as data entry, cleaning and analysis.

-Post-marketing surveillance: This includes services such as pharmacovigilance and risk management.

How to Choose a Good CRO

When it comes to choosing a CRO, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Firstly, you need to think about the specific services that you require. As we mentioned earlier, there are full-service and specialty CROs. If you are conducting clinical research in a niche area, then you might need to work with a specialty CRO.

Secondly, you need to consider the size of the CRO. If you are conducting a large clinical trial, then you will need to work with a CRO that has the necessary resources and infrastructure in place. On the other hand, if you are conducting a small clinical trial, then you might be better off working with a smaller CRO.

And finally, you need to consider the location of the CRO. If you are conducting a global clinical trial, then you will need to work with a CRO that has a presence in multiple countries.

Working with a contract research organization can be an extremely effective way of conducting clinical research. CROs offer a wide range of services that can help to accelerate the clinical development process. When choosing a CRO, you need to consider the specific services that you require, the size of the CRO and the location of the CRO.

Abu Dhabi Is Becoming a ‘Must Visit’ Superyacht Destination, Say Experts

With 5,325 registered superyachts currently on the world’s waterways, divided between 4,492 motor yachts and 833 sailing yachts, Abu Dhabi is on a journey to becoming a major destination for the global superyachting industry.

According to a report entitled ‘New Winter Oasis for Maritime Luxury Experience – Abu Dhabi’s Quest to Become a Global Superyacht Destination’, published by Abu Dhabi Maritime (AD Maritime), custodian of the Emirate’s waterways and part of AD Ports Group, the Emirate has achieved a number of important milestones that superyacht owners consider when selecting their destinations. The whitepaper was launched at Monaco Yacht Show, the annual international trade show dedicated to the world of superyachts held from 28 September to 1st October 2022.

After extensive consultation with industry experts, the report identified four key criteria that give Abu Dhabi significant comparative advantages, including: favourable seasonal weather and sea conditions; advanced maritime infrastructure and related services; established legal and regulatory environment; and world-class attractions incorporating social, cultural, and entertainment elements.

Superyachts, which represent the pinnacle of maritime leisure craft design and luxury lifestyle, are vessels of more than 30 metres in length predominantly residing in fewer than a dozen countries around the world. While designs may vary in terms of size and flare, superyachts all tend to have similar traits: wealthy owners, charter companies, maintenance-intensive operational requirements, and a strong demand for picturesque cruising opportunities.

With more than 150 new superyachts set to finish construction in 2022, representing a total fleet value of more €4 billion, Abu Dhabi’s entry into this exclusive industry sector could deliver significant economic benefits for the Emirate and the nation.

Captain Ammar Al Shaiba, Acting CEO of Maritime Cluster, AD Ports Group, said“We developed this whitepaper to showcase the significant progress that Abu Dhabi has made in recent years in developing its unique offering to superyacht owners, and to identify areas where more work is still needed in order to achieve our vision. The findings demonstrate that the Emirate is becoming a destination of choice among the superyacht elite, with a wide range of services, attractions, and climate benefits. Multiple agencies and organisations are working together under the guidance of our wise leadership to achieve this goal.”

Capt. Saif Al Mheiri, Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Maritime, AD Ports Group, said: “The superyachting sector is a growing cornerstone of the UAE’s wider maritime leisure economy that leverages our nation’s strategic location, attractive coastline, favourable seasonal weather, advanced infrastructure and a friendly regulatory environment to welcome leading industry players and visitors from around the world to our shores.

“As our latest study indicates, our team at AD Maritime is working closely with our broader maritime community to grow Abu Dhabi’s value proposition, and we look forward to welcoming the global yachting community to our shores and unlocking the full potential of what our Emirate has to offer.”

Developed from a range of qualitative interviews with international experts conducted in 2021 and 2022, the report examines the factors that attract owners to venture beyond traditional destinations such as Mediterranean Sea ports like Marbella, Capri, Saint-Tropez, Antibes and Monaco, and Caribbean Sea ports such as Antigua, St. Lucia, the British Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas.

Experts interviewed suggested that the rise in superyacht ownership over the last decade, underpinned by the changing nationality profiles of owners, especially those based in Asia and the Middle East, has encouraged individuals and companies to look beyond these typical destinations. Furthermore, the geostrategic location of Abu Dhabi coupled with its natural abundance of pristine waterways and islands has helped to raise its profile among these new owners.

Sea conditions in the Arabian Gulf, with their low winds and calm waters year-round, along with moderate low season temperatures, mean that vessels do not need to be lifted from the water and stored at great expense, thereby increasing Abu Dhabi’s attractiveness.

The report also highlighted Abu Dhabi’s extensive leisure and entertainment offerings to the global superyachting community, including untouched coastal desert beauty featuring marine protected areas and a collection of scenic islands, beaches and anchorage destinations. The Emirate is also home to a number of world-class annual sporting events including the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula One Race, Mubadala Tennis Championship, and Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship Golf Tournament, alongside renown cultural destinations including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum, Guggenheim, among many others.

One of the areas where the Emirate has made significant progress, according to the whitepaper, is in the development of the legal and regulatory framework in support of superyacht owners and their crews, many of whom are not full-time residents in the country. The recent launch of comprehensive and fully-digitised Safety Maps of all waterways within the Emirate, identifying anchorage areas, zones for motorised and non-motorised craft, and speed limits, was cited as one key improvement. The maps, developed by the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and AD Maritime, are available on the latter’s digital portal,, and via a dedicated interactive navigational app, Al Nalia, available on App Store and Google Play.

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi has made significant progress in the development of advanced maritime infrastructure and related services for superyachts. There are currently approximately 100 superyacht refit yards around the world, and Abu Dhabi offers a number of market-leading facilities in this area. In addition, the emirate is home to two full-service superyacht marinas that can host yachts of all sizes and are backed by a full suite of premiere accommodations, services and amenities.

One superyacht owner interviewed for the report, who chose to remain anonymous, concluded: “Abu Dhabi is quickly becoming a must-visit superyacht destination; it is a place where we want to spend more time. It ticks many of the boxes already, and the authorities are always making things faster, easier, and better for owners and our captains to choose to spend time there.”

Auto Insurance Rates Dropping For Young Drivers

If you’re a young driver looking to start traveling the beautiful roads of North America, you may have noticed that your auto insurance rates have been dropping lately. That’s because insurers have been increasingly offering discounts to young drivers in order to get their business. In fact, the average rate for a full coverage policy for a young driver has dropped by nearly 25% over the past five years. Here’s what you need to know about this trend.

The Reason For The Drop In Rates

There are a few reasons why auto insurance rates have been dropping for young drivers. One is that there have been fewer car accidents in the United States overall in recent years. This is likely due in part to the fact that cars are now equipped with more safety features than ever before.

Another reason for the drop in rates is that insurers have become more sophisticated in their pricing strategies. They now have a better understanding of which factors are most predictive of risk, and they’re able to price policies accordingly.

What This Means For You

If you’re a young driver, it’s a good time to shop around for auto insurance. Even better news if that you can also buy car insurance online and completely skip having to talk to a person.

So even if you’ve been with the same insurer for a while, it’s worth getting quotes from other insurance companies since companies aren’t always loyal to their customers; they’ll often give their best deals to new customers in order to win their business.

So don’t hesitate to shop around and compare rates from different insurers. You could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars per year on your auto insurance premiums.

How to get Good Discounts as A Student Driver

Most drivers are aware that they can get discounts on their car insurance premiums by taking measures to improve their safety. For example, many insurers in the U.S. offer discounts for drivers who install anti-theft devices or who maintain a good driving record.

However, there are a number of other options for obtaining discounts that are often overlooked. One such option is to take a defensive driving course. These courses teach drivers how to avoid accidents and how to handle potentially hazardous situations. Many insurers offer substantial discounts for drivers who complete these courses.

Another option is to purchase a policy from an insurer that offers good student discounts. Students who maintain a good GPA often qualify for significant savings on their car insurance premiums.

Finally, many insurers offer discounts for drivers who agree to use telematic devices. This is a relatively new insurance program in the States, and these devices track a driver’s habits and report the information back to the insurer.

Drivers who exhibit safe driving habits often qualify for lower rates. By taking advantage of these options, drivers can save money on their car insurance premiums.

Compare Rates and Coverage

When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Not all companies are created equal, and it’s important to compare rates and coverage before you decide on a policy. However, with so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The best way to find the right company for you is to research your options and compare rates. You can use an insurance comparison website like Insurify to get quotes from different companies and see how they stack up.

Once you’ve found a few companies that you’re interested in, it’s time to start comparing rates and coverage. Make sure you understand the differences between each company’s policies before you make a decision.

And don’t forget to read the fine print! There may be some hidden fees or restrictions that you’re not aware of. By taking the time to compare rates and coverage, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal on car insurance.

The Different Types of Auto Insurance Policies

There are many different types of auto insurance policies, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

The most common type of policy is liability insurance, which covers damage to other people and property in the event of an accident. If you’re involved in a serious accident, liability insurance can help protect your assets.

Another common type of auto insurance is collision insurance, which covers damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. If you have an older car, you may not need collision insurance; however, if you have a newer car, it’s a good idea to get this type of coverage.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle from non-accident causes such as weather, fire, or theft. This type of coverage is typically required by lenders if you have a loan on your car.

Finally, there is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which protects you from drivers who don’t have enough insurance to cover the damages they cause. This type of coverage is important to have in case you’re hit by another driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damages.

Choosing the right type of auto insurance can be difficult, but it’s important to make sure you have the coverage you need in case of an accident.

Auto insurance rates have been dropping for young drivers over the past few years, thanks in part to increased safety features in cars and improved pricing strategies from insurers.

If you’re a young driver looking for auto insurance in North America, now is a great time to shop around and compare rates from different companies. You could potentially save yourself a lot of money on your premiums. Thanks for reading and be sure to drive safely!

What Do Criminal Lawyers Do, Exactly?

It’s easy to think that because you’ve seen A Few Good Men or watched a few episodes of Suits, you know what lawyers get up to from day to day.

Of course the reality is very different from the way the work of legal pros is interpreted in the media. So what kinds of tasks does a criminal defence lawyer take on, and how will this help you if you’re accused of a crime?

Interviewing clients in detail

Once a lawyer is assigned to your case, or you hire them independently, they’ll speak to you privately about all of the pertinent information, and use what they find to begin determining the next steps that are best for you.

Speaking to a lawyer is a legal right, as is having what you tell them kept confidential, so it’s always worth grabbing this opportunity.

Carrying out their own investigations

A criminal lawyer won’t just base their defence of a client on a single conversation; they’ll seek to dig deep into the case, using investigative skills and hiring others to assist if necessary so that they’ve got as much leverage as possible if it goes to trial.

This can involve interviewing witnesses, and also checking to see what the prosecution is intending to use against their client. And at a time when even celebs are highlighting underhanded police behaviours, a good lawyer is more important than ever.

Examining evidence and finding flaws or paths forward

There’s a lot involved in evidence analysis, and this isn’t just something which the cops do to find defendants guilty.

Criminal lawyers take a look at everything pertinent to the case to see if it stacks up with the claims made against their clients, or if there’s been a mistake in the system which could free them, or at least raise doubts about the prosecution’s case. This kind of attention to detail is one of the things that could help you sleep at night if you’re the one under scrutiny.

Finding a criminal lawyer if you’re accused of a crime

To get the best lawyer for your case, you need to look to experienced pros who are located nearby. For example, the accomplished lawyers at Marshall serve as criminal defence lawyers for clients across New Jersey, because they know better than anyone else what it takes to fight a criminal accusation in this state.

Ensuring a lack of bias in the jury

Another legal requirement is that when a case goes before a jury, the members are carefully vetted to ensure there’s no innate bias against the defendant present.

The defence lawyer is part of this filtration process, and they will even be able to eliminate jurors if all they’ve got to go on is a hunch.

Pleading with the prosecutor

Striking a plea bargain is common in many cases, because it means that the defendant can minimize their sentence or even avoid incarceration altogether, so long as they make certain concessions.

A lawyer will be the negotiator in this instance, and so again it pays to have experienced legal professionals on your side.

Holding court at the trial

This is the part of the job that’s usually featured at the cinema or on TV. Lawyers do really perform many of the theatrics that you’ve seen recreated by actors, although this goes on for hours, days or even weeks, rather than just a few minutes.

Seeking fair sentencing

Should a lawyer have been unable to get a client the outcome they’d hoped for, after a conviction they will again negotiate with the prosecutor to try and make sure that the sentence their client receives is proportionate.

So in terms of what criminal lawyers actually do, the answer is that they do a heck of a lot for a lot of people!

What are the Benefits of Paid Ads for your Business?

Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns provide businesses with a highly successful marketing channel, allowing them to gain immediate results from their efforts. Paid ads are often used alongside long term SEO techniques that typically take a longer time to yield visible results, meaning businesses are able to see the benefits of their investment much quicker than if they were just using SEO alone.

Combined PPC and SEO strategies are a tried and tested digital marketing method. However, many companies may still find themselves questioning whether a paid ad campaign is a worthwhile investment for their business.

A great PPC strategy will come with many benefits, helping your company to boost its online visibility and reach a broader target audience, driving sales and increasing website traffic.

In the article below, we will discuss some of the many benefits of using paid ads within your digital marketing campaign, helping you to make the decision that is best for you and your business goals.

Boost your Website Traffic

As previously mentioned, paid ads provide businesses with an effective way to boost their visibility within the Google search results, which is ideal for those looking to drive brand awareness and better online recognition for their business website. Unlike SEO where reaching the very top of the search results can take a lot of time and dedication, PPC allows you to take the top spot each and every time – provided that your ads are of a high quality and your budget allows.

As soon as your paid ad campaign has been published, your ads will begin to appear within the search results, meaning there is no waiting for visible results.

Pay Per Click

As the abbreviation ‘PPC’ suggests, advertisers making the most of Google’s paid ad options might only need to pay when users click onto their ads. This will depend on the way that your campaign has been set up, but cost per click advertising provides businesses with a great way to yield the best possible results from their PPC efforts.

The ability to set strict limitations on the amount that you spend each day also makes paid advertising an ideal budget friendly option, meaning you will never run the risk of accidentally exceeding your maximum spend.

Drive Online Sales

More often than not, the users that will be presented with your paid ads are those actively searching for the products and services that you are able to provide, making it much more likely that they become converting customers in the near future.

With alternative advertising methods, there is usually a significant wait time between a user discovering your business and making their first sale or contact. With PPC, this wait period is cut down significantly, as users clicking on your ads are much more likely to want to buy here and now.

Overall, there are a number of great benefits that come alongside the creation of a quality paid ads campaign, allowing you to boost your online brand visibility and get the most out of your advertising budget. If PPC sounds like the right fit for you and your business goals, but you’re unsure of where to start, there are a number of great online paid ads set up course options readily available to entrepreneurs, helping you to access the information that you need to see your business thrive. Online courses are tailor made to suit the schedule of the busy entrepreneur, the flexible lesson model meaning you can learn within a timeframe best suited to you!

The Best Business Acquisition Strategies to Help You Achieve Success

‍There are a number of different strategies that businesses can use to acquire other businesses.

However, the best strategy for a particular business will depend on a number of factors, including the size and financial condition of the target business, the industry in which it operates, and the overall objectives of the acquiring company.

In general, there are a few key strategies that are often used in successful business acquisitions.


In a merger, one company acquires another company and then combines the companies under a single corporate identity.

Mergers are often used to acquire larger businesses because the acquirer gains access to the target company’s existing customer base and product lines. This can help the acquirer gain market share and increase its overall profits.

When two companies merge, their operations are integrated, and each company’s assets are distributed between the two shareholders of the newly combined business.

In a merger, the acquiring company usually pays a combination of cash, stock, and/or other assets to the other company’s shareholders. The acquiring company’s shareholders then become owners of the newly formed business.

Stock Purchases

Another common strategy is to buy out the target company’s shareholders. This can be done through a tender offer, in which the acquiring company offers to purchase shares from shareholders at a premium price. Businesses often acquire other companies by purchasing the shares of the target company.

There are two primary types of stock purchases: friendly and hostile. In a friendly acquisition, the acquiring company purchases shares of the target company from the current shareholders.

Friendly acquisitions are often used when the acquiring company wants to expand its operations by acquiring a smaller company that offers a product or service that complements its own business.

Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition is a process by which a company acquires another company’s assets. Asset acquisition is often used when the acquiring company does not want to assume the liabilities of the target company.

An asset acquisition often involves the acquiring company purchasing a portion of the target company’s assets and then liquidating the rest of the target company’s assets to satisfy any outstanding debts.

For instance, with a motor sales company, each vehicle owned by the target company needs to be insured. Therefore, it’s vital to know the difference between unstacked or stacked insurance.


A recapitalization occurs when a company issues new shares of its common stock to a group of investors to replace its existing equity.

In many cases, a business that is experiencing financial difficulties will attempt to recapitalize its operations to raise additional capital. A company that is experiencing financial difficulties may try to recapitalize its operations through a private placement.

A private placement occurs when an investor buys shares of a company’s stock directly from the company. A company that is recapitalizing its operations may also issue new shares of its stock publicly.

Co-operation Strategies

Co-operation strategies are arrangements in which two or more companies agree to cooperate with one another to expand their operations. Co-operation strategies can be used to enter new geographic markets, or they can be used to provide each company with new products or services.

When two companies engage in a cooperation strategy, they generally each retain their current operations. However, they also agree to share knowledge and resources with each other.

Reverse Mergers

A reverse merger is a type of acquisition in which a private company gains public trading status by acquiring a publicly traded company.

In a reverse merger, the private company is the acquiring company, and the publicly traded company is acquired by the private company. When a private company acquires a publicly traded company by way of a reverse merger, it gains the public trading status of the acquired company.

Summing Up

There are a number of different strategies that businesses can use to acquire other businesses. As mentioned, a business acquisition can be a great way to grow your company if you approach it thoughtfully and undertake the necessary due diligence.

By understanding the risks and benefits associated with an acquisition, you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right path for your business.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Every business can take steps to reduce its carbon footprint and help preserve the environment. This can be done in a number of ways, and often only require small changes to your current operations. It’s all about changing the way we think and being more conscious about our impact on the environment when making decisions. Here are some ways your business can start making a difference:

Choose environmentally friendly products and packaging materials

When purchasing products and packaging materials, try to choose environmentally friendly options. For example, look for products made from recycled materials or that can be easily repurposed. You should also avoid using excessive packaging, as this creates unnecessary waste. If possible, switch to eco-friendly packaging materials like cardboard or paper instead of plastic. For example, you could choose sustainable products from IGO Promo for your promotional needs, instead of opting for traditional options like plastic pens or keychains.

Encourage employees to carpool, bike, or take public transportation to work

Transportation is responsible for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, so anything businesses can do to reduce their reliance on cars will be beneficial. If possible, encourage employees to carpool or take public transportation to work. You could also consider implementing a bike-to-work program, which would provide employees with an incentive to ride their bikes instead of drive. If employees live close enough to walk to work, that’s even better! Not only will this reduce your business’s carbon footprint, but it will also help improve employee health and morale.

Reduce paper use

In today’s digital age, there’s no need to rely on paper as much as we used to. Whenever possible, send documents electronically instead of printing them out. If you do need to print something, use both sides of the paper. You should also encourage employees to reuse paper whenever possible. For example, they can write on the back of used printer paper or use scrap paper for notes. In addition, recycling programs can help reduce the amount of waste your business produces.

Use green power sources like solar and wind energy

Solar and wind energy are two renewable resources that are constantly replenished and produce no pollution. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, while wind turbines harness the power of the wind. In both cases, the energy generated can be used to run businesses, reducing or eliminating the need for traditional fossil fuels.

Encourage hybrid or home working

Another way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint is to encourage employees to work from home, if possible. This cuts down on the need for transportation and can also help reduce office energy use. If working from home is not an option, consider having hybrid days where employees come into the office for part of the week and work from home for the rest.

Reduce waste by recycling and composting

Recycling and composting are two effective ways to reduce waste. By recycling, businesses can reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Composting is also a great way to reduce waste, as it allows organic materials to be broken down and used as fertiliser. This not only reduces the amount of waste your business produces, but can also help you save money on fertiliser costs. This guide to workplace composting can help you and your employees get started.

Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances

One way to reduce your business’s energy consumption is to install energy-efficient lighting and appliances. This can help you save money on your energy bills while also reducing your carbon footprint. LED lights are a great option, as they use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Energy-efficient appliances are also available for businesses, so consider switching to more efficient models when your old ones need to be replaced.

Educate employees about conserving energy

In addition to making changes at the business level, it’s also important to educate employees about conserving energy. This can help them understand the importance of reducing your business’s carbon footprint and take action in their own lives. You could also offer incentives for employees who make an effort to conserve energy, such as employee gift cards or extra vacation days.

Best Swiss Consulting Company 2022

Being a Swiss provider of high-value business services to clients operating and investing in Switzerland – and even on a global scale – Aimafin AG has made a name for itself with its continued service of a diverse client base. These clients, found in all corners of the international business ecosystem, benefit hugely form this consulting agency’s dedication to keeping a finger on the pulse of the wider business world, an element that allows it to better understand the threats and opportunities that its clients face on a regular basis.

Serving a range of different clients from family offices to high-net-worth individuals, Aimafin AG represents different industries that are based all over the world, including Switzerland, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. It maintains abreast of all different worldly changes and developments in business and commerce, having gained a true and evolving understanding of the threats and challenges that its clients face daily, so that is can better help them manage and mitigate these risks. Moreover, operating in this manner ensures that its financial planning consultation is holistic and tailorable in the truest sense, both to a client’s needs and in recognition of the wider market.

Therefore, its bespoke, end-to-end solutions fulfil the unique requirements of individuals and companies both; indeed, it is through these solutions that is helps its clients to understand the variety of options that are open to them, including how these may be executed and how it may support them in the implementation of such Ideas & Solutions. Its culturally diverse and impeccably well-educated team are utterly invaluable in this process. They make it possible for clients to receive such outstanding service as standard with Aimafin AG, with each of them working hard to ensure a client is seen, heard, and respected throughout financial planning, asset portfolio development, and considering how to move parts of said portfolio around.

With its frank and independent advice that wishes for nothing more than to achieve a client’s goals perfectly to specification, its expertise and huge network of partners allow it to always go above and beyond. From its business strategy development to its performance turnaround, expatriate services, corporate services, and family office focused services, its quality of management, business, and individual consultancy has propelled it to the forefront of its industry. Moreover, it respects its clients’ ambitions and goals, and is never bowed by a challenge – even those brought on by extraneous events like Covid-19 – using such incidents to grow and develop.

Indeed, it hopes to ensure that its clients know all their options before making a choice, and its team are more than familiar with the nuances of the market and that individual circumstances can create; in such cases, a client will find the Aimafin AG team becoming a friend and partner  to work alongside them with empathy and diligence. Each of them boasts the experience to work effectively, the humbleness to defer to the client, and the sensitivity to operate with discretion. Going forward, its digital services will be continuing to help it do this, alongside solidifying its partnerships across the world, and improving the security of personal and business assets both.

For business enquiries, contact Magdi Wafa from Aimafin AG on their website –

4 Ways To Support A Loved One’s Recovery From Injury Or Illness

Recovering from an injury, illness, or addiction isn’t easy. It can be extremely draining mentally, physically, and emotionally, especially if there’s no support readily available.

In fact, the stress and trauma associated with an injury or illness can take a toll on the victim’s life and can reach a point where they become extremely miserable. However, the recovery process can be more manageable with proper care and support from close friends and family.

If your loved one has suffered a significant injury or illness just recently, it’s essential to rehabilitate their emotional state to ensure a smooth and quick recovery. If you’re unsure how to go about it, this post is here to help. It illustrates several ways to help your loved one with recovery. Keep on reading to learn more.

1.Maintain Hygiene

After an injury or illness, a person’s immunity is usually weak, making them susceptible to different dangerous microorganisms. Thus, it’s essential to help your loved one maintain personal cleanliness to facilitate quick recovery. Helping a loved one maintain hygiene helps prevent infections and builds a deeper personal connection between the two of you.

Basic hygiene activities include oral hygiene, brushing, bathing, shaving, styling hair, and keeping their adjacent environment clean. While these may seem petty, they go a long way in helping a patient maintain their health. If you’re miles away from your loved one, you can check out Proper Good to identify hygiene sick care products right for them.

When performing hygiene procedures, it’s essential to disinfect your hands before touching the patient. If possible, wear gloves for extra protection. It’s also important to create a strong communication channel to encourage the patient to discuss their hygiene needs comfortably.

2.Diet Care

After an injury or illness, the foods and drinks one takes can either help or deter the recovery process. Therefore, designing a nutritious diet plan for your loved one can be a great way to help them through their recovery. If you’re unsure which healthy foods to include, you can talk to the patient’s doctor or visit to see a list of healthy foods best for a person recovering from injuries.

The foods to include in their diet include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. To be specific, check out the following:

  • Leafy green vegetables – Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and arugula contain essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, magnesium, and folate that help lower inflammation, boost immune function, and promote wound healing.
  • Eggs – After an injury or surgery, your body requires more protein to recover. Eggs are the perfect sources of protein with vitamins A and B12, zinc, and iron which are essential immune boosters and help improve mental health.
  • Berries – Berries are packed with nutrients and vitamins that promote wound healing by enhancing collagen production. Collagen is a protein in your body that enhances tissue repair and recovery.
  • Nuts and seeds – Nuts and seeds like walnuts, pecans, and almonds are other foods to include in your loved one’s diet. They help fuel the body during the recovery period and contain vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties that prevent cellular damage.
  • Sweet potatoes – Healthy carbs like sweet potatoes help in recovery as they provide the energy your cells need to heal. They have special enzymes like hexokinase and citrate synthase that help in wound healing.

3.Help Them Follow Medications

Poor adherence to medications is mainly associated with serious health complications, treatment failures, and even fatality. It can also lead to more costly hospital readmissions and treatments.

Therefore, to ensure your loved one recovers successfully it’s crucial to ensure they follow their prescribed medications and treatments. You can record the timing of dosage, and learn what drugs to mix. If possible, administer the medications yourself so that you can keep a clear record.

4.Encourage Communication

Emotional and mental trauma associated with serious injuries and illnesses can take more time to recover compared to physical symptoms. Many people suffer from anxiety, isolation, and depression after traumatic injuries and illnesses. Hence, you should accept them and be patient with them through the process. Talk to them and listen to their needs and assure them that everything will work out well.

Conclusion   With the tips mentioned above, you can easily help your loved one through both physical and mental recovery. Consider creating a support team to help show compassion and support as doing it yourself can be overwhelming when you forget to take care of yourself.

Sightseeing In Greece: 4 Beautiful Places To Add To Your Itinerary

Those who live or have visited Greece numerous times will tell you that it’s practically impossible to enumerate all the locations that you’re supposed to see in this lovely Mediterranean country.

We share their opinion, however, it would be a shame not to mention some of the most wonderful attractions that this country has to offer. It’s widely known for its snow-capped mountains, turquoise water, ancient ruins, and heavenly beaches.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that Greece can satisfy even the pickiest travellers. If you’ve never been to this country, or you have but love to uncover some other interesting spots, then take a look at our suggestions below.

Places That Every Lover Of Greece Must Visit 

Acropolis As A Must!

We can freely define the Acropolis as the jewel of Greece’s capital city, Athens. Namely, it is also one of the most popular landmarks in the universe. Each year, millions and millions of tourists come here because they want to be blown away by the omnipotent temple of the goddess Athena.

It’s worth mentioning that if you decide to visit it, then you will have to arm yourself with patience because you will most likely wait for a couple of hours to enter the site. It would be advisable to get your tickets for the Acropolis as soon as you can if you want to avoid the crowd. But when is the best time to go there?

We have some bad news for people who are not early birds due to the fact that the best time to visit this attraction is early in the morning, somewhere around 8 am. Why then? Well, that’s because around 9 am it is highly likely you will run into visitors from the cruises (thousands of them).

Moving On To Splendid Santorini

Even if you’ve never been there, the chances are you have probably heard of it since it is one of the most famous locations in Greece. On the other hand, people who have been out there would define this island as the diamond of the Aegean. People from all around the world go to Santorini knowing that there’s no place like this on the planet. If you love to take pictures, then you’ll be glad to hear that it is one of the most scenic islands in the world.

It’s for sure very picturesque. Besides sensational sandy beaches and turquoise water, this place consists of lovely villages and some of the best Greek restaurants where you will get the chance to get a taste of traditional Greek food.  The only thing that you may not like about it, is the fact that each summer (and even longer) it is loaded with tourists, hence if you do not like crowded places, then maybe you should consider another destination.

Check Out These Suggestions Below!


The second-largest city in this country, as well as the capital city of the Macedonian region of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki is a vivacious city, that’s loaded with interesting festivals, lively nightlife, and social events.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why many would define it as the cultural capital of this South-eastern country. What’s spectacular about this city is the fact that it represents a perfect mixture of both old and new attractions, starting from the White Tower, Byzantine walls, and Turkish baths, to dynamic food markets, art galleries, and museums. 

When it comes to nightlife, it’s certainly one of the best ones in Europe because it provides tourists with vibrant nightclubs, bars, and other entertainment venues. It’s safe to say that this city has everything you need to have the time of your life. 

Lavish Mykonos

A lot of people consider Mykonos to be one of the most glamorous attractions in Greece. Just like Thessaloniki, this island has spectacular nightlife but it also boasts some of the most prestigious boutique hotels, fancy seafood restaurants, and entertaining live music.

Besides these things, out there you must also see Paraportiani (which represents a wonderful church in Mykonos Town), as well as its heavenly sandy beaches that you can easily reach by either taxi-boat or bus from Mykonos Town.

If you’re still not convinced that this island is worth seeing then maybe the fact that celebrities (such as Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, etc.) adore it might just convince you otherwise. Additionally, it has an airport that is connected by a catamaran and ferry to Rafina, Piraeus, and Athens port.

As stated in the beginning, it was very hard to name just a couple of Greek attractions, however, we somehow managed to list the ones that we think are most appealing. Let us know what you think!

Unveiling The Importance Of Employee Communication In A Remote Work Setting

In recent months, there seemed to be a sharper focus on a specific work arrangement, remote working. As its name implies, this means members of the workforce or employees are all working from remote settings, usually from the comfort of their homes. Depending on the work done in your organization, some team members can even be from overseas.

Remote working soared in popularity, as it consistently proves its advantages from the end of the employer and even from the employees. It is, however, not perfect, as it is laden with challenges unique to remote working. One of those challenges has to do with employee communication. The absence of a physical connection may lead to a lack of communication and miscommunication if its importance isn’t understood.

To that end, here are some reasons why employee communication has to be nurtured and fostered, especially when in a remote work setting. 

It Bridges The Gap Brought By Physical Distance

The physical distance between team members should no longer be felt with various apps and mediums of communication over the Internet. It’s up to you to choose which ones to use for your business. As a bonus point, learn more about employee communications application here to understand better how they can benefit your business. In a nutshell, employees in a virtual office can be just as close with their colleagues as those in physical offices are. 

To do this, you may opt to have different group chats, like one for work-related queries and another merely to chat with others. It helps make work-life easy and fun, particularly when non-work-related conversations pop up. Even those in a remote work setting need a moment to take a break.

It Increases Employee Trust And Engagement

When employees feel they’re in an organization where communication is the norm, they may be more engaged with their co-workers. Whatever the type of working arrangement is, employee engagement is needed to keep employees happy.

A good practice related to good communication is for organizations to have regular check-ins with their team members. Keep those conversations confidential, so employees with concerns can feel open to speaking out. They don’t carry that weight, potentially affecting their work quality.

It Keeps Everyone Up-To-Date With Company News And Announcements

Miscommunication and confusion happen when other employees are left out of announcements and updates. This situation is no stranger in a remote setting, whereby employees don’t have hallway announcement boards or memos as in a physical office.

To avoid this, make it a point to communicate every announcement, any changes, and upgrades in company policies on the group chats, for instance. Many online communication tools come with all sorts of features to ensure visibility of those announcements, like pinning those.

If your organization doesn’t prioritize communication, you can expect your virtual office to be chaotic. Your employees won’t be on the same page as recent workplace developments.

It May Prevent Friction Between Employees

As is the case in any relationship, the lack of communication is often a reason for friction and misunderstanding between employees. Expectations may not be on the same page, and responsibilities will also be questioned, among a few situations.

This situation may be one of the biggest concerns in remote working, given that there’s much more room for miscommunication when talking virtually. The tone of the message may not be accurately construed when solving problems through chat.

However, you also can’t blame some employees for being shy to talk over the phone or camera if this type of communication wasn’t established as a norm in your remote workplace when they were hired. Meeting the middle point can be achieved only through good communication. Should there seem to be a conflict between two employees, such can be addressed quickly and promptly through communication. If you continue to give deaf ears to those, the friction between employees will continue, impacting their work results.

Final Thoughts

Remote working or not, effective communication is very important in any collaborative process, such as work discussions. Communication problems can arise in any organization, even more so with those working remotely. Working around those challenges starts with clearly understanding why good communication is key. That begins today. Because you’re now aware of its implications in your workplace, management will be more intentional in making the necessary efforts to maintain good employee communication. And by doing so, you can effectively safeguard your business from the adverse effects of poor communication.

What You Need To Plan A Perfect Dinner Party For Your Close Friends

It’s a tradition to have dinner with friends every now and then, and throwing a great dinner party can be a lot of work. In this article, we’ll give you tips on planning the perfect dinner party for your close friends, from deciding on the guests to ensuring that the food is delicious. So put on your hosting hat, and let’s get started!

Decide What You Want To Eat

Planning a dinner party for your close friends can be daunting, but with a little planning, it can be a lot of fun. One of the most important things to consider is what you want to eat. Will you be serving appetizers, entrées, or desserts? Once you have determined what you are serving, make sure to put together a menu that reflects your friend’s individual taste. For example, if one of your friends loves hearty meals, include items like shepherd’s pie or chili on your menu. If another friend prefers lighter fare, create a menu with items like quiche or tiramisu in mind. In addition to food, make sure to consider drinks and snacks.

Some guests may prefer wine while others may prefer cocktails. Decide which drinks will be served and provide enough variety so that everyone can find something they enjoy. Don’t forget Beverage Coolers and portable bars! Finally, plan some fun activities that will keep everyone occupied while the food cooks. For example, set up a board game or get the guests involved in a discussion topic over coffee or dessert. By following these tips, you can guarantee that your dinner party will be an enjoyable experience for all involved!

Planning a dinner party can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things you can do to make the process easier, like deciding what drinks you want to serve and stocking your bar. Additionally, take into account the dietary restrictions of your guests and plan accordingly. If you’re having a smaller get-together, consider serving appetizers or a main course that can be shared. And for those who love wine, don’t forget to know what kind you’re serving – and whether your guests prefer white or red!

Decorate The Tables With Beautiful Flowers

If you’re hosting a dinner party for your close friends, you’ll want to make sure everything looks perfect. Start by decorating the tables with beautiful flowers. You can choose from fresh arrangements or dried plants. If you have more time, try making table centrepieces using flower pots and greenery. You can also add candles to give the room a romantic feeling. Finally, set the mood by playing some calming music or serving up some delicious appetizers.

Plus, who doesn’t love a beautiful table setting? Keep in mind that different flowers will look great in different settings. So, don’t be afraid to experiment! Keep an eye out for flowering trees and plants in your neighbourhood, or visit a farmers market to find the perfect flowers for your party.

Get The Right Music For Your Party

Planning a dinner party can be daunting, but with the right music, it can be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether you’re looking to get everyone in the mood for conversation or just want to set the perfect ambiance, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

When choosing music for your party, take into account your guests’ ages, interests, and personalities. For example, if you have a group of young adults who love EDM, you might want to play some of their favourite tunes. If you have older guests who might not feel comfortable dancing to electronic music, consider playing some classic rock songs instead.

Also, think about the mood you want to create. Do you want to relax and enjoy some easy-listening music while you chat or do you want people to get up and dance? It’s important to choose music that will match the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

No matter what kind of music you choose, make sure it’s legal and appropriate for your guests. Some songs are definitely not suitable for an adult evening party (like nursery rhymes), while other types of music may be more appropriate (like classical).

Decide On The Theme

Planning a dinner party for your close friends can be a lot of fun. But it’s important to choose a theme that everyone will enjoy. Here are four ideas to get you started:

1. Classic Dinners: Choose a classic dinner party theme and plan menus based on old-fashioned dishes like pot roast or fish tacos.

2. Italian Night: Create a rustic Italian atmosphere by serving antipasti and pasta dishes, followed by pizza for dessert.

3. Cocktails & Crafts: For a fun and casual night, theme your party around cocktails and wine pairings. Try serving mocktails or making your own charcuterie boards.

4. Spa Night: If you’re hosting a ladies’ night, consider themed cocktails like rosemary margaritas or lavender lemonade. Alternatively, try serving recipes from your favourite spa cookbooks like chocolate raspberry avocado tartlets or apricot ginger yogurt bowls.

5. Party Favours: One of the best ways to make your dinner party stand out is by providing delicious party favours. Try serving bite-sized appetizers like devilled eggs or mini pizzas, or fun little gifts like stress ball keychains or wine stoppers.

6. DIY Tables cape: One of the easiest and most fun ways to jazz up your dinner party is by creating a pretty table setting. Try using brightly coloured napkins, centrepieces of fresh flowers, or novelty plates like pizzas in wine glasses.

Planning a dinner party can be daunting, but with the help of these tips, it shouldn’t be too hard. Keep in mind the dietary restrictions of your guests, choose music that will match the mood you’re hoping to create, and decide on a theme that everyone will enjoy. Additionally, make sure to decorate the tables with beautiful flowers, get the right music for your party, and choose dishes that everyone will love. With a little preparation, a dinner party can be a lot of fun!

Best Boutique Dispute Resolution Firm – South East Asia

Having extensive experience, Judy Lim Pek Eng decided to set up on her own nearly three decades ago and hasn’t looked back since! We find out more from Judy, and her legal associate Joshua Wu Kai-Ming, in the wake of the firm being recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022.


Founded by Judy Lim Pek Eng in 1997, P. E. Lim is a boutique civil litigation law firm based in Petaling Jaya.

Throughout her 25 plus years in legal practice, Judy has appeared at all levels of the courts in Malaysia and is regularly engaged as a counsel in appellate matters in the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

With a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree from the University of London, she went on post LL.B to obtain her Certificate of Legal Practice.

Having chambered at Messrs. Chan & Kiru, under the tutelage of Dato’​ K Kirubakaran, Judy was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1992. She was also a legal associate at Wan Haron Sukri & Nordin and Chung & Chan before deciding to venture into sole proprietorship by setting up P. E. Lim.

“My practice areas include commercial law, construction law, family law, insolvency law, property law, succession law, and tort law,” Judy enthuses.

The firm has more than 100 clients and have completed more than 800 cases since the firm was established 25 years ago.

Judy is joined at her practice by Joshua Wu Kai-Ming, who came onboard in March 2021 following his role as a Legal Associate at Josephine, L K Chow & Co.

Joshua obtained a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), Upper Second Class Honours, from the University of London in 2017. He then went on to pursue the Certificate in Legal Practice and completed it in 2018. He was a Pupil-in-Chambers at Sreenevasan and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2019.

“As a civil litigator, I am passionate about public interest litigation,” Joshua states. “Specifically matters involving administrative law and constitutional law.”

Joshua is experienced in administrative law, commercial law, employment and industrial relations law, insolvency law, family law, and succession law.

  1. E. Lim combines litigation experience with youthful dynamism.

Recently, P. E. Lim was recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Boutique Dispute Resolution Firm – South East Asia and the future for Judy and the firm is looking bright!

For business enquiries, contact Judy Lim Pek Eng from P. E. Lim on their website –

Paid in Cryptocurrency: The Salary of the Future?

At the start of 2022, released their Crypto Market Sizing Report 2021 and 2022 Forecast, predicting that by the end of 2022, there will be one billion owners of cryptocurrency all over the world. And with further growth of the market to almost triple by 2030, cryptocurrency is rapidly moving from an internet investment niche into mainstream consciousness.

Several celebrities and politicians have chosen to receive part of their monthly pay in the form of Bitcoin, from American football players Odell Beckham Jr and Aaron Rodgers to the mayor of Miami Francis Suarez. With this growth in popularity, could we see more people across different professions changing how they receive their salaries by substituting traditional money for cryptocurrencies?

In this article, we’ll look at how likely it is for cryptocurrency to become a staple of how we receive payments from our jobs and what benefits and potential worries could come with it.

A brief explanation of cryptocurrencies

Before diving into the positives and negatives of crypto, here’s a quick overview of what cryptocurrencies are and how they’re made and bought. In the simplest of terms, they’re tokens that exist without being backed by an authority such as a bank or government. Instead, they’re stored and created using blockchain technology, a public ledger that stores and shares data and information across the internet between different computers and servers.

These tokens are ‘mined’ by a machine with high-end, powerful parts that can withstand the wear of the process. These can be graphics processing units (GPUs) or application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that are more commonly used. By installing the mining software for the specific cryptocurrency you’re creating, your machine will attempt to create a single-use number that either matches or is lower than a target hash, so you earn 6.25 BTC.

Why could this make for a good salary replacement?

One benefit of getting your pay in cryptocurrency is that it can be converted into any currency internationally. With companies looking at recruiting more employees to work remotely, crypto could be a great way to pay staff equally and then have them convert it into their native currency.

It could also help attract more forward-thinking and tech-savvy workers. Cryptocurrency transactions are also instantaneous, which means if you’re getting paid with it, you won’t have to wait for it to come into your bank account, and there aren’t any hidden fees.

Additionally, you could use your salary to invest further and convert it into more revenue on top of your monthly earnings. There are plenty of reputable experts with professional advice, but having a accounting and finance degree would help to have a more in-depth understanding of building an efficient portfolio.

Are there negatives?

The main issue with cryptocurrency is that it’s like gambling. The value of various coins, like Bitcoin, constantly fluctuates. A perfect example of this was Elon Musk, founder of Paypal and Tesla, tweeting to his audience of over 100 million followers about his love of crypto and which coins he was investing in. This caused the joke currency Dogecoin to jump in popularity by up to 50%.

Much like stocks, there is every chance of the crypto that you’ve invested in dropping in value to completely crashing without warning. No currency is exempt from crashing, and though the most popular crypto, Bitcoin, reached a record value high of just over £60,000 in November 2021, it’s currently experiencing a slump that saw it drop below £17,500. Being paid with traditional bank transfers or cash, you can expect to receive a set amount every month. While you would get the same value of crypto in payment per month, the constant flux and potential crash could mean that you would be getting less to convert it into based solely on market trends.

Cryptocurrency could be a huge step in the evolution of payment around the world, but in terms of it being used as a salary substitute, you’d be right to be sceptical. When you have bills to pay, and the cost-of-living crisis is becoming even more of a worry, you want to know that you have a reliable source of income that you can budget for. Crypto might not allow you that with how volatile it’s proving to be, and until it evens out and becomes more stable, sticking to receiving your local currency at an agreed salary is much safer.

Best Business Law Firm 2022 – Greater Western Sydney & Client Services Excellence Award 2022

It’s not always easy to be innovative in the world of corporate law, but that is just what Zohra Ali has done – and continues to do – with the launch of her boutique ‘online-only’ law practice, Corporate Legal. We look at how the firm has fared over the last three years since its inception, in the wake of it being recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022.


Founded in July 2020 by Zohra Ali, Corporate Legal is a law firm with a difference in the fact that it is designed to be the ‘one-stop shop’ for small to medium-sized businesses in Australia, providing all their business legal service’s needs, and operating entirely digitally, reserving face-to-face interactions for customer relationship-building purposes only.

Having worked for more than five years at a boutique law firm, Zohra discovered that there was a large gap between the service needs of customers and what they were getting from their law firm partners. Zohra also discovered the potential for leveraging systems and processes using the technological advancements of the last decade to provide legal services to customers at a lower cost.

These realisations led to Zohra’s motivation to launch a law practice that would make customer service the number one goal in servicing clients and doing so at a low cost. “By operating digitally, Corporate Legal has become easily accessible to its clients,” she elaborates. “It has, since its launch, serviced its clients to the highest standard and to date has a 100% 5-star review score on Google.”

Having been an active member of the legal profession since 2011, Zohra has developed a wealth of knowledge spanning across several legal practice areas, including debt recovery, business and contract disputes, conveyancing, leasing, estate planning, and probate and administration.

With her area of specialty being corporate legal services, Zohra also has extensive experience in civil litigation matters, and complex commercial litigation matters involving property, deceased estates, and family provision claims.

Her educational background comprises of a Bachelor of Social Science and a Bachelor of Laws completed with Western Sydney University, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice completed with Australian National University, and a Master of Laws (Business Law) obtained from Southern Cross University.

Zohra’s innovative thinking has had a significant impact on the growth of the business. By having an innovative approach to developing systems and processes, by which Zohra constantly assesses how things be done more efficiently and effectively using systems and processes, Corporate Legal has been able to more than double its revenue within the first two years of business.

Just because the firm operates digitally, it doesn’t operate less effectively. Zohra tells us that it provides top notch customer service, with a specific setoff KPIs relating to customer service that are rigorously met every single time, with every single client. These objectives centre around being polite and courteous, responding to missed calls and emails within a specific period, providing honest advice, and always listening to the customer.

“I believe in always being kind, polite and respectful of people,” Zohra enthuses. “It is very easy to be kind, and sometimes we forget that when servicing customers in the legal world. Lawyers generally love to problem solve and often go into problem-solving mode immediately not realising that by doing this, we sound like we are rushing the customer off the phone, and making the customer not feel listened to.”

Moving forward, Zohra is fully committed to providing the same stellar corporate legal services she has become renowned for, always assessing and improving wherever she can.

“Constant feedback from clients ensures that Corporate Legal can continue to improve its customer service levels and fill any ‘gaps’ which may be identified,” she says. “This is my commitment to my clients.”

Recently, the firm was rewarded for its diligence and dedication by being recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 and crowned with not one, but two prestigious titles. First, it receives the Best Business Law Firm 2022 – Greater Western Sydney, and secondly, it gains the much-coveted Client Services Excellence Award 2022.


For business enquiries, contact Zohra Ali from Corporate Legal on their website –

Best Small Business Employment Law Advisory – Malaysia

Opening its doors in January 2021, the past year has been a whirlwind for Irene Wong Chambers, a fledgling business law firm. Irene Wong Chambers has emerged as one of the leading small law firms in the nation, with clients turning to the firm for its expertise and unique perspective.

Irene Wong Chambers (IW Chambers) is, in essence, a one woman show. Led by Irene Wong, from whom it takes its name, the small business law firm offers an array of services, ranging from business advisory to dispute resolutions. The company firm has extensive experience in advising SMEs and businesses on employment matters, contracts and licensing, shareholders and partnership issues, breach of fiduciary duties, recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated and debt recovery. IW Chambers takes pride in its ability to offer such services to an exceptional standard whilst remaining competitive in cost.

‘IW Chambers works to resolve business legal troubles as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible to enable business owners to return their full attention to operating their businesses successfully,’ Irene explains. ‘No one wants to spend time working on a business, they much rather work in the business and grow it.’

Indeed, this is why clients turn to IW Chambers – they want expert advice and guidance that will empower them to get back to what they do best. IW Chambers endeavours offer its clients excellent value for its services, providing them with tried and tested solutions that are guaranteed to cultivate efficacy. The highly focussed practice leverages advanced technology in order to supply clients with the knowledge and sophistication of a large law firm, but with the one-on-one attention and value that only a small firm can offer.

Much of this expertise links to Irene’s impressive resume; she has spent over 15 years aiding businesses, resulting in her unique ability to view an issue from all perspectives. Irene notes, ‘having practiced in larger law firms, I have vast experience in advising and litigating many complex business-related matters for listed companies, private companies and individuals. I routinely handled cases involving business partners and employees’ dishonesty, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholders and boardroom disputes, recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated, emergency injunctive reliefs, breach of contracts and debt recovery.’

Consequently, her approach to business has been shaped drastically by such experiences. Her style has become one of innovation, transparency, and accessibility, with client-centricity being the fundamental element within her method. Simply, Irene is a forward-thinking problem solver who always has her clients’ best interests in mind; she knows that no two clients or situations are the same.

‘My clients rely on me to be a highly-efficient and strategic voice of reason as well as their legal expert. They appreciate having my attention and services rather than from some junior lawyers’ she adds.

The company’s unprecedented success over the past year has allowed Irene to focus on expanding IW Chambers the future, for which she is incredibly ambitious. But rest assured, Irene will still be very much hands-on and the firm will continue to leverage on technology to help better serve their clients.

IW Chambers hopes to see more businesses – particularly young solopreneur and entrepreneur as well as start-ups – thrive, therefore, the firm has started to offer Outside General Counsel Services, where it takes on the role of an external general counsel. In this capacity, IW Chambers advises clients on operational legal issues as they arise, provides assistance with contracts, customer or vendor disputes, employee issues, and legal compliance matters. Of course, in true IW Chambers style, the rates are negotiable depending on the client’s individual needs.

For business enquiries, contact Irene Wong from Irene Wong Chambers via email – [email protected] or on their website –

A Guide to Business Continuity: Implementing a Plan For Your Business

What Is Business Continuity? 

Business continuity is a company or organisation’s ability to retain and maintain essential business functions during a disaster as well as how well it can recover from the situation. By ensuring that there are sufficient business continuity resources in place, an organisation can prevent serious interruptions to mission-critical operations and services.

Why Is Business Continuity Needed?

Having a business continuity plan means your business can react and adapt to situations and interruptions, such as cyber attacks, extreme weather events, power outages, political unrest and more. Having a plan in place means financial losses can be avoided, time can be saved and reputations protected, which is beneficial to your business, employees and customers. 

Protecting reputation and third-party relationships 

Businesses need to prevent unwanted downtime to ensure that critical functions and services aren’t affected. Any suppliers or external stakeholders that your organisation works closely with will also suffer the consequences of business disruptions, meaning your reputation is at risk too. A good response to interruptions will instill confidence in your brand and could attract new business and solidify your relationship with current clients and service providers.

Protecting employee well-being

Without business continuity, communication could break down as employees  scramble to try and restore order, while no one will know who to report to or what actions need to take place which could affect the well-being of the employees under your care. Every employee should know how to move forward with operations in an emergency, with a clear hierarchy structure in place. Pre-planning and preparedness are crucial when the unexpected happens. 

Ensuring regulatory standards are met

Globally, there are corporate governance regulations that require directors and key stakeholders to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence to mitigate risks facing an organisation. With an effective business continuity plan in place, you can ensure you’re meeting the requirements of a growing body of legislation.

What Is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan is a document used by organisations to outline procedures to follow during emergency disruptions. This comprehensive document covers a wide range of contingency plans to ensure that all areas of your business are covered, including business processes, assets, human resources and business partners to ensure a consistent and effective response. 

How Do You Begin a Business Continuity Plan?

The first step is to conduct a full Business Impact Assessment (BIA) which predicts the consequences of a significant disruption to your business processes and clarifies the potential losses that could be incurred in each circumstance. 

Please see this guide for a comprehensive list of what to include in a BIA. 

Writing Your Plan: Step By Step Instructions 

  1. Identify your business-critical processes — Critical business processes are those necessary for the survival of the company in the case of loss of revenue, customer service interruption or reputation damage. E.g. Manufacturing — what you would need to keep your production line going. Finance — how to recover important documents that contain sensitive information. IT — is home working feasible for your business?
  2. Specify the target recovery time for these processes — How long would it take for the loss of a business-critical process to do irreparable damage to your business? Your target recovery time for each process you identified should be within this window. Determine how long you could tolerate a disruption: this is known as a recovery time objective (RTO). Your business continuity plan should enable you to mitigate disruptions within this time window.
  3. Define the specific resources needed for each process — Once you’ve identified how long you’ll need to restore a process, you’ll need to outline everything you’ll need to do so, and plan within that time frame. You could split this into internal resources (key people in your organisation, passwords, office space, specialist equipment) and external resources (e.g. supplies, transportation). Along with identifying how readily available they can be, and for how long you’ll need them.
  4. Describe the steps needed to restore each process — If your business is disrupted by an IT failure, fire, flood or an extreme weather event, what is your plan to address this? Devise a backup plan for each key operation you have, detailing who to contact, what resources you’ll need, and how much you might need to spend in order to restore each process.
  5. Decide on a schedule to update the information — Once you’ve compiled the above 4 points, you’ll have a strong business continuity plan that you can action. But it won’t be bulletproof forever. As your business evolves, so will the technology it uses and the relationships it has. Therefore, you need to plan ways to keep the information up-to-date. It might be that you decide on a regular date that the whole plan needs to be revisited, whether that’s yearly, quarterly or even monthly. Alternatively, you might decide it’s better to update small elements of the plan as and when they change: e.g. if a password to a critical folder is changed, there’s someone in your organisation who is responsible for updating your business continuity plan accordingly.

Remember The 4 P’s of Business Continuity Planning 

Use the four P’s below when reviewing the initial draft of your business continuity plan to ensure you’ve considered the impact on each of them at every stage

People — This covers your staff, customers and clients.

Processes — This includes the technology and strategies your business uses to keep everything running.

Premises — Covers the buildings and spaces from which your business operates.

Providers — This includes parties that your business relies on for getting resources, like your suppliers and partners.

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions?

Everyone has a favourite sleeping position, even if they do choose to change it up every now and then. Dependent on your situation, getting your sleeping posture right can make a big difference in the way you feel when you wake up so for those who are pregnant or have certain health problems, the way they sleep is important.

Even with the best Brooklyn bedding mattress or the comfiest pillows, sleeping in the wrong way can cause or aggravate neck or back pain and can even obstruct the airways to your lungs.

Keep reading to learn how the way you sleep could be impacting your health:

Sleeping on your stomach

Sometimes referred to as the prone position, sleeping on the stomach is not overly common but is still favoured by millions. It is said to help ease snoring by shifting obstructions from your airway but sleeping in this position may also aggravate other medical conditions since your neck and spine are not in a neutral position when you sleep on your stomach.

If you are a stomach sleeper, it is worth changing up your habits as it can cause neck and back pain as well as putting pressure on nerves which may cause numbness, tingling, and nerve pain. Alternatively, propping your forehead on a pillow so your head and spine remain in a neutral position can help since you have room to breathe, improving your posture if you do choose to lie on your stomach.

Sleeping on your back

Sometimes referred to as the supine position, sleeping on the back can lead to lower back pain or can make existing back issues worse. It is recommended that you avoid this position if you are in late pregnancy or if you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea since it may aggravate these conditions. However, sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated using a small pillow is considered the best sleeping position for heartburn and there are further health benefits to sleeping on your back, since your head, neck, and spine are in a neutral position so you’re less likely to experience neck pain.

Sleeping on your side

Sometimes referred to as the lateral sleeping position, sleeping on the side is the most popular choice which many of us choose on a daily basis. This position can be good for those who snore and is also beneficial if you have some forms of arthritis. Curling up too much may prevent you from breathing deeply as doing so may restrict your diaphragm and sleeping in the side position can also make you sore.

It is also suggested that sleeping on your side could be good for your brain as when we sleep, this is the time when our brains clear out waste more quickly. Whether the position you sleep in influences this waste removal is unclear, but a professional study performed suggests that sleeping in this position might clear brain waste more efficiently than other postures we sleep in.

How Payment Providers Will Use Open Banking to Win the Payments Race

By Michael Lane, Vice President – Sales, Token

The past few years have been a real slog for business owners, who are understandably keen to future-proof their operations amidst economic uncertainty. Payments are a perfect place to start.

During the pandemic, countless businesses shifted from bricks to clicks to stay afloat, realising the need to introduce cost savings and evolve to survive. The emphasis on resilience intensified as the UK and Europe lurched from the pandemic into the war in Ukraine and a spiralling cost of living crisis, fuelled by rising energy prices and inflation.

Amidst this gruelling marathon, retailers are being squeezed between higher costs and weaker demand. “As inflation reaches new heights, retailers are doing all they can to absorb as much of these rising costs as possible and to look for efficiencies in their businesses and supply chain,” said Helen Dickinson OBE, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

As running a business becomes more expensive, many companies have begun ‘war gaming’ for a recession in recent months, facing up to this damaging double hit of slowing consumer demand and rapidly rising costs.

The growing cost of traditional payment methods

One way to future-proof a business is to reduce the overall cost of the proposition. Payments are an obvious starting point because, simply put, they can be very expensive. According to the BRC, for example, UK retailers spent £1.3 billion to accept payments from customers in 2020.

Payment methods have continued to increase their costs, putting merchants under pressure. In October 2021, Visa and Mastercard both raised their cross-border interchange fees on purchases made by UK consumers to European businesses. The fees increased from 0.2% to 1.15% for debit cards and 0.3% to 1.5% for credit card transactions.

In June 2022, following these five fold increases, the UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) reported it will initiate a detailed review of these fees “to understand the rationale behind these increases and whether they are an indication that the market is not working well.”

It’s not just card costs that are on the rise. Look at digital wallets, like PayPal, which increased its fees for payments between businesses in the UK and Europe from 0.5% to 1.29% in November 2021.

Bringing a much-needed new option to life

Luckily, a cost-effective alternative to cards and wallets is now available to merchants. One that can offer the same, or better, reach and conversion rates, as well as significantly lower costs. And that’s Open Banking-enabled account-to-account (A2A) payments. 

As merchants race to cut payment costs, I see them looking around and asking: how can I accept A2A payments? Through my payment gateway? Do I speak to my bank, or search for an Open Banking payments provider online?

As a result, we’re now seeing payment gateways asking how they can bring Open Banking payment propositions to life quickly and efficiently. And there are various ways to do it – but not all are equal.

The first option is to build it yourself. That may be feasible if you want to serve a single country and connect to the top three banks in that country, but you would be building a somewhat limited and very restrictive alternative payment method (APM).

The second option is to go to a company that can do it all for you, but then you (the gateway) have to put that company’s logo on your checkout. Once you start putting four or five Open Banking logos on your checkout (and you would likely need to, to offer sufficient reach across markets), you’ve suddenly gone from a checkout with five or six payment methods to upwards of 10. Every gateway knows a crowded checkout is never good for conversion.

If I think back 15 years, the talk was of how important APMs were. Today, gateways can offer hundreds of APMs, depending on what you’re selling, where, and who you’re selling it to.  But I don’t think Open Banking should work like that. It must be both visible and invisible.

So this brings me to the third option. Work with a company that can offer a white-labelled proposition. The gateway adds their own single button for Open Banking payments to their checkout. This can either be quite generic and unbranded – for example, ‘pay by bank’ – or the gateway can give it their own brand. This allows end customers to go through a user experience they know and trust, delivering a conversion rate of upwards of 99.7% in some geographies at a significantly lower cost than traditional cards or well-known wallets.

This third option is the simplest route and by far the best way for gateways to generate the greatest revenues and highest margins with Open Banking payments.

Payment service providers (PSPs) are traditionally payment method aggregators. This started with aggregating card acquirers and then a plethora of APMs. Now, with Open Banking payments entering the market, you can easily aggregate five or six other ‘pay by bank’ options – but what’s the point? You’d need to juggle different pay structures, customers, and target demographics. The complications become exponential.

A white-labelled proposition is open and inclusive to everybody, earns more for PSPs than APMs (which pay notoriously little back to the gateway), and delivers the benefits that merchants are increasingly demanding in our current economic climate: lower costs, instant settlement to improve cash flow, and exceptional reach and conversions.

Whilst there are different tracks to help merchants cross the finish line, this one is the shortest and has the fewest hurdles. 

6 Tips to Help You Find Inexpensive Car Insurance

The major aim of car insurance is to help reduce the financial burden you’ll bear in case the incident you are insured against occurs. Put another way, trying to find that sweet spot between reliable coverage and inexpensive rates for your car insurance can be quite tricky. But it’s not impossible. Here are six tips to help you find inexpensive car insurance.

1. Compare Different Rates

When trying to lock down cheap car insurance, it’s important to get quotes from different companies and compare them to get the best price for your coverage. Consider getting quotes not just from national auto insurance companies, but also from local and regional insurers. You can often find cheaper prices when you choose a local or regional provider.

2. Understand Factors That Affect Your Costs

Insurance companies base the cost of insurance on the risk they take by insuring you. Typically, several factors come into play to assess this risk, including your age, sex, marital status, driving record, credit score, state of residence, car model and make, frequency of claims, and more. Many of these factors are unique to you, so it’s difficult to compare one person’s car insurance policy to someone else.

3. Check Insurance Costs When Buying a Car

If you’re looking to get cheap car insurance, start by looking at the car you drive. Your vehicle’s make and model will affect your insurance rates due to factors, such as the worth of the car, the cost to repair it, and the likelihood of theft and accidents.

4. Ditch Any Unnecessary Coverage

Go over every detail of your insurance policy and remove anything you don’t need. Items like roadside assistance benefits and car rental coverage aren’t always necessary. Credit card companies and sometimes car manufacturers cover some of these expenses. If you are insuring an older car, it may be advisable to skip comprehensive and collision coverage. If your car has a low market value, it may not be wise to pay fees for this coverage. You can also reduce medical payments coverage if you already have health insurance.

5. Claim All Available Discounts

Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts, and it’s beneficial to claim as many discounts as possible, as this will reduce your insurance costs. Some of the more popular discounts include:

Safe driver discount

Anti-theft device discount

Multiple vehicles discount

Policy bundling discount

Good student discount

Low mileage discount

Defensive driver class discount

6. Consider Usage-Based Insurance

If you’re a safe, low-mileage driver, a usage-based insurance program is an option worth considering. Signing up for this program allows your insurer to track your driving habits in exchange for possible discounts based on how much and how well you drive. If you drive fewer than 10,000 miles annually, you can get a deduction in your insurance rate. This insurance program is great for college students, people who work from home, retirees, and those who don’t drive their cars often.

Keeping Your Car Safe on a Budget

Deciding on the most prudent car insurance can help you protect your health, assets, and wallet, so make the effort to determine the type and amount of coverage you need. And, bottom line, make sure to review and understand your policy before you sign an agreement.

5 Ways In Which mLearning Enhances Employee Engagement

There is no doubt that mobile phones have deeply entwined into our daily lives. They fulfill a wide variety of needs, from allowing us to consume quality training sessions to the ability to capture special moments or ordering our favorite dessert.

Mobile training is more practical, convenient, interesting, and economical, and enables a more satisfying experience for employees. Mobile learning, which is sometimes referred to as mLearning, is the desire and capacity to learn using virtual media, including content material, interpersonal relationships, and portable electronic devices.

Mobile devices, such as phones, tablet devices, and smart notebooks, can be employed for mLearning. It emphasizes the learners’ flexibility and involvement with technology. This informal learning environment is created by using mobile applications to make learning easier. The benefits are described in more detail below.

Why You Should Consider Mobile Learning?

Since everything in the world is mobile, the material must be adaptable, responsive, and portable. This kind of diversified mobile engagement is common in today’s workforce, whether it be for just-in-time information searches or taking a formal training program.

People are incorporating training programs into their everyday lives more frequently than ever, thus cross-device availability is necessary.

Businesses must therefore change their learning ecosystems in order to adapt to the contemporary learning environment and deliver the relevant information at the appropriate time.

Mobile learning, which encompasses all digital resources that enable access from a mobile device, has gained popularity in recent years. That’s because it’s accessible from any place and is simple to use.

It also provides a wide range of benefits for employees, such as learning outside of working hours. Mobile learning is when you combine formal learning activities using mobile phones.

Let us look at some additional benefits of mLearning:

Helps Employees In Maintaining Focus

Employees have the option of learning on their own schedule with a portable device. Employees are not required to take time off of work for required classes or stress about failing to attend training sessions. Since it enables the company to cut expenditures on training while still adding to an employee’s productivity, mobile learning is also beneficial for the organization.

Learning On The Go Is More Accessible

Given that it is more accessible than other learning strategies, mobile learning is quite beneficial. Employees get 24/7 access to course materials from just about any device. As a result, they can learn new skills without having to rely on a laptop in the workplace or a campus library. Employees can effortlessly engage with other learners while using mobile devices for completing their training sessions.

The same feature is available in contemporary apps like WhatsApp and others. Have a concern? Simply pick up your phone and contact your peer learner. Discovered a fascinating or crucial idea? Save the material by pressing the copy-paste buttons.

These limitless opportunities for social and collaborative learning are major selling factors for the mobile learning strategy. These methods or pillars of mobile learning will undoubtedly increase participation in mLearning experiences.

So let’s examine in greater detail the five different ways that mobile learning can increase employee engagement:

A Customized Educational Experience

Employees today seek a more meaningful learning experience that goes beyond mindless memorization. A task that is easily accomplished with mobile learning. With mLearning, you can provide learners with training modules that can be viewed in smaller chunks, at the time they most require it.

Mobile learning gives workers the option to pick and choose the content that is most pertinent to their employment and useful to them while ignoring the rest, much like a basket of ingredients. The result is a training program that is specifically designed for each employee’s needs while simultaneously advancing corporate learning goals.

Greater Flexibility

Employees today like to pick their work style, their learning style, and their learning schedule. That’s exactly what mobile training provides. Mobile phones are excellent because, well, they’re mobile. This implies that training materials can be downloaded and finished by employees at their personal convenience and speed. They can decide to learn while they are engaged, motivated, and in a setting that best satisfies their learning requirements. Additionally, most workers find that learning at their own speed is less demanding.

Teamwork And Effectively Communicating

Humans have always needed contact, and this need is timeless. Before we can have a feeling of belonging and involvement, we must first feel socially linked to our colleagues. Therefore, using smartphones as a device for communications and collaboration during learning is necessary to increase employee engagement via mobile training.

Employees can learn collectively, exchange ideas, and trade experiences through chat forums and discussion groups. Workers receive timely information on the gadgets they are already monitoring every ten minutes thanks to calendars, push alerts, and reminders. Also, it keeps everyone on the team informed and moving forward with the necessary training.

Recognizing And Instant Reaction

When it comes to boosting employee engagement using mobile training, real-time recognition, as well as feedback, are crucial. Features that allow regular knowledge tests are frequently included in mobile training. Employees can assess their progress and determine which areas require additional time or practice.

Badges and leaderboards are examples of gamification tools that provide instant achievement recognition. Furthermore, peer-to-peer evaluations and rankings for specific activities or projects offer a more intimate chance to receive feedback.

Overall, immediate feedback and acknowledgment are fostered through mobile learning, which makes learners joyful and more willing to give their best to their learning and work.

Chance Of Real-Time Training

Human attention spans are getting shorter, but one may be able to hold their focus for longer than one may think. This is why they are more likely to become sidetracked when reading through lengthy lectures or training manual pages. In fact, it’s likely that fantasizing will hinder them from recalling little of the things they’ve heard and read. Even worse, they won’t recall the details of how or what they ought to include in their job applications.

Mobile training is helpful for individuals with relatively shorter attention spans. Employees can access the training material in small sections and use their newly acquired skills and knowledge within the organization right away.

Final Thought

Mobile learning is a great method that enables learners to undergo a fun learning process with utmost flexibility, which increases employee engagement and significantly boosts their performance, thereby leading to an increased return on investment with respect to training.

We hope this article helps you gain knowledge on ways of using mobile learning to enhance employee engagement and boost their performance.

5 Common Pitfalls of Freight Shipping Companies and How to Avoid Them

Freight shipping companies play an important role in moving cargo from one point to another and ensuring that both the cargo and its owners’ interests are properly safeguarded. Unfortunately, freight shipping companies are also vulnerable to many common mistakes that could potentially lead to serious problems down the road.

By learning about these common pitfalls from the most reputed Los Angeles movers at Moving APT and how they can be avoided, you can make sure that your shipping needs are met by an experienced and competent company that will give you value for your money without making mistakes that could end up costing you more later on.

Not selecting the right carrier type

Just about every freight shipping company has its unique requirements for the goods they will ship. That’s why it’s important that you do your research and make sure you know what those requirements are so that you can be prepared. For example, some carriers require palletized goods while others only accept containerized shipments, yet others are not able to transport goods over a certain weight or height.

Failing to select the right freight shipping options

Freight shipping options can be overwhelming, but if you’re not sure which route is right for you, use the following information as a guide. Make sure to review the aforementioned options so that you can choose the best choice for your business’s needs.

(1) Use an online freight calculator to estimate what your shipment will cost.

(2) If possible, do some research about which shippers provide door-to-door service at no additional charge.

(3) You may want to consider using a freight forwarder to take care of all the details involved with international shipments.

(4) Review any broker’s policies before using them to make sure they are compatible with your company’s needs.

Confusing customs clearance with customs brokerage

Since Customs Brokers take care of all the tedious details associated with shipping goods across international borders, companies who want to avoid costly errors and delays hire a Customs Broker. Customs brokerage is one service offered by freight shipping companies.

In this case, it is the company’s responsibility to know if they need customs brokerage services or not (the broker will let them know). It can be difficult for a non-professional to tell which process they need when looking at complicated shipping documents.

Choosing a carrier based on price

In the sea of freight shipping options, deciding on a carrier can seem like an impossible task. And while the price is a factor, other things should be taken into account before making a final decision. Your choice of freight carrier should be based on their reliability, speed, knowledge, and dedication to the customer, plus more. But don’t worry! Here is how to avoid it and find the right one.

No matter what your budget is, you should make sure to choose the best service with the best rates rather than opting for what seems cheap. There are many factors to consider that make all carriers unique, which means they might not offer identical prices across the board. Think about what you need from your company as well as what kind of services they provide and go from there!

Choosing a carrier solely based on customer reviews

Look for customer reviews on Google Plus or Yelp. A carrier that has high ratings is more likely to be a company that doesn’t cut corners, so you can trust them with your shipment. If a company offers lower rates, be wary as they could have other ways to make up the difference–for example by cutting corners on safety standards or overloading trucks. Also, watch out for fraud. You may not know it but if you book your freight shipping through a 3rd party website then there’s a chance that someone else (i.e., fraudsters) will take off with your money without fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Finally, never ship anything internationally without first comparing prices from multiple carriers since some companies charge per kilogram rather than per package and this could quickly add up. You will need to book a freight service provider for several reasons and making sure that you make the right choice is important. These common mistakes are easy to commit and hence you must be watchful for them.

The Benefits Of Adopting Corporate Socially Responsible Philosophies

Social responsibility is a way to ensure good business practices and do what is suitable for your employees, staff, and customers.

More and more businesses understand that their role in society goes beyond their product offerings and can profoundly impact the culture.

Since most companies significantly impact the environment, from having on-premise workers that use resources to travel to and from work to the natural resources used in producing and maintaining their goods, taking a socially responsible approach to work is gaining attraction.

For example, some industries are realizing the impacts of their products on the environment and have taken business-conscious decisions that benefit the environment without impacting their bottom lines.

For example, Starbucks announced in 2020 that it is shifting its company philosophy to become a resource-positive business meaning it will look to gut its carbon, water, and waste footprints. The goal is to cut the impact of its products and services by half.

One area where Starbucks is lowering its impact on the environment is its Carbon Neutral Green Coffee initiative that strives to conserve water usage in processing by 50% by 2030.

Additionally, Starbucks has announced that they will begin to implement a strategy to eliminate their single-use cups and begin to use reusable cups for every store in the next few years.

Also, Starbucks promotes inclusiveness and equality, making it a socially responsible workplace for its employees and customers.

The benefits of being a socially responsible business like Starbucks are increasing brand exposure and, more importantly, improving its brand reputation.

As seen by Starbucks, providing for a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) business offers various advantages. In fact, a CSR philosophy can;

  • Empower company employees to take advantage of corporate resources to do good in their communities
  • Bolster a company’s image and build upon the brand
  • Boost employee morale and improve productivity
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention

Of course, not all CSR philosophies deal with environmental or social causes. Moreover, in some cases, being legally compliant, such as with various, constantly evolving Russian sanctions or sanctions about other geopolitical events, is essential for legal and perception reasons.

Whether your company is looking to make a positive impact on the communities, you serve or taking a more productive role in changing the corporate environment for the positive, embracing CSR has a distinct advantage on customers’ perceptions.

While there are plenty of advantages, especially toward the long-term reputation of the company brand, many in ownership believe that adopting a CSR will hurt their bottom line.

Contrary to many business owners’ thoughts, adopting a socially responsible attitude doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

While some owners think that lack of resources or financial impacts is a driver in adopting a CSR, the reality is that it is often a lack of long-term vision about the sustainability and advantages to their brand that limits ownership from adopting these new philosophies and practices.

In the example of Starbucks, there are some financial investments toward their decisions for a more socially responsible, positive-impact direction. But the trade-offs in terms of brand reputation and customer loyalty far exceed those investments.

One of the more significant ways that a little forward investment can positively impact your margins is that by adopting a CSR into your business, you will dramatically improve employee morale.

Lower turnover is essential in industries that require customers to feel familiarity and to build a sense of community, such as in service industry positions like Starbucks.

In B2B and manufacturing, creating a positive environment and culture aligned with larger social priorities lowers turnover, a significant driver in costs increasing due to the lack of productivity associated with employee loss.

Employees leave a company causing it to reduce productivity, decrease co-workers’ morale, and increase the cost of hiring and training replacements.

Recognizing the advantages of adopting a Corporate Socially Responsible philosophy provides your company with a lot of positives. For one, you increase company morale and decrease costly turnover while boosting productivity.

Second, adopting a CSR that aligns with the more significant social trends puts your brand into better alignment and increases its reputation as a result. Companies that have better reputations tend to create more loyal brand customers, which in turn, increases long-term revenue.

Winter Wellness Hacks To Pamper Yourself This Season

As fall is officially here, winter is just around the corner. Although the freezing weather sounds daunting, it is a great time to pamper yourself. You spend more time at home, so self-care becomes easy. You will probably go the extra mile to look good and feel energetic during the festivities. Moreover, the holiday break gives you time and reasons to indulge. But it is easy to skimp on self-care when you have loads of other things to manage, from home decor to gift wrapping and party prep. Wellness experts recommend leaving everything aside and prioritizing your well-being. Here are some actionable winter wellness hacks to pamper yourself this season.

Cleanse your diet

Cleansing your diet is a celeb-endorsed secret to winter wellness as it strengthens your immune system, fortifies your gut, and nourishes your skin. Start by loading up on nutrient-dense foods, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, dark leafy greens, and nuts and seeds. Measure up the fiber, minerals, and vitamins in each meal to achieve an optimal mix. These nutrients curb sugar cravings, which is crucial during this time of year. Eliminating sugar from your diet is a significant aspect of winter cleanses, but it is more challenging than you imagine. Giving up on the temptation of festive sweets is hardly possible, but you can switch to healthy alternatives. Also, commit to avoiding culprits like processed foods, unhealthy fats, and alcohol if you want to pamper your gut this winter..

Supplement vitamin D

While the seasonal diet can cover most nutritional needs in winter, you may fall short of the sunshine vitamin. You cannot get enough from the sun because winter days tend to be cloudy and snowy. A lack of vitamin D can affect your immunity, so you must make up for it with supplementation. Popping a pill should be a part of your daily self-care routine. Also, try to get a dose of sunshine when possible. Dietary sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna, mushrooms, and egg yolks. You can integrate them into your diet to boost the supplementation routine.

Plan a weekly spa

Soaking in a warm bath is the best way to pamper yourself during the winter. Infusing essential oils into the tub takes you a step further with your home-spa session. It costs a fraction of a salon service, and you need not step out in the freezing temperature. A warm bath offers numerous health benefits, from reducing pain and deep-seated inflammation to soothing your nerves to alleviating stress and anxiety. Add a scrub routine to the session to get glowing, hydrated skin even in the harsh, dry weather.

Embrace a de-stress ritual

A de-stress ritual can do wonders for your winter self-care routine. Winter often brings loads of anxiety with endless task lists and party planning. Your body slows down as the days get short and nights are long. You may even experience a motivation dip when it comes to productivity at work and fitness goals. Embracing a de-stress ritual is the best way to rebuild your enthusiasm. You can start the morning with a meditation session. Cannabis makes an excellent evening companion as it relieves soreness and stress naturally. The best part is that it is legal in several American states, and you can find reliable weed delivery companies in these locations. Accessibility is not a problem, and you can find an extensive range of products to match your needs. Pamper yourself with a vape, tincture, edible, or topical because you deserve only the best.

Rework your sleep schedule

Sleep is a luxury during the season because late-night parties and festive prep keep you awake. Although you have a good time with friends and family, you may end up with sleep deprivation sooner than later. The problem continues even after the holidays as the weather and long nights playing games with your sleep schedule. Reworking it is the best thing you can do for your well-being this season. Minimize late nights except for important occasions. Try to close tasks during the day so that you can get your eight hours every night. Also, commit to giving up on habits that affect bedtime hygiene. Ditch the devices, swap caffeine with green tea, and get a back rub from your partner to keep insomnia at bay.

Pamper yourself with a digital detox

Surprisingly, social media is the worst thing you can do for your body and mind. Giving up on it does just the opposite. You need not ditch it altogether, but committing to a weekly digital detox is the best way to pamper yourself. Turn off your devices and put them out of sight. Spend time with your loved ones, call your parents, or do something you love. You can play a game with kids, cook for your partner, or de-clutter your home. Giving up on the temptation is easier than you imagine!

Go the extra mile with your skincare routine

Your skin requires an extra dose of pampering in winter because it bears the brunt of cold and dry winds. Stick with your regular skincare routine, but go the extra mile with moisturizing. Drink more water to keep your complexion hydrated from within. You must not go easy on sunscreen even if the sun is not visible because the UV rays are still around. Another crucial piece of advice is to remove your makeup at bedtime, no matter how tired, sleepy, or cold you feel. Also, wash and bathe with lukewarm water because hot water and steam can strip off the natural oils.

You deserve extra love and care in winter because the weather is harsh on your body, mind, and skin. Fortunately, dealing with the seasonal blues is easier than you imagine as you do not have to spend loads of time and money on self-care. You only need to stay a step ahead of your self-care needs with these simple daily rituals. Nourish your body, soothe your mind, and pamper your skin to look and feel your best this season.

How Technology Has Impacted Small Businesses

In order to keep up to date with the new competition, small businesses have always had to adapt and move with the times. In recent years, technological advancements have enabled small business owners to reach a wider audience and gain a more competitive foothold in the online market – but how does technology continue to impact the way that small businesses operate today?

Examples of disruptive technology: Disruptive technology has a transformative effect on processes, industries and markets – it changes the way that businesses and consumers interact, rendering previous models obsolete. In our era, the most notable example of disruptive innovation in business has been the growth of the internet and the widespread digitalisation of products and services; recent and emerging examples of disruptive tech in business include music and video streaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, instant messaging and social media, nanotechnology, 3D printing, conferencing and video-calls, digital payment processing and blockchain/cryptocurrencies.

How different businesses have been impacted: Along with the rise of cryptocurrencies and digital payment providers like PayPal, we’ve seen more small businesses providing their customers with a range of cashless electronic payment options – contactless payment cards have also altered the way that physical transactions are made in retail and service, while there has been an increasing reliance on AI (from self-service checkouts to CUI chatbots) when it comes to customer support. COVID-19 forced small businesses of every nature to adapt, leading to a new work-from-home culture and widely accepted hybrid working model enabled by conferencing software like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Over the course of the pandemic, online food delivery businesses and online casinos and gaming sites saw unprecedented growth, and in other industries such as the auto industry it’s now easier to buy a car or book your MOT online or buy a car via the web than ever before.

Pros and cons of modern technology: The many benefits of technology for small businesses include increased productivity and user accessibility, a wider client base, streamlined processes, safer working conditions, reduced risk of accident or injury in the workplace, ease of communication across multiple countries, quick or instant payment processing, reduced need for staff/manpower, ease of data sharing and increased profits. It’s also easier to market your business on a budget using SEO marketing tactics from home and creating tailored social media campaigns.

The potential downsides of relying on tech when it comes to running a small business include increased emissions – while the use of technology does correlate with increased production and consumption, it may also contribute to increased pollution, depending on whether the tech in question is energy-efficient and eco-friendly; an overreliance on tech in our everyday lives may also lead to information overload and even burnout or depression, whereas sensitive data may also be vulnerable to theft or misuse; it’s also been said that the rising use of technology in business has led to rising unemployment amongst low-skilled workers.

APAC Insider Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2022 APAC Legal Awards

United Kingdom, 2022- APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2022 Legal Awards.

Now in its seventh year, the APAC Insider Legal Awards recognises the efforts of law firms and legal advisors throughout the Asia Pacific Region. After a difficult couple of years during the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal sector has rallied to regain lost ground, and arguably come out the other side stronger.

On the eve of the announcement, Awards Co-ordinator Holly Blackwood commented on the success of the deserving winners: “I would like to congratulate all of the winners in this year’s Legal Awards. After another difficult year in many industries, these businesses have continued the thrive under pressure. We all wish you the best for the coming year ahead and can’t wait to see what you do next!”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated professionals selected for them, please visit where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.




Notes to Editors


About APAC Insider

Published quarterly, APAC Insider endeavours to bring you the latest need-to-know business content and updates from across the Asia Pacific Region.

Keeping pace with a vast array of ever-changing sectors thanks to regular contributions from some of the region’s foremost corporate professionals, APAC Insider is home to the very best news, features and comment from the people and institutions in the know.

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Today, we have 14 unique brands, each of which serves a specific industry or region. Each brand covers the latest news in its sector and publishes a digital magazine and newsletter which is read by a global audience. Our flagship brand, Acquisition International, distributes a monthly digital magazine to a global circulation of 85,000, who are treated to a range of features and news pieces on the latest developments in the global corporate market.

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Tale of the Tape: The Car Collections of Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr.

The names Benn and Eubank carry a certain prestige in British boxing. The iconic 1990s rivalry between Chris Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn facilitated some of the decade’s most dramatic and hardest-fought battles, with Eubank triumphing after nine rounds in the first bout, and the second ending in a well-earned draw.

30 years on from Eubank and Benn’s second clash at Old Trafford, their sons, Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn, are slated to face off in the ring on October 8. Both experienced boxers in their own right, the card has captured the imagination of boxing enthusiasts across the country. With Eubank Jr. moving down in order to make weight, and Benn moving up, the fight is anyone’s game.

But when it comes to their car collection, who holds the belts? Both have shown to be petrolheads, regularly sharing pictures of their cars on social media. To find out who reigns supreme when it comes to motoring, prestige car experts Anglo Scottish Asset Finance have taken a look at some of the best cars owned by each fighter.

Conor Benn

Most recently pictured atop the bonnet of a Rolls-Royce Wraith – with custom plates, of course – Benn has been known to flex his car collection on Instagram, a testament to his own progress in the boxing game. As holder of the WBA continental welterweight title, Benn’s 21-0 record has netted him some healthy paydays, and his car collection reflects that. Which cars can be found in Conor Benn’s garage?

Rolls-Royce Wraith

The most powerful Rolls-Royce ever, the Wraith goes from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and boasts 624bhp. Despite this, however, the Wraith exudes a charm and class that differentiates it from other supercars.

With a wallet-busting RRP of £258,000 – plus the mod cons and blacked-out grill which undoubtedly cost a pretty penny – Benn’s primary motor is not cheap.

Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

Purchased as a reward after a landmark victory over former WBO world champion Chris Algieri, Benn’s Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG offers the boxer a rawer alternative to the classier Wraith. Retail prices start at just under £125,000, so it’s a good bit cheaper than the Wraith, but certainly an eye-watering amount for you or I…

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Benn is also the owner of a Mercedes-Benz GLE, which his wife, Victoria, drives day-to-day. Having previously owned a Range Rover, the Mercedes-Benz GLE – with prices starting at almost £68,000 – became the Benn family’s go-to 4×4.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

For most of us, owning a ‘weekend car’ is the dream. However, Benn not only has a weekend car – amongst his fleet of other motors – but it happens to be a Porsche 911 4S! His dad, Nigel, was famously the owner of a white Porsche back in the 1990s, and Conor is following in his footsteps, with the personalised plate ‘K0 13ENN’

Chris Eubank Jr.

A renowned petrolhead, Eubank Jr. also boasts an extensive car collection. His love for all things fast clearly extends past the limits of four wheels, as he recently posted a picture atop a Harley Davidson 107 Motorcycle. His car collection might just beat Benn’s, but it’s a tough call, since there’s so many sought-after cars in both men’s garages.

Lamborghini Huracan

The avant-garde stylings of a Lamborghini are perfect for a man raised under the flamboyant wing of Chris Eubank Sr; with top speeds of over 200mph and reaching 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds, it’s the perfect car for a speed freak. Kitted out in a tasteful matte black, the Huracan Performante edition costs £215,000, and is reportedly one of Eubank’s favourites.

McLaren 720s

Back in July 2019, Eubank posted a video showing his new, one-of-a-kind McLaren 720s being delivered. Decked out in a cherry red colourway, Eubank’s new motor had been modified by Germany luxury brand Mansory. The McLaren is worth a cool £218,000 from stock, with the luxury modification job sure to cost a good bit on top! Like Benn, he also has personalised plates, with the licence ‘EU13ANK.’

BMW i8

Bought as a 29th birthday present to himself, Eubank Jr.’s BMW i8 is the only hybrid in either of the pair’s garage. With a top speed of 155mph and 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds, the i8 is almost restrained compared to the Huracan. It’s still a beast under the bonnet, however, with 228bhp from the 3 cylinder engine and an extra 141bhp coming from an electric motor.

Mercedes-Benz G63

When Eubank Jr. was interviewed by Top Gear back in 2019, he called the Mercedes G63 – a.k.a. the G Wagon – his dream car. Anglo Scottish can now reveal his dream has come true. The boxer is now the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz G63, for which prices start at a touch above £164,000.

Range Rover Urban SVR

Eubank is also the owner of a Range Rover Urban SVR, which he has owned since 2017. Not one to blend into the crowd, Eubank’s Range Rover appears in a blacked-out paint job with an onyx bodykit, for that little bit of extra prestige.

So, as two of Britain’s leading fighters prepare to go head-to-head, we’ll let you be the judge when it comes to their garages. Is Eubank winning by a stoppage? Maybe it’s a knockout for Benn? What do you think? Whatever happens, October 8th is shaping up to be a historic night.

Revealed: The Top 3 Healthiest Places to Live in the UK

There’s no denying that the United Kingdom is a beautiful country. From the stunning coastline to the rolling hills and picturesque villages – there’s plenty to admire. But what makes the UK even more special are the healthy lifestyles that many of its residents enjoy.

The UK is home to some of the world’s healthiest regions. The clean environments offered by these areas can relieve stress and boost your respiratory system.

So, where are they located?

Flogas – the off-grid gas experts, has identified the top 3 locations that offer the best environment in terms of wellbeing in the UK:

1. Milton Keynes

Awarded the right to call itself a city – Milton Keynes – the Buckinghamshire urban area is hands down the healthiest place to live.

Based on the World Air Quality Index data, Milton Keynes enjoys the lowest pollution rates across the UK. On a scale from 0 to 100, it scored a whopping 97.97, meaning that people lucky enough to call it their home have the luxury of taking rejuvenating deep breaths without fretting over something toxic going down their lungs.

That’s not it!

Milton Keynes far outdoes its fellow cities and towns regarding green spaces.

The Numbeo Quality of Life index reveals Milton Keynes has the highest satisfaction rate considering its greens and parks.

2. Brighton and Hove

The city of Brighton and Hove maintains its status as a popular destination for sunbathers and beach trotters. But, if you have the funds to relocate to an area that has the potential to do wonders for your mental and physical health, Brighton should be on the top of your “list”.

The city’s most significant advantage is that; it has pleasant, sunny weather across the year – with an unbelievable 1,670 hours of sunshine/year. Since sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for uplifting your mood and helping you feel calmer, Brighton can prove no less than a heaven for those residing in the colder parts of the UK.

3. Swansea

The third place is won by Swansea – Wales’ second-largest urban area with a range of natural, green spaces for its residents. With a score of 98.13 out of 100, there is no surprise that Swansea’s people find themselves in a never-ending romance with their city’s parks and greenery. To top it off, UK regional stats indicate that the real-life Rivendell (hint: Lord of the rings); is one of the warmest locations in the UK, with an average temperature of 11.27˚C the year round.

To summarize

Whether you’re thinking of relocating or simply wondering about the healthiest towns and cities in the United Kingdom, there you have it, the three most beneficial places to live in the UK according to the latest research.

Innovative Light Set to Transform Falls Prevention and Detection

An innovative, AI-powered smart lamp which detects and prevents falls in older adults is now available in the UK & Ireland.

A lamp, designed by Nobi, a European provider of innovative technologies in elderly care, launches this week in the UK and Ireland. It is set to transform residential care settings’ ability to both prevent and detect falls which are the most significant cause of fatal injuries in the elderly.

The Nobi lamp offers a solution to a global problem. Around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of all people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year1. Offering help as quickly as possible is crucial and can be a lifesaver.

If a resident falls, the intelligent lamp detects this immediately and speaks to the resident, asking if they are okay. In the event of no response or a call for help, the intelligent lamp is pre-programmed to send a message – to either caregivers or family members.

In the event of an emergency, the emergency services are notified with the lamp having the ability to open the door for them.

There is also the ability to send an image to show where in the room the fall has occurred. The Nobi lamp can be pre-programmed in line with the resident’s wishes. They can choose whether or not to share an image should a fall occur and can also opt for the image to be converted to an abstract figure to ensure privacy.

Nobi also aims to help prevent falls. When a resident sits upright in bed at night Nobi will shine soft light upwards to gently illuminate the room and if the person then stands up to go to the bathroom, for example, the smart lamp will illuminate the entire room.

In time, the AI technology built into the Nobi smart lamp will also be able to predict certain falls; preventing even more incidents. Changes in walking pace, length of stride and even the person’s posture when sitting will be detected and can be used to alert caregivers of a potential risk.

Speaking about the need for Nobi, co-founder and CEO of Nobi, Roeland Pelgrims said: “Falls are the most common cause of fatal injuries, and 50% of the elderly who lay on the floor for longer than one hour die within six months of the fall2. Quick help after a fall is crucial and equals saving quality years of life.

“Nobi’s ability to communicate immediately with care providers or family members provides peace of mind.”

The Nobi smart lamp has been carefully designed to feel familiar in every interior and as such is unobtrusive and is easily installed with no need for new cables – only a Wifi connection is required.

Nobi is set to play a pivotal role in the use of innovative technologies in care settings as the sector searches for solutions that fit seamlessly into the care environment. Pelgrims commented: “The population continues to age at a rapid pace. In fact, one-fifth of Europe’s population is currently over 65, and this will be one quarter by 2040.

“This ageing demographic is a tough challenge for all healthcare systems worldwide including the UK and Ireland which are already suffering from an acute shortage of healthcare personnel.”

Against this backdrop, Nobi aims to support care workers in residential care centres and assisted living facilities or hospitals so they can focus on their core task knowing that the lamp is watching over residents and patients and will alert them in case of a fall.

The lamp also takes repetitive administrative tasks off caregivers’ hands, freeing up time for duties that really make a difference.

For example, Nobi can be integrated with devices like smart scales and blood pressure monitors to automatically log health measurements and ensure this data is logged efficiently. Eventually it will help predict when things might go wrong so that preventative action can be taken.

Nobi’s ambitions don’t stop with residential settings; the company is set to develop the Nobi smart lamp further to offer an option for the elderly living independently in their own homes. A consumer market rollout is scheduled for 2023.

Nobi lamps are already in place in a number of settings in Europe and the company has started collaborations with large and small Belgian and international healthcare providers, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, community care and convalescent homes. 

UK distribution is being handled by Porters Care with the Irish market being handled by Medguard who have a demo room set up at their Ashbourne office in Co.Meath.

Speaking about Nobi, Porters Care managing director, David Knowles said: “I came across Nobi several years ago and watched the progress of the smart lamp with interest.

“After speaking to the team and experiencing how the system works, I had no hesitation with us becoming the UK Distributors. The potential is huge for the UK market, it’s a great product, it looks good, is easy to install and, importantly, it works out of the box!”

For more information in the UK, please contact David Knowles on 07393 537620 or visit For Ireland contact Donal Doherty on 01 835 2411 or visit

1  Falls: applying All Our Health – GOV.UK (
2 Research AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) Falls in the Elderly

Health Insurance Checklist For Seniors

Getting older comes with a number of difficulties. Older adults (60 years or older) are more susceptible to health issues. Your likelihood of experiencing significant health issues that necessitate costly medical treatment increases as you age.

Most of the time, as their income diminishes or quits altogether, senior adults may find it challenging to manage these significant medical bills. Senior citizens must therefore have comprehensive health insurance. It would not only help them and us save our hard-earned money, but it will also let our parents age more gracefully.

Why Is Health Insurance Necessary For Senior Individuals

Age increases one’s risk of getting sick and developing diseases. Having health insurance to cover medical emergencies is a smart idea because our latter years are more physically and financially taxing. The risk that we’ll require medical attention later rises as we live longer.

Many of us overlook the potential impact these medical expenses will have on our retirement funds. In addition to providing coverage for serious illnesses, cashless hospitalisation, and specialised coverage for diseases like cancer, stroke, and other ailments, senior health insurance comes with a number of advantages.

Insurance Checklist For Seniors To Follow

● Select Pre-Existing Diseases Waiting Period-Lowering Plans

Older persons have a higher risk of getting a medical condition. You must thus select a health plan that covers pre-existing diseases after a shorter waiting time of 1 or 2 years..

● Decide on insurers with a lot of network hospitals.

Elderly persons may require repeated hospital stays because they are more susceptible to sickness. As a result, you must get a senior health insurance plan that offers a cashless hospitalisation benefit. As the insurance provider will pay the bill amount, your elderly parents will be able to receive treatment at a network hospital without having to pay cash.

● Pick A Plan That Offers Free Medical Examinations.

Regular medical checkups are the only way to detect a sickness at an early stage, and an early diagnosis of a condition can assist in saving the patient’s life. As a result, you should pick a health insurance plan that provides senior folks with free medical checkups.

● Consider No Claim Bonus Benefit Plans.

Make careful to select a senior health insurance plan that offers a no-claims bonus. If no claims were filed over the preceding year without a rise in premium, this benefit will enhance the amount of your policy that is insured by a set percentage.

Keep It Affordable

In addition to meeting your needs, a health plan must also fit within your financial constraints. When purchasing health insurance, it’s crucial to consider the person’s budget. You should think about the plan’s benefits before its expense.

By acquiring a reasonably priced health insurance plan up front, you can ensure that you are sufficiently insured and that the premiums are affordable. You can review your plan and increase coverage as needed when your income, your family’s size, and your needs change over time. You should check out best life insurance options for seniors.

Benefits Of Health Insurance

Daycare expenses -The cost of having certain medical procedures, such as chemotherapy or dialysis, or of using specific pieces of equipment.

Medical expenses before and after hospitalization – The number of days covered varies from an insurance policy to insurance policy.

Ambulance fees – Although ambulance fees are reimbursed, there may be a maximum amount that can be charged.

Hospitalisation costs – If a patient is hospitalised for more than 24 hours, costs such as those for the doctor’s visit, the room, the nurse, and the medication are reimbursed.

Tax Benefits on Insurance – The Income Tax Act permits older citizens to deduct up to 50,000 from their medical expenses in a single fiscal year. Therefore, if you are over 60, you can deduct 50,000 from your medical costs or any health insurance premiums you paid in a given fiscal year.

In Essence

Make an informed choice to avoid regrets in the future because health insurance policies vary. For elderly individuals, it is advised to purchase a specific senior citizen health insurance plan because you get the most coverage for a reasonable payment.

Use the aforementioned advice to compare policies and select the best one when purchasing health insurance for senior citizens. Additionally, be careful to browse and contrast the many plans offered by various insurers online before selecting the best possible coverage.

How To Get Discounts On Prescription Medicines In The US

According to a federal report, up to 5 million individuals in the United States under the Medicare program cannot afford their prescription medications, which might lead to them skipping doses of their daily intake.

This begs the question, is it possible to save money on a prescription plan? It’s up to us to derive ways to save every dime! Let’s find out in this discussion.

Get A Drug Formulary From Your Insurer

A drug formulary is a list of medications covered by an insurance provider. Whether you have a private insurance policy or Medicare Part D, you should know which drugs are covered and to what extent.

It can be challenging to find out about the cost of each drug; however, a drug formulary can help avoid surprises along the way. Plus, some carriers have a deductible or out-of-pocket expense you must pay before they settle the prescription bill.

If the medication is too expensive, you can ask your pharmacist if they have a low-cost alternative. Still, ensure the medicine is on the formulary list.

Purchase Drug Plan From The Insurance Company

Some companies provide discounts on certain drug policies to customers who purchase their prescription plans directly rather than via pharmacies. It mostly applies to state-based programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Shop From Big Stores

Some big U.S. retailers, such as Walmart and Target, sell multiple versions of generic drugs from top brands.

The advantage of buying from these retailers is that their prices may be lower than what pharmacies offer because they order their products in bulk. Check if your local store sells the prescription drugs depending on your insurer’s approved list.

Shop Around For an Affordable Insurer

Before signing up for a policy, shopping around for affordable options covering medical and prescription costs is essential. Different providers have varying premiums, which you must pay monthly or yearly. It may not be sufficient to cover your medication costs if you have an underlying condition and are under Original Medicare Part A. In this case, you can take out Medicare Part B, which covers prescription drugs.

Although it’s not free, Part D offers affordable drugs not covered by Medicare part A, which covers medication administered during an inpatient setting. On the other hand, Medicare Part B only covers a few drugs administered in a doctor’s office. Therefore, Part D is a better alternative for obtaining drugs to treat chronic conditions.

If the drugs are not in the Medicare plans, you can request a formulary exception from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Compare The Coinsurance or Deductible

Some providers may have higher copays for prescription drugs than purchasing them directly from the pharmacies. In this case, you can contact different pharmacies to compare the copay cost and get the best deal.

Further, you can use readily available online tools to compare the costs of medications from major drug stores and get the best price.

Get A Discount Card

If you have no insurance, you can get a discount card which is an incentive to help you save money on prescriptions. When buying drugs, you’ll need to present the card to the pharmacist and redeem the savings on your prescription.

Usually, discount cards are free; however, some companies may charge processing and annual maintenance fees. Be sure to check with your provider if any charges are associated with their prescription discount service cards.

Online Shopping

Shopping online offers you the convenience of getting your prescription drugs anywhere on the go and allows you to compare different pharmacies and obtain the best price.

Before considering this option, it’s crucial to find out if the pharmacy is certified and accredited to sell prescription drugs. You can verify this information from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. With this approach, you’re also assured of getting high-quality drugs.

Look Out For Discount Coupons For Drugs

Some drug companies offer discount coupons for prescription drugs that can help you save up to 80% on your medication cost. First, know which pharmacies are eligible for this program by calling support or checking the company’s website for participating stores.

Some pharmacies also have incentives to entice customers to fill their prescriptions with them.


You don’t have to buy drugs at high prices when there are ways of saving money. Hopefully, this discussion has offered valuable tips to help you save money on your next prescription.

5 Great Ways to Stay Fit Without Hitting the Gym

Looking for exercise options that don’t require going to the gym? If yes, then these are some great ideas that you should try out.

It’s no secret that staying fit is important. The problem is that most people don’t have time to go to the gym or even spend hours at home working out. That’s why they turn to fitness apps and devices.

Staying fit without joining a gym is possible in many ways. These include things such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc.

In addition, there are also other activities that you can do at home such as strength training, cardio workouts, and stretching. Let’s get dive into this!

Walk or Run

Walking and running are two types of exercise that involve movement. They improve cardiovascular fitness and, at the same time, make you fit.

Both walking and running require energy expenditure, but they differ in terms of intensity. Running requires greater energy expenditure compared to walking.

If you’re looking for a free workout, walking or running is one of the easiest ways to stay fit. As you exercise and get fresh air, you will burn calories. Plus, it’s convenient.


Bicycles are a great way to exercise and stay fit. They are also very economical, environmentally friendly, and fun. Road bikes and mountain bikes are among the many types of bicycles out there.

There are numerous benefits to riding a bicycle. In addition to being a low-impact workout, cycling helps improve cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, improves bone density, reduces stress levels, and even lowers cholesterol.

If you are thinking about getting a mountain bike, you should always look for the manual option in terms of health perspective. Although hybrid bikes can give you the feel of having both manual and e-bike tastes.


The benefits of swimming include getting in shape and burning calories. In fact, swimming has been proven to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress levels, and even increase bone density.

There are many locations where you can swim, and it is a low-impact exercise. The water provides resistance, helping you build muscle tone and strength. And because it’s free from equipment, you don’t need to worry about breaking anything or spending too much money.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, swimming is a great workout option. If you want to try out some new moves, check out these five exercises to add to your fitness routine.

Bodyweight Exercises

Staying fit can be easily achieved by doing bodyweight exercises. These exercises don’t require much equipment or space, and they can be done anywhere.

Bodyweight exercises are also known as free weights because they involve using only your own body weight to perform them. They include pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, planks, and crunches.

There are also other bodyweight exercises that you can do at home. One of these is pushups. Pushups are excellent exercise because they work every muscle group in your body. They also help build strength and endurance. As you gain strength, you can move on to more challenging ones such as pullups and squats.

Take the Stairs

If you had to choose between an elevator or an escalator, how often would you choose the stairs? If you are looking for ways to stay fit without hitting the gym, then you should try taking the stairs. Compared to other forms of exercise like running, cycling, and swimming, stair climbing are beneficial in many ways.

Stair climbing is a great way to burn calories and build muscle mass. It also helps improve your cardiovascular health. In addition, stair climbing has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase energy.

Your steps taken during the day can be tracked using several apps. These apps can even remind you to take the stairs whenever you pass them.


It is not necessary to spend hours in the gym to stay fit. In this article, we have talked about five great ways to stay healthy without going to the gym that will keep you moving and feeling good.

If you haven’t started your daily exercise, then you should start it now to stay fit and healthy. If you are more concerned about your mental rather than your physical health, learn how exercise can benefit your mental health.

How to Build Your Muscles Without Going to the Gym

We understand that committing to the gym can be very difficult especially if you have to go to work early in the morning and come back home late. If you want to build muscle without leaving the house, this article is for you.

Are you ready to build your muscles but you are stuck at home or you don’t have time to go to the gym because you work a 9 to 5? Forget that gym membership or the big fancy gym in your house because you do not need it. All you need is the basic workout instruments and you are ready. Building your muscle is very easy to do, you do not need big gym instruments or anything, all you need is a few hours every day and determination to stay consistent in your workouts. Here are ways to build your muscles without leaving your house.

Working your Upper Body and Core

Your upper body is your waist upward while your core is your upper and lower abdominal muscles and your back muscles. Different workouts work for different parts of your body.

Exercises you can do for your upper body and core strength include;

  • Do push-ups to strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and chest. If you are just starting your workout as a beginner, you can start with 10 push-ups daily and increase them at your own pace. The key to working out is consistency, keep doing it till you get the body you want.
  • Do handstands to build your shoulder and back.
  • Balance your handstand using a wall or if you are scared, you can start by using a table till you get comfortable without it.
  • Do dips to work out your arms.
  • Try 10 to 20 laps daily to see results.
  • Do planks.
  • Try to stay up to a minute for each set. Use dumbbells or heavy things like books or tires for weight lifting. You do not need heavy weights to build your triceps, biceps, and chest muscles.

Work your lower body (Leg muscles, knees, and thighs)

Exercises for your lower body include;

  • Do wall sit-ups.
  • Try to hold for a minute for each set.
  • Make sure your back is flat to the wall and you can feel the pain in your legs and thighs.
  • Do squats.
  • At least 20 squats daily should be included in your exercise. Make sure you are doing down well enough to feel the pains in your thigh. This helps build your back and strengthen your thigh muscle.
  • Work on your lunges. This is a good way to build your butt, hips, and hamstrings.
  • Try doing the glut bridges. It is very helpful for your back and spine.

Create a muscle-building exercise routine

Since you are focused on muscle building, you need a routine for yourself. Try pushing yourself to do more laps to build your muscles. Do yoga to strengthen your muscles daily and gain flexibility. Eat healthy food that is rich in protein but low in fat and calories. Drink plenty of water every day, at least a gallon per day. If you are very serious about building muscles, consider buying some home-gym equipment in your house to make the exercise more effective.

Be consistent and determined

The most important thing about building muscle is to stay consistent with your exercise routines and your diet. If you are working out at home and you are eating unhealthy meals, it might be hard to build muscle. Determination is key, there are going to be days you will be exhausted to even get up from your bed. You must keep going because you have a body goal you are aiming to achieve. It is easy to get tempted to take food that is not good for your body, but if you are determined enough, you won’t eat them.

So how do you know if the home workout is right for you? You can try working in the house for a couple of weeks and see how consistent you are with it. If you are having difficulty sticking to your workout routine, register at a gym and have an instructor.

LUXlife magazine announces the winners of the 2022 Parent & Baby Awards

United Kingdom, 2022– LUXlife magazine announces the winners of the 2022 Parent & Baby Awards.

By all regards, the Parent and Baby industry has seen a surge in extra care and concern from parents due to the pandemic and over the last couple of years. This has resulted in parents choosing and showing a high demand for premium quality hygiene and healthcare products for their child or children. The much-needed boost in the demand and supply of the industry has led to many companies striving towards innovation and greater client centricity in search of maximising growth and exceeding all expectations.

As always, the aim of this awards programme is to recognise the businesses and professionals who have adapted with time and are determined to keep improving their products and services to provide better care for those it seeks to serve.

On the eve of the announcement Awards Coordinator Holly Blackwood commented on the success of the winners: “It has been a pleasure hosting the Parent & Baby Awards this year and I am so proud of all winners who have shown so much dedication during this turbulent year. A big congratulations to all the winners and I wish you all the best for the rest of 2022.”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated establishments that have been selected for them, please visit where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.


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